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Mairéad Coghlan  Pipes of Gold; Private ownership of underground infrastructure v public ownership
(2006) 13 IPELJ 11
Ownership; Cost implications; definitions; restrictions and protections on property rights; liability
Stephen Dodd  Local authorities and competition law
(2005) 12 IPELJ 4
Competition Law; Competition policy; mutual standards; transparancy; public procurment contracts
Brian Conroy  Unlawful but not against the law? The planning code and illegal but immune developments
(2005) 12 IPELJ 12
Planning Law; Limitation periods; enforcement; breach of planning code
Caroline Munro  Confirming compulsory purchase orders
(2005) 12 IPELJ 18
Housing Law; Housing authorities; compensation; statutory guidance; CPO; burden of proof;
Tom Flynn  Recent European environmental developments
(2005) 12 IPELJ 33
European Law; Nitrates action plan; derogations; proportionality; political agreement
Eamon Galligan  Recent developments in conveyancing practice
(2005) 12 IPELJ 35
Conveyancing; Transfer of land; correspondence; locus standi; grant of planning permission
Owen McIntyre  Liability for the remediation of contaminated land: the position in light of Case C-1/03, Van de Walle
(2005) 12 IPELJ 51
Contamination; Legal responsibility; environmental policy; waste; civil and criminal liability; enforcement
Aine Ryall  Sustainable development in Ireland
(2005) 12 IPELJ 61
Environmental Law; EU law; economic and social dimensions; democracy; social policy
Tom Flynn  Implications of the new policy directions on waste
(2005) 12 IPELJ 69
Waste Management; Policy directions; self-sufficiency; proximity; EPA
Tom Flynn  Recent European environmental developments
(2005) 12 IPELJ 85
European Law; Enforcement; non-compliance with Directive; breach of EU law
Eamon Galligan  Recent developments in conveyancing practice
(2005) 12 IPELJ 89
Conveyancing; Discriminatory planning conditions; ECHR; occupancy of dwelling; privileged persons
Stephen Dodd  The scope of planning purposes and relevant considerations
(2005) 12 IPELJ 104
Planning Law; Planning purposes; property rights; interference; land use; judicial discretion
Nap Keeling  Estopple in planning law
(2005) 12 IPELJ 112
Estopple; Incur detriment; legal right; non-compliance; permission; private law
Eamon Galligan  The equivalent monetary value principle in social housing
(2005) 12 IPELJ 116
Housing Law; Statutory construction; development plan; monetary value; divergance between the law and practise
Tom Flynn  Recent European environmental developments
(2005) 12 IPELJ 131
European Law; Regulation of GMOs; energy efficiency; EU GM crop policy; air pollution; industrial pollution
Garrett Simons  Enforcement of planning conditions
(2005) 12 IPELJ 150
Planning Law; Conditions precedent; enforcement conditions; non-compliance; partial breaches
Stephen Dodd  Notices preventing compensation
(2005) 12 IPELJ 156
Compensation; Right to compensation; restrictions; right to property
Áine Ryall  Access to information on the enviorment: the challenge of implementing Directive 2003/4/EC
(2005) 12 IPELJ 162
Environmental Law; Aarhus Convention; enviormental decesion making; effective remedies; implementaing measures
Tom Flynn  Recent European environmental developments
(2005) 12 IPELJ 179
European Law; Marine enviorment and regions; duty of cooperation
Olga Vaughan  Recent developments in conveyancing practice
(2005) 12 IPELJ 183
Conveyancing; Planning and Development Regualtions 2005; unauthorised developments
Alma Clissman Adobe PDF FileECHR Is Not Retrospective
(2005) 99 (1) LSG 7
European Convention of Human Rights
David Richardson Adobe PDF FilePreservation of Orders
(2005) 99 (1) LSG 18
Personal injuries; Personal Injuries Assessment Board
Fionna Fox Adobe PDF FileGet With The Programme
(2005) 99 (1) LSG 23
Legal profession; Education
Tom Power Adobe PDF FileGood Will Hunting
(2005) 99 (1) LSG 24
Law of torts; Negligence; Probate
Trevor Redmond Adobe PDF FileLaw of the Land
(2005) 99 (1) LSG 30
Land law; Conveyancing
Karyn Woods Adobe PDF FileBook Review: Discovery
(2005) 99 (1) LSG 33
Discovery; Freedom of information
TP Kennedy Adobe PDF FileHigh Court Establishes a Duty to Deal in Irish Competition Law
(2005) 99 (1) LSG 47
Competition law; Dominance
TP O’Mahony Adobe PDF FileThe Red Kimono and the right to privacy debate
(2005) 99 (2) LSG 10
Privacy; Popular culture; Media
Paul Lambert Adobe PDF FileTrojan Wars
(2005) 99 (2) LSG 14
Criminal Law; Defence; Pornography; Preservation of Evidence
Pamela Cassidy Adobe PDF FilePrivate Investigations
(2005) 99 (2) LSG 18
Privacy; Media; European Convention on Human Rights; Defamation
Aidan O'Reilly Adobe PDF FileAction Stations
(2005) 99 (2) LSG 22
Personal Injuries Assessment Board; Practice & Procedure; Minors; Statute of Limitations
Eamonn Hall Adobe PDF FileMr Solicitor, SC
(2005) 99 (3) LSG 12
Legal Profession; Competition; Senior Counsel
Stuart Gilhooly Adobe PDF FileWind of Change
(2005) 99 (3) LSG 16
Civil Liability and Courts Act, 2004; Statute of Limitations; Personal Injuries
Kathy Burke Adobe PDF FileFifty Years and Counting
(2005) 99 (3) LSG 20
Legal Profession; Legal History
Oran Doyle & Alan Keating Adobe PDF FileDiscriminating Tastes
(2005) 99 (3) LSG 24
Planning Law; Irish Language; Discrimination; European Convention on Human Rights; EU Law; Constitutional Law
Conal O’Boyle Adobe PDF FileMaster of the Roll
(2005) 99 (3) LSG 28
Legal Profession; Registrar of Solicitors; Regulation
Don McAleese Adobe PDF FileCyber-House Rules
(2005) 99 (3) LSG 33
Information Technology Law; Computer Law Association
Ward McEllin Adobe PDF FileSolicitors Have Been A Voice for Fairness for Accident Victims
(2004) 98 (1) LSG 8
Personal Injuries; PIAB
David Mangan Adobe PDF FileDraft EU Constitution Fails the Test of Liberal-Democracy
(2004) 98 (1) LSG 14
EU Constitution; Democracy; Separation of powers, Sovereignty
Aisling Ryan Adobe PDF FileGuests of the Nation
(2004) 98 (1) LSG 20
Immigration; Residency; Deportation
Simon McAleese Adobe PDF FileLabouring the Point
(2004) 98 (1) LSG 27
Libel; Damages; ECHR
Edmond Honohan Adobe PDF FileSlow Motion
(2004) 98 (1) LSG 30
Litigation; Limitation periods; Procedure
Eugene Davy Adobe PDF FileBreak for the Border
(2004) 98 (1) LSG 34
Family law; Foreign divorce
Sinead Morgan Adobe PDF FileCaught in the Web
(2004) 98 (1) LSG 38
Technology; Consumers; Redress
Max Barrett Adobe PDF FileLong Arm of the Law
(2004) 98 (1) LSG 42
Taxation; EU directives
TP Kennedy Adobe PDF FileData Protection and the ECJ
(2004) 98 (1) LSG 67
Data protection; EU directive; European Convention of Human Rights
Eamonn Hall Adobe PDF FileBook Review: Personal Injury Compensation in Europe
(2004) 98 (1) LSG 47
Personal injury; Damages; Europe
Alma Clissman Adobe PDF FileHuman Rights for Disabled People
(2004) 98 (2) LSG 9
Human rights; European Convention of Human Rights; Disability
Kevin Brophy Adobe PDF FileRemember When You Wanted To Make A Difference
(2004) 98 (2) LSG 10
Travellers; Irish Travellers Movement
Brendan O' Connor Adobe PDF FileFood for Thought
(2004) 98 (2) LSG 14
Intellectual Property law; Food production
Stephen Dodd Adobe PDF FileThe Best Laid Plans
(2004) 98 (2) LSG 20
Planning and Development Act 2000; Enforcement
Dualta Moore Adobe PDF FileIs Your Firm Walking the Plank?
(2004) 98 (2) LSG 27
Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000; Business software; Licenced software
David Dillon and Peter Stapleton Adobe PDF FileNo Pain, No Gain
(2004) 98 (2) LSG 30
Financial services; Europe; Single market,
Eamonn Hall Adobe PDF FileBook Review: Civil Procedure
(2004) 98 (2) LSG 36
Civil procedure
Alma Clissman Adobe PDF FileChildren and the Welfare Principle
(2004) 98 (3) LSG 7
Child Law; European Convention on Human Rights
TP Kennedy Adobe PDF FileCompetition Authority Issues New Notice and Declaration for Vertical Restraints
(2004) 98 (2) LSG 47
Competition law; Vertical restraints; Concerted practices
Marie O' Connor Adobe PDF FileCalculating the Real Cost of Medical Negligence
(2004) 98 (3) LSG 8
Medical negligence; Litigation; Costs
Pat Igoe Adobe PDF FileIs There Something Offbeat About An Garda Siochana
(2004) 98 (3) LSG 10
An Garda Siochana; conduct; Reform; Garda Siochana Bill 2004,
Geoffrey Shannon Adobe PDF FileAge of Innocence
(2004) 98 (3) LSG 12
European Convention on Human Rights Act 2003; Child law; Childrens' rights; Constitution
Tom Power Adobe PDF FileBody of Evidence
(2004) 98 (3) LSG 18
Disappearances; Presumption of death; Distribution of assets
Julie Burke Adobe PDF FileAn Inspector Calls
(2004) 98 (3) LSG 22
Revenue law; Investigation; Legal rights
Richard Grogan Adobe PDF FileNo Such Thing As A Free Lunch
(2004) 98 (3) LSG 26
Finance Act 2003; Income tax; Benefits; Procedures
Ciaran O' Mara Adobe PDF FileEqual Partners
(2004) 98 (3) LSG 30
Equality; Partnerships
Alma Clissman Adobe PDF FileThe Positive Obligation to Protect Life
(2004) 98 (4) LSG 5
European Convention on Human Rights
Wendy Hederman Adobe PDF FileAll Together Now
(2004) 98 (4) LSG 8
European Union; European Integration
Kathy Burke Adobe PDF FileAccess All Areas
(2004) 98 (4) LSG 12
Law Society; Education
Keith Walsh Adobe PDF FileFamily Values
(2004) 98 (4) LSG 12
Family law; Pensions
Colleen Cleary and Wendy Doyle Adobe PDF FileGetting the Balance Right
(2004) 98 (4) LSG 22
Employment Law; Technology; E-working
Paul Jacobs and Tim Roulston Adobe PDF FileIn the Know
(2004) 98 (4) LSG 25
Procedure; Commercial Court; Costs
William Aylmer Adobe PDF FileFinding the Middle Ground
(2004) 98 (4) LSG 28
Civil Procedure; Alternative Dispute Resolution
John Gore Grimes Adobe PDF FileBook Review: Irish Planning Law
(2004) 98 (4) LSG 36
Planning Law
TP Kennedy Adobe PDF FileBayer/Aladat - A Setback for Parallel Trade
(2004) 98 (4) LSG 52
Competition Law
Conor Quigley Adobe PDF FileThe Chen decision - Striking a Blow for Human Rights
(2004) 98 (5) LSG 12
Human Rights; European Union; Citizenship
Pamela Cassidy Adobe PDF FileA Model Decision
(2004) 98 (5) LSG 14
Law of Tort; Privacy; European Convention on Human Rights
Geoffrey Shannon Adobe PDF FileModern Love
(2004) 98 (5) LSG 18
Family Law; Constitutional Law; European Convention on Human Rights
Anthony Fay Adobe PDF FileRiding the Coat Tails
(2004) 98 (5) LSG 28
Employment Law; Trade Unions;
Olive Donovan Adobe PDF FileThe Twilight Zone
(2004) 98 (5) LSG 32
Employment Law; Pensions; Equality Law
Niamh Pollak Adobe PDF FileCell Division
(2004) 98 (5) LSG 36
Biotechnology; European Law
TP Kennedy Adobe PDF FileA New Era in European Merger Control
(2004) 98 (5) LSG 51
Competition Law; Mergers
Stuart Gilhooly Adobe PDF FileThe Big Question: To Act or Not to Act in the PIAB
(2004) 98 (6) LSG 8
Solicitors; Personal Injuries Assessment Board
Hugh O' Donoghue Adobe PDF FileGetting it Right: Danish Pastry Meets American Pie
(2004) 98 (6) LSG 8
European Law
Maura Connolly Adobe PDF FileUp In Smoke
(2004) 98 (6) LSG 12
Smoking; Health and Safety Law
Ivana Bacik Adobe PDF FileAscent of a Woman
(2004) 98 (6) LSG 16
Legal Profession; Gender; Discrimination
Eamonn Hall Adobe PDF FileReforming Practice and Procedure
(2004) 98 (6) LSG 20
Personal Injuries; Litigation,
Geoffrey Shannon Adobe PDF FileToeing the Line
(2004) 98 (6) LSG 24
Health and Safety Law
Paula Scollan Adobe PDF FileBlood, Sweat and Tears
(2004) 98 (6) LSG 28
Criminal Law; Law of Evidence; DNA
TP Kennedy Adobe PDF FileImplementation of EU Competition Rules
(2004) 98 (6) LSG 49
Competition Law; Dominance
Alpha Connolly Adobe PDF FileImplications of the ECHR Act 2003
(2004) 98 (7) LSG 7
European Convention on Human Rights
Eamonn O' Reilly Adobe PDF FileThe Going Rate
(2004) 98 (7) LSG
Legal Profession; Stress
Paul O' Connell Adobe PDF FileKeeping a Tight Rein on Finances
(2004) 98 (7) LSG 18
Payments; Technology; Finance
Adobe PDF FileOccupational Hazards
(2004) 98 (7) LSG 22
Landlord and Tenant Law; Licence; Lease
Fergus Armstrong Adobe PDF FileLost in Translation?
(2004) 98 (7) LSG 26
Legal Profession; Alternative Dispute Resolution
Eamonn Hall Adobe PDF FileBook Review : Road Traffic Law
(2004) 98 (7) LSG 33
Road Traffic
Alma Clissman Adobe PDF FileDegraging Treatment in Prison
(2004) 98 (8) LSG 7
European Convention on Human Rights
Klaus Reichart Adobe PDF FileThe Arbitration Act 1954: A Golden Opprtunity for Reform
(2004) 98 (8) LSG 8
Arbitration; Alternative Dispute Resolution
Murray Smith Adobe PDF FileSchool of Hard Knocks
(2004) 98 (8) LSG
Julie Burke Adobe PDF FileThe Sins of the Parents
(2004) 98 (8) LSG 22
Revenue Law; Personal Representatives
Kevin Liston Adobe PDF FileNegotiating the Obstacles
(2004) 98 (8) LSG 28
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Alma Clissman Adobe PDF FileECHR Augments Traditional Rights of Accused
(2004) 98 (9) LSG 7
European Convention on Human Rights
Adobe PDF FilePressing for a Change: Reforming the Law on Privacy
(2004) 98 (9) LSG 8
Privacy; European Court of Human Rights
Conal O' Boyle Adobe PDF FileCork Family Law Courts in Crisis
(2004) 98 (9) LSG 12
Family Law; Courts
Tom Power Adobe PDF FileFollowing the Paper Trail
(2004) 98 (9) LSG 14
Nic Swart Adobe PDF FileA Friend Indeed
(2004) 98 (9) LSG 20
Legal Profession; Commercial Law; South Africa
John Gore-Grimes Adobe PDF FilePermission Slips
(2004) 98 (9) LSG
Planning Law
Ian Moore Adobe PDF FileEnd of Term?
(2004) 98 (9) LSG 26
Employment Law; Workplace; Employer
Richard Grogan and Patrick Bradley Adobe PDF FileA Taxing Experience
(2004) 98 (9) LSG 30
Taxation; Employment Law
Sean Ryan Adobe PDF FileInfinity and Beyond
(2004) 98 (9) LSG 30
Company Law; Disclosure
Carina Myles Adobe PDF FileA Marathon Performance
(2004) 98 (9) LSG 36
Alma Clissman Adobe PDF FileGay Marriage Is Not a Convention Right
(2004) 98 (10) LSG 7
European Convention of Human Rights
Henry Murdoch Adobe PDF FileBell, Book and Candle
(2004) 98 (10) LSG 10
Canon Law; Civil Law
Pamela Cassidy Adobe PDF FileNo Such Thing as Bad Publicity?
(2004) 98 (10) LSG 15
Defamation; Company Law
Ten Years After Adobe PDF FileLynn Sheehan
(2004) 98 (10) LSG 18
Bosnia and Herzegovina; Ciivil War; Euroupean Integration
Paul Lambert Adobe PDF FileCopyrights and Wrongs
(2004) 98 (10) LSG 22
Technology; Copyright Law
Pat Igoe Adobe PDF FileBook Review: Personal Injuries Assessment Board Act, 2003: Implications for the Leagl Practice
(2004) 98 (10) LSG 35
Personal Injuries Assessment Board; Legal Profession
Geoffrey Shannon  The hand that robs the cradle
(2003) 97 (3) LSG 8
Family Law; Child Abduction; Reform
Andrew Fitzpatrick  The changing face of discovery
(2003) 97 (3) LSG 14
Court Proceedings; Discovery
Ann Fitzgerald  Split decision
(2003) 97 (3) LSG 18
Family Law; Divorce; Settlement
Emmet Scully  Accounting for crime
(2003) 97 (3) LSG 24
Company Law; Director of Corporate Enforcement
Terry Calvani  US and them
(2003) 97 (3) LSG 28
Competition Law; International Law; Cartels
Murray Smith  Special agents
(2003) 97 (3) LSG 31
Contract Law; Independent Contractors; Vicarious Liability
Paul Lambert  Upwardly mobile
(2003) 97 (2) LSG 14
Information Technology Law; Electronic Commerce; Mobile Commerce
Paul Jacobs  Counting the days
(2003) 97 (2) LSG 20
Corporate Law; Employees Liability
Joe Kelly  A happy medium
(2003) 97 (2) LSG 25
Alternative Dispute Resolution; Mediation
W Keenan & T Brady  Signed, sealed, delivered
(2003) 97 (2) LSG 27
Electronic Commerce; Online Contracts
Dara Robinson  Crazy situation
(2003) 97 (1) LSG 12
Criminal Law; Criminal Law (Insanity) Bill 2000; Insanity
John Gore-Grimes  Change of plan
(2003) 97 (1) LSG 18
Planning Law; Planning and Development (Amendment) Act 2002; Social and Affordable
Alan Shatter  Interim measures
(2003) 97 (1) LSG 24
Court Proceedings; Domestic Violence Act 1996; Ex Parte Application; Exclusion Order
Barry O Halloran  An unconventional approach
(2003) 97 (1) LSG 26
Human Rights Law; European Convention on Human Rights
Michael Treacy  The paper chase
(2003) 97 (1) LSG 29
Land Law; Land Registry
Patrick Mullins  Completion notices: a word of warning
(2003) 97 (1) LSG 30
Contract Law; Completion Notice
Robert Pierce  Driving Ambitions
(2003) 97 (10) LSG 10
Road Traffic Law; Motor Act; Cars;
Conal O'Boyle  An offer you can't refuse
(2003) 97 (10) LSG 14
Professional Practice
Edmond Honohan  Discovery Channels
(2003) 97 (10) LSG 18
Court Proceedings
Kathy Burke  Fast on your feet
(2003) 97 (10) LSG 23
legal profession; advocacy
Anne Stephenson  Death and Taxes
(2003) 97 (10) LSG 26
Succession Law; Deeds; Personal Representatives
Naomi Murphy  Executive class
(2003) 97 (10) LSG 30
legal profession; Legal Executives
Geoffrey Shannon  Babes in the hood
(2003) 97 (9) LSG 12
Juvenile Justice; Children Act
Tom Murran  Over the hills and far away
(2003) 97 (9) LSG 18
Legal Profession; Solicitors; Costs
Hugh O'Donoghue  No longer Poles apart
(2003) 97 (9) LSG 20
European Law; Poland; Mutual Assistance
Declan Rigney  The CAT's pyjamas
(2003) 97 (9) LSG 24
Revenue Law; Self-Assessment; Self Assessment
Anne Stephenson  Keeping it in the family
(2003) 97 (9) LSG 28
Succession Law; wills; redivision;
Susan Reilly  Alternative remedies
(2003) 97 (9) LSG 32
Alternate Dispute Resolution; arbitration
Henry Murdoch  Touting for business?
(2003) 97 (8) LSG 8
Corporate Law; White Collar Crime; Informers
David Gwynn Morgan  Bench mark
(2003) 97 (8) LSG 14
Constitutional Law; Separation of Powers; Judicial Activism
Anne Stephenson  Carved in stone?
(2003) 97 (8) LSG 20
Succession Law; Disclaimers
Mary Keane  Filthy lucre
(2003) 97 (8) LSG 24
Criminal Law; Money Laundering
Olive Donovan  Weathering the storm
(2003) 97 (8) LSG 28
Legal Profession; Retirement
Cliona Kimber  Last chance saloon
(2003) 97 (7) LSG 12
Equality Law; Travelling Community; Travellers; Publicans; Equality Tribunal
Pamela Cassidy  Publish and be damned?
(2003) 97 (7) LSG 18
Tort Law; Defamation; Libel
Denis Kelliher  FOI reloaded
(2003) 97 (7) LSG 22
Freedom of Information; Personal Information
Maureen Dolan  Sunset Boulevard
(2003) 97 (7) LSG 26
Employment Law; Retirement
Olive Donovan  Pitfalls of Pension Planning
(2003) 97 (7) LSG 30
Legal Profession; Retirement; Pension
Ciaran O'Mara  All the right moves
(2003) 97 (7) LSG 32
European Law; undertakings
Patrick Groarke  Professional pitfalls
(2003) 97 (6) LSG 12
Tort Law; Professsional Negligence; Solicitors
Keith Walsh  Family fortunes
(2003) 97 (6) LSG 18
Family Law
Claire O'Sullivan  Net gains
(2003) 97 (6) LSG 24
Legal Profession; Law Society; Website
Michael Williams  Tough Talking
(2003) 97 (6) LSG 27
Alternative Dispute Resolution; Mediation
Geoffrey Shannon  To have and to hold
(2003) 97 (5) LSG 12
Family Law; Pre-nuptial;
Barry O'Halloran  Weird science
(2003) 97 (5) LSG 18
Evidence; Scientific Evidence; Expert Testimony
Douglas Mill and Donald Binchy and Barbara Joyce  Learning curve
(2003) 97 (5) LSG 22
Legal Profession; CPD
Barrett Chapman  Risky Business
(2003) 97 (5) LSG 26
Health and Safety; Tort; Liability
David Rowe  Two become one
(2003) 97 (5) LSG 32
Legal Profession; Mergers
Henry Murdoch  Tigerland
(2003) 97 (4) LSG 8
Sports Law; Duty of Care; Golf
William Aylmer  New Resolution
(2003) 97 (4) LSG 16
Alternative Dispute Resolution; Commercial Disputes
Michael O'Connor  VAT and leasehold interests
(2003) 97 (4) LSG 18
Property Law; Revenue Law; VAT Act
James Cahill  My home is my castle
(2003) 97 (4) LSG 24
Preservation Orders
Edward Donelan  As clear as mud?
(2003) 97 (4) LSG 28
Legislation; consolidation
Patrick Dorgan  Safe as houses?
(2002) 96 (1) LSG 12
Contract Law; Unfair Terms
Evlynne Gilvarry  Its good to talk
(2002) 96 (1) LSG 18
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Richard Grogan  What are words worth?
(2002) 96 (1) LSG 22
Labour Law; Employers; Third Party Negligence
Stephen Dodd  Amendment of pleadings
(2002) 96 (1) LSG 24
Court Proceedings; Pleadings
Eoin Dee  Voyage of discovery
(2002) 96 (2) LSG 16
Paul Lambert  Sticking it to the spammers
(2002) 96 (2) LSG 21
Information Technology Law; Unsolicited Communication
Denis Kelleher  Secure in the knowledge
(2002) 96 (3) LSG 8
Information Technology Law; Data Protection Act 1988; Data Protection (Amendment) Bill 2002; Privacy
John Moher  One step forward, two steps back?
(2002) 96 (3) LSG 12
Human Rights Law; European Convention on Human Rights; Enactment
Eamonn Hall  A game of high stakes
(2002) 96 (3) LSG 18
Director of Public Prosecution
Pamela Cassidy  Defamation: which court to choose?
(2002) 96 (3) LSG 22
Tort Law; Defamation
Barry O Halloran  Bridging the Gap
(2002) 96 (3) LSG 26
Company Law; Finance
Barry O Halloran  Flight of fancy
(2002) 96 (4) LSG 10
Administration Law; Public Procurement
Edward Madden  A safe distance?
(2002) 96 (4) LSG
European Law; Distance Selling Directive; Information Technology
Alma Clissman  States of mind
(2002) 96 (4) LSG 20
Mental Health Law; Mental Health Act 2001; Mental Health Commission
Keith Walsh  Family Matters
(2002) 96 (4) LSG 26
Family Law; Consolidated Circuit Court Rules 2001
Barry O Halloran  Sporting chance
(2002) 96 (5) LSG 8
TP Kennedy  Judgment calls
(2002) 96 (5) LSG 14
European Law; Brussels Regulation; Enforcement
Denis O Driscoll  Friendly persuasion
(2002) 96 (5) LSG 20
Company Law; Conciliation; Construction Industry
Dorit Mc Cann  Parallel universe
(2002) 96 (5) LSG 24
Pharmaceutical Law; European Law; Packaging; Labeling
Stuart Gilhooly  Compo Culture: an alternative view
(2002) 96 (6) LSG 24
Tort Law; International Law; Personal Injuries
Conor O Mahony  No Reservations
(2002) 96 (6) LSG 33
Legal Resources; Courts and Courts Officers Act 2002; Judgments
DPP Office  Hail to the Chief
(2002) 96 (6) LSG 35
Director of Public Prosecutions; Chief Prosecution Solicitor
Aideen Henry  A pain in the neck
(2002) 96 (7) LSG 8
Law of Tort; Personal Injuries; Whiplash
John Furlong  Net gains
(2002) 96 (7) LSG 14
Legal Resources; Internet
Mary Redmond  A level playing field?
(2002) 96 (7) LSG 18
Equality Law; Equal Status Act 2000
Geoffrey Shannon  Building confidence
(2002) 96 (7) LSG 22
Building Law; Safety Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2001
Byron Wade  Stolen Moments
(2002) 96 (8) LSG 10
Criminal Law; Criminal Justice (Theft and Fraud Offences) Act 2001
Richard Grogan  Is the Revenue jumping on the compo bandwagon?
(2002) 96 (8) LSG 14
Revenue Law; Awards
Michelle Ni Longain  Part-time workers and the law
(2002) 96 (8) LSG 19
Employment Law; Protection of Employees (Part-time Work) Act 2001
E Hall & D Hogan  The Law Society: progress of a profession
(2002) 96 (8) LSG 25
Legal Profession
Michael Boylan  When doctors are bad for your health
(2002) 96 (9) LSG 10
Medical Law; Medical Negligence
Dessie Shiels  Fighting Dirty
(2002) 96 (9) LSG 14
Legal Systems; Vexatious Litigation
Deirdre Ni Fhloinn  Pie in the Sky
(2002) 96 (9) LSG 20
Broadcasting Law; Broadcasting Rights
Sean MacCann  Do your files need a clean sweep?
(2002) 96 (9) LSG 29
Information Technology Law; Electronic Commerce
Brian Gallagher  Avoiding professional negligence in conveyancing
(2002) 96 (10) LSG 10
Conveyancing; Professional Negligence
Geoffrey Shannon  What price a "clean break" divorce now?
(2002) 96 (10) LSG 20
Family Law; Divorce
Paul Lavery  Data protection: the implications for solicitors
(2002) 96 (10) LSG 26
Professional Practice; Data Protection
Denis Kelleher
(2002) 96 (10) LSG 35
Court Proceedings; Electronic Commerce
Niall O Hanlon  Cybersquatting: WhatÆs in a name ?
(2001) 95 (1) LSG 12
Information Technology Law; Domain Names
Muriel Walls  Family law and the European convention
(2001) 95 (1) LSG 16
Family Law; European Convention on Human Rights
Barry O Halloran  Talk is cheap
(2001) 95 (1) LSG 24
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Ciaran O Mara  Busy doing nothing?
(2001) 95 (1) LSG 28
Labour Law; European Court of Justice
Michael Kealey  Hold the front page!
(2001) 95 (2) LSG 8
European Convention on Human Rights; Freedom of Speech
John Healy  Till deceit do us part?
(2001) 95 (2) LSG 12
Family Law; Nullity Law; Marriage
Kieran Doran  A healthy alternative
(2001) 95 (2) LSG 16
Medical Law; Malpractice; Mediation
Max Barrett  Arbitration and public policy
(2001) 95 (2) LSG 20
Commercial Law; Arbitration
Dessie Shiels and Karl Henson  The dangers in paying the piper
(2001) 95 (2) LSG 27
Court Proceedings; Liability; Joint Lodgments
Geoffrey Shannon  Cut to the quick
(2001) 95 (3) LSG 14
Family Law; Family Law (Divorce) Act 1996; European Law
Noeline Blackwell  DonÆt look back
(2001) 95 (3) LSG 20
Refugee Law; European Convention on Human Rights
Dennis Kelleher  Is Ireland out of tune on copyright?
(2001) 95 (3) LSG 24
Copyright Law; Internet
Paul Anthony Mc Dermott  Avoiding mistaken settlements
(2001) 95 (3) LSG 28
Geoffrey Shannon  Living in the twilight zone
(2001) 95 (4) LSG 6
Family Law; Foster Parents; Adoptive Parents
Eoin Dee  Threes a crowd
(2001) 95 (4) LSG 12
Third Party Discovery
Constance Cassidy  Calling time on pub licenses
(2001) 95 (4) 16
Licensing Laws; Intoxicating Liquor Act 2000; Licensing
Michael Peart  Do the right thing
(2001) 95 (4) LSG 18
Law of Succession; Negligence; Unjust Enrichment
Catherine Treacy  Access all areas
(2001) 95 (4) LSG 23
Property Law; Registration; Title Deeds; Information Technology
Gabriel Brennan  Trouble down the line
(2001) 95 (5) LSG 18
Information Technology Law; Electronic Commerce Act 2000
Madeleine Reid  All things being equal
(2001) 95 (5) LSG 28
Equality Law
Julie-Anne Sweeney  Why do we still have a Special Criminal Court
(2001) 95 (6) LSG 10
Criminal Law; Special Criminal Court; Jury
Barry O Halloran  Examining the examiners
(2001) 95 (6) LSG 14
Company Law; Examinership
Terrence Mc Crann  High tech, high risk
(2001) 95 (6) LSG 18
Information Technology Law; Internet
Jane Deane  Pressure points
(2001) 95 (7) LSG 14
Labour Law; Health and Safety; Stress
Gillian Kelly  Haunted by Hillsborough
(2001) 95 (7) LSG 18
Tort Law; Psychiatric Injury; Nervous Shock
Michael King  Statutes and limitations
(2001) 95 (7) LSG 26
Law Reform Commission; Statutory Interpretation
Henry Murdoch  As good as it gets?
(2001) 95 (8) LSG 12
Disability Law
Barry O Halloran  Great expectations?
(2001) 95 (8) LSG 16
Legal Systems; Legal Aid
Eoin Dee  Privileged background
(2001) 95 (8) 20
Professional Privilege
Paul Lambert  Spam with everything
(2001) 95 (8) LSG 22
Information Technology Law; Unsolicited Communications
Dessie Shiels  Wunder wall
(2001) 95 (9) LSG 12
Court Proceedings; Contempt of Court
Michael Peart  Neighborhood watch
(2001) 95 (10) LSG 22
Law of Tort; Duty of Care
Brendan Walsh  French connections
(2000) 94 (1) LSG 28
Property Law; International Law
Rafael Berdaguer  Making a Spanish will
(2000) 94 (1) LSG 32
Law of Succession; International Law
Zoe Ollerenshaw  Remote control
(2000) 94 (2) LSG 30
Information Technology Law; International Law; Software
Stephen Glanville  Making motor insurers pay
(2000) 94 (2) LSG 32
Insurance Law; Recovery
Eamonn Hall  Contempt of court: how far can you go?
(2000) 94 (3) LSG 12
Court Proceedings; Contempt of Court
Geoffrey Shannon  Hedging your bets: pre-nuptial agreements
(2000) 94 (3) LSG 16
Family Law; Pre-nuptial Agreements
Maureen Daly  Silhouette casts a long shadow
(2000) 94 (3) LSG 20
European Law; Trade Marks
Rachael Ott  Making peace with the cyber-men
(2000) 94 (3) LSG 24
Information Technology Law; Online Disputes
Simon Mc Aleese  Reporting restrictions on the Nevin case: a step too far?
(2000) 94 (4) LSG 16
Constitutional Law; Media; Press Coverage
Patrick Mullins  Discovery in the District Court
(2000) 94 (4) LSG 23
Discovery; District Court
Law Society  Adoption law: the case for reform
(2000) 94 (5) LSG 16
Family Law; Adoption Law; Reform
Conal O Boyle  Seville 2000
(2000) 94 (5) LSG 26
Karen O Connor  When saying sorry isnÆt enough
(2000) 94 (6) LSG 14
Family Law; Child Abuse; Liability
Eoin Dee  A basic guide to discovery
(2000) 94 (6) LSG 18
Michelle Ni Longain  Equal measures
(2000) 94 (6) LSG 26
Labour Law; Equality Law; Employment Equality Act 1998
Keith Farnan  A study in innocence
(2000) 94 (7) LSG 10
Law of Evidence; International Law
Jonathan Newman  Sign of the times
(2000) 94 (7) LSG 14
Information Technology; Electronic Commerce
R O Sullivan & N Hunt  Food for thought
(2000) 94 (7) LSG 22
Health and Safety Law; Food Safety
E Mac Neill, K Furlong, & D Crowley  A game of two halves
(2000) 94 (8) LSG 12
John Healy  A little knowledge
(2000) 94 (8) LSG 16
Medical Law; Disclosure
Richard Grogan  Accidental tourists
(2000) 94 (8) LSG 22
Company Law; Personal Injuries
Eamonn Hall  A word to the wise
(2000) 94 (8) LSG 26
Professional Negligence
Barry O Halloran  Another brick in the wall?
(2000) 94 (9) LSG 14
Constitutional Law; Education; Disability
Dessie Shiels  Much ado about nothing
(2000) 94 (9) LSG 18
Court Proceedings; Litigation; Abuse of Process
Kieran Doran  Live and let die
(2000) 94 (9) LSG 26
Medical Law; Living Wills
Barry O Halloran  Whispering grass
(2000) 94 (10) LSG 14
Competition Law; Immunity
Keith Mc Connell  On the never-never
(2000) 94 (10) LSG 20
Consumer Law; Consumer Credit Act 1995; Hire Purchase
Richard English  Last call for the sound of silence?
(1999) 93 (1) LSG 14
Criminal Law; Right to Silence
Law Society Litigation Committee  Expert evidence: the new rules explained
(1999) 93 (1) LSG 16
Law of Evidence; Expert Evidence; Courts and Courts Officers Act 1995
Denis Kelleher  Litigation and the Year 2000
(1999) 93 (1) LSG 18
Information Technology Law; Litigation; Millennium Bug
Pat Igoe  Time for a rethink on small business?
(1999) 93 (1) LSG 22
Company Law; Companies (Amendment) Bill 1999
Niamh Nic Suibhne  First among equals? Irish Language and the Law
(1999) 93 (2) LSG 16
Constitutional Law; Irish Language; Legal Practitioners
Michael Twomey  Salaried Partners: easy targets?
(1999) 93 (2) LSG 20
Company Law; Partnerships; Liability to Third Parties
Niall Hill  Danger in the air
(1999) 93 (2) LSG 24
Health and Safety Law; Asbestos
Gerard Gannon  Drunken driving - is the Supreme Court re-writing the rules?
(1999) 93 (3) LSG 14
Criminal Law; Drunken Driving; Statutory Interpretation
William Johnston  Banking law in the 1990s
(1999) 93 (3) LSG 18
Banking Law; Consumer Credit Act 1995
Grainne Rothery  Cry Freedom!
(1999) 93 (3) LSG 25
Information Technology
JCW Wylie  The Great Escape! Can Tenants Walk Away From a Lease?
(1999) 93 (3) LSG 28
Landlord and Tenant Law
Barry O Halloran  All the news thatÆs fit to print?
(1999) 93 (4) LSG 16
Media Law; Defamation; Privacy
Robert Pierse  Quantum leap - General damages in the 1990s
(1999) 93 (4) LSG 20
Tort Law; Personal Injuries; Quantum of Damages
John Shaw  Law SocietyÆs new complaints procedures
(1999) 93 (4) LSG 23
Legal Profession; Law Society; Self-Regulation; Registrars Committee
Padraig Walsh  Workplace bullying: the legal issues
(1999) 93 (4) LSG 24
Labour Law; Workplace Bullying
Denis Kelleher  Can you patent a business method?
(1999) 93 (4) LSG 28
Intellectual Property Law; Patents
Niall O Hanlon  Perennial concerns for business
(1999) 93 (4) LSG 35
Company Law; Annual Returns; Striking Off
Des Rooney  Finders keepers?
(1999) 93 (5) LSG 16
Property Law; Succession; Champerty
Justin Ryan  Buying a property in Portugal
(1999) 93 (5) LSG 17
Jonathan Newman  To each his own
(1999) 93 (5) LSG 19
Intellectual Property Law; Copyright Bill 1999
Karen Murray  E-commerce: the legal issues
(1999) 93 (5) LSG 22
Information Technology Law; Electronic Commerce
J Costello & B Bohan  Finance Act 1999
(1999) 93 (5) LSG 25
Revenue Law; Finance Act 1999
Law Society Law Reform Committee  Domestic Violence: the case for reform
(1999) 93 (5) LSG 29
Family Law; Domestic Violence Act 1996
Nigel Hill  Talking up a storm
(1999) 93 (6) LSG 12
Information Technology Law; Internet Regulation
Richard Grogan  Wills: traps for the unwary
(1999) 93 (6) LSG 19
Property Law; Succession; Revenue Law; Property Abroad
Vincent Farry  Not in my back yard
(1999) 93 (6) LSG 22
Planning Law
Vincent Farry  How rural planning became a blasket case
(1999) 93 (7) LSG 18
Planning Law; Rural Planning; Constitutional Law; Equality
David Meehan  Freedom of InformationÆs first year
(1999) 93 (7) LSG 21
Freedom of Information Law; Freedom of Information Act 1997
Brian Bohan  Tax treatment of development land
(1999) 93 (7) LSG 24
Revenue Law; Development Land
Denis Kelleher  Can anyone stop the techno-pirates?
(1999) 93 (8) LSG 14
Information Technology Law; Internet Regulation; Copyright
Marcus Bourke  Nice and easy does it
(1999) 93 (8) LSG 18
Statutory Drafting; Statutory Interpretation
Terence Mc Crann  Firing on all cylinders?
(1999) 93 (8) LSG 20
Employment Law
Donal O Sullivan  What does reasonably practicable mean?
(1999) 93 (8) LSG 23
Health and Safety Law; Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 1989
Law Society Law Reform Committee  Mental health: the case for reform
(1999) 93 (8) LSG 31
Mental Health Law
Rafael Berdaguer  Ay Caramba! Buying Property in Spain
(1999) 93 (9) LSG 12
International Law; Conveyancing; Property
Mary Redmond  Accentuate the Positive
(1999) 93 (9) LSG 16
Employment Law; Disciplinary Procedure
Adrian Twomey  And justice for all?
(1999) 93 (9) LSG 22
Employment Law; Employment Equality Act 1998
Geoffrey Shannon  Seen but not heard
(1999) 93 (10) LSG 18
Family Law; Childrens Rights; Children at Risk
Catherine Treacy  Recent developments in the Land Registry
(1999) 93 (10) LSG 24
Conveyancing; Land Registry
Owen Mc Intyre  No fault, no foul?
(1999) 93 (10) LSG 28
No-Fault Compensation
Stephen Glanville  Partnerships: a limited future?
(1998) 92 (1) LSG 12
Company Law; Partnership Liability
Kieran Doran  The case for mandatory reporting
(1998) 92 (1) LSG 16
Family Law; Child Abuse; Mandatory Reporting
Gerald Needham  Please, Sir! How the petition system works
(1998) 92 (1) LSG 18
Criminal Law; Criminal Justice Act 1951; Petitions
Deirdre O Brien  Bar Wars
(1998) 92 (2) LSG 12
Legal Profession; Legal Practitioners
Alan Shatter  Degrees of separation
(1998) 92 (2) LSG 16
Family Law; Judicial Separation
Kevin Maguire  Casting off the tax net
(1998) 92 (2) LSG 26
Revenue Law; Taxes Consolidation Act 1997; Offshore Accounts
Maria O Connell  Taking a punt on the Euro
(1998) 92 (2) LSG 28
European Law; Single Currency; Euro
P Burnley & K Gomersal  The corporate killing fields
(1998) 92 (3) LSG 16
Company Law; Corporate Criminal Liability
Denis Kelleher  Get with the program
(1998) 92 (3) LSG 20
Information Technology Law; Software Copyright
Michael Twomey  Firing your partners the American Way
(1998) 92 (3) LSG 22
Company Law; Partnerships; Fiduciary Duties
Eamonn O Connor  The better part of discretion
(1998) 92 (3) LSG 24
Law of Equity; Trusts; Discretionary Trusts
E O Callaghan & D Walshe  Always on my mind
(1998) 92 (4) LSG 14
Law of Tort; Nervous Shock
Eamonn Hall  Little house of horrors
(1998) 92 (4) LSG 18
Legal Profession; Professional Accountability; Conveyancing; Duty of Care
Bryan Mc Mahon  Should pay, wont pay
(1998) 92 (4) LSG 22
Insurance Law; Motor Insurance; Uninsured Drivers
Adrian Twomey  Terms of engagement
(1998) 92 (4) LSG 30
Employment Law; Contract of Employment
W Binchy & C Craven  Doctors in the dock
(1998) 92 (5) LSG 18
Law of Tort; Medical Negligence
James Candon  Can you bank on the Euro?
(1998) 92 (5) LSG 32
Contract Law; Single Currency
Paul Kenny  The Investment Intermediaries Act, 1995
(1998) 92 (5) LSG 35
Financial Law; Investment Intermediaries Act 1995
Joan O Mahony  Splitting the difference
(1998) 92 (6) LSG 16
Family Law; Family Property
Maureen Cronin  Mean Dispositions
(1998) 92 (6) LSG 18
Property Law; Succession Act, 1965; Section 117
Niall O Hanlon  Copy Catch!
(1998) 92 (6) LSG 23
Intellectual Property Law; Copyright Law; European Term Directive
Dermot Walsh  Crime and Punishment
(1998) 92 (7) LSG 16
Criminal Law; Garda Powers; Bail; Criminal Assets Bureau
John Paul Mc Cutcheon  Recent developments in criminal law
(1998) 92 (7) LSG 20
Criminal Law; Assault; Sexual Offences
Pat Igoe  Company Law: Too much law and not enough order?
(1998) 92 (7) LSG 26
Company Law; Corporate Enforcement
Niall O Hanlon  Jumping on the Brand Wagon
(1998) 92 (8) LSG 20
Intellectual Property Law; Trade Marks; Comparative Advertising
Pat Igoe  Cooking the Books
(1998) 92 (9) LSG 16
Criminal Law; Fraud
Conal O Boyle  Leave it to the Experts
(1998) 92 (9) LSG 20
Law of Evidence; Expert Witnesses
Niall O Hanlon  Mitigating Circumstances
(1998) 92 (9) LSG 28
Revenue Law; Tax Avoidance; Tax Mitigation
Kieron Wood  E-mail as evidence: will it stand up in court?
(1998) 92 (10) LSG 16
Information Technology Law; Electronic Mail; Evidence
David Meehan  Freedom of Information Act: WhoÆs using it, and why?
(1998) 92 (10) LSG 22
Freedom of Information Act 1997
Robert Harley  Doctors, Lawyers and the Harvard Report
(1997) 91 (1) LSG 20
Law of Tort; Medical Negligence; Harvard Report
Mary Johnson  Civil Legal Aid Act: falling short of the mark?
(1997) 91 (1) LSG 25
Legal Aid; Civil Legal Aid Act 1995
Eugene Davy  Family Snaps
(1997) 91 (2) LSG 12
Family Law; Divorce; Family Law (Divorce) Act 1996
Catherine Dolan  Agreeing to Differ
(1997) 91 (2) LSG 15
Family Law; Marital Breakdown; Mediation
Terry Oliver  Tax and the separated couple
(1997) 91 (2) LSG 16
Family Law; Marital Breakdown; Taxation
Pat Igoe  Business Concerns
(1997) 91 (2) LSG 18
Company Law; Directors
Conal O Boyle  Irish ways and Irish laws
(1997) 91 (2) LSG 24
Legal History; Brehon Laws
Rex Parry  Defective software: who should pay?
(1997) 91 (3) LSG 16
Information Technology Law; Software; Defective Goods
Muriel Walls  No place like home
(1997) 91 (3) LSG 24
Family Law; Divorce; Family Property; Distribution of Assets
Rosemary Horgan  Till debt do we part
(1997) 91 (4) LSG 22
Family Law; Divorce; Ancillary Orders
Sora O Doherty  Suffer the little children...
(1997) 91 (5) LSG 12
Labour Law; Child Labour; Protection of Young Persons (Employment) Act 1996
Mary Johnson  Letting in the light
(1997) 91 (5) LSG 16
Freedom of Information Law; Freedom of Information Act 1997
Donal O Carroll  Suing in the sun
(1997) 91 (6) LSG 10
International Law; Litigation
Michael Conlon  Behind closed doors?
(1997) 91 (6) LSG 12
Medical Law; Medical Practitioners Act 1978; Disciplinary Procedures
Bernard Gogarty  Arbitration: The umpire strikes back
(1997) 91 (6) LSG 16
Alternative Dispute Resolution; Arbitration
Pat Igoe  In the front line against fraud
(1997) 91 (7) LSG 17
Company Law; Corporate Enforcement; Fraud
Kieran Doran  Blood lines
(1997) 91 (8) LSG 12
Medical Law; Consent; HIV Testing
Padraig Walsh  Punch the Clock
(1997) 91 (8) LSG 24
Employment Law; Organisation of Working Time Act 1997
Paul Lambert  Tobacco litigation: a burning issue?
(1997) 91 (9) LSG 16
Medical Law; Litigation; Tobacco
Kieran Doran  Freedom of Information Act, 1997: a legal cul de sac?
(1997) 91 (9) LSG 18
Freedom of Information Act 1997
Barry O Halloran  Come Together
(1997) 91 (9) LSG 21
Alternative Dispute Resolution; Mediation
Dai Davis  Cyberlaw: Ten Recent Internet Cases
(1997) 91 (10) LSG 14
Information Technology Law; Internet Regulation
Sinead Conneely  No foal, no fee in the UK
(1997) 91 (10) LSG 18
Legal Systems; Legal Aid
Gearoid Carey  Breach, Distress and Damages
(2002) 9 CLP 3
Contract Law; Breach of Contract; Damages; Mental Distress
A Looijestijn & S O Keeffe  Harmonisation of Company Law in an Expanding European Union
(2002) 9 CLP 9
Company Law; European Integration
Paul Lavery  Data Protection: The Current and Prospective Regime in Ireland
(2002) 9 CLP 27
Information Technology Law; Data Protection
Ravi Chandran  Singapore's New Insider Trading Laws
(2002) 9 CLP 33
Company Law; Trading Law; International Law
John Breslin  Undue Influence: Guarantor's Equitable Right or Creditor's Contractual Obligation? -Royal Bank of Scotland v Etridge
(2002) 9 CLP 35
Law of Equity; Contract Law; Undue Influence
Mary Catherine Lucey  The Competition Bill 2001-Implications for Mergers
(2002) 9 CLP 51
Competition Law; Competition Bill 2001; Mergers
Richard Grogan  References-Watch Your Back Referee
(2002) 9 CLP 58
Employment Law; References
Thomas B Courtney  Book Review: Niamh Brennan & John Hennessy; Forensic Accounting
(2002) 9 CLP 72
Brennan; Hennessy; Forensic Accounting
N Rice & B Walker  The New Annual Return Date Provision Under the Companies Acts
(2002) 9 CLP 75
Company Law; Annual Return Date
Aillil O Reilly  Auditor's Responsibilities: Changed Responsibilities
(2002) 9 CLP 79
Company Law; Auditor
Nicholas Comyn  Section 160 of the Companies Act 1990: CB Readymix Ltd (in Liquidation) v Dr Michael Grimes
(2002) 9 CLP 85
Company Law; Companies Act 1990; Liquidation
R Parker & H Beattie  The Asset Covered Securities Act 2001-An Overview
(2002) 9 CLP 99
Company Law; Asset Covered Securities Act 2001
Aillil O Reilly  Freezing Orders Under Section 55 of the Company Law Enforcement Act 2001
(2002) 9 CLP 109
Company Law; Company Law Enforcement Act 2001; Section 55; Freezing Order
Maura Connolly  Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace-Recent Developments
(2002) 9 CLP 123
Health and Safety Law; Bullying; Harassment; Workplace
TJ Mc Intyre  Supplementing Discovery: Using the Freedom of Information Act to Obtain Documents for Litigation Purposes
(2002) 9 CLP 127
Freedom of Information Act 1997; Discovery
Marco Hickey  European Commission Publishes Notice on De Minimis Agreements
(2002) 9 CLP 132
Competition Law; Article 81; De Minimis Agreements
D Daly & P Massey  Proposed Reform of the EU Merger Regulation
(2002) 9 CLP 143
European Law; Mergers
Richard Grogan  Pay in Lieu of Notice-A Headache for Employers
(2002) 9 CLP 148
Employment Law; Contract of Employment; Notice
J Rossa Mc Mahon  Falwell v Cohn: A Victory for Expressive Freedom in the UDRP?
(2002) 9 CLP 154
Intellectual Property Law; Freedom of Speech; Domain Names; Alternative Dispute Resolution
Edmond Stack  The Concept of Independent Arbitrators
(2002) 9 CLP 167
Arbitration; Appeal
Edward A Madden  European Software Patents: An Evolution
(2002) 9 CLP 176
European Intellectual Property Law; Patents; Software
David Marks  European Insolvency Horizons
(2002) 9 CLP 181
Company Law; European Insolvency Regulations
Austin J Buckley  Causation and Compensation in Asbestos Related Disease Claims
(2002) 9 CLP 191
Law of Tort; Negligence; Employers Liability
Aillil O Reilly  Undertaking Required by the Revenue Commissioners when Petitioning to Restore a Company to the Register of Companies
(2002) 9 CLP 197
Company Law; Register of Companies; Undertaking
John Morgan  Commercial Dispute Resolution in Ireland-A Comparative Analysis
(2002) 9 CLP 200
International Law; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Mediation
Adrian Brennan  Section 150 of the Companies Act 1990-Restriction of Directors Reviewed (Part I)
(2002) 9 CLP 215
Company Law; Companies Act 1990; Directors
Blanaid Clarke  Advancing Corporate and Social Responsibility-the Softly Softly Approach
(2002) 9 CLP 223
Company Law; European Corporate Law
Noel J Travers  Dawn Raids, Competition Law and Fundamental Rights: The growing influence of European Law
(2002) 9 CLP 235
European Competition Law; Article 81; Article 82
David Marks  Proofs of Debt in an Insolvency: The Proper Way
(2002) 9 CLP 242
Company Law; Insolvency; Debt
R White & E Stewart  Arbitration clauses and shareholders' remedies
(2002) 9 CLP 246
Company Law; Arbitration Clause; Shareholders
Robert Barr  Justice for young offenders in a caring society
[1999] 9 (1) ICLJ 1
Criminal Law; Young Offenders
Sile Mc Guckian  Recent developments in the law governing the admissibility of confessions in Ireland
[1999] 9 (1) ICLJ 8
Law of Evidence; Admissibility; Confession
Declan Mc Grath  Two steps forward, one step back: the corroboration warning in sexual cases
[1999] 9 (1) ICLJ 22
Criminal Law; Law of Evidence; Corroboration; Sexual Offence
Gearoid Carey  The performative character of media presentation of crime
[1999] 9 (1) ICLJ 47
Criminal Law; Media
Julie Liston  Cases and Comments: DPP (Garda John Ivers) v Angela Murphy; PC v DPP and Judge Flann Brennan
[1999] 9 (1) ICLJ 75
Criminal Law; Criminal Justice (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1997
Johnny Connolly  Book Review: The Irish Police: the Pursuit of Accountability by D Walsh
[1999] 9 (1) ICLJ 110
Walsh; Police; Accountability
JP Mc Cuthcheon & DPJ Walsh  Seizure of Criminal Assets: An Overview
[1999] 9 (2) ICLJ 127
Criminal Law; Criminal Assets; Seizure; Proceeds of Crime
F Murphy & B Galvin  Targeting the financial wealth of criminals in Ireland: The law and practice
[1999] 9 (2) ICLJ 133
Criminal LAW; Criminal Assets; Proceeds of Crime
Shane Murphy  Tracing the proceeds of crime: Legal and Constitutional implications
[1999] 9 (2) ICLJ 160
Criminal Law; Criminal Assets; Proceeds of Crime
Chris Cole  British legislative developments on the confiscation of criminal assets
[1999] 9 (2) ICLJ 176
International Law; Criminal Law; Criminal Assets; Proceeds of Crime
Sonia C Jaipaul  Assets forfeiture in the United States
[1999] 9 (2) ICLJ 191
International Law; Criminal Law; Criminal Assets; Proceeds of Crime
Eamonn J Walsh  The enforcement of money laundering legislation
[1999] 9 (2) ICLJ 204
Criminal Law; Money Laundering
John O Donoghue  Closing remarks; International Conference on the Confiscation of Criminal Assets
[1999] 9 (2) ICLJ 218
Criminal Law; Criminal Assets; Proceeds of Crime
J Paul Mc Cutcheon  Select Bibliography; Confiscation of criminal assets and money laundering
[1999] 9 (2) ICLJ 221
Criminal Law; Criminal Assets; Proceeds of Crime
Garrett Simons  Leave to Appeal to the Supreme Court
(2002) 9 IPELJ 3
Administrative Law; Appeal; Judicial Review
Benedicte Sage  Regulation of Marine Pollution from Shipping Under Irish Law: Part II
(2002) 9 IPELJ 9
Environmental Law; Pollution; Marine; Shipping
Aine Ryall  Judicial Review and the Adequacy of the EIS: Kenny v An Bord Pleanala
(2002) 9 IPELJ 20
Administrative Law; Judicial Review; Environmental Impact Assessment
Duncan Laurence  Waste Licensing 1997-2002
(2002) 9 IPELJ 26
Environmental Law; Waste Management
Owen McIntyre  EC Nature Conservation Law
(2002) 9 IPELJ 59
European Law; Conservation
Eamon Galligan  Compulsory Acquisition of Land
(2002) 9 IPELJ 67
Land Law; Compulsory Purchase
Conor Linehan  Corporate Sustainability Reporting
(2002) 9 IPELJ 80
Corporate Law; Corporate Governance
Eamon Galligan  Book Review: Judicial Review by Mark De Blacam
(2002) 9 IPELJ 83
De Blacam; Administrative Law; Judicial Review
Eamon Galligan  Book Review: Waste Management Legislation by D O'Laoire
(2002) 9 IPELJ 83
O Laoire; Waste Management
Eamon Galligan  Book Review: Wildlife Legislation by H Comerford
(2002) 9 IPELJ 83
Comerford; Conservation; Wildlife
Eamon Galligan  Book Review: Employment Rights Legislation annotated by Anthony Kerr
(2002) 9 IPELJ 83
Employment Law
Tom Flynn  Recent EU Environmental Developments
(2002) 9 IPELJ 90
European Environmental Law; Kyoto Protocol; Waste Management; Soil Protection
Owen McIntyre  Irish Implementation of EC Nature Conservation Law - Part 2
(2002) 9 IPELJ 103
European Environmental Law; Wildlife (Amendment) Act 2000; Habitats Directive
John Gore-Grimes  Recent Developments in Conveyancing Practice
(2002) 9 IPELJ 119
Conveyancing; Unauthorised Developments
Tom Flynn  Recent EU Environmental Developments
(2002) 9 IPELJ 122
European Environmental Law; Genetically Modified Organisms; Habitats Directive
Garret Simons  Judicial Enforcement of Planning Law
(2002) 9 IPELJ 143
Planning Law; Judicial Enforcement
Eugene McKeown  Road Traffic Noise-Are current design criteria adequate?
(2002) 9 IPELJ 147
Environmental Law; Noise
Patrick Sweetman  Recent Developments in Conveyancing Practice
(2002) 9 IPELJ 160
Conveyancing; Planning and Development Act 2000; Withering
Tom Flynn  Recent EU Environmental Developments
(2002) 9 IPELJ 162
European Environmental Law; Water Bathing Directive
Asim Sheikh & Denis A. Cusack  Clinical Risk Management: The Status Quo, Reform and a Need to Grapple with the Basics
(2003) 9 MLJI 62
Medical Law; Risk Management; Medical Negligence
John McElhinney & Seamus Healy  Clinical Risk Management in Ireland
(2003) 9 MLJI 70
Medical Law; Risk Management; Medical Negligence
Roger Clemets  Healthcare Risk Management: The UK Experience - The Present and the Future
(2003) 9 MLJI 76
Medical Law; Risk Management; Medical Negligence
Fergus Clancy  Risk Managment in the Irish Health Service - Where do we go from here?
(2003) 9 MLJI 88
Medical Law; Risk Management; Medical Negligence
Keith Haynes  Clinical Risk Management: Reality or Rhetoric? Experience from the UK - A Personal View
(2003) 9 MLJI 83
Medical Law; Risk Management; Medical Negligence
Ann 0'Driscoll  Clinical Risk Managment - A Lawyer's Perspective
(2003) 9 MLJI 93
Medical Law; Risk Management; Medical Negligence
Eamonn Fitzgerald  Clinical Risk Management - A Healthcare Manager's Perspective
(2003) 9 MLJI 95
Medical Law; Risk Management; Medical Negligence
Cliona McGovern  What's the Point of Road Deaths?
(2003) 9 MLJI 2
Penalty Points; Drunken Driving; Road Traffic
Raymond Byrne  Occupational Stress-Related Illness: Nothing to Worry Your (Employer's) Head About?
(2003) 9 MLJI 8
Nervous Shock; Psychiatric Injury
Professor J.V. McHale  Health Law in Europe - A Matter of Convergence
(2003) 9 MLJI 17
Medical Law; European Integration; European Law
Dr. Ubaldus de Vries  Can a Legal Right to Euthanasia Exist? A Dutch Perspective on a Universal Medico-Ethical Dilemma
(2003) 9 MLJI 24
Ethics; Euthanasia; Medical Law
Simon Mills  Online Prescribing: Principles, Problems and Policing
(2003) 9 MLJI 36
Electronic Commerce; Consumer; Pharmaceuticals
Cliona McGovern  Conference Report: Commission on Assisted Human Reproduction
(2003) 9 MLJI 43
Medical Law; Ethics; Assisted Human Reproduction
Mr. Justice Peter Kelly Adobe PDF FileThe Commercial Court
(2004) 9 (1) BR 4
Court Proceedings; Commercial Court
David Nolan  The Personal Injuries Assessment Board Act 2003. A Crtical Analysis
(2004) 9 (1) BR 7
Law of Tort; Personal Injuries Assessment Board
Joseph Horgan  Bogus Foreign Deposit Accounts: Time Limits on Revenue Claims against the Estates of Deceased Persons
(2004) 9 (1) BR 11
Revenue Law; Law of Succession
Brian Conroy  The Return of Retired Judges: A Case for Change
(2004) 9 (1) BR 23
Judicial Appointment
Nuala Byrne  Legal Resources on the Web; Useful sites for Practitioners.
(2004) 9 (1) BR 28
Information Technology; Legal Publishing
Phelim Molony  A Commentary on Aspects of The Immigration Act 2003.
(2004) 9 (1) BR 32
Refugee Law; Immigration Act
Dervla Browne  Family Law Aspects of the European Convention on Human Rights Act 2003.
(2004) 9 (2) BR 39
Human Rights Law; European Convention on Human Rights
Joseph Hogan Adobe PDF FileBogus Foreign Deposit Accounts: Time Limits on Revenue Claims against the Estates of Deceased Persons (Part II)
(2004) 9 (2) BR 39
Revenue Law; Law of Succession
William Abrahamson  The Statute of Limitations and Discoverability
(2004) 9 (2) BR 48
Statute of Limitations; Discovery
Mary Rose Gearty  Video Recording of Accused Persons in Custody
(2004) 9 (2) BR 65
Police; Law of Evidence; Abuse of Process
Niall O'Hanlon  Single or Multiple Supplies for VAT - Mystic Twilight gives way to Morning Mist
(2004) 9 (2) BR 67
Revenue Law; VAT
Martin Canny & Anthony Lowry  The European Convention on Human Rights Act 2003, a Cause Celebre for Privacy Rights in Ireland
(2004) 9 (2) BR 73
Privacy; European Convention on Human Rights
Arran Dowling Hussey  The Call to the Bar in Other Jurisdictions
(2004) 9 (2) BR 80
Legal Profession
George Birmingham  The Obligation to Seek Out and Preserve Evidence
(2004) 9 (3) BR 86
Law of Evidence; Police
John Smith Adobe PDF FileLegislation in Irish - A Lot Done, More to Do
Legislation; Irish Language
John Smith
Anthony Lowry Adobe PDF FileSuing the State for Breaches of Community Law by the Supreme Court
(2004) 9 (3) BR 107
Supreme Court; European Law; Breach
Conor Maguire  Supreme Courts - what are they for?
(2004) 9 (3) BR 112
Supreme Court; Legal Systems
Martin Canny & Anthony Lowry  The European Convention on Human Rights Act 2003, a Cause Celebre for Privacy Rights in Ireland - Part II
(2004) 9 (3) BR 114
Privacy; European Convention on Human Rights
Charles Lysaght Adobe PDF FileThe Court Poor Box
(2004) 9 (4) BR 124
Probation of Offenders Act 1907; Court Poor Box; Law Reform Commission Proposals
Klaus Reichert  Commercial Mediation - a 2004 Postscript
(2004) 9 (4) BR 126
Commercial Law; Mediation; Civil Liability and Courts Bill 2004
Brendan Kirwan  Defamation, Isolation and the Ordinary Reader: McGarth v Independent Newspapers
(2004) 9 (4) BR 130
Defamation; McGarth v. Independent Newspapers
Imelda Higgins  Commercial Agents and Compensation
(2004) 9 (4) BR 145
Commercial Law; European Communities (Commercial Agents) Regulations 1994
Niall Neligan  Criminalising International Terrorism: the Criminal Justice (Terrorist Offences) Bill 2002
(2004) 9 (4) BR 152
Terrorism; Criminal Justice (Terrorist Offences) Act 2005
Cathleen Noctor & Richard Lyons  Personal Injuries Assessment Board and Claims Involving the MIBI
(2004) 9 (5) BR 160
Law of Tort; Personal Injuries Assessment Board
David Richardson Adobe PDF FileA New Approach to Processing Claims
(2004) 9 (5) BR 163
Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland; Insurance Claims; 2004 Agreement
Brian E Spierin  Abolition of Sureties in Respect of Administration Bonds
(2004) 9 (5) BR 166
Administration Bonds, Sureties
Brian Hunt  Office of the Parliamentary Draftsman: A Secret History
(2004) 9 (5) BR 167
Legislation; Oireachtas; Parliamentary Draftsman
David Nolan  The Civil Liability and Courts Act 2004
(2004) 9 (5) BR 181
Statute of Limitations; Rules of the Superior Courts; Mediation; Pre-trial hearings; Fraudulent actions
Joseph Murray  "Air Rage" and Passengers Behaving Badly
(2004) 9 (5) BR 184
Air Rage; Air Navigation and Transport Acts
Neil Maddox  The Legality of Henry VIII Clauses
(2004) 9 (5) BR 188
Constitutional Law; Henry VII Clauses; Mulcreevy v. Minister for the Environment
Paul Carroll  Book Review. "Irish Laws of Evidence" by John Healy
(2004) 9 (5) BR 192
Law of Evidence
John Healy  Proposed Reform of Evidence Law in Ireland and England
(2004) 9 (6) BR 195
Law of Evidence; People (D.P.P.) v. Keane
Colm O'Dwyer Adobe PDF FileNew procedures for personal injuries claims
(2004) 9 (6) BR 199
Law of Tort; Personal Injuries Assessment Board
James Macken  Planning Gain in Ireland and the Old Head of Kinsale
(2004) 9 (6) BR 217
Planning Law; Judicial Review; Ashbourne Holdings Ltd. v. An Bord Pleanala
Cathal Murphy  "Slopping out" and the European Convention on Human Rights
(2004) 9 (6) BR 223
European Convention on Human Rights; Prison Service
Sarah Macdonald  The One Year BL Degree Course at King's Inns
(2004) 9 (6) BR 227
Legal Profession; Education
Albert Keating  Time Limits for a Beneficiary or a Personal Representative to Commence Proceedings
(2004) 9(1) CPLJ 2
Law of Succession; Probate; Personal Representatives; Time Limits
Trevor Redmond  Law Reform Commission Land Law Update
(2004) 9(1) CPLJ 8
Business Tenancies; Landlord and Tenant Law;
Edel Quirke  Aboriginal Land Rights and Disposession: A Comparison of Australian and Canadian Experiences
(2004) 9(1) CPLJ 12
Property Law; Ownership; Colonisation
Albert Keating  A Solicitor's Duty of Care to Intended beneficiaries and Personal Representatives
(2004) 9(2) CPLJ 30
Professional Negligence; Succession; Hedley Byrne; Finlay v. Murtagh
Trevor Redmond  Law Reform Comission Land Law Update
(2004) 9(2) CPLJ 35
Electronic Conveyancing; Judgment Mortgages
Edward Dwyer  Finance Act 2004: Property-Related Provisions
(2004) 9(2) CPLJ 38
Revenue Law; Urban Renewal; Property Law
Albert Keating  The Interest of a Creditor and Beneficiary in an Estate under Administration
(2004) 9(3) CPLJ 50
Property Law; Succession; Intestacy; Executor's year
Stephen Dodd  Social and Affordable Housing under the Planning and Development Acts
(2004) 9(3) CPLJ 61
Property Law; Constitutional Law; Planning Law; Zoning
Trevor Redmond  Law Reform Comission Land Law Update
(2004) 9(3) CPLJ 68
Modernisation; De Donis Conditionalibus; Statute book
Albert Keating  The Use of the Falsa Demonstratio Rule in the Construction of Wills
(2004) 9(4) CPLJ 78
Property Law; Succession; Construction of Wills; Clear and Unambigious
Michael O Connor  Stamp Duties and Asset Purchase Agreements
(2004) 9(4) CPLJ 82
Revenue Law; Stamp Duty; Company Law
Edward Shinnick  Regulation, Regulatory Reform and Competition in the Irish Solicitor Profession
(2004) 9(4) CPLJ 89
Legal Profession; Competition; Law reform; OECD Report;
John Donnelly  O'Connor v Coady
(2004) 9(4) CPLJ 93
Planning Law; Subject to Contract; Specific performance
Patricia Mallon Adobe PDF FileCollaborative Practice: An Overview
(2009) 9(1) JSIJ 3
Dispute Resolution; Client-centred negotiation; Litigation; Settlement
Rita Pollak Adobe PDF FileReal and Perceived Disadvantages of Collaborative Lawq
(2009) 9(1) JSIJ 11
Dispute Resolution; Screening process; Confidentiality; Profit
Eugene Davy Adobe PDF FileProblems Associated with Collaborative Practice
(2009) 9(1) JSIJ 14
Dispute Resolution; prohibition against litigation; Honest communication
Louise Crowley Adobe PDF FileCollaborative Law: The Future Cornerstone of the Resolution Process?
(2009) 9(1) JSIJ 19
Dispute Resolution; Irish Family Law; Legislation
Catherine McGuinness Adobe PDF FileCollaborative Law: Comment
(2009) 9(1) JSIJ 30
Dispute Resolution; Practice
Brian Conroy & Paul G. Gunning Adobe PDF FileThe Irish Sentencing Information System (ISIS): a Practical Guide to a Practical Tool
(2009) 9(1) JSIJ 37
Practice; Pilot database; Sentencing data
Jonathan Ilan Adobe PDF FileFour Years of the Personal Injuries Assessment Board: Assessing its Impact
(2009) 9(1) JSIJ 54
Tort; PIAB applications; Court litigation; Compensation
Anthony McGrath Adobe PDF File"In Whose Service?" - The Use and Abuse of Victims' Rights in Ireland
(2009) 9(1) JSIJ 78
Criminal; Victims' movement; Governmental inability; Retaliatory legislation
Éimear Fisher Adobe PDF FileHidden Crimes: Efforts to reduce Domestic and Sexual Abuse in Ireland
(2009) 9(1) JSIJ 97
Criminal; Cosc; Prevention; Response
Marion Walsh Adobe PDF FileHuman Trafficking
(2009) 9(1) JSIJ 104
Human Rights; Smuggling; Victims; Exploitation
Peter Charleton Adobe PDF FileEmployment Injunctions: An Over-loose Discretion
(2009) 9(2) JSIJ 1
Employment; Unfair dismissal; Personal service; Injunctive relief
Mary C Devins Adobe PDF FileSelectivity in Prosecution in the District Court
(2009) 9 (2) JSIJ 26
Criminal Justice; Unfair dismissal; Personal service; Injunctive relief
Evan Bell Adobe PDF FileJudicial Case Management
(2009) 9 (2) JSIJ 76
Practice; Evidence; Counsel; Hearings; Submissions
Joan Donnelly Adobe PDF FileInherent Jurisdiction and Inherent Powers of Irish Courts
(2009) 9 (2) JSIJ 122
Practice & Procedure; Common law; Constitution; Rules of court
Kate Waterhouse Adobe PDF FileInterpreting Criminal Justice: A Preliminary look at Language, Law and Crime in Ireland
(2009) 9 (2) JSIJ 42
Criminal Justice; EU; Interpreter; Interpretation
Sinéad Ring Adobe PDF FileBeyond the Reach of Justice? Complaint Delay in Historic Child Sexual Abuse Cases and the Right to a Fair Trial
(2009) 9 (2) JSIJ 162
Due process; Unfair trial; Criminal; Court of Criminal Appeal; Warning
Henry Rossouw Adobe PDF FileAlternatives to Traditional Sentencing Methods- The Efficiency and Constitutionality of Periodic Imprisonment in South Africa
(2010) COLR 1
Periodic Imprisonment, South Africa, Constitution, Prisons
John Barry Adobe PDF FileThe Criminal Justice (Surveillance) Act 2009: An Examination of the Compatibility of the New Act with Article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights
(2010) COLR 26
Criminal Justice (Surveillance) Act 2009, Covert Surveillance, Article 8 ECHR, Judicial Control, State Security, Authorisation,
Anthanasia Hadjigeorgiou Adobe PDF FileBalancing Conflicting Interests During Pregnancy: Ultrasound v. Reality
(2010) COLR 42
Protecting the Foetus, Modified Competency Test, Pregnant Addict,
Brian O'Reilly Adobe PDF FileIn the Name of the Most Holy Trinity: Religious Anachronism and the Need for Secular Constitution
(2010) COLR 56
Constitution, Religion, Blasphemy, Constitutional Review Group, Article 44, Oaths
Jennifer Hourihane Adobe PDF File"The Perfect Storm"- Impact and Assessment of the Proposed Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive
(2010) COLR 70
Financial Crisis, Regulation, Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive, Hedge Funds, AIF Industry, Private Equity
Glen Wright Adobe PDF FileDesigning Climate Change Law: A Comparative Analysis of the US and the EU
(2010) COLR 87
Kyoto Protocol, Best Practice, Copenhagen, Emission Trading Scheme, National Action Plans, Comparativeness,
Niamh O'Sullivan Adobe PDF FileScientific Uncertainty and the Precautionary Principle
(2010) COLR 114
Environmental Law, Precautionary Principle, Article 174 (2), Risk Threshold,
Donna Lyons Adobe PDF FileLimiting the Potential for Bystander Apathy: On the Introduction of Duty to Rescue in International Law
(2010) COLR 126
International Criminal Tribunal, Rwanda, Yugoslavia, International Criminal Law, Good Samaritan,
Anthanasia Hadjigeorgiou Adobe PDF FileRethinking the Mechanisms for Judgment Compliance in the Council of Europe and Eliminating the 'Legal/Political' Gap
(2010) COLR 136
European Court of Human Rights, Protocol 14, European Union, Committee of Ministers
Marguerite Bolger  Actionable Psychiatric Injuries and Employment Law
(2012) 9 (1) IELJ 4
Medical Law; Imaginary Claims, Diagnosing Actionable Psychiatric Injuries, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Bullying and Harassment,
Clíona J. M. Kimber  Surveillance and Employment Law
(2012) 9 (1) IELJ 14
Employment Law; Privacy Rights, Data Protection and CCTV, Data Protection Act 2003, Proportional Use, Retention of Data, Due Care, Policy on Surveillance Usage, Criminal Harrasment,
Elizabeth Gormley  The Transfer of Undertakings Regulations – Looking beyond Asset and Employee Transfer when Assessing whether a Transfer of Undertakings has Taken Place
(2012) 9 (2) IELJ 40
Employment Law; Transfer of Undertakings Regulations, Spijkers v Gebroeders Benedick Abbatoir CV, Transfer of undertakings test, Retention of identity, Similarity of activities carried out, Employment Appeals Tribunal decisions,
Alan Cusack  Too Many Cooks: Overcrowding in the Labour Law Landscape and the Decline of Collective Negotiations
(2012) 9 (2) IELJ 45
Employment Law; Collective Bargaining, Individual Employee, The Office of the Rights Commissioner, Equality Tribunal, The Labour Court, Ryanair v Labour Court and Irish Municipal Public and Civil Trade Union (IMPACT), Employment Appeals Tribunal, Reform
Jennifer O'Sullivan  Annual Leave Entitlements for Employees on Sick Leave—Implications for Irish Employers
(2012) 9 (2) IELJ 53
Employment Law; Statutory sick pay scheme, Stringer v Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs, Schultz-Hoff v Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund, Direct Effect, Indirect Effect, KHS AG v Schulte
Kevin Duffy  Blueprint for Reform of Employment Rights Institutions
(2012) 9(3) IELJ 81
Employment Law; Employment Rights Adjudicative System, Labour Court, Unfair Dismissals Acts, Art 6(1) ECHR
Meave Regan  Agency Workers Act - The Rights of Agency Workers
(2012) 9(3) IELJ 85
Employment Law; Protection of Employees (Temporary Agency Work) Act 2012, Employment Agencies, Agency Workers Directive 2008/14, Diageo Global Supply v Mary Rooney [2004] ELR 133
Mary Redmond  Redundancy and Fixed Term Contracts: All in the Detail
(2012) 9(4) IELJ 108
Employment Law; Fixed Term Contracts, Redundancy, Employment Appeals Tribunal, Dissmisal, Redundancy Payments Act 1967
Julia Lawlor  An Examination of the Effect of the Equality Legislation on the Gender Pay Gap
(2012) 9(4) IELJ 112
Employment Law; Employment Equality Acts 1998-2011, Gender Discrimination, Compensation within Equality Tribunal, Hypothetical Comparator, Positive Discrimination
Laura Callihane  Application of the Protection of Employees (Fixed-Term Work) Act 2003
(2012) 9(4) IELJ 118
Employment Law; Directive 1999/70, Impact v Ministry of Agriculture (Ireland), employment conditions, UCC v Bushin [2012] IEHC 76
Meave O'Rourke  Human Rights and Smart Economics: Mainstreaming Gender in International Trade Policy
(2009) 9(1) UCDLR 1
Fundamental Rights; Gender Equality, Beijing Platform, World Trade Organisation, Feminist Economics, Poverty,
Lucas Lixinski  Choice of Forum in International Human Rights Adjudication and the Unity/Fragmentation Debate: Is Plurality the Way Ahead
(2009) 9(1) UCDLR 23
International Law; United Nations Human Rights Committee, European Court of Human Rights, Norwegian Religious Education Cases, Jurisdiction, Religious Freedom, International Adjudication Bodies,
Kristof Zoltan von Csefalvay-Bartal  On Good Intentions and Poor Outcomes: A Critical Retrospective on Chester v Ashraf
(2009) 9(1) UCDLR 46
Tort Law; Factual and Legal Causation, Medical Treatment, Medical Negligence, Informed Consent,
Diego Acosta Arcarazo  Immigration in the European Union: Family Reunification After the Metock Case
(2009) 9(1) UCDLR 64
European Union Law; European Union Citizens, Third Country Nationals, Residency Permits, Integration Assessment, Family Relationships, European Convention on Human Rights, Prior Lawful Residence, Marriages of Convenience
Daniela Corona  The European Community Legislative System: What Influence Do National Parliaments Have?
(2009) 9(1) UCDLR 90
European Union Law; Democracy, Lisbon Treaty, Legislative Acts, Voting,
Paul McGarry  The Competition Authority Review of Professions
(2003) 8 (2) BR 51
Legal Profession
David McPharland  Exemplary Damages; Teaching wrongdoers that tort does not pay
(2003) 8 (2) BR 55
Law of Tort; Damages
Patrick Hunt  Enforcement of Foreign Tax Liabilities-All's changed utterly?
(2003) 8 (2) BR 60
Revenue Law; Taxation
Paul Carney  What is coming down the tracks in Ireland
(2003) 8 (2) BR 76
Courts; Jurisdiction
Anthony Moore  Damages for Exposure to Asbestos
(2003) 8 (2) BR 78
Law of Tort; Damages
John Eardly  Psychiatric Injury and the Employment Appeals Tribunal: A Double Bite at the Compensation Cherry?
(2003) 8 (2) BR 81
Law of Tort; Psychiatric Injury; Compensation
Brian Hunt  Improving Legislation in Ireland: Current Developments
(2003) 8 (2) BR 84
Legal Systems; Legislative Proposals
Cathal Murphy  Security for Costs and the Separate Corporate Personality
(2003) 8 (2) BR 86
Company Law; Corporate Personality; Security for Costs
Mark O'Connell  Book Review: Criminal Procedure by Dermot Walsh
(2003) 8 (2) BR 88
Walsh; Criminal Law
I Clissman & M Fay  Financial Non-disclosure in Judicial Separation and Divorce Cases
(2003) 8 (1) BR 3
Family Law; Divorce; Separation
Paul Anthony McDermott  Criminalising Anti-Competitive Practices
(2003) 8 (1) BR 11
Criminal Law; Competition Law; Anti Competitive Practices
Patrick O Callaghan  Libel on the Internet
(2003) 8 (1) BR 15
Law of Tort; Libel; Internet
Paul Gallagher  Book Review:
(2003) 8 (1) BR 29

Kiwana Ennis  Mandatory Minimum Sentences in S.15A Drug Cases
(2003) 8 (1) BR 30
Criminal Law; Drug Offences; Sentencing
Shiela McGovern  The Internal Protection Alternative in the Irish asylum process
(2003) 8 (1) BR 36
Refugee Law; Asylum
Simon Mills  The Mental Health Act 2001: Involuntary psychiatric treatment and detention
(2003) 8 (1) BR 42
Mental Health Law; Involuntary Detention; Medical Treatment
Michael Collins  Competition, the Commission and a Firm Purpose of Amendment
(2001) 8 CLP 3
Competition Law; Competition Commission
Anthony Moore  Payments Received by Cheque Drawn on Bank Account of Company Following Presentation of Winding Up Petition: the Legal Position in England after Hollicourt (Contracts) Limited v Bank of Ireland
(2001) 8 CLP 10
Company Law; Winding Up
Austin J Buckley  Employer's Liability and the Personal Liability of the Manager Behind the Corporate Veil
(2001) 8 CLP 13
Company Law; Employers Liability; Personal Liability
Walter Beatty  Transmission of Copyright and Moral Rights
(2001) 8 CLP 27
Information Technology Law; Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000; Electronic Commerce Act 2000
Brian Walker  Dot Com Disputes and The WIPO Centre
(2001) 8 CLP 32
Information Technology Law; Intellectual Property; Domain Names
Louise Crowley  Ireland's Answer to Europe's Call for Patent Protection for Biotechnological Inventions
(2001) 8 CLP 51
European Law; European Communities (Legal Protection of Biotechnological Inventions) Regulations 2000; Biotechnology
Paul Anthony Mc Dermott  Good Faith in Insurance Claims
(2001) 8 CLP 56
Insurance Law; Insurance Claims
Ciaran O Mara  Changing Times? Recent European Developments in Working Time Law
(2001) 8 CLP 60
Labour Law; Working Time Directive; Working Time Act 1997
Stephen Dodd  Passing Off, Domain Names and Injunctive Relief
(2001) 8 CLP 79
Information Technology Law; Internet; Passing Off; Domain Names; Injunctions
G Carey & S Leonowicz  Litigating Settlement Contributions
(2001) 8 CLP 85
Darius Whelan  The Existence or Non-existence of An Enforceable Contract for the Sale of Property: The Statute of Frauds Revisited
(2001) 8 CLP 103
Contract Law; Statute of Frauds; Deposit; Memorandum
Anthony Moore  Section 218 of the Companies Act 1963, Banks and Hollicourt, the Irish Perspective
(2001) 8 CLP 108
Company Law; Companies Act 1963
N Brennan & J Hennessy  Forensic Accounting and Intellectual Property Infringement
(2001) 8 CLP 112
Intellectual Property Law; Forensic Accounting; Damages
Elizabeth O Brien  Procuring Evidence in the US - USC 1782
(2001) 8 CLP 127
Law of Evidence; International Law
Gearoid Carey  Misrepresentation and the Avoidance of Liability
(2001) 8 CLP 131
Contract Law; Misrepresentation
Brian Walker  Company Directors: All is About to Change! The New Company Law Enforcement Act 2001
(2001) 8 CLP 151
Company Law; Company Law Enforcement Act 2001
Edel O Herlihy  Legal Issues concerning the Monitoring of E-Mail and Internet use in the Workplace in Ireland
(2001) 8 CLP 160
Information Technology Law; Internet; Electronic Mail; Workplace
Maura Connolly  Employment Law Issues in the Context of a Re-Organisation or Closure of a Business
(2001) 8 CLP 167
Employment Law; Redundancy
Mary Donnelly  Book Review: Leading Cases of the 20th Century edited by O Dell
(2001) 8 CLP 179
Legal History; Case Law
Gearoid Carey  Concurrent Liability in Contract and Tort-Part 1
(2001) 8 CLP 183
Contract Law; Law of Tort; Concurrent Liability; Duty of Care
Declan O Reilly  Industrial Espionage and the Encryption Debate
(2001) 8 CLP 189
Information Technology Law; Encryption; Industrial Espionage
D Goldberg & M Abrahamson  Conflicts of Interest in the Sale of Financial Products
(2001) 8 CLP 191
Contract Law; Conflict of Interests; Disclosure
John Breslin  Brumark Investments Ltd : Charges over Book Debts, Divisibility of Assets, and the Role of Conduct in Interpretation of Contracts
(2001) 8 CLP 207
Contract Law; Charges; Divisibility of Assets
Gearoid Carey  Concurrent Liability in Contract and Tort-Part II
(2001) 8 CLP 214
Contract Law; Law of Tort; Concurrent Liability
Martin Clarke  Procedural Mishap and the Remission of Arbitral Awards; Catherine Mc Carrick v The Gaiety (Sligo) Ltd
(2001) 8 CLP 221
Arbitration; Arbitration Act 1954
G Carey & S Leonowicz  Entire Agreement Clauses
(2001) 8 CLP 235
Commercial Law; Entire Agreement Clauses; Parol Evidence Rule; Representation
Louise Crowley  Who Regulates the Insurance Industry?
(2001) 8 CLP 241
Insurance Law; Insurance Act 1989; Insurance Regulation
Fidelma White  Commercial Agents in Irish Law: A Privileged Position
(2001) 8 CLP 259
Company Law; Agents
N Brennan & J Hennessy  Valuing Businesses in a Legal Context
(2001) 8 CLP 270
Company Law; Business Valuation
Maura Connolly  Equal Access to Goods and Services-The Equal Status Act 2000
(2001) 8 CLP 275
Equality Law; Equal Status Act 2000; Equal Access; Discrimination
Mark O'Riordan  Law Reform Commission Land Law Update
(2003) 8 CPLJ 2
Land Law; Law Reform Commission
Ruth Cannon  Order 51 of the Circuit Court Rules 2001: Changes in Practice and Procedure in Landlord and Tenant Matters
(2003) 8 CPLJ 4
Landlord and Tenant Law
Albert Keating  A Proprietary Estoppel or in the Alternative a "New Model" Constructive Trust
(2003) 8 CPLJ 9
Law of Equity; Estoppel
Barbara Ann Hocking  Conspiracy as a very enduring practice: Part I
[1998] 8 (1) ICLJ 1
Criminal Law; Conspiracy
John E Stannard  Making sense of Mac Eoin
[1998] 8 (1) ICLJ 20
Criminal Law; Defences; Provocation
Gearoid Carey  The rule of law, public order targeting and the construction of crime
[1998] 8 (1) ICLJ 26
Criminal Law; Public Order
Ian O Donnell  Challenging the punitive obsession
[1998] 8 (1) ICLJ 51
Criminal Law; Justice; Penal Reform
Julie Liston  Cases and Comment: Mc Cormack v DPP; MM v DD; People (DPP) v Pringle; People (DPP) v Connell; People (DPP) v Mullane; People (DPP) v Connell
[1998] 8 (1) ICLJ 67
Criminal Law; Criminal Procedure Act 1993; Arrest; Detention; Criminal Assets Bureau; Provocation; Delay
Barbara Ann Hocking  Conspiracy as a very enduring practice: Part II
[1998] 8 (2) ICLJ 121
Criminal Law; Conspiracy
Tim Murphy & Marie O Shea  Dutch drugs policy, Ecstasy and the 1997 Utrecht CVO Report
[1998] 8 (2) ICLJ 141
International Law; Criminal Law; Drug Offences
Johnny Connolly  From colonial policing to community policing
[1998] 8 (2) ICLJ 165
Criminal Law; Policing
John PM White  The present prosecution of abolished offences
[1998] 8 (2) ICLJ 196
Criminal Law; Abolished Offences
Julie Liston  Cases and Comment: People (DPP) v Connolly; Connolly v DPP; B v DPP; DO R v DPP; PC v DPP; Keely v Judge Moriarty and the DPP
[1998] 8 (2) ICLJ 216
Arrest; Detention; Natural Justice; Right to Silence
Mark Attew  The Soft Harmonisation or Irish Law-Applying European Principles in an Irish Context
(1999) 8 IJEL 3
European Law; Jurisdiction
Mark Hughes  Article 86 of the EC Treaty-State Monopolies and Competition
(1999) 8 IJEL 18
Competition Law; State Monopolies
Anthony Whelan  Fundamental Principles of EU Environmental Law
(1999) 8 IJEL 37
European Environmental Law; European Environmental Policy; Objectives; Principals; Criteria
Ian MacLean  Maintaining Environmental Standards and the IPPC Directive
(1999) 8 IJEL 58
European Environmental Law; Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Directive
Barry Doherty  Bickel-Extending the Boundaries of European Citizenship
(1999) 8 IJEL 70
European Law; Citizenship; Nationality; Discrimination
Maher M Dabbah  The Dilemma of Keck-The Nature of the Ruling and the Ramifications of the Judgment
(1999) 8 IJEL 84
European Law; Free Movement of Goods
Cathryn Costello  Law Reports
(1999) 8 IJEL 115
Constitutional Law; Irish Language; Education; Competition Law; Concerted Practices
Owen Mc Intyre  EU Proposals on Environmental Liability: A Thorny Issue Revisited!
(2001) 8 IPELJ 135
European Environmental Law; Environmental Liability
Benedicte Sage  Regulation of Marine Pollution from Shipping under Irish Law: Part I
(2001) 8 IPELJ 142
Environmental Law; Pollution; Marine; Shipping
Eamon Galligan  Social and Affordable Housing
(2001) 8 IPELJ 149
Planning Law; Housing
Ainsley Heffernan  Irish Environmental Law Association Notes
(2001) 8 IPELJ 161
Environmental Law Association
Tom Flynn  Recent EU Environmental Developments
(2001) 8 IPELJ 165
European Environmental Law; Kyoto Protocol; Emissions
Eamon Galligan  Case Notes
(2001) 8 IPELJ 170
Planning Law; Planning Permission; Development Plan
Alison Foley  Review of Recent an Bord Pleanala Decisions in the Context of Protecting our Architectural Heritage
(2001) 8 IPELJ 3
Planning Law; Architecture; Heritage
Eamon Galligan  Enforcement Under the Planning and Development Act 2000
(2001) 8 IPELJ 8
Planning Law; Planning and Development Act 2000; Planning; Enforcement
Aine Ryall  Environmental Assessment Law: Luxembourg v Linster
(2001) 8 IPELJ 17
Environmental Law; Environmental Impact Assessment
Jack O Sullivan  An Approach to Resolving the Current Waste Management Crisis
(2001) 8 IPELJ 20
Environmental Law; Waste Management
Garrett Simons  The Unreasonable Planning Authority: A Review of the Application of O Keeffe v An Bord Pleanala (Part II)
(2001) 8 IPELJ 26
Planning Law; An Bord Pleanala
Barbara Maguire  Recent EU Environmental Developments
(2001) 8 IPELJ 39
European Environmental Law; Pollution; Waste Management
Pat Swords  Waste Management: The Hot Topic
(2001) 8 IPELJ 51
Environmental Law; Waste Management
Garrett Simons  Judicial Review under the Planning Legislation-The Case for the Abolition of the Leave Stage
(2001) 8 IPELJ 55
Planning Law; Administration Law; Judicial Review; Leave Stage
Geraint Ellis  A Review of Third-Party Planning Appeals
(2001) 8 IPELJ 63
Planning Law; Planning Appeals
Aine Ryall  Environmental Assessment Law: Berkeley v Secretary of State for the Environmental Law
(2001) 8 IPELJ 70
Environmental Law; Environmental Impact Assessment
Tom Flynn  Recent EU Environmental Developments
(2001) 8 IPELJ 82
European Environmental Law; Pollution
Ann Quinn  Third-Party Appeals and the Human Rights Convention
(2001) 8 IPELJ 96
Planning Law; Planning Appeal; Human Rights
Aine Ryall  Strengthening Rights of Participation in Environmental Decision-Making
(2001) 8 IPELJ 103
Environmental Law; Public Interest
Mona O Rourke  Changes in the Level of Protection for the Irish Architectural Heritage since the Enactment of the Local Government (Planning and Development) Act 1999
(2001) 8 IPELJ 109
Planning Law; Local Government (Planning and Development) Act 1999; Architecture; Heritage
Tom Flynn  Recent EU Environmental Developments
(2001) 8 IPELJ 122
European Environmental Law; Kyoto Protocol
Eamon Galligan  Case Notes
(2001) 8 IPELJ
Planning Law; Locus Standi; Public Access; Appeal
Deirdre Madden  Empowering Health Information: Medico-Legal Issues
(2002) 8 MLJI 7
Medical Law; Information Technology; Freedom of Information; Data Protection
Charles J Ward  Risk Management: Does It Work?
(2002) 8 MLJI 14
Medical Law; Risk Management
Marie Cassidy  Forensic Pathology in Ireland and Scotland
(2002) 8 MLJI 23
Medical Law; Forensic Medicine; Expert Wittness
T Leigh  Medical Negligence Case Histories
(2002) 8 MLJI 27
Medical Law; Medical Negligence; Delay
Raymond Perry  E-Conveyancing - A Critical View
(2003) 8(2) CPLJ 26
Conveyancing; Information Technology
Ruth Cannon  From Deasy's Act 1860 to the Occupiers's Liability Act 1995: The Survival of the Common Law in the Interstices of Legislation
(2003) 8(2) CPLJ 26
Occupiers Liability; Law of Succession
Gerwyn Griffiths  The Bastion Falls? The European Union and the Law of Property
(2003) 8(2) CPLJ 39
European Law; Property Law
Aine Ryall  Residential Tenancies Bill 2003: A Commentary from the Tenant's Perspective
(2003) 8(3) CPLJ 54
Tenancy Law; Residential Accommodation; Private Rented Sector
Justine Territt  Residential Tenancies Bill 2003: A Commentary from the Landlord's Perspective
(2003) 8(3) CPLJ 60
Tenancy Law; Residential Accommodation; Private Rented Sector
William B. Devine  Equity Release Schemes for the Elderly: A Quandary for Solicitors
(2003) 8(3) CPLJ 64
Mortgages; Negligence
Brian Gallagher  Reforming Inheritance Law - Providing for the Non-Marital Family: A Practitioner's Response
(2003) 8(3) CPLJ 76
Property Law; Family; Law of Succession; Cohabitees
Mark O'Riordan  Law Reform Commission Land Law Update
(2003) 8(2) CPLJ 46
Land Law; Law Reform Commission
Cathal Murphy  Unseated Passengers and the MIBI
(2003) 8 (3) BR 96
Insurance Law
Simon Mills  Criminal Law (Insanity) Bill 2002: Putting the sanity back into insanity
(2003) 8 (3) BR 101
Insanity; Criminal Law
Colm O hOisin  Ireland as a Venue for International Arbitration
(2003) 8 (3) BR 117
Arbitration; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Arbitration (International Commercial) Act 1998
Mr. Justice Paul Carney  The Outsider in Court
(2003) 8 (3) BR 121
Victims; Courts
Imelda Higgins  If Not O'Keeffe Then What?
(2003) 8 (3) BR 123
Immigration; Refugee Law; Asylum
Massimo De Luca and Aideen Ryan  Individual Rights: The EC prohibition of discrimination on grounds of nationality
(2003) 8 (3) BR 128
European Law; Discrimination
Eoin McCullogh  Report of the Legal Advisory Group on Defamation
(2003) 8 (4) BR 140
Constance Cassidy  Intoxicating Liquor Bill 2003
(2003) 8 (4) BR 146
John D. Cooke  Competition in the Cab-rank and the Challenge to the Independent Bar
(2003) 8 (4) BR 148
Competition Law; Legal Profession
Eugene Regan  Irish Criminal Law and the Convention on the Future of Europe
(2003) 8 (4) BR 161
Criminal Law; European Law
Klaus Reichert  Commercial Mediation
(2003) 8 (4) BR 167
Commercial Law; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Mediation
Siobhan Flockton  The Family Law Reporting Project
(2003) 8 (4) BR 174
Family Law; Court Proceedings; In Camera Rule
Tom O'Malley  A Representative and Impartial Jury
(2003) 8 (6) BR 232
Courts; Jury
Brendan Gogarty  Disclosure, Defamation and the "Newspaper Rule"
(2003) 8 (6) BR 236
Tort Law; Disclosure; Defamation; Newspaper Rule
Mr. Justice Paul Carney  Decriminalising Murder?
(2003) 8 (6) BR 254
Criminal Law; Murder; Homicide; Manslaughter;
Alan Keating  Psychiatric Damage in the Aftermath of Fletcher
(2003) 8 (6) BR 256
Tort Law; Fletcher; Psychiatric Damage; Aftermath Doctrine
Ivana Bacik  "Gender Injustice" - A Report on Women Lawyers in Ireland
(2003) 8 (6) BR 260
Equality Law; Lawyers; Women; Gender
Asim A. Sheikh & Cliona McGovern  Medicine, Medical Ethics and Law: Their Interplay and Future
(2002) 8 MLJI 2
Ethics; Law of Tort; Medical Litigation
John D. Blum  American Perspectives on Medical Malpractice
(2002) 8 MLJI 52
Law of Tort; Medical Malpractice; Medical Litigation
Harry Kennedy  Human Rights Standards and Mental Health in Prisons
(2002) 8 MLJI 58
Mental Health Law; Prison Service; Human Rights Law
Cliona McGovern & Tom J. Saunderson  The Identification of Deceased Foreign Nationals: A Commentary on Five Case Studies
(2002) 8 MLJI 66
Foreign Nationals; Immigration
Gerard Casey  Pregnant Woman and Unborn Child: Legal Adversaries?
(2002) 8 MLJI 75
Women; Unborn; Refusal of Medical Treatment
Asim Sheikh  Patient Focus and People-centredness: Fantasy of Achievable Goal?
(2002) 8 MLJI 50
Consent; Data Protection Law; Medical Treatment
Peter Bland  Clothing Fact with Right: Proposed Changes to Prescription and Adverse Posession
(2003) 8(4) CPLJ 86
Adverse Posession; Prescription Act 1832; Property Law
Susan O'Connell  Use of Trusts in Tax and Estate Planning
(2003) 8(4) CPLJ 90
Trusts; Taxation; Estate Planning; Law of Equity
Corann King  A Guide to Co-Ownership Agreements
(2003) 8(4) CPLJ 97
Co-ownership; Joint Tenancy; Tenancy in Common; Property Law
Edward Dwyer  Commissioners of Customs & Excise v. Mirror Group Plc - A Further Decision by the European Court of Justice in Respect of VAT and Commercial Lettings
(2003) 8(4) CPLJ 101
Directive 77/388; Taxation; Leasing
Pat Igoe  Ashbourne Holdings Limited v An Bord Pleanala and Cork County Council
(2003) 8(4) CPLJ 106
Planning Law; Old Head of Kinsale
Tanya Ward Adobe PDF FileIndependence, Accountability and the Irish Judiciary
(2008) 8 (1) JSIJ 1
Constitutional; Judicial independence; bias; Seperation of powers; Appointments
Dermot Fenan Adobe PDF FileJudicial Appointments in Ireland in Comparative Perspective
(2008) 8 (1) JSIJ 37
Constitutional; Appointment board; Political bias; England and Wales; Canada; South Africa
Brian Foley Adobe PDF FileThe Proportionality Test: Present Problems
(2008) 8 (1) JSIJ 67
Constitutional; Constitutional interpretation; Seperation of powers; Heaney; Touhy; Judicial review
Nial Fennelly Adobe PDF FilePillar Talk: Fundamental Rights Protection in the European Union
(2008) 8 (1) JSIJ 95
European Law; Rights protection; Judicial Function; EU; European Treaty
Lord Bingham Adobe PDF FileThe Rule of Law
(2008) 8 (1) JSIJ 121
Constitutional; Constitutional principle; Dicey; Definition; Benefit of law
Cliona Kelly Adobe PDF FilePrivity of Contract- The Benefits of Reform
(2008) 8 (1) JSIJ 145
Contract; Enforcement; Third party rights; Law reform commission
Albert Keating Adobe PDF FileThe Consruction of Conditions Attaching to Gifts in Wills
(2008) 8 (1) JSIJ 171
Property; Intention; Extrinsic evidence; Validity; Conditions
J Dara Lynott Adobe PDF FileThe Detection and Prosecution of Environmental Crime
(2008) 8 (1) JSIJ 185
Environmental ; European Court of Justice; Commission; Enforcement; Prosecution
Laurence K. Shields Adobe PDF FileBook Review: Steven Dowling, "The Commercial Court"
(2008) 8 (1) JSIJ 241
John Murray Adobe PDF FileJudicial Cosmopolitanism
(2008) 8 (2) JSIJ 1
Comparative Law; Globalisation; Foreign sources of law; US debate
Evan Bell Adobe PDF FileJudicial Qualities:Illustrations from Past Lives
(2008) 8 (2) JSIJ 18
Constitutional; Independence; Knowledge; Intellectual ability; Judgment; Society
Claire Hamilton & Ursula Kilkelly Adobe PDF FileHuman Rights in Irish Prisons
(2008) 8 (2) JSIJ 58
Human Rights; International standards; ECHR; European Prison rules; Prisons Act 2007
Eoin Daly Adobe PDF FileRe-evaluating the Purpose of Church-State Seperation in the Irish Constitution: The Endowment Clause as a Protection of Religious Freedom and Equality
(2008) 8 (2) JSIJ 86
Constitutional ; Interpretation; Religious liberty; Campaign ruling; Religious groups
Paul Daly Adobe PDF File"Political Questions" and Judicial Review in Ireland
(2008) 8 (2) JSIJ 116
Constitutional; Non-justiciability; Superior Courts; Crotty; Legislative function
Clare McInerney & Conor O'Neill Adobe PDF FilePrison Psychiatric Inreach and Court Liason Services in Ireland
(2008) 8 (2) JSIJ 147
Criminal Justice; Mental illness; Identification; Transfer;
Charles Lysaght Adobe PDF FileCompetition Authority Report on Solicitors and Barristers
(2008) 8 (2) JSIJ 159
Competition; Self-regulation; Legal profession; Conveyaning; Probate
Elaine Dewhurst  Access to Justice for Migrant Workers
(2008) 8(1) HLJ 1
Employment Rights; Employment protection regime; Dispute resolution; Irregularity
Oliver Fitzgerald  The Constitutional Protection of Children in Ireland - Assessing the Need for Reform and the Available Alternatives
(2008) 8(1) HLJ 33
Constitutional; Article 40; Article 42; Natural law; Alternative Consitutional Models
Paul O'Connell   'Anxious Scrutiny' in the Irish Courts: Too Little, Too Late?
(2008) 8(1) HLJ 75
Administrative Law; Unreasonableness; O'Keefe; Human Rights
Deirdre Kelly   'Sowing (Genetically Modified) Seeds of Doubt - The Labelling Debate and International Attempts to Resolve the Crisis.'
(2008) 8(1) HLJ 93
International; Genetically modified food; Biotechnology; Codex Alimentarius Commission
Pádraig McAuliffe  Modern-Day Babel: Language Politics and Building the Rule of Law in East Timor
(2008) 8(1) HLJ 119
Human Rights; Language planning; Transitional justice; Hybrid Court
Cliodhna Murphy  Immigration, integration and citizenship in European Union Law: the position of third country nationals
(2008) 8(1) HLJ 155
European Law; Specific integration policy; Integration of Refugees
Harshita Bhatnagar & Vinay V. Mishra  Workers' Rights vis-à-vis the WTO: Do we need a paradigm shift?
(2008) 8(1) HLJ 185
Employment Rights; International Labour Organization; Trade-labour connection; Need for integration
John O'Dowd  Book Review:Hilary Delany & Eoin Carolan, The Right to Privacy: A Doctrinal and Comparative Analysis
(2008) 8(1) HLJ 216
Privacy Law
Marie-Claire Rush Adobe PDF FileThe Deficiencies of International Humanitarian Law in Armed Conflicts of a "Mixed" Character - Towards a Single Law of Armed Conflict?
(2009) COLR 1
International Law; Hague; Geneva; Mixed conflicts
Joan Donnelly Adobe PDF FileThe Impact of EU Membership on Ireland's Sovereignty over its Airspace and the implications for Government Regulation of the Irish Air Industry
(2009) COLR 26
International Law; Aviation matters; Bilateralism; Air service agreements
Elaine Dewhurst Adobe PDF FileAccess to Justice and the Impact of Delay on Migrant workers in Ireland
(2009) COLR 41
Employment; Dispute Resolution; Remedies; EU
John Cronin Adobe PDF FilePunishment in Modern Day Ireland
(2009) COLR 56
Criminal; Individualism; Individuated justice; Victim
Siobhan Drislane Adobe PDF FileAs I Stand Before You: The Emergence and Existence of Individual Justice
(2009) COLR 66
Criminal Justice; Penology; Punishment; Penality
Rachel Kemp Adobe PDF FileThe International Criminal Court: Good Intentions, Bad Foundations; State Cooperation and Obstacles in Securing Arrests and Prosecutions for International Crimes: A Case Study
(2009) COLR 13
International Law; Uganda; Alternative Enforcement Mechanisms
Jennifer Cashman  Advising Employers on Alternatives to Redundancies
(2011) 8(1) IELJ 3
Employment Law, Cost Cutting, Redundancies, List of alternate solutions
Richard Grogan  There is no Right to Payment of Wages during Lay-Off- The Fallacy Exposed
(2011) 8(1) IELJ 8
Employment Law, Extended Lay-Off, Payment of Wages Act 1991, Defences, Lay-Off Clause, Concerted Practise, Employer's Right
Cliona J. M. Kimber  Age discrimination at Retirement Age
(2011) 8(1) IELJ 15
Employment Law, Compulsory Retirement Age, Severance Pay, Occupation Pension Schemes, EU Law
Mary Finlay Geoghegan  Protective Measures for Pregnant Workers in the Workplace
(2011) 8(2) IELJ 36
Employment Law, EU Law, Pregnancy Directive, Recast Equal Treatment Directive, Charter of Fundamental Human Rights of the EU, Less Favourable Treatment, Mayr v Backerei Und Konditorei Gerhard Flockner Ohg, Danosa, Remedies, Reform
Mary Kelleher  It's a Fix- A Review of the Restrictions on the Renewal of Fixed-Term Contracts in the Public Sector
(2011) 8(2) IELJ 49
Employment Law, Public Sector Moratorium on Recruitment, Protection of Employees (Fixed-Term Work) Act 2003, Penalisation, Section 13, HSE v Dr S.M. Tajul Millat, Croke Park Agreement
Oisín Quinn  The Employment Injunction—Dead or Alive?
(2011) 8 (3) IELJ 71
Employment Law; Interlocutory Injunction, Dismissal, Redundancy, Specific Performance,
Kathryn Matthews  Employment in the Financial Sector—New Challenges
(2011) 8 (3) IELJ 76
Employment Law; Dismissal Remedies, Regulation of Employee Remuneration, Credit Institutions (Stabilisation) Act 2010, Universal Social Charge,
Niamh Ní Lúing  The Transposition and Judicial Interpretation of Clause 4 of the Fixed-Term Work Directive — “Employment Conditions” - A Comparative Perspective
(2011) 8 (3) IELJ 81
Employment Law; Preventing Less Favorable Treatment of Fixed-Term Employees, Defining Employment Conditions, Protection of Employees (Fixed-Term Work) Act 2003, Redundancy Packages, Payroll, Welfare Scheme
Eimear Branigan  The Transfer of Undertakings Regulations—Do they Apply to Distressed Business Sales?
(2011) 8 (4) IELJ 100
Employment Law; European Communities (Protection of Employees on Transfer of Undertakings) Regulations 2003, Defining Transfer, Insolvency Types, Abuse of Insolvency Proceedings,
Anne Brennan  Long and Winding Road for Unfairly Dismissed Employees Seeking Justice: JVC Europe Limited v Jerome Ponisi
(2011) 8 (4) IELJ 106
Employment Law; Unfair Dismissals Act 1977, JVC Europe Limited v Jerome Ponisi, Redundancy, Increased Award, Reform of Employment Rights Structures and Procedures,
Anne Lyne, Barra Lysaght  Judicial Review, Proportionality and the Employment Relationship post Meadows v Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform
(2011) 8 (4) IELJ 109
Administrative Law; Unreasonableness Test, Proportionality in Employment Law, Wednesbury Test, Evans v UCC,
Cathal Flynn  Data Retention, The Separation of Power in the EU and the Right to Privacy: A Critical Analysis of the Legal Validity of the 2006 Directive on the Rentention of Data
(2008) 8(1) UCDLR 1
European Union Law; EU Institutional Structure, Draft Framework Decision, Personal Data, Article 95 EC Treaty, Harmonisation, Fundamental Rights,
Stephanie Switzer  Connecting the Triangle: Aligning Trade and Development
(2008) 8(1) UCDLR 25
Trade Law; Developing Countries, World Trade Organisation, General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, Distribution of Resources, Globalisation
Simon Halpin  What Have We Got Ear Then? Developments in Forensic Science: Earprints as Identification Evidence at Criminal Trials
(2008) 8(1) UCDLR 65
Criminal Law; Miscarriage of Justice, Witness Credibility, Expert Evidence, Forensic Ear Identification Research Project,
Richard Kelly  The "Oligopoly Problem" in EC Competition Law? Is a Solution Possible
(2008) 8(1) UCDLR 84
Competition Law; Monopoly, Market Distortion, Abuse of a Dominant Position, Collective Dominance, Economics, Mergers,
Shawna Coxon  The Regulation of Fantasy In Child Pornography Legislation: A Comparative Analysis of Canada and Ireland in Relation to Other First World Countries
(2008) 8(1) UCDLR 105
Criminal Law; Risk of Harm, Sexual Abuse, Obscene Material, Definition of Child Pornography, Possession,
Conor Keogh  Self-Defence - A Legal Basis for the Attacks on Afghanistan?
(2001) 7 (1) BR 3
Public International Law; Self-Defence; International Law
N Brennan & J Hennessy Adobe PDF FileForensic Accounting and the Calculations of Commercial Damages
(2001) 7 (1) BR 6
Commercial Law; Commercial Loss; Damages
Stephen Dodd  Abuse of Dominance in Meridian v Eircell
(2001) 7 (1) BR 12
Competition Law; Dominance
Rory Brady  The Personal Injuries Assessment Board
(2001) 7 (1) BR 39
Law of Tort; Personal Injuries
R Murphy & S Wills  The European Convention on Human Rights and Irish Incorporation - adopting a minimalist approach (Part II)
(2001) 7 (1) BR 41
Human Rights Law; European Convention on Human Rights; Irish Incorporation
Brian Hunt  Plain Language: The End of the Road For Recondite Legislation?
(2001) 7 (1) BR 47
Linguistics; Legislative Interpretation; Drafting; Law Reform Commission
Stephen O Sullivan  The Abolition of the Preliminary Examination
(2001) 7 (1) BR 52
Criminal Law; Criminal Justice Act (No10) 1999; Preliminary Examination
David Mc Grath  Book Review: Civil Liability for Industrial Accidents, Vol 3 by John PM White
(2001) 7 (1) BR 55
White; Civil Liability; Industrial Accidents
Aoife Goodman  Tax Appeal Hearings
(2001) 7 (2) BR 63
Revenue Law; Tax Appeal
Cliona Kimber  Equality Disability (Part II)
(2001) 7 (2) BR 66
Equality Law; Equal Status Act 2000; Disability; Discrimination
Derek Sheahan  Arbitration Clauses and the Infant Plaintiff
(2001) 7 (2) BR 74
Arbitration Clauses; Infant Plaintiff
Grainne Mullan  State Obligations in Respect of the Use of Lethal Force
(2001) 7 (2) BR 76
Human Rights Law; European Court of Human Rights; Reasonable Force; State Responsibility
Aillil O Reilly  The Cross Border Insolvency Regulation
(2001) 7 (2) BR 97
European Law; Company Law; Insolvency
Patrick Leonard  Recent Developments in Privacy and Breach of Confidence
(2001) 7 (2) BR 102
Human Rights Law; European Convention on Human Rights; Media; Privacy; Breach of Confidence
Una Ni Raifeartaigh  The European Convention on Human Rights and the Irish Criminal Justice System
(2001) 7 (2) BR 111
Criminal Law; European Convention on Human Rights
R White & E Stewart  Arbitration: Remission to Remedy a Procedural Mishap
(2001) 7 (3) BR 122
Arbitration Act 1954; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Awards
Robert Clark  Irish Contract Law Reform and the European Commissions Agenda
(2001) 7 (3) BR 126
Contract Law; European Integration
John Breslin  What Makes a Term in a Standard Form Contract Unfair?
(2001) 7 (3) BR 131
Contract Law; Unfair Terms; Standard Forms
Tom O Malley  Principled Discretion: Towards the Development of a Sentencing Canon
(2001) 7 (3) BR 135
Court Proceedings; Sentencing; Judicial Discretion
Cathal Murphy  Contempt for Failure to Make Discovery following The Sole Member v Lawlor
(2001) 7 (3) BR 160
Court Proceedings; Contempt of Court; Discovery
Peter Heerey  Expert Evidence: The Australian Experience
(2001) 7 (3) BR 166
Law of Evidence; Expert; International Law
Brian Kennedy  Awarding Damages to a Party to an Anti-Competitive Agreement
(2001) 7 (3) BR 171
Competition Law; Anti-competitive Practices; Vertical Agreements; Damages
Paul Anthony Mc Dermott  Book Review: Safety Health and Welfare At Work Law in Ireland: A Guide, by Raymond Byrne
(2001) 7 (3) BR 175
Byrne; Health and Safety
Karen Murray  The Changing Face of Data Protection
(2002) 7 (4) BR 2
Information Technology Law; Data Protection (Amendment) Bill 2002
Wesley Farrell  The Law of Workplace Stress, Bullying and Harassment
(2002) 7 (4) BR 6
Employment Law; Health and Safety; Stress
Blathna Ruane  The Separation of Powers and the Granting of Mandatory Orders to Enforce Constitutional Rights
(2002) 7 (4) BR 11
Constitutional Law; Separation of Powers; Rights
Ray Murphy  Treatment of Prisoners of War: Age Old Problem for Protagonists
(2002) 7 (4) BR 19
Humanitarian Law; Human Rights; Prisoners of War
Niall Neligan  The Gunpowder Plot: The First Act of Modern Terrorism
(2002) 7 (4) BR 27
National Security; Legal History
I Bacik & C Costello  Women in Law in Ireland
(2002) 7 (4) BR 31
Legal Profession; Gender; Women
John L O Donnell  Oil in troubled waters-Tuskar Resources Plc and the Companies (Amendment) (No2) Act 1999
(2002) 7 (4) BR 33
Company Law; Companies (Amendment) (No2) Act 1999; Examinership
Shivaun Quinlivan  The Disabilities Bill 2001
(2002) 7 (4) BR 37
Welfare Law; Disabilities Bill 2001; Disabilities
Brian Kennedy  Restrictions and Disqualification of Directors
(2002) 7 (5) BR 241
Company Law; Company Law Enforcement Act 2001
Mary Johnson  Human Rights Commissions: North and South Compared
(2002) 7 (5) BR 250
Human Rights Law; Northern Ireland
Wesley Farrell  The Law of Workplace Stress, Bullying and Harassment
(2002) 7 (5) BR 252
Employment Law; Health and Safety; Stress
Carol O Kennedy  Book Review: Cassidy On The Licencing Acts (2nd ed)
(2002) 7 (5) BR 260
Cassidy; Licensing Law
Murray Smith  Workplace Bullying
(2002) 7 (5) BR 271
Employment Law; Internal Investigation; Fair Procedure; Workplace
R Horgan, G Shanon & B Gallagher  Reform of the In Camera Rule
(2002) 7 (5) BR 278
In Camera; Public Justice
Sunniva Mc Donagh  Manifestly Unfounded Procedures and the Fear of Persecution
(2002) 7 (5) BR 284
Refugee Law; Refugee Act 1996; Asylum
Siobhan Stack  Z v Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform
(2002) 7 (5) BR 287
Refugee Law; Asylum; Oral Hearing
Patrick Hunt  The European Court of Justice and Domestic Tax Legislation
(2002) 7 (5) BR 291
European Integration; Revenue Law; Discrimination
Donal O Sullivan  Developments in the Employment Injunction
(2002) 7 (6) BR 303
Employment Law; Injunctions
T Mallon & P Millen  Wrongful Dismissal - A Right To General Damages
(2002) 7 (6) BR 307
Employment Law; Damages
Stephen O Sullivan  Caselaw on Judicial Review Applications in Asylum Law
(2002) 7 (6) BR 312
Refugee Law; Judicial Review
Conor Maguire  Proposed Changes To The Handling Of Personal Injuries Claims
(2002) 7 (6) BR 331
Law of Tort; Personal Injuries
William McKechnie  Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights, Administrative Tribunals and Judicial Review
(2002) 7 (6) BR 333
Human Rights Law; Judicial Review; Tribunals
Caroline Carney  Sed Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodies
(2002) 7 (6) BR 335
Aillil O Reilly  Asset Backed Securities
(2002) 7 (6) BR 343
Claire Loftus  Establishment of Office of Chief Prosecution Solicitor
(2002) 7 (6) BR 348
Legal Systems
Cathal Murphy  Inquiries and Tribunals After Abbeylara
(2002) 7 (7) BR 355
Administrative Law; Inquiries; Tribunals
William Abrahamson  Discovery in the Master's Court
(2002) 7 (7) BR 360
Court Proceedings; Discovery
William McKechnie  Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights, Administrative Tribunals and Judicial Review
(2002) 7 (7) BR 364
Administrative Law; European Convention on Human Rights; Tribunals; Judicial Review
Mark O Connell  Competition Act 2002
(2002) 7 (7) BR 382
Competition Law; Competition Act 2002
Hugh I. Mohan  Contempt of Court and the Media
(2002) 7 (7) BR 384
Court Proceedings; Contempt; Media
Niall McFadden  The Right to a Solicitor-Recent Developments
(2002) 7 (7) BR 390
Court Proceedings; Representation
Fidelma White  The EC Directive on Certain Aspects of Consumer Sale and Associated Guarantees: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back?
(2000) 7 CLP 3
Contract Law; Consumer Protection; Consumer Sales; Guarantees
Lisa Glennon  The Residual Nature of the Minority Shareholder Remedy
(2000) 7 CLP 14
Company Law; Shareholders; Remedies
Austin J Buckley  Subrogation-Have Insurers' Rights Been Extended?
(2000) 7 CLP 22
Insurance Law; Subrogation; Reimbursement
Sean Nolan  Disclosure of Interests in Securities under Part IV of the Companies Act 1990
(2000) 7 CLP 31
Company Law; Companies Act 1990; Disclosure; Interest in Securities
Howard Linnane  Corporate Capacity and Ostensible Authority and their "Inextricable" Entwinement on Display
(2000) 7 CLP 37
Company Law; Agents
Gearoid Carey  Deferred Considerations as payment for Company Acquisitions
(2000) 7 CLP 43
Company Law; Deferred Considerations; Commercial Acquisitions
Mary Donnelly  Transferring Intangibles: Possibilities and Pitfalls
(2000) 7 CLP 59
Property Law; Intangible Property
Michael Twomey  Liability of a Firm for the Acts of a Partner
(2000) 7 CLP 66
Company Law; Partnership Act 1890; Agent Liability
William Prentice  The Anatomy of a Security Document
(2000) 7 CLP 83
Company Law; Security Documents; Mortgage; Charge; Security Interest
Ciaran O Mara  Regulation of Part-Time Work
(2000) 7 CLP 91
Labour Law; Part-Time Work
Brian Kennedy  The Scope of Public Procurement Law
(2000) 7 CLP 95
Administration Law; Public Procurement Law; European Court of Justice
Barbara Cotter  Section 60 of the Companies Act 1963
(2000) 7 CLP 111
Company Law; Companies Act 1963; Section 60
John Breslin  The Future Regulation of the Irish Banking and Financial Services Industry
(2000) 7 CLP 116
Financial Law; Banking Law; Financial Regulation; Financial Services
Paul Anthony Mc Dermott  The ABC of Tendering
(2000) 7 CLP 121
Contract Law; Tenders
Claire Coleman  The Irish Electronic Commerce Bill 2000
(2000) 7 CLP 139
Information Technology Law; Electronic Commerce Bill 2000
Gearoid Carey  Expert Determination
(2000) 7 CLP 143
Contract Law; Expert Evidence
Richard Grogan  The Trend Towards Self-Employed Contractors-Opportunities and Pitfalls
(2000) 7 CLP 159
Labour Law; Self-Employed; Contractors
Ravi Chandran  Performance Bonds and Unconscionability in Singapore
(2000) 7 CLP 170
International Law; Performance Bonds; Unconscionability
M Ashe & P Reid  Money Laundering-An Overview
(2000) 7 CLP 183
Criminal Law; Money Laundering; Criminal Justice Act 1994
Raymond J Friel  Negotiating Liabilities Without Benefit: The Pre-Contractual Liability Trap
(2000) 7 CLP 188
Contract Law; Liability; Rights and Obligations
David Goldberg; Maurice Abrahamson  A Comparative Analysis of Securities Regulations in Europe and USA-Part I
(2000) 7 CLP 194
European Law; International Law; Securities Regulations; Investment; Protection
Mary Donnelly; Maeve Mc Donagh  Maintaining Standards in Electronic Banking: How Does Ireland Measure Up?
(2000) 7 CLP 211
Information Technology Law; Electronic Banking
Caterina Gardiner  Corporate Manslaughter
(2000) 7 CLP 218
Company Law; Criminal Law; Corporate Criminal Liability; Health and Safety Act 1989
D Goldberg & M Abrahamson  A Comparative Analysis of Securities Regulations in Europe and USA-Part II
(2000) 7 CLP 222
European Law; International Law; Securities Regulations; Investment; Protection
Gearoid Carey  Liability for Innocently or Passively Procuring a Breach of Contract
(2000) 7 CLP 235
Law of Tort; Contract Law; Breach of Contract
Brian Bohan  The Implications of Finance Act 2000 for Foreign Nationals
(2000) 7 CLP 241
Financial Law; Finance Act 2000; Capital Acquisitions Tax Code; Domicile; Residence; Taxation; Foreign Nationals
Michael Twomey  A Partner's Right to Manage the Firm-A Basic Right?
(2000) 7 CLP 255
Company Law; Partnership Act 1890; Management Rights
John Breslin  Money Laundering: Banks and Suspect Accounts
(2000) 7 CLP 260
Criminal Law; Banking Law; Money Laundering
David Newby  Securitisation-A Lead Manager's Perspective
(2000) 7 CLP 264
Security Law; Securitisation
Andrew Lyall  Report on the Rule Against Perpetuities and Cognate Rules of the Law Reform Commission: A Comment-Part I
(2002) 7 CPLJ 2
Property Law; Perpetuities
Lorna Fox  Family Homes, Conveyancing and Pre-Contract Inquiries: Pictures from these Islands
(2002) 7 CPLJ 6
Property Law; Family Home
Michael Hourican  Disclaimers
(2002) 7 CPLJ 17
Law of Succession; Disclaimers; Testamentary Gifts
Fergus Courtney  Lord Mayor v. Burke
(2002) 7 CPLJ 20
Tenancy Law; Interlocutory Order; Injunctions
Albert Keating  The Ordinary Meaning Rule in the Construction of Wills
(2002) 7 CPLJ 26
Law of Succession; Wills
Donal McManus  Broad Powers Introduced in New Housing Act
(2002) 7 CPLJ 33
Housing Law; Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions)Act 2002
Edward Shinnick  Competition in the Conveyancing Market: Some Economic Issues
(2002) 7 CPLJ 35
Competition Law; Conveyancing
John Gallagher  VAT and Property-Finance Act 2002 Changes
(2002) 7 CPLJ 50
Revenue Law; Conveyancing
Andrew Lyall  Report on the Rule Against Perpetuities and Cognate Rules of the Law Reform Commission: A Comment-Part II
(2002) 7 CPLJ 54
Property Law; Perpetuities
Siobhan Wills  Reforming Inheritance Law-Providing for the Non-Marital Family
(2002) 7 CPLJ 58
Law of Succession; Non-Marital Family
James Dwyer  Vendor and Purchaser Proceedings: Drafting and Use of Same
(2002) 7 CPLJ 74
Contract Law; Drafting; Court Proceedings
Albert Keating  The Technical Meaning Rule in the Construction of Wills
(2002) 7 CPLJ 76
Law of Succession; Drafting; Interpretation
Declan O Luanaigh  Taxation of Charities in Ireland
(2002) 7 CPLJ 84
Revenue Law; Charity Law; Tax Exemption
David Keane  Detention Without Charge and the Criminal Justice (Drug trafficking) Act 1996
[1997] 7 (1) ICLJ 1
Criminal Law; Criminal Justice (Drug Trafficking) Act 1996; Drug Offences; Detention
Andrea Ryan  The Criminal Justice (Drug Trafficking) Act 1996: Decline and Fall of the Right to Silence?
[1997] 7 (1) ICLJ 22
Criminal Law; Criminal Justice (Drug Trafficking) Act 1996; Right to Silence
Fergus W Ryan  Queering the Criminal Law: Some Thoughts on the Aftermath of Homosexual Decriminalisation
[1997] 7 (1) ICLJ 38
Criminal Law; Homosexuality
Ivana Bacik  Striking a Blow for Reform?
[1997] 7 (1) ICLJ 48
Criminal Law; Assault
Ivana Bacik, Alan Kelly, Michael O Connell & Hamish Sinclair  Crime and Poverty in Dublin: an analysis of the association between community deprivation, District Court appearance and sentence severity
[1997] 7 (2) ICLJ 104
Criminal Law; Crime Trends; Poverty
Ian O Donnell  Crime, Punishment and Poverty
[1997] 7 (2) ICLJ 134
Criminal Law; Poverty
Paul O Mahony  Punishing Poverty and Personal Adversity
[1997] 7 (2) ICLJ 152
Criminal Law; Poverty
Eoin O Sullivan  Juvenile Justice and the Regulation of the Poor: restored to virtue, to society and to God
[1997] 7 (2) ICLJ 171
Criminal Law; Young Offenders; Poverty
David Byrne  Legal Aspects of the Treaty of Amsterdam
(1998) 7 IJEL 7
European Law; Treaty of Amsterdam
Niall Fennelly  Where power now lies - Institutional Reform
(1998) 7 IJEL 11
European Law; Institutional Reform
Paul Gallagher  The Treaty of Amsterdam and Fundamental Rights
(1998) 7 IJEL 21
European Law; Treaty of Amsterdam; Rights
Anthony M Collins  Freedom Through Security: The Third Pillar
(1998) 7 IJEL 37
European Law; Security; Third Pillar;
Am Collins  Law Reports
(1998) 7 IJEL 44
Consumer Protection; Misleading Advertising; Pharmaceuticals
Colin Bamford  Legal Aspects of the Euro: The View from London
(1998) 7 IJEL 132
Single Currency; Euro
Niamh Moloney  The Investment Services Directive: The Single Market in Investment Service Impacts on Ireland
(1998) 7 IJEL 140
Financial law; Investment; Single Market
Noel Travers  Community Directives: Effects, Efficiency, Justiciability
(1998) 7 IJEL 165
European Law; Justiciability
A Long & P Cardonnel  Practical Implications of the Novel Food Regulations
(1998) 7 IJEL 231
European Law; Biotechnology; Novel Food Regulation
P Coughlan, J Liston, N Hill & C O Hara  Law Reports
(1998) 7 IJEL 247
Judicial Review; Jurisdiction; European Union; Quota; Enforcement; Constitutional Law
Bill Hastings  The Eye of the Beholder
(2000) 7 IPELJ 3
Planning Law; Photomontages
Aine Ryall  Freedom of Information Act 1997, Section 18: The Duty to Give Reasons for Decisions
(2000) 7 IPELJ 8
Planning Law; Freedom of Information Act 1997
Berna Grist  Compulsory Purchase Under the 1999 Planning Bill
(2000) 7 IPELJ 15
Planning Law; Compulsory Purchase Order; Planning and Development Bill 1999
James Connolly  The Planning and Development Bill 1999 and Provision of Affordable Housing
(2000) 7 IPELJ 18
Planning Law; Planning and Development Bill 1999; Housing
James Macken  Changing Definitions
(2000) 7 IPELJ 21
Planning Law; Planning and Development Bill 1999
Barbara Maguire  Recent EU Environmental Developments
(2000) 7 IPELJ 33
European Environmental Law; Conservation
Eamon Galligan  Case Notes
(2000) 7 IPELJ 36
Planning Law; Public Notice; Time; Injunctions
Duncan Laurence  Swallows and Fishes: The Definition of Waste in the Waste Management Act 1996
(2000) 7 IPELJ 43
Environmental Law; Waste Management Act 1996; Waste Management
Declan Brassil  The Interface Between Statutory Land Use Planning and Environmental Protection Agency Licensing-Provisions of the Local Government (Planning and Development) Bill 1999
(2000) 7 IPELJ 56
Planning Law; Local Government (Planning and Development) Bill 1999
James Connolly  The Planning and Development Bill 1999 and Access to the Courts
(2000) 7 IPELJ 62
Planning Law; Local Government (Planning and Development) Bill 1999; Courts
Eamon Galligan  Case Notes
(2000) 7 IPELJ 75
Planning Law; Site Notice; Locus Standi; Public Policy; Injunction
Eamon Galligan  Book Review: Irish Environmental Legislation by Maguire, O Reilly & Roche
(2000) 7 IPELJ 83
Maguire; O Reilly; Roche; Environmental Law
Eamon Galligan  Book Review: A Guide to Irish Planning Legislation by Kevin I Nowlan
(2000) 7 IPELJ 83
Nowlan; Planning Law
Eamon Galligan  Book Review: Planning Law by Michael O Donnell
(2000) 7 IPELJ 84
O Donnell; Planning Law
Eamon Galligan  Book Review: Judicial Review by Conleth Bradley
(2000) 7 IPELJ 84
Bradley; Judicial Review; Administration Law
Jonathan Blackwell  Retail Planning Policy: Reflecting Demographic Changes
(2000) 7 IPELJ 87
Planning Law; Retail Planning
Tom R Phillips  Summary of the Spencer Dock Planning Appeal Decision
(2000) 7 IPELJ 94
Planning Law; Planning Appeal
Tom Flynn  Strategic Development Zones and The Planning Act 2000
(2000) 7 IPELJ 101
Planning Law; Planning and Development Act 2000; Developments
Owen Mc Intyre  Recent EU Environmental Developments
(2000) 7 IPELJ 113
European Environmental Law; Waste; Inspection; Legislative Proposals
Eamon Galligan  Case Notes
(2000) 7 IPELJ 119
Site Plan; Developments; Planning Permission; Indictment
Tom Flynn  Book Review: Environmental Law: A Glossary and Handbook by Henry Comerford and Aengus Fogerty
(2000) 7 IPELJ 132
Comerford; Fogerty; Environmental Law
Tom Flynn  Book Review: Do You Require Planning Permission? by John Crean
(2000) 7 IPELJ 132
Crean; Planning Permission; Planning Law
Eamon Galligan  Book Review: An Introduction to Irish Planning Law by Berna Grist
(2000) 7 IPELJ 133
Grist; Planning Law
Eamon Galligan  Book Review: The Construction of Dublin by Frank Mc Donald
(2000) 7 IPELJ 133
Mc Donald; Dublin; Planning Law
Eamon Galligan  Book Review: Waste Regulation Law by Duncan Laurence
(2000) 7 IPELJ 134
Laurence; Waste Management; Environmental Law
Alan P Newman  Small Scale Wind and Solar Energy Systems: Access to Resources Under Irish and English Law
(2000) 7 IPELJ 139
Environmental Law; International Law; Energy
Eamon Galligan  The Implications of the Planning and Development Act 2000 for Intending Purchasers of Pre-1964 Quarries
(2000) 7 IPELJ 148
Planning Law; Planning and Development Act 2000; Quarries
Jonathan Blackwell  Retail Planning Policy: Reflecting Demographic Changes (Part II)
(2000) 7 IPELJ 153
Planning Law; Retail Planning
Conleth Bradley  Revocation and the Democratic Deficit
(2000) 7 IPELJ 158
Planning Law; Local Government (Planning and Development) Act 1963; Revocation
Garrett Simons  The Unreasonable Planning Authority: A Review of the Application of O Keeffe v An Bord Pleanala (Part I)
(2000) 7 IPELJ 164
Planning Law; Planning Appeals
DA Cusack & S Mills  Legislating for Competence Assurance - Cool Water on a Hot Topic?
(2001) 7 MLJI 2
Professional Standards; Competence; Education; Audit
Faye Boland  Improving Conditions in Irish Psychiatric Hospitals?
(2001) 7 MLJI 5
Mental Health Law; Psychiatric Hospitals
D Reynolds, H Kearns; P Mullany, CP Leavy & DA Cusack  Introduction of Evidential Breath testing in Ireland
(2001) 7 MLJI 9
Law of Evidence; Forensic Medicine; Breath Testing
Cliona Mc Govern  A Comparative Study of the Law on Infectious Disease Testing of Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Europe and the USA
(2001) 7 MLJI 13
Medical Law; International Law; Refugees
S Moane, CP Leavy & DA Cusack  Drugs Driving in Ireland - A Preliminary Study of the Prevalence of Driving under the Influence of Drugs on Irish Roads
(2001) 7 MLJI 21
Medical Law; Criminal law; Drug Offences; Driving
James Donovan  The Obtaining, Examining, Analysis and Retaining of Forensic Samples in Criminal Investigation
(2001) 7 MLJI 25
Criminal Law; Law of Evidence; Forensic Sample
Medico-Legal Case Reports  Aziz v Midland Health Board; Farrell v The Minister for Defence; Morris and Morris v The Dublin City Coroner; DPP v Syron; DPP v Tate Croom-Carroll; Wolfe v St James’s Hospital
(2001) 7 MLJI 27
Medical Law; Judicial Review; Certiorari; Audi Alteram Partem; Dismissal
Asim Sheikh  Book Review: Clinical Negligence by Michael Powers and Nigel Harris
(2001) 7 MLJI 44
Denis A Cusack  Road Traffic Deaths and Injuries - A Personal Responsibility
(2001) 7 MLJI 50
Medical Law; Road Traffic Accident
Deirdre Madden  Recent Developments in Assisted Human Reproduction: Legal and Ethical Issues
(2001) 7 MLJI 53
Medical Law; Assisted Human Reproduction
Caroline E Ward  Mediation: an Invaluable Component of any Alternative Dispute Resolution Forum within the Irish Healthcare System
(2001) 7 MLJI 63
Medical Law; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Mediation; Healthcare
Dervla Browne  The Impact of the Incorporation of the European Convention on Human Rights on the Practice of the Coroner's Court
(2001) 7 MLJI 71
Medical Law; Human Rights; Coroner
A A Sheikh & DA Cusack  Maternal Brain Death, Pregnancy and the Foetus: The Medico-Legal Implications
(2001) 7 MLJI 75
Medical Law; Pregnancy; Foetus
KJ Flynn, G Harrington, P Furney, CP Leavy & DA Cusack  Driving Under the Influence of an Intoxicant in Ireland
(2001) 7 MLJI 86
Medical Law; Criminal Law; Drug Offences; Driving
Case Reports  O Ceallaigh v an Bord Altranais; Hanley v Minister for Defence; AG v Lee; Geraets-Smits v Stichting Ziekenfonds; Northern Area Health Board v Geraghty
(2001) 7 MLJI 90
Medical Law; Professional Misconduct; Fitness to Practice; Expert Witness; Fair Procedure; Judicial Review
Myra Cullinane  Conference Report: Annual Conference of the Coroners Society of Ireland 2001
(2001) 7 MLJI 100
Medical Law; Coroner
Patrick Hayden  Book Review: Jim Donovan; Cracking Crime
(2001) 7 MLJI 103
Donovan; Crime
Cliona Mc Govern  Book Review: Levine on Coroner's Courts
(2001) 7 MLJI 103
Levine; Coroners Court
Darragh K Connell Adobe PDF FileThe Final Whiste for International Football?
2008 COLR 1
Sports Law; European Court of Justice; Football regulations; EC competition law
Eoin Daly Adobe PDF FileHermeneutic Perspectives on Judicial Activism:
2008 COLR 16
Constitutional; Interpretation; Judicial activism; Fundamental liberties
Eoin Daly Adobe PDF FileReligious Discrimination Under the Irish Constitution: A Critique of the Supreme Court Jurisprudence
2008 COLR 28
Constitutional; Religious freedom; Anti-discrimination; Equality
Paul Daly Adobe PDF FileLaw and Human Rights: Building a Complimentary Relationship in Humanitarian Intervention
2008 COLR 45
Human Rights; UN Charter; Legal discourse; International law
Louise Kennefick Adobe PDF FileWhat the Doctor Ordered: Revisiting The Relationship Between Psychiatry and the Law in the UK and Ireland
2008 COLR 58
Criminal; Insanity; Mental disorder; Free will
Ciaran Lawlor Adobe PDF FileTroubling Times: Intemporal Law and Theories of Approach to the Effects of Unconstitutionality
2008 COLR 71
Constitutional; Judicial Review; Intemporal law; Temporal limitation
Éamonn Mac Créabháin Adobe PDF FileTeoric na gCeart Neamhshonraithe
2008 COLR 85
Constitutional; An teoric; Bunreacht na hÉireann; Airteagal 40
Ronan O'Leary Adobe PDF FileCopyright Law in the Digital Environment
2008 COLR 92
Copyright Law; Internet regulation; EU law; Copyright; Reform
Gary O'Sullivan Adobe PDF FileThe Pre-Charge Stage of the Criminal Process: Are the Rights of the Public Adequately Protected?
2008 COLR 100
Criminal; Right to silence; Legal advice; Safeguards
Evan Ryan Adobe PDF FileA Critical Analysis of the Many Manifestations of the Criminal Justice System and the Principles that Underlie the Current Irish System
2008 COLR 112
Criminal; Historical development; Late-modernity; Sentencing
Gerard Sadlier Adobe PDF FileAmerican Realism and the "Policy of Certainty": An Evaluation of Saloman v. Saloman
2008 COLR 122
Jurisprudence; Company Law; Formalism; Judicial Process
Michael White Adobe PDF FileThe New Criminal Court Complex
(2007) 7 (1) JSIJ 1
Reform; Criminal Court; Courts Service; Facilities
Paul Carney Adobe PDF FileThe Role of The Victim in the Irish Criminal Process
(2007) 7(1) JSIJ 7
Criminal; Victim impact evidence; Sentencing; Information
Joan Deane Adobe PDF FileBalancing the Scales in a Homicide Trial
(2007) 7(1) JSIJ 18
Criminal; Victim impact statement; Gradation of Murder; Humanisation
Sean Gillane Adobe PDF FileBalancing the Scales in a Homicide Trial: A Reply
(2007) 7(1) JSIJ 30
Criminal; Victim impact evidence; Justice; Fair balance
Dermot Walsh Adobe PDF FileThe Criminal Justice Act, 2006: A Crushing Defeat for Due Process Values
(2007) 7(1) JSIJ 44
Criminal; Crime control; Police powers; Witness statements; ASBOs
Gerard Murphy Adobe PDF FileAn Analysis of the Sentencing Provisions in the Criminal Justice Act, 2006
(2007) 7(1) JSIJ 60
Criminal; Sentencing; Drug and trafficking offences
Joseph Kimble Adobe PDF FileThe Straight Skinny on Better Judicial Opinions
(2007) 7(1) JSIJ 101
Administrative; Writing opinions; Style; Effectiveness
Thomas O'Donnell Adobe PDF FileThe Constitution, The European Convention of Human Rights Act 2003 and the District Court - A Personal View from a Judicial Perspective
(2007) 7(1) JSIJ 137
Constitutional; District Court; ECHR; Defence of the Realm; Constitutional
Alvin Stauber Adobe PDF FileCommercial Courts: A Twenty First Century Necessity?
(2007) 7(1) JSIJ 154
Commercial; America; Orlando; Business courts
Ronan Keane Adobe PDF FileBook Review: O'Mahony, ''Educational Rights in Irish Law''
(2007) 7(1) JSIJ 209
Adrian Hardiman Adobe PDF FileWeasel Words and Doubtful Meanings: A Study in the Language of Law 'Reform'
(2007) 7(2) JSIJ 1
Reform; Interpretation; Phraseology; Reform
Úna Ní Raifeartaigh Adobe PDF FileThe European Convention on Human Rights and the Criminal Justice System
(2007) 7(2) JSIJ 18
Human Rights; Insanity; Life sentences; ECHR; Independence
James MacGuill Adobe PDF FileThe Impact of Recent ECHR Changes on the Constitution
(2007) 7(2) JSIJ 50
Human Rights; Constitutional; Jurisprudence; Domestic law
Michael Farrell Adobe PDF FileThe Challenge of the ECHR
(2007) 7(2) JSIJ 76
Human Rights; Domestic law; Interference; Protest; Fundamental rights
David Riordan Adobe PDF FileImmigrants in the Criminal Courts
(2007) 7(2) JSIJ 95
Criminal; Immigrant; Criminality; Justice
Ivana Bacik Adobe PDF FileBreaking the Language Barrier Access to Justice in the New Ireland
(2007) 7(2) JSIJ 109
Acess to Justice; Translation; Interpretation; ECHR; Irish practice
Darius Whelan Adobe PDF FileFitness for Trial in the District Court: The Legal Perspective
(2007) 7(2) JSIJ 124
Criminal; Fitness to plead; Consequences; Trial on the facts
Mary Donnelly Adobe PDF FileAssessing Legal Capacity: Process and the Operation of the Functional Test
(2007) 7(2) JSIJ 141
Mental Capacity; Capacity assessment; Lunacy regulation act; Reform
Conal M. Gibbons Adobe PDF FileAspects of Child Care in the District Court
(2007) 7(2) JSIJ 169
Welfare; Child care; Guardian ad litem; Disadvantaged children;
Patrick O'Reilly Adobe PDF FileThe Doctrine of Curial Deference in Ireland
(2007) 7(2) JSIJ 197
Constitutional; Dispute resolution mechanisms; Judicial review
Dáithí Mac Cárthaigh Adobe PDF FileInterpretation and Construction of Bilingual Laws: A Canadian Lamp to Light the Way
(2007) 7(2) JSIJ 211
Constitutional; Interpretation; Shared meaning; Bilingual texts
Richard Barrett Adobe PDF FileProceedings Taken by The Criminal Assets Bureau
(2007) 7(2) JSIJ 229
Criminal; Proceeds of crime act; Applications; Brussels convention
Garrett Sheehan Adobe PDF FileBook Review: O'Malley, 'Sentencing Law and Practice'
(2007) 7(2) JSIJ 256
Sentencing Law
Máiréad Enright  Whither White Western Values? Comparative Perspectives on Culturally Motivated Decision-making for the Child
(2007) 7(1) HLJ 1
Comparative Law; Intervention; Cultural avoidance; Insanity; Parental desicion
Deirdre Ann Kelly  Should the WTO have a Role to Play in the Internationalisation of Competition Law?
(2007) 7(1) HLJ 17
Competition Law; International level; Regulation; Policy convergence
Orla Veale Martin   An Evaluation of the Use of Memorandums of Understanding in the Removal of Terror Suspects and the Prohibition Against Non-refoulement
(2007) 7(1) HLJ 39
Internation Law; Asylum; National security; Torture
Seán O'Donnell  Fair Use in the UK, Fair Use in the USA - No Future, No Future
(2007) 7(1) HLJ 57
Intellectual Property Law; Fair dealing; Copyright; Equity; Human Rights
Kelly T. McGowan  The Dematerialisation of the Bill of Lading
(2007) 7(1) HLJ 68
Shipping; Agency; Receipt; Visby rules; Electronic data interchange
Daniel Novy  Leegin Creative Leather Products: the United States Supreme Court's Le(e)g-in the Door of Reason
(2007) 7(1) HLJ 105
Competition Law; America; RPM; Restraints; Collusion
Dejo Olowu  Environmental Law and Policy in Kiribati: Some Conceptual Concerns and Alternatives
(2007) 7(1) HLJ 133
Environmental Law; Strategies; Sustainable development; International framework
Vincent J.G. Power  The International Legal Personality of the European Community and the European Union
(2007) 7(1) HLJ 143
European Law; International organisation; Article 174; Constitution
Clodagh Marry  The Law of Insanity and Diminished Responsibility in Criminal Law versus the Meaning of Insanity within the Medical Profession: an Inevitable Conflict?
(2007) 7(1) HLJ 169
Criminal Law; Historical development; War; Contemporary difficulties
Alison Fanagan  Book Review: The Commercial Court, Stephen Dowling
(2007) 7(1) HLJ 183
Commercial Law
Gerald Hogan  Book Review: The Constitutional Rights of Companies, Ailbhe O'Neill
(2007) 7(1) HLJ 188
Constitutional Law
Anthony Kerr  Book Review: Dismissal Law in Ireland: Mary Redmond
(2007) 7(1) HLJ 190
Employment Law
Marguerite Bolger & Claire Bruton  Collective Redundancies - An Overview
(2010) 7(1) IELJ 3
Employment Law; European Court of Justice, Dismissal, Obligation
Sinead Morgan  Insolvency - An Employer's Rights and Obligations to pay Monies to his Employees
(2010) 7(1) IELJ 11
Employment Law; Arrears; Redundancy; Duties
Clíona Kimber  Transfer of Undertakings and Redundancy Payments
(2010) 7(1) IELJ 17
Employment Law; Obligations; Entitlements; EU Directive
Gráinne Duggan  The Taxation of Termination Payments
(2010) 7(2) IELJ 40
Employment Law; Redundancy; Dismissal; Income tax; Taxes Consolidation Act 1997
Ciara Bradshaw  Judicial Review of Determinations of the Employment Appeals Tribunal; who pays the costs?
(2010) 7(2) IELJ 50
Employment Law; Costs; Judicial immunity; ECHR
Dermot Casserly   Redundancy Law Review
(2010) 7(3) IELJ 68
Employment Law; EAT; Unfair dismissal; Ex gratia payment
Tony McGleenan  Faith in Equality: The Making of the Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2006
(2010) 7(3) IELJ 74
Employment Law; Discrimination; ECHR; Equality law
Cliona J. M. Kimber  Age discrimination at Retirement Age
(2010) 7(4) IELJ 92
Employment Law, Compulsory Retirement Age, Severance Pay, Occupation Pension Schemes, EU Law,
Muireann Coveney  Constructive Dismissal, Successful Claims and the EAT
(2010) 7(4) IELJ 99
Employment Law, Employment Appeals Tribunal, Constructive Dismissal, Grievance
Eilis Barry  Employment Equality Legislation and People with Disabilities- The Potential for Change
(2010) 7(4) IELJ 103
Employment Law, Accommodating for Employees with Disability, Discrimination, Reasonable Accomodation
Stephanie Switzer  International Trade Law and the Environment: Designing a Legal Framework to Curtail the Import of Unsustainably Produced Biofuel
(2007) 7(1) UCDLR 1
Trade Law; Price of Oil, Government Incentives, Emissions, Kyoto Protocol, World Trade Organisation, Technical Barriers to Trade Agreement, Clean Development Mechanisms
Dominic McGrattan  The Constitutional Vindication of Socio-Economic Rights: A Catholic Perspective
(2007) 7(1) UCDLR 51
Constitutional Law; Irish Constitution, Natural Law, Commutiative and Distributive Justice, Liberalism,
Niamh Cleary  The Interactions between Religious Freedoms and Non-Discrimination in Irish Constitutional Jurisprudence
(2007) 7(1) UCDLR 51
Constitutional Law; Article 44 of the Constitution, Quinn's Supermarket v Attorney General, Equality, Proportionality, Religious Institutions, Education,
Donal Casey  Private Food Safety and Quality Standards and the WTO
(2007) 7(1) UCDLR 90
Food Law; Agri-Food Sector, Barriers to Trade, Harmonisation, World Trade Organisation,
Deirdre Kelly  Bearing False Witnesses Against Your Neighbour: The Evolutions, Perils and Possibilities of the Development of Qualified Privilege in Defamation Law
(2007) 7(1) UCDLR 106
Defamation Law; Freedom of Expression, Political Speech, Reynold's Criteria, Defamation Bill 2006, Public Interest, Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights, Right to Private Life, Reasonableness,
Charlotte Keating  A Review of Sentencing for Rape
(2007) 7(1) UCDLR 135
Criminal Law; SAVI Report, Aggrevating and Mitigating Factors, Statutory Guidelines, Guilty Plea, Perpetrators of Rape, Maximum Sentences
Alastair Mullis, Andrew Scott  Reframing Libel: Taking (all) Rights Seriously and where it Leads
(2012) 63(1) NILQ 5
Tort Law; Law Reform, Libel Law, Freedom of Expression, Article 8 ECHR, Damages, Intangible Harm,
Alastair Mullis, Andrew Scott  The Swing of the Pendulum: Reputation, Expression and the Re-Centring of English Libel Law
(2012) 63(1) NILQ 27
Tort Law;
Eric Barendt  Balancing Freedom of Expression and the Right to Reputation: Reflections on Reynolds and Reportage
(2012) 63(1) NILQ 59
Tort Law;
Steve Headly  The Internet - Making a Difference
(2012) 63(1) NILQ 75
Cyberspace Law;
Trevor C. Hartley  Libel Tourism - A Solution in Sight
(2012) 63(1) NILQ 85
Tort Law;
Russel L Weaver  British Defamation Reform: An American Perspective
(2012) 63(1) NILQ 97
Tort Law;
Clive Walker  Global Speech and Global Terrorism: A Tall Tale of Two Cities
(2012) 63(1) NILQ 119
Tort Law; Freedom of Expression, Human Rights, Balancing Rights
Gillen  Everything Should Be as Simple as Possible but Not Simpler: Practice and Procedure in Defamation Proceedings
(2012) 63(1) NILQ 137
Tort Law;
Paul Tweed  Funding Defamation Litigation
(2012) 63(1) NILQ 145
Tort Law;
Gavin Phillipson  The Global Pariah: The Defamation Bill and the Human Rights Act
(2012) 63(1) NILQ 149
Tort Law;
Sarah Bresford  Its Not Me its You: Law's Performance Anxiety Over Gender Identity and Cohabitation
(2012) 63(2) NILQ 187
Equiy; Constructive Trust, Jurisprudence, Financial Contributions, Property Ownership, Gender Roles,
Alan Dowling  Caveat Sublessee
(2012) 63(2) NILQ 201
Property Law;
Brian Dempsey  Law Reform and Devolution: Consultation Processes and Divorce Law in Scotland
(2012) 63(2) NILQ 227
Family Law;
J.J. Child, Adrian Hunt  Mens Rea and the General Inchoate Offences: Another New Culpability Framework
(2012) 63(2) NILQ 247
Criminal Law;
David O'Mahony, Jonathon Doak, Kerry Clamp  Politics of Youth Justice Reform in Post-Conflict Socities: Mainstreaming Restorative Justice in Northern Ireland and South Africa
(2012) 63(2) NILQ 269
Criminal Law;
Nain Gitanjali Gill  Feminisation of Poverty: Rural Indian Women and the Environment
(2012) 63(2) NILQ 291

Sue Farran  Paddling a Canoe with an Oar Made of Oak: The Enduring Legacy of British Law in Pacific Island States
(2012) 63(3) NILQ 323
Legal History;
Jonathan Swainger  Law and the Practice of Politics in the Canadian Department of Justice: Completing Confederation
(2012) 63(3) NILQ 417
Legal Practice;
Rachel L Ellet  Courts and the Emergence of Statehood in Post-Colonial Africa
(2012) 63(3) NILQ 343
Legal History;
Thomas Mohr  The Privy Council Appeal as a Minority Safeguard for the Protestant Community of the Irish Free State, 1922-1935
(2012) 63(3) NILQ 365
Legal History;
Gabrielle Appleby  The Evolution of a Public Sentinal: Australia's Solicitor General
(2012) 63(3) NILQ 397
Legal History;
Mel Kenny  Options between Legislative Intervention and Judicial Collabroation: Improving the Effectiveness and Coherence of EU Law
(2012) 63(4) NILQ 435
EU Law;
Philip Lawton, Boyce Yung  Corporate Political Connection as a Determinant of Corporate Governance in Hong Kong
(2012) 63(4) NILQ 449
Corporate Goverance;
Gavin Byrne  Taking the Minimum Content Seriously: Hart's Liberalism and Moral Values
(2012) 63(4) NILQ 477
George Gilligan  The Problem of and with Financial Crime
(2012) 63(4) NILQ 495
Financial Law;
Sharon Turner, Ciara Brennan  Modernising Environmental Regulation in Northern Ireland: A Case Study in Devolved Decision Making
(2012) 63(4) NILQ 509
Environmental Law;
Justin O'Brien  The Sword of Damocles: Who Controls HSBC in the Aftermath of its Deferred Prosecution Agreement with the United States Department of Justice
(2012) 63(4) NILQ 533
Financial Law;
Lori Frater, Robert G Lee  Leading the Charge: Payments for Single Use Carrier Bags In Wales
(2012) 63(4) NILQ 551
Environmental Law;
Paddy Ireland  Law and the Neoliberal Vision: Financial Property, Pension Privitisation and the Ownership Society
(2011) 62 (1) NILQ 1
Financial Law; Financial Crisis, Economic and Social Policy, Tax, Pension Systems, Population Demographic, Capitalism, Stock Market, Shareholders, Class Distinction, Money Lending, State Control, Free Market, Regulation,
James P Devenny  Gordian Knots in Europeanised Private Law: Unfair Terms, Bank Charges and Political Compromises
(2011) 62(1) NILQ 33
Banking Law; Regulation 6(2) of the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contract Relations, Charge for Services, OFT v Abbey National Plc, EU Law, National Transposition, Surety Transactions, Exclusion Clauses, Contracts, Preliminary Reference,
C.R.G. Murray  We Need to Talk: "Democratic Dialogue" and the Ongoing Saga of Prisoner Disenfranchisement
(2011) 62 (1) NILQ 55
Human Rights Law; Voting Rights, Article 3 Protocol 1 of the European Convention of Human Rights, Human Rights Act 1998, HIrst v UK, Proportionality, Margin of Appreciation, Separation of Powers
Blanca Mamutse  Compensating Defrauded Shareholders in Insolvency: Is Parity the Answer?
(2011) 62(1) NILQ 75
Insolvency; Corporate Law, Equity Debts, Unsecured Creditors, Fraud, Bankruptcy, Fair Funds Provision, Corporate Governance, Priority of Payment
Georgina Firth  Not an Invitation to Rape: The Sexual Offences Act 2003 and the case of the "drunken" victim
(2011) 62(1) NILQ 99
Criminal Law; Section 75 and 76 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003, Consent, Societal Perceptions, Feminism, Honest/Reasonable Belief, Capacity, Intoxication, Autonomy, Gender Stereotypes
Andrew Woodcock  The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia: Paving the Way for Modern International Humanitarian Law Enforcement
(2011) 62(1) NILQ 119
International Law; International Criminal Tribunal, Human Rights, War Criminals, Ethnic Cleansing, Independence, Political Concerns, Funding, Jurisdiction, Death Penalty
Ursula Kilkelly  The CRC at 21: assessing the legal impact
(2011) 62(2) NILQ 143
Family Law; International Law, Implementation, Childrens' Rights, European Convention on Human Rights
Javaid Rehman  Religion, Human Rights Law and the Rights of the Child: Complexities in Applying the Sharia in Modern State Practices
(2011) 62(2) NILQ 153
Human Rights Law; Islamic Law, European Court of Human Rights, International Conventions, Age of Majority, Legal Age for Marriage, Adoption,
Lorenzo Wakefield  The CRC in South Africa 15 years on: Does the new Child Justice Act 75 comply with international childrens' rights instruments
(2011) 62(2) NILQ 167
Human Rights Law; Criminal Justice, Detention of Children, Criminal Capacity, Court Proceedings, Conviction and Sentencing
Catherine Kenny  Positive, Humane and Expeditious? An analysis of Ireland's implementation of its obligations in relation to family reunification under the CRC
(2011) 62(2) NILQ 183
Family Law; Refugees, Family Separation, Human Rights, EU Law, Best Interests of the Child, Refugee Act 1996, Delay, Voice of the Child
Anne Egan  Access and the Non-Custodial Parent in the Republic of Ireland
(2011) 62(2) NILQ 199
Family Law; Marital Breakdown, Custody, Children Rights, Convention on the Rights of the Child, Guardianship, Voice of the Child, Fathers' Rights, Welfare of the Child, Incorporation, Constitutional Protection
Linda Moore  The CRC comes of age: assessing progress in meeting the rights of children in custody in Northern Ireland
(2011) 62(2) NILQ 217
; Criminal Justice, Fair Trial, Northern Ireland Conflict, Criminal Justice Review, Detention, Violence in Custody
Paul Bassett  The Right to Self Representation, while not absolute, should only be denied in limited circumstances
(2011) 62(3) NILQ 235
Criminal Law; Fair Trial, International Law, Equality of Arms, Standby Counsel, Submissions to the Court, Disruptive Conduct, Limitation of Right
Alan Greene  Shielding the State of Emergency: Organised Crime in Ireland and the State's Response
(2011) 62(3) NILQ 249
Criminal Law; Criminal Justice (Amendment) Act 2009, State of Emergency, Human Rights, Governance, Organised Crime, Special Criminal Court, Terrorism, Democracy
Louise Kennefick  Diminished Responsibility in Ireland: Historical reflections on the doctrine and present day analysis of the law
(2011) 62(3) NILQ 269
Criminal Law; Section 6 of the Criminal Law (Insanity) Act 2006, Mental Illness, Capital Punishment, Homicide, Law Reform, Sentencing
Therese O'Donnell  Judicialising History or Historicising Law: Reflections on Irving v Penguin Books and Lipstadt
(2011) 62(3) NILQ 291
Defamation; Nazism, Concentration Camps, Historical Evidence, Ideology, Holocaust Denial, Standard of Proof
Carol G S Tan  Nesting the Taxonomy in the Remedial: A Re-examination of Promissory Terms
(2011) 62(3) NILQ 321
Contract Law; Contractual Terms, Breach of Contract, Condition, Warranty, Hong Kong Fir Shipping Case, Termination, Innominate Term, Damages
Ian Turner  The Prevention of Terrorism: In Support of Control Orders and Beyond
(2011) 62(3) NILQ 335
Human Rights; Detention, European Convention of Human Rights, Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005, Fair Trial, A v United Kingdom, Torture and Inhuman Treatment, Terrorist Attacks, Right to Life
Jingchen Zhao  Modernising corporate objective debate towards a hybrid model
(2011) 62(3) NILQ 361
Corporate Law; Corporate Governance, Shareholders, Financial Markets, Investments, Mergers and Aquisitions, European Union, Stakeholders, Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Directors Duties
Amanda Perry Kessaris  Reading the Story of Law and Embeddedness through a Community Lens: A Polyani-Meets-Cotterrell Economic Sociology of Law
(2011) 62(4) NILQ 401
Sociology; Economics, Community, Financial Crisis, World Bank
Grietje Baars  "Reform or Revolution"? Polanyian versus Marxian Perspectives on the Regulation of the Economic
(2011) 62(4) NILQ 415
Economics; Regulation, Society, Economic Theory, Liberalism, Corporate Social Responsibility
Gary Wilson  From Black Box to Glocalised Player? Corporate Personality in the twenty-first century and the scope of the law's regulatory reach
(2011) 62(4) NILQ 433
Corporate Law; Economics, Market Regulation, Section 172 of the Companies Act 2006, Limited Liability, Shareholders
Lorraine E Talbot  Polanyi's embeddedness and shareholder stewardship: a contextual analysis of current Anglo-American perspectives on corporate governance
(2011) 62(4) NILQ 451
Corporate Governance; Economics, Regulation, the New Deal, Shareholders, Pension Funds
Claire Marzo  From Codes of Conduct to International Framework Agreements: Contractualising the Protection of Human Rights
(2011) 62(4) NILQ 469
Human Rights ; Market Regulation, Corporate Social Responsibility, Globalisation, International Law, Contracts, Arbitration
Gerard McCormack  UNCITRAL, security rights and the globalisation of the US article 9
(2011) 62(4) NILQ 485
Financial Law; International Law, Secured Credit Law, Transactions, Security, Property Rights
Dania Thomas  Cooperativism in a credit crisis: Lessons from the Argentine workers takeover
(2011) 62(4) NILQ 505
Corporate Law; Credit Crisis, Debt Default, Takeovers, Credit Markets, Employees,
Oles Andriychuk  Concept of perfect competition as the law of economics:addressing the homonymy problem
(2011) 62(4) NILQ 523
Competition Law; Supply and Demand, Economic Theory, Monopolistic Competition, Social Science
Andreas Stephan  Did Llyods/HBOS mark the failure of an enduring economics based system of merger regulation?
(2011) 62(4) NILQ 539
Corporate Law; Enterprise Act 2002, Public Interest, State Intervention, Competition, European Commission, Financial Crisis, Social Policy
Michael Harker  The transformation of broadcasting: Public service broadcasting, the BBC and the distortion of new media markets
(2011) 62(4) NILQ 553
Media Law; Competition Law, EU Law, Market Failure Rationale, Advertising, Digital Television, New Media,
Roger Brownsword  Responsible Regulation: Prudence, Precaution and Stewardship
(2011) 62(5) NILQ 573
Regulatroy Law; Technological Development, Regulators, Precautionary Principle, Health and Safety Risks, Research and Development, Stewardship,
John Coggon  What help is a stewart? Stewardship, political theory and public health law and ethics
(2011) 62(5) NILQ 599
Health Law; Public Policy, World Health Organisation, Governance, Liberialism, Welfare State, Bioethical Theory, Paternalism
Soren Holm  From steward to Stuart: some problems in deciding for others
(2011) 62(1) NILQ 617
Public Health Law; Resources, Paternalism, Harm Principle, European Union, Economics
Tamara K Hervey  The European Union, its Court of Justice and "super-stewardship" in public health
(2011) 62(5) NILQ 633
European Union Law; Public Health, Court of Justice of the European Union, Member States, Competence, World Health Organisation, European Commission, Internal Market Law, Proportionality,
Therese Murphy  Public Health Sans Frontiéres: human rights, NGOs and "stewardship on a global scale"
(2011) 62(5) NILQ 659
Public Health Law; HIV/AIDS Epidemic, Human Rights, Resources, Ethics
Mark L Flear  "Supra Stewardship": A tool for citizen participation in European Union pandemic preparedness planning
(2011) 62(5) NILQ 677
Public Health Law; Infastructure, Bioethics, European Union Policy, Pandemic Influenza, Risk Assessment, Vaccines,
David Collins  Settlement Agreements, Legal Inofrmation and the Mistake of Law Rule in Contract
(2010) 61 (1) NILQ 1
Contract; Contractual error; Relief; Risk; Economic efficiency
Justin O'Brien  Inquiring for Truth and the re-engineering of the corporate contract
(2010) 61 (1) NILQ 17
Corporate; Truth commission; Tribunal of inquiry; Global financial crisis
Richard Mullender  Human Rights, Responsibilities and the pursuit of a realistic Utopia
(2010) 61 (1) NILQ 33
Human Rights; Egalitarian philosophy; New Labour; Anti-utopianism
Cheng Wei-Qi  Protection of Minority Shareholders in Hong Kong and China: do Culture and Institutional Design make any difference?
(2010) 61 (1) NILQ 53
Corporate; Governance; Local cultural influence; Property ownership
Rebecca L Zahn  The 'Europeanisation' of Labour Law: Can Comparative Labour Law Solve the Problem?
(2010) 61 (1) NILQ 79
European Law; Harmonisation; Domestic law; European enlargement; Industrial systems
Anne Smith & Eithne McLaughlin  Delivering Equality: Equality Mainstreaming and Constitutionalisation of Socio-Economic Rights
(2010) 61 (2) NILQ 93
Constitutional; Inequality; Opportunity; Protection; Bill of rights
Tim Cunningham  Absent Friends: Common Law Constitutionalism and the Northern Ireland Bill of Rights Debate
(2010) 61 (2) NILQ 123
Constitutional; Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission; Protection; Consultation
Michael Haley  The O'Brien Defence Refined: Legal Rights, Equitable Wrongs and Commercial Responsibilities
(2010) 61 (2) NILQ 141
Property; Undue Influence; Constructive Notice; Family Home; Reform
Marian Duggan  The Politics of Pride: Representing relegated sexual identities in Northern Ireland
(2010) 61 (2) NILQ 163
Human Rights; LGBT; Homophobia; Gay pride
Eddie Keane  A Temporary Problem in Ireland
(2010) 61 (2) NILQ 179
Labour Law; Temporary workers; Insecurity; Regulation
Ciara Hackett  Dependency: an inhibitor to the Irish case for corporate responsibility
(2010) 61 (2) NILQ 191
Corporate; Dependency theory; Global capital; Corporate social responsibility
Brice Dickson  Positive Obligations and the European Court of Human Rights
(2010) 61 (3) NILQ 203
Human Rights; State intervention; Protection of rights; Positive; Negative obligation
Catherine Donnelly  Positive Obligations and Privatisation
(2010) 61 (3) NILQ 209
Human Rights; Public services; United Kingdom; Remedies; Violations
Ursula Kilkelly  Protecting Children's Rights under the ECHR: The Role of Positive Obligations
(2010) 61 (3) NILQ 245
Human Rights; CRC; Family ties; Physical integrity
Ellie Palmer  Beyond Arbitrary Interference: the rights to a home? Developing socio-economic duties in the European Convention on Human Rights
(2010) 61 (3) NILQ 225
Human Rights; Housing benefits; Homeless; Harmonisation of rights
Rory O'Connell  Realising Political Equality: The European Court of Human Rights and Positive Obligations in a Democracy
(2010) 61 (3) NILQ 263
Human Rights; Elections; Right to vote; Minorities; Political parties
David Russell  Supplementing the European Convention on Human Rights: Legislating for Positive Obligations
(2010) 61 (3) NILQ 281
Human Rights; Upholding rights; Duties; Progresive Realisation
Conleth Bradley  The Visible Hand in the Mobile Telephony Market
(2000) 6 (1) BR 4
Competition Law; Telecommunications
Liz Heffernan  The US Supreme Court: The October 1999 Term in Review
(2000) 6 (1) BR 9
International Law; Superior Courts; Supreme Court
Ann Power  Employers Liability in the Electronic Workplace
(2000) 6 (1) BR 14
Information Technology Law; Employers Liability; Internet; Defamation
James Macken  Social and Affordable?
(2000) 6 (1) BR 41
Planning Law; Housing Law; Planning and Development Act 2000
Oliver Mills  Biotechnology and the Ethical and Moral Concerns of European Law
(2000) 6 (1) BR 46
European Law; Biotechnology; Ethics
PA Mc Dermot & P Charleton  Constitutional Implications of Plea Bargaining (Part 2)
(2000) 6 (1) BR 52
Constitutional Law; Plea Bargaining
Ciaran Craven  Consent to Treatment by Patients - Disclosure Revisited
(2000) 6 (1) BR 56
Medical Law; Consent; Disclosure
Paul Carroll  Book Review: Coroners Practice and Procedure by Brian Farrell
(2000) 6 (1) BR 60
Farrell; Coroner
John Healy  Recent Developments in the Law of Damages
(2000) 6 (2) BR 69
Law of Tort; Damages; Special Damages; Exemplary Damages
Niall Fennelly  Subsidiarity, Federalism and the Internal Market
(2000) 6 (2) BR 75
European Law; Subsidiary; Federalism; Internal Market
Brian Kennedy  EU Law and the Rules of Sporting Organisations
(2000) 6 (2) BR 80
European Law; Sport
P Charleton & PA Mc Dermott  Constitutional Aspects of Non-Jury Courts (Part 1)
(2000) 6 (2) BR 106
Constitutional Law; Juries
Ciaran Craven  Consent to Treatment by Patients - Disclosure Revisited (Part 2)
(2000) 6 (2) BR 111
Medical Law; Consent; Disclosure
Byron Wade  Pure Economic Loss
(2000) 6 (2) BR 115
Law of Negligence; Pure Economic Loss
Ann Power  Employers Liability in the Electronic Workplace (Part 2)
(2000) 6 (2) BR 120
Information Technology Law; Employers Liability; Internet; Privacy; Copyright; Discovery
Stephen Dodd  Competition Law and the Internet
(2000) 6 (3) BR 133
Competition Law; Internet
P Charleton & PA Mc Dermott  Constitutional Aspects of Non-Jury Courts (Part II)
(2000) 6 (3) BR 141
Constitutional Law; Juries
Paul Gallagher  Book Review: Partnership by Michael Twomey
(2000) 6 (3) BR 149
Twomey; Partnership; Company Law
P Charleton & PA Mc Dermott  The Illegal Immigrants Trafficking Act 2000
(2000) 6 (3) BR 170
Refugee Law; Illegal Immigrants Trafficking Act 2000; Immigration
Conor Keogh  The Prohibition of Incitement to Hatred Act 1989 - A Paper Tiger?
(2000) 6 (3) BR 178
Criminal Law; Prohibition of Incitement to Hatred Act 1989
Patrick Leonard  Restoring Companies to the Register
(2000) 6 (3) BR 182
Company Law; Register
C Kimber & M Bolger  Sex Equality and the Equal Status Act 2000
(2001) 6 (4) BR 198
Equality Law; Equal Status Act 2000; Gender
Eugene Regan  The Treaty of Nice
(2001) 6 (4) BR 205
European Law; Treaty of Nice
Crionna Creagh  Property in the Living Body
(2001) 6 (4) BR 209
Property Law; Body
Patrick Mc Evoy  Staying proceedings on the grounds of forum non conveniens
(2001) 6 (4) BR 235
Court Proceedings; Staying Proceedings; Forum Non Conveniens
Elizabeth O Brien  Pre-Trial Discovery and Norwich Pharmacal Relief
(2001) 6 (4) BR 241
Court Proceedings; Pre-Trial Discovery
Maria Colbert  The Right to Bodily Integrity and the Evolution of a Right to a Healthy Environment (Part I)
(2001) 6 (4) BR 248
Constitutional Law; Bodily Integrity; Environment
Stephen Dodd  Bias and Legal Professional Independence
(2001) 6 (5) BR 261
Legal Profession; Professional Independence; Bias
Declan Mc Grath  Legal Professional Privilege and the Identity of a Client
(2001) 6 (5) BR 268
Professional Privilege; Anonymity
Ian Kavanagh  Discovery and Strict Compliance with the 1999 Rules
(2001) 6 (5) BR 273
Court Proceedings; Rules of the Superior Courts 1999; Discovery
Terence Coghlan  The Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000
(2001) 6 (5) BR 294
Copyright Law; Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000
Anne Bateman  The Protection of Trade Marks against Cybersquatters
(2001) 6 (5) BR 298
Information Technology Law; Trade Marks; Cyber Squatting
Wesley Farrell  Recent Developments In Force Majeure Leave: Parental Leave Act 1998
(2001) 6 (5) BR 300
Family Law; Parental Leave Act 1998; Force Majeure
Anna Austin  From Ireland to Strasbourg; Form Substance of the Strasbourg Convention System
(2001) 6 (5) BR 303
Human Rights Law; European Convention on Human Rights; Irish Incorporation
Jim O Callaghan  Refusals to Attend and Give Evidence at Inquests: The Unconstitutionality of Section 38(2) of the Coroners Act 1962
(2001) 6 (5) BR 310
Constitutional Law; Coroners Act 1962; Inquest; Evidence
Brian Kennedy  Book Review: Revenue Law by Kieran Corrigan
(2001) 6 (5) BR 313
Corrigan; Revenue Law
Ronan Keane Adobe PDF FileThe Irish Courts System in the 21st Century: Planning for the Future
(2001) 6 (6) BR 321
Gerard Hogan  Judicial Review, The Doctrine of Reasonableness and the Immigration Process
(2001) 6 (6) BR 329
Administrative Law; Judicial Review; Immigration
Paul Christopher  The Monti Reform of Competition Law - New Rules for Enforcement
(2001) 6 (6) BR 333
European Law; Competition Law; Enforcement
Joan Kelly  Costs Implications of Proceeding against the MIBI
(2001) 6 (6) BR 337
Insurance Law; Motor Insurance; Costs
Mark O Connell  The Supreme Court Decision in DPP v Padraig Finn
(2001) 6 (6) BR 354
Criminal Law; Sentencing; Discretion
Seamus Clarke  E-Commerce and Pharmacy Law (Part I)
(2001) 6 (6) BR 357
Information Technology Law; Electronic Commerce; Pharmacy Law;
Constance Cassidy  Overview of the Intoxicating Liquor Act 2000
(2001) 6 (6) BR 365
Intoxicating Liquor Act 2000
Maria J Colbert  The Right to Bodily Integrity and the Evolution of a Right to a Healthy Environment (Part II)
(2001) 6 (6) BR 367
Constitutional Law; Bodily Integrity; Environment
Dympna Glendenning  School Attendance and the Education (Welfare) Act 2000
(2001) 6 (7) BR 381
Education (Welfare) Act 2000; School Attendance
Damian Sheridan  The Making of a Lodgement at the Eleventh Hour
(2001) 6 (7) BR 389
Court Proceedings; Rules of the Superior Courts; Lodgements
Niall Neligan  The Official Secrets Act 1963 and the Irish Intelligence Services
(2001) 6 (7) BR 393
Official Secrets Act 1963; Freedom of Information Act 1997; Intelligence Services
Claire Hamilton  Asset Forfeiture and the European Convention on Human Rights Mark
(2001) 6 (7) BR 414
Human Rights Law; Proceeds of Crime Act 1996; European Convention on Human Rights
Stephen Dodd  Human Genetics and the Need for Regulation
(2001) 6 (7) BR 418
Medical Law; Genetics
S Ni Chulachain & E Stewart  The International Criminal Court
(2001) 6 (7) BR 425
Public International Law; International Criminal Court
Seamus Clarke  E-Commerce & Pharmacy Law (Part II)
(2001) 6 (7) BR 428
Information Technology Law; Electronic Commerce; Pharmacy Law
W Farrell & C Gallagher  Refugee Law and Procedure
(2001) 6 (7) BR 431
Refugee Law; Refugee Appeals Tribunal
Micheal O Connell  Recovery of Post-Petition Cheque Payments
(2001) 6 (8) BR 441
Company Law; Companies Acts 1963-1999; Winding Up
Anthony Barr  Estoppel and the Right to Plead a Defence Under the Statute of Limitations
(2001) 6 (8) BR 445
Law of Equity; Estoppel; Statute of Limitations; Defences
Garrett Simons  Challenging Planning Decisions: Section 50 Practice and Procedure
(2001) 6 (8) BR 449
Planning Law; Administrative Law; Planning and Development Act 2000; Judicial Review
Liz Heffernan Adobe PDF FileThe Treaty of Nice & Reform of the Community Courts
(2001) 6 (8) BR 474
European Law; Treaty of Nice; Community Courts; Jurisdiction
Michael Mc Dowell  Ireland and Europes Future Integration
(2001) 6 (8) BR 480
European Law; Constitutional Law; European Integration; European Enlargement
Conleth Bradley  The Political Role of the Attorney General?
(2001) 6 (8) BR 486
Attorney General; Politics
W Farrell & C Gallagher  Refugee Law and Procedure (Part II)
(2001) 6 (8) BR 488
Refugee Law; Immigration
Michael Mc Grath  Trip and Falls on Foot and Mouth Mats
(2001) 6 (9) BR 491
Law of Tort; Personal Injuries; Negligence
Cliona Kimber  Equality and Disability (Part I)
(2001) 6 (9) BR 494
Equality Law; Employment Equality Act 1998; Disability
Eleanor Keogan  Domain Name Dispute
(2001) 6 (9) BR 502
Information Technology Law; Internet; Domain Names
Eugene Regan  Ireland and Europe's Future Integration: A Response
(2001) 6 (9) BR 525
European Law; Constitutional Law; European Integration
Niamh Brennan & John Hennessy  Forensic Accounting and the Calculation of Personal Injury Damages
(2001) 6 (9) BR 533
Law of Tort; Personal Injuries; Damages
Ray Murphy  The European Convention on Human Rights Bill 2001
(2001) 6 (9) BR 541
Human Rights Law; European Convention on Human Rights Bill 2001; Irish Incorporation
Michael Mc Dowell  Book Review: Criminal Liability by Finbarr Mc Auley and J Paul Mc Cutcheon
(2001) 6 (9) BR 544
Mc Auley; Mc Cutcheon; Criminal Jurisprudence
David Hardiman  Deposit of Title Deeds
(1999) 6 CLP 3
Property Law; Mortgage; Title Deeds
Timothy Bird  Dealing as Consumer
(1999) 6 CLP 10
Consumer Law; Consumer Rights
Noel Travers  A Reluctant Step Towards Fortress Europe: The Inevitable but Regrettable Judgment in Silhouette
(1999) 6 CLP 18
European Law; Competition Law; Trademark
Paul Gallagher  Book Review: Capital Markets-Irish and International Laws and Regulations by Agnes Foy
(1999) 6 CLP 35
Foy; Capital Market
Thomas B Courtney  The Continuing Development of the Mareva Injunction in Ireland
(1999) 6 CLP 39
Law of Equity; Mareva Injunctions
Patrick O Callaghan  An Agents Windfall for the Sale of Goods-The Measure of Recovery
(1999) 6 CLP 45
Contract Law; Agent; Sale of Goods; Recovery
Ciaran O Mara  The Impact of European Health and Safety Legislation on the Irish Construction Sector-Part II
(1999) 6 CLP 50
European Law; Health and Safety; Construction Industry
John Kettle  Competition Law and Restrictive Covenants
(1999) 6 CLP 67
Competition Law; Restrictive Covenants
Ciaran O Mara  The Impact of European Health and Safety Legislation on the Irish Construction Sector-Part III
(1999) 6 CLP 72
European Law; Health and Safety; Construction Industry
John Gaffney  The Review of Corporate Claims by the United Nations Compensation Commission
(1999) 6 CLP 80
European Law; Compensation Commission
Declan Costello  Book Review: Mareva Injunctions and Related Interlocutory Orders by Thomas B Courtney
(1999) 6 CLP 96
Courtney; Mareva Injunctions; Interlocutory Orders
D Goldberg & M Abrahamson  Recent Developments in Financial Regulation
(1999) 6 CLP 99
Financial Law; Financial Intermediaries Act 1995; Investment
Agnes Foy  The ISDA Master Agreement-Managing Legal Risk: Jurisdictions and Counter-parties
(1999) 6 CLP 104
Risk; Jurisdiction; Counter-party
Ravi Chandran  Share Buy-Backs in Singapore
(1999) 6 CLP 111
Company Law; Shareholder; International Law
G Carey & SJ Leonowicz  Director's Meetings: Modern Technology and Best Practice
(1999) 6 CLP 127
Information Technology
Austin J Buckley  Fraud or Mere Exaggeration-A Recent Decision
(1999) 6 CLP 132
Jimmy Muyanja  Arbitrators' Immunity or Liability?-A Semantic Approach to the Shifting Paradigm in Ireland and England
(1999) 6 CLP 135
Noel Travers  The Right of Establishment of Companies which are Economically Inactive in their Member State of Registration
(1999) 6 CLP 159
European Law; Right of Establishment
Mary Donnelly  Undue Influence, Misrepresentation and Guarantees: What is a Bank to do?
(1999) 6 CLP 167
Undue Influence; Misrepresentation; Guarantee
Gregory Burton  A Special Equity for the Wife Confirmed
(1999) 6 CLP 176
Law of Equity; Mortgages
Raymond J Friel  Corporate Criminal Liability: A Comparative Analysis-Part I
(1999) 6 CLP 191
Company Law; Corporate Criminal Liability
John Meade  Ultra Vires or Directors' Abuses: When can shareholders right a wrong?
(1999) 6 CLP 198
Company Law; Directors; Shareholders; Ultra Vires
Hwee-Ying Yeo  Variation of Default Rule Governing Equal Sharing of Profits
(1999) 6 CLP 203
Company Law; Partnership; Profits
Ravi Chandran  Express Terms in Employment Contracts
(1999) 6 CLP 215
Labour Law; Contract Law; Express Terms
John Gaffney  An Overview of World Trade Organisation Law
(1999) 6 CLP 218
Commercial Law; General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 1947
Raymond J Friel  Corporate Criminal Liability: A Comparative Analysis-Part II
(1999) 6 CLP 226
Company Law; Corporate Criminal Liability
Oonagh Breen  The Road From Genoa-Direct Causal Links and The Case of Raso
(1999) 6 CLP 239
European Law, Article 90
Leo Flynn  The Essential Facilities Doctrine in the Community Courts
(1999) 6 CLP 245
Competition Law; European Law; Essential Facilities
Tony O Dwyer  The Role of the Company Secretary
(1999) 6 CLP 249
Company Law; Companies Act 1963; Company Secretary
Eugene Gallagher  Collaring The White Collar Criminal
(1999) 6 CLP 263
Commercial Law; Criminal Law; Fraud; White Collar Crime
Blanaid Clarke  Exempting or Limiting Liability in Sale
(1999) 6 CLP 267
Contract Law; Limitation Clause; Sale of Goods
Dermot Cahill  The EC Merger Regulations-A Review of Recent Developments
(1999) 6 CLP 272
European Law; Merger Regulations
D Goldberg & M Abrahamson  Securities Regulation and the Doctrine of Caveat Vendor in the USA
(1999) 6 CLP 287
International Law; Securities Regulation; Investment; Intermediaries
Paul Lambert  Section 24 of the Trade Marks Act 1996-A New Remedy for Groundless Threats
(1999) 6 CLP 293
Intellectual Property Law; Trade Mark Act 1996
G Carey & SJ Leonowicz  Litigation of Shareholder Disputes Under Woolf-Can Such Changes Yield Advantages for Ireland?
(1999) 6 CLP 300
Company Law; Shareholders; Woolf
Aine Ryall  Residential Tenancy Update: An Assessment of the Recommendations of the Commission on the Private Rented Residential Sector
(2001) 6 CPLJ 5
Tenancy Law; Residential Accommodation; Private Rented Sector
Michael Hourican  The Presumption of Undue Influence and the Relevant Duties of Solicitors
(2001) 6 CPLJ 18
Law of Succession; Undue Influence; Legal Profession; Duty of Care
Eithne Friel  Recent Changes in the Taxation of Property
(2001) 6 CPLJ 21
Revenue Law; Finance Act 2000; Finance (No 2) Act 2000; Property Tax
Aine Ryall  A Critical Appraisal of Recent Government Proposals
(2001) 6 CPLJ 31
Tenancy Law; Residential Accommodation; Private Rented Sector
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(2001) 6 CPLJ 42
Contract Law; Law of Tort; Latent Damage Claims
John Mee  The End of the Affair: The Equitable Rights of Cohabitees
(2001) 6 CPLJ 43
Law of Equity; Cohabitees
James C Wall  Moyles v Mahon, Solicitors and Undue Influence
(2001) 6 CPLJ 47
Contract Law; Legal Profession; Undue Influence
Michael Hourican  The Introduction of New Model Constructive Trusts in this Jurisdiction
(2001) 6 CPLJ 49
Law of Equity; Constructive Trusts
Siobhan Stack  Book Review: Land Law (2nd ed) by Robert A Pearce and John Mee
(2001) 6 CPLJ 51
Pearce; Mee; Land Law
Fergus Courtney  Book Review: Land Law in Ireland (2nd ed) by Andrew Lyall
(2001) 6 CPLJ 51
Lyall; Land Law
Aine Ryall  Lease or Licence? The Contemporary Significance of the Distinction
(2001) 6 CPLJ 56
Tenancy Law; Leasehold; Residential Accommodation
Michael Hourican  Section 117 Claims: Practice and Procedure to Bear in Mind
(2001) 6 CPLJ 62
Law of Succession; Succession Act 1965; Moral Duty
Fergus Courtney  The Housing (Private Rented Dwellings) Acts 1982 and 1983: Options for Tenants
(2001) 6 CPLJ 65
Tenancy Law; Housing (Private Rented Dwellings) Acts; Residential Accommodation; Private Rented Sector
James Wall  Recent Cases
(2001) 6 CPLJ 67
Specific Performance; Adverse Possession; Land Registry; Occupiers Liability
Oonagh Breen  Taxing Considerations: Levelling the Playing Fields of Charity
(2001) 6 CPLJ 76
Charity Law; Charitable Gifts; Sport
Siobhan Wills  Section 117: Out of Step with the Times
(2001) 6 CPLJ 84
Law of Succession; International Law; Succession Act 1965
John D Cooke  Locus Standi of Private Parties under Article 173(4)
(1997) 6 IJEL 4
European Law; Community Rights; Locus Standi
D Rossa Phelan & A Whelan  National Constitutional Law and European Integration
(1997) 6 IJEL 24
Constitutional Law; European Integration
J Buttimore, P Hurley & S Mc Entee  Energy and Environmental Protection in a European Perspective
(1997) 6 IJEL 65
European Environmental Law; Environmental Action Programme
Philip Lee  Procedures and Sanctions in Economic Administrative Law
(1997) 6 IJEL 99
European Law; Economic Administrative Law
P Carroll, C O Rourke & J Devlin  Law Reports
(1997) 6 IJEL 141
Jurisdiction; Brussels Convention; Interpretation; Direct Effect; Domicile
Imelda Higgins  The Free and Not So Free Movement of Goods Since Kerk
(1997) 6 IJEL 166
European Law; Free Movement of Goods
Michael L Struys  SFEI - A Missed Opportunity
(1997) 6 IJEL 181
European Law; Unnotified Aid
Konstantinos D Magliveras  Unjust Enrichment and Restitution in Community Law
(1997) 6 IJEL 190
European Law; Unjust Enrichment; Restitution
Joseph A McMahon  The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership: Making the same mistakes again?
(1997) 6 IJEL 203
European Law; Single Currency; Partnership
AM Collins, TE Smyth & V Heneghan  Law Reports
(1997) 6 IJEL 220
Costs; Discrimination; Nationality; Security for Costs; Judicial Review; Competition Law; Dominant Position
Conleth Bradley  Procedural Exclusivity in the Judicial Review of Transportation Planning
(1999) 6 IPELJ 3
Planning Law; Transportation
Bernard Dunleavy  Not in my Back Yard: Molumby & Ors v Kearn
(1999) 6 IPELJ 8
Planning Law; Nuisance
Jarlath Fitzsimons  Cause of Action where damage has been suffered as a result of the improper treatment and disposal of sewage
(1999) 6 IPELJ 11
Environmental Law; Waste Management
John Fry  Can EIA Deliver Sustainable Development?
(1999) 6 IPELJ 17
Environmental Law; Environmental Impact Assessment
Emily Farrell  Grampian Planning Conditions
(1999) 6 IPELJ 22
Planning Law; Posponed Development; Uncertainty; Compensation
John Spain  The Draft Retail Planning Guidelines
(1999) 6 IPELJ 47
Planning Law; Retail Planning
Eamon Galligan  The Duty to Give Reasons When An Bord Pleanala Rejects the Recommendation of its Inspector
(1999) 6 IPELJ 53
Planning Law; An Bord Pleanala
Michael Grace  Strategic Planning Guidelines for the Dublin Region-How They Will Affect Towns in the Hinterland
(1999) 6 IPELJ 57
Planning Law; Dublin; Development Plan
Jarlath Fitzsimons  A Decade of Waste Management in Ireland
(1999) 6 IPELJ 63
Environmental Law; Waste Management
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(1999) 6 IPELJ 84
Scannell; Clarke; Cannon; Doyle; Habitats; Environmental Law
Eugene Gribbin  Dublin: Increasing Housing Densities-The Path to Sustainability
(1999) 6 IPELJ 87
Planning Law; Residential Density; Housing
Aine Ryall  Freedom of Information Act 1997: Implications for Access to Information on the Environment-Part I
(1999) 6 IPELJ 99
Environmental Law; Freedom of Information Act 1997
Patrick Sweetman  Recent Developments in Conveyancing Practice-The European Communities (Environmental Impact Assessment) (Amendment) Regulations 1999
(1999) 6 IPELJ 110
European Environmental Law; European Communities (Environmental Impact Assessment) (Amendment) Regulations 1999
Fergal Mac Cabe  Increasing Residential Density-The Initiatives of the Government
(1999) 6 IPELJ 131
Planning Law; Residential Density; Housing
Aine Ryall  Freedom of Information Act 1997: Implications for Access to Information on the Environment-Part II
(1999) 6 IPELJ 136
Environmental Law; Freedom of Information Act 1997
James Macken  Understanding Quarries
(1999) 6 IPELJ 143
Environmental Law; Quarries
Patrick Sweetman  Recent Developments in Environmental Impact Assessment in Ireland
(1999) 6 IPELJ 147
Environmental Law; Environmental Impact Assessment
DA Cusack  Retention of Human Organs and Body Parts: Sensitivity, Legality, Communication and the Need for Legislative Reform
(2000) 6 MLJI 2
Medical Law; Human Organs
AA Sheikh & DA Cusack  Collins v Mid-Western health Board and O Connor: GPs, Hospital Doctors, Hospitals and Their Duty of Care
(2000) 6 MLJI 4
Medical Law; Duty of Care
Marcus Webb  Comments from an Adult Psychiatric Service on the Mental Health Bill 1999
(2000) 6 MLJI 14
Mental Health Law Mental Health Bill 1999
Ubaldus de Vries  The New Mental Health Bill - Failing to be Progressive
(2000) 6 MLJI 19
Mental Health Law; Mental Health Bill 1999
Mary Keys  Guarded Welcome for Mental Health Bill 1999
(2000) 6 MLJI 28
Mental Health Law; Mental Health Bill 1999
Teresa Iglesias  The Anonymous Sources of Embryos: An Ethical Appraisal
(2000) 6 MLJI 36
Medical Law; Assisted Human Reproduction
DA Cusack  The Coroner: A Radical Twenty-First century Review of an Ancient Office
(2000) 6 MLJI 52
Medical Law; Coroner
Harry Wheelan  Aspects of the Coroners System: The Public Interest
(2000) 6 MLJI 68
Medical Law; Coroner
Susan Moloney  Medical Misadventure: Compensation, Accountability and Regulating Standards of Practice
(2000) 6 MLJI 71
Medical Law; Medical Misadventure
Sean Love  Irish Medical Schools Educational Initiative on Medicine and Human Rights
(2000) 6 MLJI 77
Medical Law; Human Rights
Sean O Brian  Advancing Medical Knowledge while Protecting Human Research Subjects
(2000) 6 MLJI 79
Medical Law; Ethics
Kieran Doran  The Confidentiality of Computerised Medical Records: Legal Protection in the United States of America
(2000) 6 MLJI 83
Medical Law; International Law; Computerised Records; Confidentiality
Tom Hannigan  Conference Report: From Crime Scene to Court Room - International Conference on Forensic Science
(2000) 6 MLJI 91
Medical Law; Forensic Medicine
Harold Wheelan  Book Review: Coroners: Practice and Procedure by Brian Farrell
(2000) 6 MLJI 94
Farrell; Coroner
Anthony Finegan Adobe PDF FileProblems with Causation in Asbestos-Related Injury Litigation
(2007) COLR I
Tort; Tort Law; Causation; Duty of Care; Liabillity; Employers Liability
Eilinoir Flynn Adobe PDF FileAccess to Services for People with Disabilities - the Potential for Improved Enforcement Rights through a Personal Advocacy Service
(2007) COLR II
Welfare; Disabilities; Advocacy service; Disability Act 2005; Guardianship and Administration Act
Eleanor Leane Adobe PDF FileThe Principles of Juvenile Justice No Longer Apply When Children Commit Serious or Violent Crimes
(2007) COLR III
Criminal Law; Children; Violent crime; Jamie Bulger; Justice Principles; Juvenile Justice
Tom Flynn Adobe PDF FileCopyright Law in a Digital Age
(2007) COLR IV
IT Law; Evolution of Copyright; Apple; Microsoft; Databases; Protection of Original Works
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(2007) COLR V
Jurisprudence; House of Lords; Language; Rebuke; Check and balances;
Olufemi Amao Adobe PDF FileReflexive Law and the CSR Debate
(2007) COLR VI
Reflexive Law; Corporate Responsibility; Capitalism; Social Policy; Self-regulation
Gerard Sadlier Adobe PDF FileThe ECHR - A Victim of Its Own Success?
(2007) COLR VII
Human Rights; ECHR; UN Declaration of Human Rights; Council of Europe; Protocol 11
Michelle Buddecke Adobe PDF File"Qui facit per alium, facit per se - The Evolution of the Commercial Agent"
(2007) COLR VIII
Contract Law; Commercial Law; Agency; Actual authority; Apparent Authority
Shannon Haynes Adobe PDF File"The Statutory Rape Crisis: A judgment too far, or one that could have gone further?"
(2007) COLR IX
Criminal Law; Loop-hole; Defence of mistake; Criminal Justice; CC v Ireland
Pablo Cortes Adobe PDF FileAdapting Irish Small Claims Procedure for the E-Commerce Era
(2007) COLR X
Procedure; Small Claims Court; E-Commerce; SCP; ESCP; ADR
Stephanie Switzer Adobe PDF FileFalling Down: Unilateral Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights - A Critical Analysis of United States' Efforts to Impose Trips Plus Standards
(2007) COLR XI
IT Law; International Law; TRIPS-Plus Standards; WTO; Unilateral Enforcement; Intellectual Property Law
Brendan Ryan Adobe PDF FileJus ad Bellum in Response to Non-State Agression - State Responsibility and the Israel-Hezbollah Conflict
(2007) COLR XII
Laws of War; Self Determination; Aggressive responses; Border control; Self-defence
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(2007) COLR XIII
Contract Law; Postal Rule; Information Technology; Brinkibon; Entores
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(2006) 6(1) JSIJ 15
Criminal; Offences; Charge sheet; Summons; Law reform
David Gwynn Morgan Adobe PDF FileConstitutional and Administrative Law Framework of the Personal Injuries Assessment Board
(2006) 6(1) JSIJ 32
Constitutional; PIAB; Constitutionality; Representation; Costs
David Holland Adobe PDF FileCivil Liability and the Courts Act 2004: Some Thoughts on Practicalities
(2006) 6(1) JSIJ 43
Tort; Expert evidence; Mediation; Fraudulent actions; Witnesses
Áine Ryall Adobe PDF FileThe Residential Tenancies Act 2004: Review and Assessment
(2006) 6(1) JSIJ 60
Landlord & Tenant; Reform; Rent; Security of tenure; Dispute resolution
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(2006) 6(1) JSIJ 92
Statutory Interpretation; Extrinsic aids; Purposive approach; Exclusionary rule
Liz Heffernan Adobe PDF FileGauging the Reliability of Scientific Evidence in Tort
(2006) 6(1) JSIJ 140
Tort; Science; Expert evidence; Influence; Safeguard
Genevieve Coonan Adobe PDF FileThe Role of Judicial Research Assistants in the Decision-Making Role of the Irish Judiciary
(2006) 6(1) JSIJ 171
Legal Research; Law Clerk; Assistant; International jurisdictions; Proportionality review
Pascale Duparc-Portier Adobe PDF FileMedia Reporting of Trials in France and in Ireland
(2006) 6(1) JSIJ 197
Media; Harmonisation; Media freedom; Sociology; Press
Aoife O'Donoghue Adobe PDF FileBook Review: Kerr, "The Civil Liabilities Acts" (3rd Ed.)
(2006) 6(1) JSIJ 260
Civil Liability
Susan Denham Adobe PDF FileProposal For A Court of Appeal
(2006) 6(1) JSIJ 1
Refrom; High Court; Work load; Judges
Paul Gunning  Fair Trial and the Right to Self-Representation in International Criminal Law
(2006) 6(1) HLJ 1
Criminal; International jurisdictions; Civil law; Human rights
Patrick McEvoy  Reflections on US Opposition to the International Criminal Court
(2006) 6(1) HLJ 33
Criminal; Diplomatic conference; Negociations; Rome statute
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(2006) 6(1) HLJ 65
Constitutional; Judiciary; Interpretation; Restraint
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(2006) 6(1) HLJ 93
European; Constitution; Human rights; Immigration
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(2006) 6(1) HLJ 125
Criminal Justice; Due process rights; Criminal process; Detention; Bail; Access
Alan Del Rio  The Directive on the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights: More Base, Less Bite?
(2006) 6(1) HLJ 159
European; Burden of proof; Interim measures; Merits of case
Faye Bohan  Liability of Internet Search Engines
(2006) 6(1) HLJ 181
Internet Law; Copyright; Caching; Privacy; Defamation
Roderic O'Gorman  The Evolution of the Concept of 'Financial Solidarity' in EU Law
(2006) 6(1) HLJ 229
EU Law; Flexibility; Equal treatment; Codify;
Zeldine Niamh O'Brien  Security for Costs and Corporate Entities with Environmental Objectives
(2006) 6(1) HLJ 243
Environmental; Locus standi; Section 390; Delay; Company
Frazer Hanrahan  Software Patents: All or Nothing? A Comparison of the US and EU Approaches
(2006) 6(1) HLJ 271
Intellectual Property; Patentability; Community patent; CII Directive
Carol Sinnott  The Development of Refugee and Asylum Law in the European Union
(2006) 6(1) HLJ 287
European Law; Geneva convention; International obligations; Amsterdam treaty
Carol Daugherty Rasnic  Book review: Extradition Law in Ireland, Michael Forde
(2006) 6(1) HLJ 315
Extradition Law
Darren O'Donovan  Book review: Race Matters: An International Legal Analysis of Racial Discrimination, Anne Marie Mooney-Cotter
(2006) 6(1) HLJ 322
Human Rights
Serena Connolly  Compulsory Retirement Ages - A Thing of the Past?
(2009) 6(1) IELJ 4
Employment law; Irish equality legislation; European equality case law; Objective justification
Sam Middlemiss  Liability of Employers for Verbal Harassment in the Workplace
(2009) 6(1) IELJ 8
Employment law; Sexual harassment; Race; Disability; UK protection; Common law action
Rosemary Craig  The Stolen Child: A discussion on the ramifications of the death of Baby P with regard to employment law
(2009) 6(1) IELJ 16
Employment law; Due process; Unfair dismissal; Remedies
Alicia Compton, Maryrose Dillon  Practice and Procedure
(2009) 6(1) IELJ 25
Employment law; Representation; Pre-employment discussions; Employment Appeals Tribunal decisions
Ciarán O'Mara  European Developments
(2009) 6(1) IELJ 30
Employment law; Paid annual leave; Unpaid sick leave
Mary Redmond  The Implied Obligation of Mutual Trust and Confidence - A Common Law Action for “Unfair” Dismissal?
(2009) 6(2) IELJ 36
Employment; Contract of employment; Discretion; Wrongful dismissal
Conor Feeney  The Supreme Court and Vicarious Liability - Implications for Employers
(2009) 6(2) IELJ 43
Employment; Empolyment relationship; Change in law
Maura Connolly  Management of Employment in an Economic Downturn
(2009) 6(2) IELJ 48
Employment; Business efficiency; Consultation; Pay cuts
Mary Redmond  Employee Objections to TUPE Transfers - Key Questions
(2009) 6(3) IELJ 68
Employment; Transfer of undertaking; Statutory redundancy
Sinead Morgan  Disability Discrimination - How Far Does it Extend?
(2009) 6(3) IELJ 70
Employment; Equal status Acts; Obesity; Definition
Marguerite Bolger  Protective Measures for Pregnant Workers
(2009) 6(3) IELJ 74
Employment; Equal Treatment Directive; Pregnancy discrimination; ECJ
Frances Meenan  Regulation of Pay and Conditions of Employment
(2009) 6(4) IELJ 92
Employment; Joint labour committees; Fair procedures; Constitution; ECHR
Aimée Sweeney  Problems with the Protection of Employees (Employer's Insolvency) Act 1984
(2009) 6(4) IELJ 98
Employment; Economic downturn; Debts; Liability
Antoinette Vahey  Conflict in the Workplace and the Role of Mediation
(2009) 6(4) IELJ 104
Employment; Dispute resolution; Equality Tribunal: Labour Relations Commission: Europe
Fabio Polverino  Assessment of Coordinated Effects in Merger Control: Between Presumption and Analysis
(2006) 6(1) UCDLR 1
Competition Law; Mergers and Acquisitions, European Union Law, Standard of Proof, Market Power, Sustainable Collusion, Horizontal Merger Guidelines, Maverick, European Union Commission, Competitive Structure,
Francis Kiernan  Duelling with Dworkin: Political Morality in Constitutional Adjudication
(2006) 6(1) UCDLR 30
Jurisprudence; Ideology, Constitutional Interpretation, Separation of Powers, Freedom's Law, Judicial Confirmation,
Niamh M Mulholland  High Court Goes Bananas: An Overview of Law on Insider Dealing in Light of Fyffes v DCC
(2006) 6(1) UCDLR 48
Commercial Law; Price Sensitive Information, Stock Market, Investments, Burden of Proof,
Can V. Yeginsu  The British Constitution, Soverignty of Parliament , and the Rule of Law: Liversidge v Anderson Revisited
(2006) 6(1) UCDLR 76
Constitutional Law; National Crisis, Wartime Regulations, Parliamentary Soverignty, Judicial Interpretation
James Mulcahy  Structural Reasoning and the Relationship Between the Irish Constitution and European Law
(2006) 6(1) UCDLR 108
European Union Law; Sovereignty, Third Amendment of the Constitution, Supremacy, Necessity Clause, Crotty v An Taoiseach, Campus Oil v Minister for Industry and Commerce
Cian C Murphy  Questioning Yusuf: Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?
(2006) 6(1) UCDLR 109
European Union Law; International Law, United Nations Security Council, Jus Cogens, Institutional Competence, Counter Terrorism, Human Rights
Ellen Wiles  A Right to Artistic Blasphemy? An Examination of the Relationship between Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Religion, Through a Comparative Relationship of UK Law
(2006) 6(1) UCDLR 124
Fundamental Rights; European Convention on Human Rights, Religion, Religious Hatred, US First Amendment Rights, Artistic Expression, Discrimination
Aoife Drudy  Supreme Iraqi Criminal Tribunal: A Victory of Justice or Victor's Justice
(2006) 6(1) UCDLR 142
Criminal Law; Ba'ath Reigme, International Crimes, Fair Trial, Rule of Law, Military Occupation, Jurisdiction, Judicial Competence, Legal Representation,
Stefano Bertea  Law and legal reasoning
(2008) Vol 59 NILQ 5
Jurisprudence; Rhetoric and the Rule of Law; Neil MacCormick; legal argumentation; concept of law
Giovanni Sartor  Syllogism and defeasibility: a comment on Neil MacCormick's Rhetoric and the Rule of Law
(2008) Vol 59 NILQ 21
Jurisprudence; Rhetoric and the Rule of Law 2005; Neil MacCormick; syllogistic logic; theory construction; rule-based legal reasoning
Leonor Moral Soriano  Precedents: reasoning by rules and reasoning by principles
(2008) Vol 59 NILQ 33
Jurisprudence; Neil MacCormick; Civil law; Germany; Legal reasoning; Netherlands; Precedent; Spain
Neil MacCormick  A reply to comments on Rhetoric and the Rule of Law
(2008) Vol 59 NILQ 43
Jurisprudence; Legal reasoning; Precedent
Sean Coyle  Positivism as a statist philosophy of law
(2008) Vol 59 NILQ 49
Jurisprudence; Legal history; Legal positivism; Morals and law; Hobbes; Grotius
Andreas Ch Takis  Positivism and political obligation
(2008) Vol 59 NILQ 73
Jurisprudence; Legal positivism; Morals and law; Public common standard
Dimitrios Kyritsis  The transcendental, the existential and the ethical: Alexy and Dworkin on the foundation of rights
(2008) Vol 59 NILQ 91
Jurisprudence; Human rights; fundamental nature; Theory of rights; Philosophy
Corrado Roversi  Constitutionalism and transcendental arguments
(2008) Vol 59 NILQ 109
Jurisprudence; Legal history; Morals and law; Robert Alexy; Ronald Dworkin; Kant; Wittgenstein; Apel
Carsten Backer  The discourse-theoretic necessity of flexibility in the law
(2008) Vol 59 NILQ 125
Jurisprudence; Alexy; Ideal discourse; Legal theory
Bartosz Brozek  Revisibility versus defeasibility
(2008) Vol 59 NILQ 139
Jurisprudence; Legal reasoning; Burden of proof; Legal discourse; Theory of rules
Elizabeth Cooke  A postscript to Pye
(2008) Vol 59 NILQ 149
Property; Adverse possession; Ireland; Limitation periods; Northern Ireland; Peaceful enjoyment of possessions; Registered land
James Kirkbride  The boundaries of governance in the post-modern world
(2008) Vol 59 NILQ 161
Company Law; Corporate governance; EC law; EU
Nicola Glover-Thomas, Warren Barr  Re-examining the benefits of charitable involvement in housing the mentally vulnerable.
(2008) Vol 59 NILQ 177
Charities; Charity; Housing provision; Mentally disordered persons
Patrick Ford  A statute of unintended consequences? The impact of the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 on non-Scottish charities operating in Scotland
(2008) Vol 59 NILQ 201
Charities; Charitable purposes; Foreign companies; Registered charities; Scotland
Oonagh B. Breen  Neighbouring perspectives: legal and practical implications of charity regulatory reform in Ireland and Northern Ireland
(2008) Vol 59 NILQ 223
Charities; Charitable purposes; Charities; Ireland; Northern Ireland; Public benefit
John F. McEldowney  Paul O'Higgins (1927-2008)
(2008) Vol 59 NILQ 245
Legal Profession; Academic lawyers; Obituaries
Irene Lynch Fannon  The Corporate Social Responsibility Movement and Law's Empire: Is There a Conflict?
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 1
Company; CSR; Courts; Norm scholarship
John Cooke, David Oughton  Retailers Liability for the Acts and Words of Others - The Life of a Retailer May Not Be a Happy One . . .?
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 22
Commercial; Conformity; Standard; Extended liability; Tort; English law
Robert Thomas  Risk Legitimacy and Asylum Adjudication
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 49
Human Rights; Claims; Credibility; Country of Origin
Victoria Jenkins, Bernadette Rainey  Moving into the Mainstream: An Analysis of Regulatory Responses to Impact Assessment in Equality and Sustainable Development
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 78
Environmental; Policy Impact Assessment; Regulatory response; Judicial review
Ray Ryan, Des Ryan  Party Hosts, Intoxicated Guests and Negligence
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 98
Tort; Canadian law; Duty of care; Nonfeasance; Autonomy
Elizabeth Craig  Irish Language Education and the Council of Europe's Minority Treaties: The Monitoring of Developments in Northern Ireland
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 121
European Law; UN human rights treaties; Normative framework; UK law
Charlotte Skeet  Gender and 'Modern' Constitutionalism: The Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 142
European Law; Constitutional theory; Women; Campaigns
Kiron Reid  The Legal Implications of a National Police Force
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 167
Criminal Justice; Policy setting; Accountability; Scotland; Investigations
Lara McMurtry  Mortgage Default and Repossession: Procedure and Policy in the Post-Norgan Era
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 194
Mortgage Law; Northern Ireland; Policy; Arrears
Alice Belcher  Boundries, Corporate Decision- Making and Responsibility
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 211
Company; Corporate legal theory; Economic; Management
Piyel Haldar  The Character of the Oriental Despot in Oriental Jurisprudence
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 229
Jurisprudence; Plato; Despotism; Aristotle; Oriental jurisdictions
Anne Barlow  Configuration(s) of Unpaid Caregiving Within Legal Discourse in and Around the Family
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 251
Welfare; Marriage; Cohabitation; Parents
Simone Wong  Would You 'Care' to Share Your Home?
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 268
Property; Caregiving; Law Commission; Reform; Cohabitation
Sarah Nield  Testamentary Promises: a Test Bed for Legal Frameworks of Unpaid Caregiving
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 287
Welfare; Contractual constructs; Estoppel; Enrichment
Jo Bridgeman  Accountability Support or Relationship? Conceptions of Parental Responsibility
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 307
Welfare; Dependency; Care; Responsibility
Joanne Conaghan, Emily Grabham  Sexuality and the Citizen Carer
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 325
Welfare; Citizenship; Sexuality; Work; Family
Margarita Leon, Susan Millns  Parental, Maternity and Paternity Leave: European Legal Constructions of Unpaid Care Giving
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 343
European Law; Pregnant workers; Regulatory techniques; UK law, Spain
Ann Stewart  Who do we care about? Reflections on Gender Justice in a Global Market
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 359
International; Legal feminism; Global justice, UK, West Africa
Jane Krishnadas  Global De-valuing of Local Capacities to Care: From Rights of Redistribution to Revaluation in the Post-earthquake Reconstruction
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 376
International; Reconstruction; Resources; Rights
Richard Buckley  The March of Negligence: Has Nuisance a Future?
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 395
Tort; Immunities; Breach of duty; Causal approach
Dania Thomas  Contract, Context and Contest: Re-visiting Tito v Waddell
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 406
Contract; Marginalisation; Contracting situation; Vulnerability
Sharon Turner  Laying the Foundations for a Sustainable Northern Ireland: The Review of Environmental Governance
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 422
Environmental; Context; Terms of reference, Public participation
Jonathan Doak  One Size Fits All? The Case for Special Measures in Civil Procedings
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 459
Evidence; Vulnerable witnesses, Intimidation; Anonymity; Judicial control
Michael Haley, Lara McMurtry  Identifying an Easement: Exclusive Use, De Facto Control and Judicial Constraints
(2007) Vol 58 N.I.L.Q. 490
Property; Exclusionary use; Ouster principle
Karen Brennan  Beyond the Medical Model: A Rationale for Infanticide Legislation
(2007) Vol 58 N.I.L.Q.505
Criminal; Legislation; Mercy; Medicine
Olivier De Schutter  Three Models of Equality and European Anti-Discrimination Law
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 1
Human Rights; "Defrenne v Sabena, Equality, EU Regulation"
Colm O'Cinneide  Fumbling Towards Coherence: The Slow Evolution of Equality and Anti-Discrimination Law in Britian
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 57
Human Rights; "Anti-Discrimination, recent reforms, obstacles to development"
Aidan O'Neill  """Stands Scotland Where It Did?"": Devolution, Human Rights, and The Scottish Constitution Seven Years On"
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 102
Human Rights; "Scotland, devolution, constitutional rights development"
Ann Sherlock  "Human Rights in Post-Development Wales: For Wales, See Wales?"
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 138
Human Rights; "Wales, devolution, development, human rights development"
Judy Walsh  Unfamiliar Inequalities
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 156
Human Rights; "Irish Anti-discrimination, equality of condition, citizenship"
Francesca King  The Long Road to Human Rights Compliance
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 186
Human Rights; "The Ancien Regieme, Human Rights Act 1998, European Convention on Human Rights, implementation "
Sarah Cooke  Securing Human Rights Through Promotion and Training
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 205
Human Rights; "European Convention on Human Rights, new approach, challenges for future"
Colin Harvey  Human Rights and Equality in Northern Ireland
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 215
Human Rights; "Belfast Agreement 1998, promotion and protection of human rights, Northern Ireland"
Niall Osborough  "Bishop Dixon, The Irish Historian And The Irish Law"
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 235
Legal History; "Historical benefits from law reporting, difficulties of legal research"
Alan Dowling  Early Reported Cases On Slander Of Title
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 246
Property; "Slander of title, malicious falsehood, defamation"
Jack Anderson  The Legal Response to Prize Fighting in Nineteenth Century England and America
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 265
Criminal; "Boxing, Criminal Liability, Regulation"
Eoin O'Dell  "Liens, Necessity and Unjust Enrichment"
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 288
Property; "Equitable liens, historical, reforms, modernisation"
Brice Dickson  The Role Of Judges In The Development Of Constitutions
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 332
Constitutional; "Interpretation, freedon of action, judicial activism"
John Jackson  "Human Rights, Criminal Justice and the Future of the Common Law"
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 352
Human Rights; "Human Rights Act 1998, criminal, limitations on liberty, hierarchy of law "
John Stannard  "The Road To Shanklin Pier, Or The Leading Case That Never Was"
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 375
Tort; "Warranties, Shanklin Pier Ltd. v Detel Products Ltd., neglligence"
David Capper  The Demise of the Advocate's Immunity
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 391
Contract; "Immunity for advicates, contract damages, negligence"
Gordon Anthony  The Negligence Liability of Public Authorities
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 409
Tort; "Negligence, public authorities, European Convention on Human Rights"
Elizabeth Cooke  Adverse Posession After J.A. Pye (Oxford) Ltd v The United Kingdom
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 429
Property; "Adverse posession, registered land, squatters rights, European Court of Human Rights, reforms"
Georgina Firth  The Rape Trial and Sexual History Evidence - R v A and the (Un)Worthy Complainant
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 442
Criminal; "Rape, sexual history, Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999"
Alan Dowling  "Sublessees, Mortgages and The Docterine Of Tulk v Moxhay"
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 465
Property; "Covenants on land, restrictions, Tulk v Moxhale, enforceable burdens"
Gavin Dingwall and Laurence Koffman  "Diversion, Punishment and Restricting Human Rights"
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 478
Criminal; "Juvenile Justice, human rights, punishments"
Andrew Woodcock  "Claims For Dishonest Assistance With Breach of Trust, And Changes Made By Twinsectra v Yardley"
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 494
Equity; "accessory liability, assisting in a breach of trust, third party liability"
Fiona Beveridge  Foreign Investment in the WTO
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 513
Trade; "Legal reform, international law, multilateral trade"
Thérese Murphy and Noel Whitty  "A Question Of Defination: Feminist Legal Scholarship, Socio-Legal Studies And Debate About Law & Politics"
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 539
Administration; "Interaction of law and politics, feminism, socio-legal conflict"
Fiona Cownie  "Dressing The Part: Gender, Performance And The Culture Of Law Schools"
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 557
Education; "law and private life, clothing, stereotypes"
Margret Davies  Pluralism And Legal Philosophy
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 577
Jurisprudence; "Legal monism, socio-legal approaches, philosophy of law"
Emmanuel Melissaris  "Perspective, Critique And Pluralism In Legal Theory"
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 597
Jurisprudence; "Pluralism, failure to achieve legitimacy, community rules as law"
Roderick A. Macdonald and David Sandomierski  Against Nomopolies
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 610
Jurisprudence; "Legal subjectivities, prescriptivism, nomopolies"
Martha-Marie Kleinhans  Plural Corporate Persons: Displacing Subjects and (Re)Forming
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 634
Jurisprudence; "Pluralism, corporate identity, state duties "
Ruth Buchanan  Legitimating Global Trade Governance: Constitutional And Legal Pluralist Approaches
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 654
Jurisprudence; "transnational governance, co-existance of laws, global trade alliance, legitimacy"
Shaunnagh Dorsett & Shaun McVeigh  An Essay on Jurisdiction, Jurisprudence, and Authority: The High Court of Australia in Yorta Yorta (2001)
(2005) 56 NILQ 1
Jurisprudence; Common Law; Jurisdiction; Post Colonisation
Anthony Bradney  "The Morally Ambiguous Crowd": The Image of a Large Law Firm in "Angel"
(2005) 56 NILQ 21
Legal Profession; Television Series;
Annette Morris  Conditional Fee Agreements in Northern Ireland: Gimmick or Godsend?
(2005) 56 NILQ 38
Legal Profession; Legal Aid; Conditional Fees
Barbara Mauthe  The Notion of Sovereignty and Its Presentation Within Public Law: A Critique on the Use of Theory and Concepts
(2005) 56 NILQ 63
Public Law; Sovereignty; International Law
Lorna Fox  Trusts of the Family Home: The Impact of Oxley v Hiscock
(2005) 56 NILQ 83
Law of Equity; Family Law; Trusts of the Family Home
Simone Wong  Trusts(s) and Intention in Resolving Disputes Over The Shared Home
(2005) 56 NILQ 105
Law of Equity; Family Law; Trusts of the Family Home; Cohabitees
Lady Hale  Making a Difference? Why We Need a More Diverse Judiciary
(2005) 56 NILQ 281
Judiciary; Minorities; Equality; Representation
Joan Loughrey  The Confidentiality of Medical Records: Informational Autonomy, Patient Privacy, and the Law
(2005) 56 NILQ 293
Law of Confidence; Privacy; Health Service; Medical Law
Chris Hilson  Beyond Rationality? Judicial Review and Public Concern in the EU and the WTO
(2005) 56 NILQ 320
International Law; Judicial review; Democracy
C.E.B. Brett  Belfast Leases, Lord Donegall, and the Incumbered Estates Act, 1849
(2005) 56 NILQ 342
Legal Profession; Legal History; Records; Property Law
Alice Belcher  Board Diversity: Can Sex Discrimination Law Help?
(2005) 56 NILQ 356
Equality; Feminism; Discrimination; Company Law
Barbara Mauthe  A Critique on Legal Analysis of Local Government and the Central-Local Relationship
(2005) 56 NILQ 373
Administrative Law; Government; Local Government
Charlotte Smith  The Church of England: Some Historical Reflections on a Constitutional Conundrum
(2005) 56 NILQ 394
Administrative Law; European Convention on Human Rights; Established church; Public Authorities
Ray Ryan & Des Ryan  Resolving the Duress Dilemma: Guidance from the House Of Lords
(2005) 56 NILQ 421
Criminal Law; Duress; R. v. Hasan
Sir John Laws  Human Rights and Citizenship
(2004) 55 NILQ 1
Human Rights; Citizenship; European Convention of Human Rights
Una Woods  Rights for Cohabitees - Who Should Qualify?
(2004) 55 NILQ 8
Alan Dowling  Black, White or Grey? - The Case of the Doubtful Title
(2004) 55 NILQ 33
Property Law; Title Deeds
The Honourable Mr Justice Gillen  "O Tempora, O Mores"
(2004) 55 NILQ 55
Daniel O' Connell
Glenys Williams and Gavin Dingwall  Inferring Intention
(2004) 55 NILQ 69
Criminla Law; Intent
Niaz A. Shah Kakakhel  Honour Killings: Islamic and Human Rights Perspectives
(2004) 55 NILQ 78
Human Rights; Culture
Jo Shaw and Jean Monnet Adobe PDF FileLegal and Political Sources of the Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe
(2004) 55 NILQ 214

Lord Hutton  Reasonableness and the Common Law
(2004) 55 NILQ 242
John Harrington  "Elective Affinities" The Art of Medicine and the Common Law
(2004) 55 NILQ 259
Medicine; Medical Law
Maureen Spencer  Bureaucracy, National Security and Access to Justice: New Light on Duncan v Cammell Laird
(2004) 55 NILQ 277
Stuart R. Cross  The Community Interest Company: More Confusion in the Quest for Limited Liability?
(2004) 55 NILQ 302
Company Law; Liability
Dr. Kenneth Mullan  The Provision of Information Necessary to Determine Claims to Social Security Benefits - Kerr v Department of Social Development for Northern Ireland
(2004) 55 NILQ 320
Social Welfare
George Pavlakos  Theory and Practice in Jurisprudence: A False Dichotomy
(2004) 55 NILQ 337
Jurisprudence; Abstract theory; Practical Accounts
Sean Coyle  Facing Jorgensen's Dilemma
(2004) 55 NILQ 341
Jurisprudence; Legal Representation; Legal Argument; Rationality
Carsten Heidermann  Hans Kelsen and the Transcendental Method
(2004) 55 NILQ 358
Jurisprudence; Kant; Philosophy
Emmanuel Melissaris  Is Common Law Irrational? The Weberian 'England Problem' Revisited
(2004) 55 NILQ 378
Common Law; Jurisprudence; Lord Denning
Stefano Bertea  On Law's Claim to Authority
(2004) 55 NILQ 396
Jurisprudence; Norms; Positivitism
Sean P Donlan  "Little Better Than Cannibals": Sir John Davies and Edmund Burke on Property and Progress
(2003) 54 NILQ 1
Mark Elliott  Embracing "Constitutional" Legislation: Towards Fundamental Law?
(2003) 54 NILQ 25
Constitutional Law; Legislative Proposal;Sovereignty
Stephen Griffin  Problems In The Identification of a Company Director
(2003) 54 NILQ 43
Company Law; Directors
J Kirkbride & S Letza  Gatekeeping The CEO: The Role of Law, Self-Regulation and Internal Mechanisms
(2003) 54 NILQ 59
Company Law; Directors; Accountability
Graeme Watt  The Consideration of Public Order In The Grant of Liquor Licences
(2003) 54 NILQ 83
Licensing Laws; Public Order
Michael McCord  Paying The Consequences
(2003) 54 NILQ 87
Breach of Contract; Damages
David Capper  Orders Charging Land-Overkill In The Court Of Appeal
(2003) 54 NILQ 92
Land Law; Charge
Robin Hickey  Book Review: Private Property and Abuse of Rights in Victorian England by Michael Taggart
(2003) 54 NILQ 96
Taggart; Property Law
Dr. Kiarie Mwaura  Disqualificaton of Company Directors in Kenya
(2003) 54 NILQ 118
Company law; Disqualification
Peter Leyland  The Human Rights Act and Local Government: Keeping the Courts at Bay
(2003) 54 NILQ 136
Human Rights; European Convention of Human Rights
Clive Walker and Yaman Akdeniz  Anti-Terrorism Laws and Data-Retention: War is Over?
(2003) 54 NILQ 159
Data protection; Crime; Security
Dr. Heather Conway  Whose Funeral? Corpses and the Duty to Bury
(2003) 54 NILQ 183
Death; Burial
David Capper  The Price of Publicity
(2003) 54 NILQ 192
Publicity; Media
Rosemary Carson and Norma Dawson  The Business Tenancies (NI) Order 1996 - To Agree Or Not To Agree?
(2003) 54 NILQ 196
Business; Tenancy Law
Angus Campbell and Heather Lardy  Transsexuals - The ECHR in Transition?
(2003) 54 NILQ 209
Eurpoean Court of Human Rights; Gender
Dr. Simon Honeyball  Defences of Austinian Commands
(2003) 54 NILQ 254
Dr. Alan Dowling  Adverse Possession and Unincorporated Associations
(2003) 54 NILQ 272
Adverse possession; property law; business
Alice Belcher  Employers' Liablilty for Work-Related Stress
(2003) 54 NILQ 289
Employers Liablilty; Stress; Workplace
Sheila Dziobon  The Court of Appeal Defines Embryo 'Suitability'
(2003) 54 NILQ 311
Assisted Human Reproduction; IVF; Genetics
David Capper  The Condition of Abortion Law in Northern Ireland
(2003) 54 NILQ 320
Pregnancy; Abortion
Julie McCandless  Shamoon v Chief Constable of the RUC - What is Says About the Contemporary Legal Position of Unlawful Sex Discrimination
(2003) 54 NILQ 327
Discrimination, Gender
Beverley McLachlin  Can Human Rights Put an End To Social Strife?
(2003) 54 NILQ 339
Human Rights; Social Policy
Dr. Neville Cox  Civil Liability fro Foul Play in Sport
(2003) 54 NILQ 351
Law of Torts; Liability; Sport
Brian Jack  Implementing European Agricultural Law in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland: A Common Policy
(2003) 54 NILQ 377
European Law, Agriculture
Dr Peter Billings  Refugees, The Rule of Law and Executive Power: A(nother) Case of the Conjuror's Rabbit?
(2003) 54 NILQ 412
Refugee Law; Prerogative; Rule of Law
Dr Kenneth Mullan  Soaial Fund Funeral Payments, Close Relatives and the Burden of Proof
(2003) 54 NILQ 430
Death; Welfare Law
Clare Fox  New Hope for the Criminal Justice Review? A Commentary on the Implementation Process
(2003) 54 NILQ 438
Criminal Law; Criminal Justice System
David Capper  The Legal Services Commisson - Brave New World for Legal Aid
(2003) 54 NILQ 447
Legal Aid; Legal Profession
Michael Keating  Plurinational Democracy in a Post-Sovereign Order
(2002) 53 NILQ 351
Democracy; Nationalism; Sovereignty
Philip A Thomas  September 11th And Good Governance
(2002) 53 NILQ 366
Terrorist Law; Rule of Law
Tom Zwart  Comparing Standing Regimes From A Separation Of Powers Perspective
(2002) 53 NILQ 391
Constitutional Law; Locus Standi
Peter Leyland  Devolution, the British Constitution and the Distribution of Power
(2002) 53 NILQ 408
Devolution; Governance
Amanda Sloat  Reconfiguring Scottish Politics: Domestic Governance v European Influence
(2002) 53 NILQ 435
Constitutional Law; Governance
Robin Wilson  Private Partners and the Public Good
(2002) 53 NILQ 454
Administrative Law; Devolution; Program for Government
Cathal McCall  From Barrier to Bridge: Reconfiguring the Irish Border After the Belfast Good Friday Agreement
(2002) 53 NILQ 479
Constitutional Law; Good Friday Agreement; Northern Ireland
Ronan Keane  Murder: The Mental Element
(2002) 53 NILQ 1
Criminal Law; Murder; Mens Rea
Joseph A McMahon  The Common Agricultural Policy: From Quantity to Quality
(2002) 53 NILQ 9
European Law; Common Agricultural Policy
R Carson & N Dawson  Willing Landlords, Unresponsive Business Tenants
(2002) 53 NILQ 28
Landlords; Commercial Leases
Lucy Ann Buckley  Matrimonial Property and Irish Law: A Case for Community?
(2002) 53 NILQ 39
Family Law; Family Property; Distribution of Assets
Martina Gillen  The Policy of Promotion: The Clash of Rights in Sex Education Law
(2002) 53 NILQ 77
Local Government Act 1988; Sex Education; Homosexuality
David Capper  The Enforcement of Judgments for Possession of Land
(2002) 53 NILQ 90
Property Law; Possession
Norma Dawson  Compensation for Disturbance Under the Business Tenancies (NI) Order 1996-Some Queries
(2002) 53 NILQ 100
Business Tenancies (Northern Ireland) Order 1996; Commercial Leases
Gordon Anthony  Book Review: Legitimate Expectations in Administrative Law by Soren Schonberg
(2002) 53 NILQ 106
Schonberg; Administrative Law
Brian Sherrard  Case Management-The Civil Justice Reform Group's Approach
(2002) 53 NILQ 109
Legal Systems; Civil Justice Reform Group
Judge Hart  Complexity, Delay and Cost-The County Courts in Northern Ireland
(2002) 53 NILQ 125
Court Systems; Northern Ireland
David Capper  Personal Injury Litigation-The Case for Legal Aid
(2002) 53 NILQ 137
Law of Tort; Personal Injuries; Legal Aid
Richard Moorehead  CFAs: A Weightless Reform of Legal Aid
(2002) 53 NILQ 153
Legal Systems; Legal Aid
Les Allamby  Legal Aid Reform: A View From The Voluntary Sector
(2002) 53 NILQ 167
Legal Systems; Legal Aid; Voluntary Sector
David Smyth  An Excellent Service and A Catalyst for Change? The Future Provision of Criminal Defence Services in Northern Ireland
(2002) 53 NILQ 179
Legal Systems; Criminal Defence Services; Legal Aid
Lord Walker  Mary and Jodie-The Case of the Conjoined Twins
(2002) 53 NILQ 195
Medical Law; Medical Treatment; Best Interests; Consent
Stephen Griffin  The Disqualification of Unfit Directors and The Protection of The Public Interest
(2002) 53 NILQ 207
Company Law; Company Director Disqualification Act 1986
Steve Foster  The Protection of Human Rights In Domestic Law: Learning Lessons From The European Court of Human Rights
(2002) 53 NILQ 232
Human Rights Law; European Court of Human Rights
Jean Howell  Subterranean Land Law: Rights Below The Surface of Land
(2002) 53 NILQ 268
Land Law; Property Rights; Ownership of Land
Robin M White  Nationality, Citizenship and The Meaning of Naturalisation: Brubaker, The United Kingdom, EU Citizens, Third-Country Nationals and The European Union
(2002) 53 NILQ 288
European Law; Nationality; Citizenship
Andrew Harper  Mortgagees: Bankruptcy of O Brien Husbands
(2002) 53 NILQ 318
Property Law; Mortgages; Bandruptcy
Marie Lynch  Political Adjudication or Statutory Interpretation-Robinson v Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
(2002) 53 NILQ 327
Politics; Northern Ireland
Adrian Guelke  Book Review: Understanding Corruption in Irish Politics by N Collins and M O Shea
(2002) 53 NILQ 338
Collins; O Shea; Politics
Brian Jack  Book Review: The Legal System of Northern Ireland by Brian Jack
(2002) 53 NILQ 340
Jack; Legal Systems; Northern Ireland
Jo Winter  Book Review: The Judicial Role in Criminal Proceedings by S Doran and J Jackson
(2002) 53 NILQ 342
Doran; Jackson; Criminal Law; Judiciary
Mark Elliot  Book Review: Judicial Review of Administrative Action: A Comparative Analysis by Hilary Delany
(2002) 53 NILQ 343
Delany; Administrative Law; Judicial Review
Brian Cian O Neill  Book Review: Libel Law-A Journalist's Handbook by Damien McHugh
(2002) 53 NILQ 346
McHugh; Law of Tort; Libel
Lorna Fox  Book Review: Charity Law in Northern Ireland by K O Halloran and R Cormacain
(2002) 53 NILQ 347
O Halloran; Cormacain; Charity Law; Northern Ireland
Rodney Brazier  How Near is a Written Constitution?
(2001) 52 NILQ 1
Constitutional Law
Lorna Fox  Co-ownership of matrimonial Property: Radical Proposals for Reform
(2001) 52 NILQ 20
Property Law; Co-ownership; Marital Property
Richard Rawlings  Quasi-Legislative Devolution: Powers and Principles
(2001) 52 NILQ 54
Constitutional Law; Legislation
Warren Barr  Frustration of Leases-The Hazards of Contractualisation
(2001) 52 NILQ 82
Property Law; Leases
Paul Buggy  Transfer of Undertakings Law: Back to Confusion
(2001) 52 NILQ 98
Contract for Services; Transfer of Undertakings
Karen Blair  Book Review: View Point: A Point of View on Rights of View by John Greed
(2001) 52 NILQ 103
Greed; View
Mark Blackett-Ord  Book Review: Partnership Law by Michael Twomey
(2001) 52 NILQ 104
Twomey; Partnership; Company Law
Stephen Sedley  Wringing Out The Fault: Self-Incrimination In The 21st Century - The Mac Dermott Lecture
(2001) 52 NILQ 107
Criminal Law; Self-Incrimination
Benjamin Andoh  The Legal Implications of Passive Smoking At Home
(2001) 52 NILQ 127
Medical Law; Smoking
David Milman  Contemporary Themes In Debtor Rehabilitation
(2001) 52 NILQ 145
Revenue Law; Debts
John Stannard  Retaliation Catharsis And The Criminal Process
(2001) 52 NILQ 162
Criminal Law; Retaliation
Brian Childs  An Excellent Mystery Or Just another Fine Mess?
(2001) 52 NILQ 182
Contract Law; Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982; Fair Trading; Building Services
Faye Boland  Compulsory Detention and the General Practitioner in Irish Mental Health Law: Armour Or Weapon In Wrongful Committals?
(2001) 52 NILQ 205
Mental Health Law; Detention
John Finlay  Book Review: A History of The Kings Serjeants At Law In Ireland by A R Hart
(2001) 52 NILQ 220
Hart; Legal History
Adrian Quirke  Book Review: The Politics of Transition: A Hidden History of South Africa's Negotiated Settlement by M Chaskalson and R Spitz
(2001) 52 NILQ 221
Chaskalson; Spitz; Legal History; International Law
Norma Dawson  Book Review: The Statutory Regulation of Business Tenancies by Michael Haley
(2001) 52 NILQ 223
Haley; Tenancy; Business
John E Stannard  Book Review: Criminal Liability by Finbarr Mc Auley & Paul Mc Cutcheon
(2001) 52 NILQ 225
Mc Auley; Mc Cutcheon; Criminal Liability
Austen Morgan  What Bill of Rights?
(2001) 52 NILQ 234
Human Rights Law; Bill of Rights
Stephen Livingston  The Need for a Bill of rights in Northern Ireland
(2001) 52 NILQ 269
Human Rights Law; Bill of Rights; Northern Ireland
Ursula Kilkelly  Children's Rights in the Bill of Rights; Meeting or Exceeding International Standards?
(2001) 52 NILQ 286
Human Rights Law; Children; Bill of Rights
Maggie Beirne  Equality Issues
(2001) 52 NILQ 296
Equality Law; Bill of Rights; Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission
Paul Mageean  Issues of Criminal Justice: Working Group on Criminal Justice
(2001) 52 NILQ 303
Criminal Law; Trial; Young Offenders; Pre-trial Rights; Custody; Release Dates
C O Murchadha & L Reynolds  A Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland: Language Issues in Context
(2001) 52 NILQ 309
Human Rights Law; Bill of Rights; Language
Brian Stephen Gormally  Victims and The Bill of Rights
(2001) 52 NILQ 316
Human Rights Law; Victims; Bill of Rights
E Craig & L Lundy  Education Rights in the Bill of Rights
(2001) 52 NILQ 325
Constitutional Law; Education; Bill of Rights
Les Allamby  Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
(2001) 52 NILQ 335
Human Rights Law; Economic Rights; Social and Cultural Rights
Colin Harvey  The Implementation of a Bill of Rights in Northern Ireland
(2001) 52 NILQ 342
Human Rights Law; Northern Ireland; Bill of Rights
Christopher Mc Crudden  Not The Way Forward: Some Comments On The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commissions Consultation Document
(2001) 52 NILQ 372
Human Rights Law; Northern Ireland
Rachel Murray  The Importance of a Bill of Rights in Northern Ireland as a Process: Comparative Reflections from South Africa
(2001) 52 NILQ 385
Human Rights Law; International Law; Northern Ireland; Bill of Rights
Norma Dawson  Heirlooms: The Evolution of a Legal Concept
(2000) 51 NILQ 1
Property Law; Heirlooms
R A Buckley  Negligence in the Public Sphere: Is Clarity Possible?
(2000) 51 NILQ 25
Law of Tort; Negligence
David Smyth  Deferral of Sentence: Principles, Practice and Proposals
(2000) 51 NILQ 48
Court Proceedings; Sentencing
Sharon Turner  Modernising the Regulation of Water Pollution in Northern Ireland
(2000) 51 NILQ 65
Environmental Law; Pollution; Northern Ireland
Desmond M Clarke  Nationalism, The Irish Constitution, and Multicultural Citizenship
(2000) 51 NILQ 100
Constitutional Law; Nationalism; Citizenship
Lisa Glennon  Questioning the Legal Status of Unincorporated Associations
(2000) 51 NILQ 120
Company Law; Unincorporated Associations
M Milner & K Syrett  Personal Pensions and The Financial Services authority: New Chapter or Same Old Story?
(2000) 51 NILQ 140
Finance Law; Pension
M Milner & K Syrett  Personal Pensions and the Financial Services Authority: New Chapter or Same Old Story?
(2000) 51 NILQ 141
Finance Law; Pension
Richard J Goldstone  Past Human Rights Violations-The Mac Dermott Lecture
(2000) 51 NILQ 164
Human Rights Law; Human Rights Violations
E Grant & JG Small  Disadvantage and Discrimination: The Emerging Jurisprudence of the South African Constitutional Court
(2000) 51 NILQ 174
Constitutional Law; International Law; Discrimination
Sheena Grattan  Of Lame Ducks, Black Sheep and Family Bonding
(2000) 51 NILQ 198
Family Law
Sharon Turner  Modernising the Regulation of Water Pollution in Northern Ireland-Part II
(2000) 51 NILQ 230
Environmental Law; Pollution
Carl F Stychin  Grant-ing Rights: the Politics of Rights, Sexuality and European Union
(2000) 51 NILQ 281
European Law; Rights; Politics
Joseph Savirimuthu  The Model of Social Relations: Strategic Behaviour, Trust and Loyalty
(2000) 51 NILQ 303
Social Relations
R Costigan & PA Thomas  Anonymous Witnesses
(2000) 51 NILQ 326
Law of Evidence; Witness; Anonymity
Lord Reed  Internationalism and Tradition-Some Thoughts on Incorporating Human Rights
(2000) 51 NILQ 365
Human Rights Law; Irish Incorporation
Conor Gearty  Democracy and Human Rights in the European Court of Human Rights: A Critical Appraisal
(2000) 51 NILQ 381
Human Rights Law; European Court of Human Rights; Democracy
Jane Liddy  Article 8: The Pace of Change
(2000) 51 NILQ 397
European Law; Article 8; Change
Aileen Mc Colgan  Women and The Human Rights Act
(2000) 51 NILQ 417
Human Rights Law; Women; Human Rights Act 1998
C Harvey & S Livingstone  Protecting The Marginalised: The Role of the European Convention on Human Rights
(2000) 51 NILQ 445
Human Rights Law; European Convention on Human Rights
Ursula Kilkelly  The Human Rights Act 1998: Implications for the Detention and Trial of Young People
(2000) 51 NILQ 466
Human Rights Law; Criminal Law; Human Rights Act 1998; Detention; Young Offenders;
Olivier De Schutter  Waiver of Rights and State Paternalism Under The European Convention on Human Rights
(2000) 51 NILQ 481
Human Rights Law; European Convention on Human Rights; State Paternalism
Andrew Keay  Insolvency Law: A Matter of Public Interest?
(2000) 51 NILQ 509
Company Law; Insolvency
Kay Goodall  What Defines the Roles of A Judge? First Steps Towards the Construction of a Comparative Method
(2000) 51 NILQ 535
Constitutional Law; Judiciary; Judicial Function
John E Stannard  A Presumption and Four Burdens
(2000) 51 NILQ 560
Criminal Law; Presumption of Innocence; Evidence; Burden
Neville Cox  Causation, Responsibility and Fetal Personhood
(2000) 51 NILQ 579
Medical Law; Causation; Personhood
Ben Pontin  Tort Interacting With Regulatory Law
(2000) 51 NILQ 597
Law of Tort; Regulatory Law
David Capper  Final Report Of The Civil Justice Reform Group-Still Keeping Woolf From The Door
(2000) 51 NILQ 619
Civil Justice Reform
Ian Ward  Citizens and Legislators of the World
(2000) 51 NILQ 630
Legal Systems; International Law; Citizen; Legislators
AR Hart  Book Review: English Criminal Justice In The Nineteenth Century by David Bently
(2000) 51 NILQ 647
Bently; Criminal Law
William Twinning  Mapping Law: The Mac Dermott Lecture
(1999) 50 NILQ 12
Mapping Law
Carol Daugherty Rasnic  The US Constitution, The Supreme Court and Capital Punishment: Should the USA put the Death Penalty to Death>
(1999) 50 NILQ 50
Criminal Law; International Law; Capital Punishment; Death Penalty
Donal O Donnell  Constitutional Background to and Aspects of the Good Friday Agreement-A Republic of Ireland Perspective
(1999) 50 NILQ 76
Constitutional Law; Good Friday Agreement; Northern Ireland
Alan Dowling  Can Roses Survive on Registered Land?
(1999) 50 NILQ 90
Property Law; Registered Land
Oonagh Breen  Landlord and Tenant-A New Lease of Life for the Doctrine of Specific Performance
(1999) 50 NILQ 102
Housing Law; Rented Accommodation; Specific Performance
Heather Conway  Nearly, But Not Quite-Partition Actions in the Wake of Article 48 of the Property (NI) Order 1997
(1999) 50 NILQ
Property Law; Partition; Property (NI) Order 1997
Craig Dunford  Recent Developments in the Law Relating to Abuse of Process and the End of the Right to be Non-Suited: The Effect of Arbuthnot Latham v Trafalgar Holdings and Gilham v Browning
(1999) 50 NILQ 132
Court Proceedings; Abuse of Process; Equity
Lorna Fox  Receipt of Rent and Waiver of Leasehold Covenants: An Equitable Approach?
(1999) 50 NILQ 140
Property Law; Leasehold; Covenants; Rent
John Smith  Joint Enterprise and Secondary Liability
(1999) 50 NILQ 153
Company Law; Joint Enterprise; Secondary Liability
Clive Walker  The Commodity of Justice in States of Emergency
(1999) 50 NILQ 164
Constitutional Law; State of Emergency; Justice
John Murphy  Making Private Violence Public
(1999) 50 NILQ 186
Criminal Law; Violence
John E Stannard  Punishment and Public Relations
(1999) 50 NILQ 204
Criminal Law; Punishment; Public Relations
C Stefanou & H Xanthaki  The Principle of the Effective Protection of the Individual in EC Law and the Dialectic of European Integration Theory
(1999) 50 NILQ 212
Human Rights Law; European Integration
Alison Dunn  Surrendering to Trust
(1999) 50 NILQ 234
Law of Equity; Trust
Maria O Neill  The Brussels Convention: A Still Born Child
(1999) 50 NILQ 243
Brussels Convention
Caroline Fennell  Article Review: Sex and Gender in the Legal Process by Susan Edwards
(1999) 50 NILQ 254
Criminal Law; Gender; Legal Feminism
Carol Daugherty Rasnic  Book Review: Death at Midnight by D A Cabana
(1999) 50 NILQ 272
Cabana; Capitol Punishment
J Paul Mc Cutcheon  Book Review: Public Heroes, Private Felons: Athletes and Crimes Against Women by J Benedict
(1999) 50 NILQ 276
Benedict; Drug Offences; Sports; Women
T P Kennedy  Book Review: European Business Litigation by A Mayss & A Reed
(1999) 50 NILQ 278
Mayss; Reed; Business; European Law
Clive Walker  Book Review: Telecommunications Law Handbook by J Angel & I Walden
(1999) 50 NILQ 279
Angel; Walden; Telecommunications
Steve Hedley  How Has The Common Law Survived The 20th Century?
(1999) 50 NILQ 283
Common Law; Legal History
Alison Dunn  Charity Law As A Political Option For The Poor
(1999) 50 NILQ 298
Charity Law; Politics
Richard Kidner  A History of The Fatal Accident Acts
(1999) 50 NILQ 318
Legal History; Fatal Accident Acts
Alan Dowling  The Liability Of Personal Representatives Under Leases
(1999) 50 NILQ 336
Property Law; Leasehold; Personal Representative
Dana Mc Cusker  Liability For Omission Under The lex Aquilia
(1999) 50 NILQ 380
Law of Tort; Damage to Property; Omission; Lex Aquilia
Maria Lee  Civil Liability For Contamination: Blue circle Industries PLC v Ministry of Defence
(1999) 50 NILQ 403
Environmental Law; Contamination
John E Stannard  Book Review: The Digest of Justinian: Two Volume Set by Watson
(1999) 50 NILQ 416
Watson; Justinian; Legal History
Marc Mc Donald  Book Review: Liquor Licensing Laws of Northern Ireland by Mc Brien
(1999) 50 NILQ 419
Mc Brien; Licensing Laws; Northern Ireland
Anthony Ogus  Reflections on the Development in Britain of Interdisciplinary Approaches to Law: Utility and Disutility
(1999) 50 NILQ 421
International Law; Legal Systems; Interdisciplinary Approaches
David Capper  Keeping Woolf from the Door-The Reform of Civil Procedure in Northern Ireland
(1999) 50 NILQ 434
Civil Procedure; Northern Ireland
David Jabbari  Radical Particularism: A Natural Law of Context
(1999) 50 NILQ 454
Natural Law; Particularism
Steven Wheatley  The NATO Action Against The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia: Humanitarian Intervention in the Post-Cold War Era
(1999) 50 NILQ 478
International Law; Humanitarian Intervention
Lisa Glennon  Extending the Role of the Committee in an Unincorporated Association-A Separate Duty of Care to Members and Visitors
(1999) 50 NILQ 515
Company Law; Unincorporated Association; Committee; Duty of Care
Colin J Harvey  The Politics of Legality
(1999) 50 NILQ 528
Legal Systems; Politics; Legal Doctrine
F Breen & P Mac Entee Adobe PDF FileThe Right to Silence after Lavery v Member in Charge Carrick-macross Garda Station
(1999) 5 (1) BR 6
Constitutional Law; Criminal Law; Offences Against the State (Amendment) Act 1998; Right To Silence
Colm O hOisin  Tribunals of Inquiry: Clash of Adversarial and Inquisitorial Cultures
(1999) 5 (1) BR 10
Administrative Law; Tribunals
John Cooke  European Judicial Architecture: Back to the Drawing Board
(1999) 5 (1) BR 14
European Law; Judiciary
Donal O Sullivan  Minimum Notice: Boland v Ward Reconsidered
(1999) 5 (1) BR 20
Labour Law; Minimum Notice and Terms of Employment Act 1973
Adele Murphy  Irish Legal Websites
(1999) 5 (1) BR 31
Legal Resources; Internet
Rory Mulcahy  The Immigration Act, 1999; An Overview
(1999) 5 (1) BR 35
Refugee Law; Immigration Act 1999
Brian Spierin  Admissibility of Extrinsic Evidence in the Construction of Wills
(1999) 5 (1) BR 38
Law of Succession; Wills; Extrinsic Evidence
TJ Mc Intyre  Freedom of Information in Europe
(1999) 5 (1) BR 41
European Law; Freedom of Information Act 1997
Diarmuid Mc Guinness  Book Review: Education and the Law by Dympna Glendenning
(1999) 5 (1) BR 46
Glendenning; Education
Cormac Corrigan  Book Review: The Property Rights of Cohabitees by John Mee
(1999) 5 (1) BR 49
Mee; Property Law; Cohabitees
Rory Brady  The New Discovery Rules
(1999) 5 (2) BR 58
Court Proceedings; Rules of the Superior Courts 1986; Discovery
James Macken  The Planning and Development Bill, 1999
(1999) 5 (2) BR 60
Planning Law; Planning and Development Bill 1999
Adrian Twomey  Sexual Harassment
(1999) 5 (2) BR 64
Labour Law; Employment Equality Act 1998; Sexual Harassment
Karen Murray Adobe PDF FileThe Data Protection Directive and Privacy on the Internet
(1999) 5 (2) BR 69
European Law; Information Technology Law; Data Protection; Internet; Privacy
Carrie-Jane Canniffe  Outsourcing: The Legal Issues
(1999) 5 (2) BR 85
Information Technology; Outsourcing
Stephen Glanville  Discovery in Aid of Execution
(1999) 5 (2) BR 90
Court Proceedings; Discovery; Judgment Creditors
Master James Flynn & Tony Halpin  Taxation of Fees
(1999) 5 (2) BR 93
Revenue Law; Taxation; Fees
Prionnsias O Cillin  Land Registration: A New Model
(1999) 5 (2) BR 97
Land Law; Land Registration; ; Information Technology; Internet
Mary Rose Gearty  Book Review: Criminal Law by P Charleton, PA Mc Dermott & M Bolger
(1999) 5 (2) BR 100
Charleton; Mc Dermott; Bolger; Criminal Law
Marguerite Bolger  Enforcing Claims under the Employment Equality Act, 1998
(1999) 5 (3) BR 110
Labour Law; Employment Equality Act 1998; Employment Law; Equality
Adrian Twomey  Sexual Harassment
(1999) 5 (3) BR 114
Labour Law; Employment Equality Act 1998; Sexual Harassment
Mary Honan  Equal Pay Claims under the Employment Equality Act, 1998
(1999) 5 (3) BR 117
Labour Law; Employment Equality Act 1998; ; Equality; Pay
Marcus Dowling  Disability Discrimination under the Employment Equality Act, 1998
(1999) 5 (3) BR 121
Equality Law; Employment Equality Act 1998; Disability
Brian Cregan Adobe PDF FileCompetition Law Reform
(1999) 5 (3) BR 124
Competition Law; Reform
Donnacha O Conaill  ICCL Conference on Equality
(1999) 5 (3) BR 126
Equality Law; Employment Equality Act 1998; Equal Status Bill 1999
Leila Anglade  Developing International Arbitration in Ireland
(1999) 5 (3) BR 143
International Arbitration
James Macken  The Planning and Development Bill, 1999
(1999) 5 (3) BR 148
Planning Law; Planning and Development Bill 1999
Mark Dunne  Publicans Liability for Injuries Off the Premises
(1999) 5 (3) BR 152
Law of Tort; Publicans Liability; Personal Injuries; Intoxication
Adele Murphy  Microsoft v US Dept of Justice
(1999) 5 (3) BR 158
Competition Law; Antitrust Litigation; Information Technology
John Trainor  Book Review: Holiday Law in Ireland by Nathan Buttimore
(1999) 5 (3) BR 161
Buttimore; Holiday Law
Paul Anthony Mc Dermott  Defences to Corporate Criminal Liability
(2000) 5 (4) BR 170
Criminal Law; Company Law; Corporate Criminal Liability; Defences
Grainne Mullan  Disclosure in Criminal Cases
(2000) 5 (4) BR 174
Criminal Law; Disclosure
Anthony Whelan Adobe PDF FileEU Citizenship and Freedom of Movement
(2000) 5 (4) BR 179
European Law; Citizenship; Free Movement of Persons
Ann Bateman  Trade Marks and the Internet
(2000) 5 (4) BR 203
Information Technology Law; Internet; Trade Marks; Domain Names
Eileen Barrington  Public Procurement Litigation
(2000) 5 (4) BR 207
Administrative Law; Public Procurement
Ronan Kennedy  Injuncting the Arbitral Process?
(2000) 5 (4) BR 211
Arbitration; Injunctions; Interm Relief
Gillian Reid  Section 117: the moral duty where testator and child are in dispute
(2000) 5 (4) BR 215
Property Law; Succession Act 1965; Section 117
James Doherty  Book Review: The Enforcement of Judgments by Stephen Glanville
(2000) 5 (4) BR 220
Glanville; Enforcement; Judgments
Benedict O Floinn  Book Review: The Irish Reports: Tuairisci Speisialta 1980-1998 arna chur in eagar ag Seamus O Tuathail
(1999) 5 (3) BR 221
Irish Language; Irish Reports
Siobhan Ni Chulachain  Wardship: Time for Reform
(2000) 5 (5) BR 239
Wardship; Ward of Court; Jurisdiction
Imelda Maher  Trade Marks and International Exhaustion
(2000) 5 (5) BR 243
European Law; Intellectual Property Law; Trade Marks
Bernard Dunleavy  Settlements in Joint Debtor Actions
(2000) 5 (5) BR 263
Company Law; Settlement; Joint Debtors
Conor Power  The Equal Status Bill, 1999
(2000) 5 (5) BR 267
Equal Status Bill 1999
Sara Phelan Adobe PDF FileInstitution of Proceedings and the Statute of Limitations
(2000) 5 (5) BR 272
Court Proceedings; Statute of Limitations (Amendment) Act 1991
John Furlong  Trends in Legal Information Provision
(2000) 5 (5) BR 277
Legal Resources; Information Technology; Internet
Benedict O Floinn  Book Review: Bunreacht Na hEireann: A Study of the Irish Text by Micheal Cearuil
(2000) 5 (5) BR 281
Cearuil; Constitutional Law
Eugene Regan  EU Sanctions against Austria
(2000) 5 (6) BR 290
European Law; Sanctions; International Law
Pauline Walley  Recent Developments in Contempt of Court
(2000) 5 (6) BR 296
Court Proceedings; Contempt of Court
Crionna Creagh  Property in the Dead Body
(2000) 5 (6) BR 302
Property Law; Body
Blanaid Clarke  Agreements to Negotiate
(2000) 5 (6) BR 323
Contract Law; Negotiations; Enforcement
John Quirke  Tribunals and the Judicial Function
(2000) 5 (6) BR 328
Administrative Law; Tribunals; Judiciary
Ruth Cannon  The Lease/Licence Distinction
(2000) 5 (6) BR 332
Property Law; Lease; Licence
Adele Murphy Adobe PDF FileLegal Regulation of E-Commerce
(2000) 5 (6) BR 336
Information Technology Law; Electronic Commerce; Internet
Sean Gillane  Book Review: Sentencing Law and Practice by Thomas O Malley
(2000) 5 (6) BR 342
O Malley; Sentencing
Colm O Dwyer  The Copyright Bill and the Music Industry
(2000) 5 (7) BR 350
Copyright Law; Copyright Bill 1998; Music
Jonathan Newman  Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Non-convention Cases
(2000) 5 (7) BR 354
International Law; Foreign Judgments; Enforcement; Jurisdiction
Maria Colbert  Regulating Artificial Reproductive Technologies
(2000) 5 (7) BR 360
Medical Law; Assisted Human Reproduction
Mark Dunne  Nervous Shock and Secondary Victims
(2000) 5 (7) BR 383
Law of Tort; Nervous Shock; Secondary Victim
Ivana Bacik  The Sex Offenders Bill 2000
(2000) 5 (7) BR 387
Sex Offenders Bill 2000; Criminal Law; Sexual Offence
Patrick O Reilly Adobe PDF FileInternational Mutual Assistance in the Criminal Sphere
(2000) 5 (7) BR 390
International Law; Criminal Law; Jurisdiction
Michael Mc Grath Adobe PDF FileAppropriating the Assets of Failed Companies: Tracing in Equity into a Diminished Fund
(2000) 5 (7) BR 393
Law of Equity; Assets; Tracing; Money Markets International Stockbrokers Ltd., Re
Eugene Regan  Book Review: Competition Law Alignment Reform by Imelda Maher
(2000) 5 (7) BR 400
Maher; Competition Law
Patrick Leonard  Irish Libel Law and the European Convention on Human Rights
(2000) 5 (8) BR 410
Law of Tort; European Convention on Human Rights; Libel
Blathna Ruane Adobe PDF FileSeparation of Powers and Mandatory Orders Enforcing Constitutional Rights
(2000) 5 (8) BR 416
Constitutional Law; Separation of Powers; Rights
Constance Cassidy  The Intoxicating Liquor Bill, 2000
(2000) 5 (8) BR 423
Licensing Laws; Intoxicating Liquor Bill 2000
Paul Anthony Mc Dermott  Litigating for the Pepsi Generation
(2000) 5 (8) BR 443
Contract Law; Offer; Acceptance
John Smith  Ground Rents Reform
(2000) 5 (8) BR 447
Housing Law; Landlord and Tenant (Ground Rent) (Abolition) Bill 2000; Rent Reform
Sara Moorhead  The MIBI Agreement and its compliance with EU law
(2000) 5 (8) BR 450
Insurance Law; European Law; Incorporation
Jennifer Aston  Developments in Irish Electronic Publishing
(2000) 5 (8) BR 453
Information Technology; Electronic Commerce
Alex White  Book Review: Working Within the Law-A Practical Guide for Employers and Employees by Frances Meenan
(2000) 5 (8) BR 458
Meenan; Employment Law
Mark J Dunne  Book Review: Company Law (3rd ed) by Michael Forde
(2000) 5 (8) BR 458
Forde; Company Law
John Connolly  Book Review: Bloody Sunday and the Rule of Law in Northern Ireland by Dermot PJ Walsh
(2000) 5 (8) BR 458
Walsh; Bloody Sunday; Northern Ireland
John L O Donnell Adobe PDF FileThe Jury on Trial: Reflections on DPP v Haugh
(2000) 5 (9) BR 470
Court Proceedings; Juries
P Charleton & PA Mc Dermott Adobe PDF FileConstitutional Implications of Plea Bargaining
(2000) 5 (9) BR 476
Constitutional Law; Plea Bargaining
Declan Murphy Adobe PDF FileExaminerships after the Companies (Amendment) (No2) Act, 1999
(2000) 5 (9) BR 482
Company Law; Companies(Amendment) (No 2) Act 1999; Examinership
Mark Dunne Adobe PDF FileEmployers Liability for Employee Stress
(2000) 5 (9) BR 503
Law of Tort; Employers Liability; Stress; Workplace
Laurence Mc Mahon  The Death of the Technical Defence to Judgment Mortgages
(2000) 5 (9) BR 506
Property Law; Judgment Mortgages
Paddy Dillon-Malone  Mrs Nevins Pictures - A European Gloss
(2000) 5 (9) BR 510
European Law; European Court of Human Rights; Media
Darius Whelan  Internet Discussion Groups for Lawyers
(2000) 5 (9) BR 515
Legal Resources; Internet; Discussion Groups
Harold A Whelehan  CCBE Review
(2000) 5 (9) BR 518
Legal Profession; Professional Body
Kim Fitzgerald  Book Review: Takeovers and Mergers Law in Ireland by Blanaid Clarke
(2000) 5 (9) BR 521
Clarke; Takeovers; Mergers; Company Law
Kerida Naidoo  Book Review: The Confiscation of Criminal Assets: Law and Procedure edited by J Paul Mc Cutcheon and Dermot P Walsh
(2000) 5 (9) BR 522
Criminal Assets; Proceeds of Crime
Brian Hutchinson  Taking Security Over Cash Deposits: The House of Lords Confirms the Conceptual Possibility of Charge-Backs
(1998) 5 CLP 3
Security Law; Deposits
Brian Bohan  Buying a Business-Legal and Taxation Aspects: Part 2
(1998) 5 CLP 10
Company Law; Taxation Law
Patrick O Callaghan  Set-Off on Insolvency
(1998) 5 CLP 20
Company Law; Insolvency
RJ White  Performance Bonds: Surety Bonds and Demand Guarantees Distinguished
(1998) 5 CLP 35
Contract Law; Commercial Contracts; Bonds
Ciaran O Meara  European Social Policy After Amsterdam
(1998) 5 CLP 42
Treaty of Amsterdam; Social Policy
John Breslin  Banks as Fiduciaries
(1998) 5 CLP 47
Banking Law; Fiduciary Duties
Denis Kelleher  Licensing Software
(1998) 5 CLP 51
Information Technology Law; Software
Noel Travers  The Value Added Taxation of Arbitrators' Services
(1998) 5 CLP 59
Arbitration; Taxation of Services
Kevin Langford  The Classification of Workers: Employees and Independent Contractors
(1998) 5 CLP 63
Labour Law; Independent Contractors
Frank Beatty  Value Added Tax-Entitlements to Credit Inputs by Way of Deduction on Commercial Leases
(1998) 5 CLP 70
Revenue Law; Commercial Leases
TB Courtney  Book Review: Table A Articles of Association by Rosalind Nicholson
(1998) 5 CLP 84
Nicholson; Articles of Association; Company Law
Julian Conlon  The Role of the Irish Lawyer in US offerings by Irish Companies
(1998) 5 CLP 87
Company Law; Legal Profession; International Law
Blanaid Clarke  The Hampel Committee Report on Corporate Governance and the New Super Code
(1998) 5 CLP 93
Company Law; Corporate Governance
Eunice O Raw  Prey of the Protected: Competition Actions Against Undertakings within the Remit of Article 90
(1998) 5 CLP 96
Competition Law; Undertakings
Paul Lavery  National Irish Bank v RTE-The Defence of Public Interest in Irish Law
(1998) 5 CLP 111
Law of Tort; Breach of Conficence; Defences; Public Interest
Louise Carey  Trade Marks and the Internet
(1998) 5 CLP 115
Intellectual Property Law; Trade Marks; Internet
John Gaffney  The European Company Statute: A Case of All Kinds of Everything
(1998) 5 CLP 119
Company Law; European Law
Peter Curran  Legal Aspects of the Transition to Euro
(1998) 5 CLP 135
Single Currency; Euro
Fergus O Rourke  A Look at Utmost Good Faith
(1998) 5 CLP 140
Contract Law; Insurance Law; Good Faith
Oonagh Breen  The Competition Authority and the Effect of the Freedom of Information Act 1997
(1998) 5 CLP 144
Competition Law; Freedom of Information Act 1997
William Johnston  Book Review: Consumer Credit Law by Timothy C Bird
(1998) 5 CLP 156
Bird; Consumer Credit Law
Brian Walker  Creditors Rights to have Directors Restricted-A New Development
(1998) 5 CLP 159
Company Law; Directors; Creditors
Blanaid Clarke  The Investor Compensation Act 1998
(1998) 5 CLP 164
Financial Law; Investor Compensation Act 1998
Ravi Chandran  Restraint of Trade-Some Recent Developments
(1998) 5 CLP 168
Contract Law; Restraint of Trade
Hugh O Neill  Book Review: Banking and Security Law in Ireland by William Johnston
(1998) 5 CLP 184
Johnston; Banking Law; Security Law
Kevin Hoy  Quick, Quick, Slow? The Government Payment Dance
(1998) 5 CLP 187
Dermot Cahill  The EC Merger Regulation-Recent Amendment and Reform: Part I
(1998) 5 CLP 193
European Law; Merger Regulations
Eunice O Raw  Prey of the Protected: Why Some Undertakings are Given Protection from Competition
(1998) 5 CLP 198
Competition Law; Undertakings
John Breslin  Credit Derivatives: The Need for Legislative Clarification
(1998) 5 CLP 219
Financial Law; Credit
Geoffrey Shannon  Employers Liability and Safety Management: Part I
(1998) 5 CLP 224
Labour Law; Employers Liability; Health and Safety
Dermot Cahill  The EC Merger Regulation-Recent Amendment and Reform: Part II
(1998) 5 CLP 229
European Law; Merger Regulations
TB Courtney  Book Review: Banking Law in the Republic of Ireland by John Breslin
(1998) 5 CLP 244
Breslin; Banking Law
David Hardiman  Settlement of Actions
(1998) 5 CLP 247
Commercial Litigation; Settlements
Thomas B Courtney  Receiverships in Ireland in the Wake of Demite Ltd v Protec Health Ltd
(1998) 5 CLP 255
Company Law; Receivership
Geoffrey Shannon  Employers Liability and Safety Management: Part II
(1998) 5 CLP 262
Labour Law; Employers Liability; Health and Safety
Adele Murphy  The Intellectual Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1998-Presumptions and Penalties
(1998) 5 CLP 268
Intellectual Property Law; Intellectual Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1998
John L O Donnell  Examinerships after Springline-Another Line in the Sand
(1998) 5 CLP 279
Company Law; Examinership
Ciaran O Mara  The Impact of European Health and Safety Legislation on the Irish Construction Sector-Part I
(1998) 5 CLP 282
European Law; Health and Safety; Construction Industry
Hugh Garvey  Restricting Directors-Recent Case Law on Section 150 of the Companies Act 1990
(1998) 5 CLP 289
Company Law; Companies Act 1990; Directors
Siobhan Stack  Agreement on a Deposit as an Essential Term in a Contract for the Sale of Land: A Note on Shirley Engineering Ltd v Irish Telecommunications Plc
(2000) 5 CPLJ 6
Contract Law; Deposit; Sale of Land
Patrick O Callaghan  Liability for Subsidence
(2000) 5 CPLJ 10
Law of Tort; Subsidence
James C Wall  Mc Ardle v Donoghue; Incompletely Constituted Trust
(2000) 5 CPLJ 17
Law of Equity; Trust
Inge Clissman  Book Review: The Property Rights of Cohabitees by John Mee
(2000) 5 CPLJ 19
Mee; Property Law; Cohabitees
Patrick O Callaghan  Guidance on the Giving of Solicitors Undertakings in Conveyancing Matters
(2000) 5 CPLJ 26
Undertaking; Conveyancing
Aine Ryall  Residential Tenancies: Trends in Compliance and Enforcement; the Housing (Registration of Rented Houses) (Amendment) Regulations 2000
(2000) 5 CPLJ 30
Tenancy Law; Housing(Registration of Rented Houses) (Amendment) Regulations 2000
Michael Hourican  The Running of Time in Succession Law: Gleeson v Feehan and Purcell
(2000) 5 CPLJ 34
Law of Succession; Running of Time
James C Wall  Recent Cases: Egan v Greene; Ulster Bank Ltd v Crawford & Crawford; Estates of Kennedy & Kennedy
(2000) 5 CPLJ 42
Property Law; Adverse Possession; Mortgage; Succession
Michael D Higgins  Book Review: In the Land Commission: A Memoir 1933-1978 by Patrick J Sammon
(2000) 5 CPLJ 45
Sammon; Land Commission; Public Service
Oonagh Breen  Registration of Title and Overriding Interests-Another Crack in the Mirror?
(2000) 5 CPLJ 52
Property Law; Land Law; Title
Peter Bland  Parks & Open Spaces
(2000) 5 CPLJ 58
Property Law; Public Property
Michael P Mc Grath  The Early Disposal of Unwinnable Claims
(2000) 5 CPLJ 67
Court Proceedings; Unwinnable Claims
James C Wall  Blackall v Blackall; Honiball v Mc Grath
(2000) 5 CPLJ 74
Property Law; Partition; Proprietary Right
Sean Quinn  The Planning and Development Act 1999: A Novel and Radical Use of Planning Legislation
(2000) 5 CPLJ 80
Planning Law; Planning and Development Act 1999
Alexander Owens  A Note on Renewals of Small Short Term Business Tenancies
(2000) 5 CPLJ 84
Tenancy Law; Commercial Leases
Siobhan Stack  Liability in Negligence for Defective Buildings: Accrual of the Cause of Action
(2000) 5 CPLJ 87
Law of Tort; Negligence; Building Defect
Edward C Hughes  The Provision of Emergency Accommodation for Travellers
(2000) 5 CPLJ 90
Housing Law; Traveller Accommodation
Fergus Courtney  Landlord and Tenant (Ground Rent Abolition) Bill 2000 and Notices to Quit
(2000) 5 CPLJ 93
Tenancy Law; Landlord and Tenant (Ground Rent Abolition) Bill 2000; Notice to Quit
Michael Hourican  Testamentary Capacity
(2000) 5 CPLJ 95
Law of Succession; Testamentary Capacity
James C Wall  Moran v Orchanda; Gunne Estate Agents (Dublin) Ltd v Pembroke Estate Management Ltd; Mongan & Ors v South Dublin County Council & Ors
(2000) 5 CPLJ 100
Sale of Land; Lease; Traveller Accommodation
Siobhan Stack  Book Review: Restrictive Covenants and Freehold Land: A Practitioners Guide by Andrew Francis
(2000) 5 CPLJ 105
Francis; Covenant; Land
Tom R Phillips  Select Review of Planning Appeal Decisions-The Proposed National Gallery Extension
(1998) 5 IPELJ 3
Planning Law; Planning Appeal
John Fry  The Amended EIA Directive 1997
(1998) 5 IPELJ 7
Environmental Law; Environmental Impact Assessment Directive 1997
Alan Doyle  Environmental Impact and Who Assesses What
(1998) 5 IPELJ 13
Environmental Law; Environmental Impact Assessment
Tom Flynn  Book Review: Environmental Law by Bell and Bell
(1998) 5 IPELJ 39
Bell; Environmental Law
Michael O Connell  Remedies for Light Intrusion in Irish Law after Fleming v Rathdown School Trust
(1998) 5 IPELJ 43
Planning Law; Light Intrusion;
Aine Ryall  Access to Information on the Environment
(1998) 5 IPELJ 48
Environmental Law; Freedom of Information
Tom Flynn  The Criminal Liability of Companies in Environmental Law
(1998) 5 IPELJ 52
Environmental Law; Corporate Criminal Liability
Owen Mc Intyre  The Concept of Causing in Environmental Offences
(1998) 5 IPELJ 57
Environmental Law; Environmental Offences
Patrick Sweetman  Recent Developments in Conveyancing Practice-The New Building Control Regulations 1997
(1998) 5 IPELJ 69
Conveyancing; Building Control
Eamon Galligan  The Regulation of Supermarket Development-The 1998 Shopping Directive
(1998) 5 IPELJ 87
Planning Law; Shopping Directive 1998; Supermarket Development
Tom Flynn  Injunctions and Environmental Law
(1998) 5 IPELJ 91
Environmental Law; Injunctions
Garrett Simons  Planning and Travellers: Housing (Traveller Accommodation) Act 1998
(1998) 5 IPELJ 98
Planning Law; Housing Law; Housing (Traveller Accommodation) Act 1998
Patrick Sweetman  Recent Developments in Conveyancing Practice-Special Areas of Conservation
(1998) 5 IPELJ 105
Conveyancing; Conservation
Garrett Simons  Lancefort Ltd v An Bord Pleanala
(1998) 5 IPELJ 131
Planning Law; Planning Appeals
Colm Mac Eochaidh  DublinÆs Draft Development Plan
(1998) 5 IPELJ 134
Planning Law; Development Plan
Berna Grist  Building Conservation under the Planning Code
(1998) 5 IPELJ 140
Planning Law; Conservation
George Taylor  Oral Hearings, Public Registers and Environmental Democracy in Ireland: Me thinks thou do'st protest too much
(1998) 5 IPELJ 143
Environmental Law; Public Register
Alan Doyle  IPC Licenses
(1998) 5 IPELJ 152
Planning Law; Licensing
Declan Brassil  Select Review of Appeal Decisions-Holiday Homes and Related Facilities at Ventry, Dingle
(1998) 5 IPELJ 156
Planning Law; Planning Appeals; Holiday Homes
Denis A Cusack  Patient Autonomy: Perpetual Myth or Achievable Reality?
(1999) 5 (1) 2
Medical Law; Autonomy
M Webb & D O Leary  What is Firm Remission?
(1999) 5 MLJI 4
Medical Law; Discharge; Firm Remission
Deirdre Madden  Is There a Right to a Child of One's Own?
(1999) 5 MLJI 8
Medical Law; Assisted Human Reproduction; Reproductive Technology; Rights
Vivian Kelly  An Analysis of the Medical Basis for Assessing Hearing Loss in Army Deafness Compensation Cases
(1999) 5 MLJI 14
Medical Law; Army Deafness
Helen Buckley  Child Protection: Conflicting Legal and Medical Perspectives
(1999) 5 MLJI 18
Medical Law; Family Law; Child Protection
Asim A Sheikh  Owning Life: New Frontiers in Patent Law, Genetics and Biotechnology?
(1999) 5 MLJI 23
Medical Law; Patents; Assisted Human Reproduction; Reproductive Technology
Niall Hill  Asbestos-related Disease Claim
(1999) 5 MLJI 31
Medical Law; Asbestos
Asim Sheikh  Book Review: Principles of Medical Law edited by Ian Kennedy and Andrew Grubb
(1999) 5 MLJI 47
Medical Law
Kieran Mc Grath  Book Review: Child Protection Practices in Ireland-A Case Study by H Buckley, C Skehill & E O Sullivan
(1999) 5 MLJI 47
Buckley; Skehill; O Sullivan; Child Protection
Owen Mc Intyre  Mental Health: the case for reform
(1999) 5 MLJI 53
Mental Health Law
Dolores Dooley  Assisted Reproduction: the pursuit of consensus?
(1999) 5 MLJI 65
Medical Law; Assisted Human Reproduction
Ciaran Craven  Litigation Against Psychiatrists 1997-1999
(1999) 5 MLJI 70
Medical Law; Mental Health Law; Psychiatry
Dermot Mc Dermott  On the Development of a Guide to Standards of Best Practice for Pharmacists in Ireland
(1999) 5 MLJI 76
Medical Law; Pharmaceuticals; Practice Standards
Susan Moloney  Dealing with Medical Negligence Claims: a review of options for reform
(1999) 5 MLJI 79
Medical Law; Medical Negligence
Thomas Leigh  Judge for Yourself: Who is to Blame? A common medico-legal dilemma explained
(1999) 5 MLJI 84
Medical Law; Liability; Causation
Pauline Leavy  Report on the 12th Annual meeting of the International Association for Chemical Testing
(1999) 5 MLJI 98
Medical Law; Chemical Testing
Maria J Colbert  Book Review: Coroners Law and Practice in Northern Ireland by John L Leckey and Desmond Greer
(1999) 5 MLJI 98
Leckey; Greer; Coroner
Art O Connor  Book Review: Psychiatry and the Law by Patricia Casey & Ciaran Craven
(1999) 5 MLJI 99
Casey; Craven; Mental Health Law
Tom Finlay Adobe PDF FileThe Role of the Judge
(2005) 5(1) JSIJ 1
Judiciary; Judicial Function; Courts System
Anthony Carroll  Child Psychiatrists as Expert Witnesses
(2005) 5(1) JSIJ 125
Expert Witnesses; Court System; Children
Kieran McGrath Adobe PDF FileProtecting Irish Children Better - The Case for an Inquisitorial Approach in Child Care Proceedings
(2005) 5(1) JSIJ 136
Court System; Children; Child Abuse; Children's Rights
Frank Martin Adobe PDF FileThe Changing Face of Family Law in Ireland
(2005) 5(1) JSIJ 16
Family Law; Definition of "Family"; Divorce
Geoffrey Shannon Adobe PDF FileThe Internationalisation of Irish Family Law
(2005) 5(1) JSIJ 42
Family Law; European Law; Brussels II
Kees Waaldijk Adobe PDF FileOthers May Follow: The Introduction of Marriage, Quasi Marriage and Semi-Marriage for Same-Sex Couples in European Countries
(2005) 5(1) JSIJ 104
Family Law; Definition of "Family"; Cohabitation
John Gaffney Adobe PDF FilePleading EC Law in Irish Litigation: A Case Study
(2005) 5(1) JSIJ 153
European Law; Court System; European Integration
Ronan Kennedy Adobe PDF FileExtra-Judicial Comment by Judges
(2005) 5(1) JSIJ 199
Judiciary; Media; Judicial Discretion
J. Paul McCutcheon & Laraine Hanlon Adobe PDF FileCourt of Criminal Appeal 2002-2004 Principles and General Themes
(2005) 5(1) JSIJ 213
Criminal Law; Court System; Court of Criminal Appeal; Criminal Process
Paul Carney Adobe PDF FileThe Central Criminal Court: The Limerick Experience
(2005) 5(2) JSIJ 1
Criminal Law; Jury; Intimidation; Legal History
Cedric Fullwood Adobe PDF FileCrime, Courts and Confidence: The Challenge to Change
(2005) 5(2) JSIJ 11
Criminal Justice System; Prison; Sentencing
Julian V. Roberts Adobe PDF FileReducing the Use of Custody as a Sanction: A Review of Recent International Experiences
(2005) 5(2) JSIJ 21
Criminal Justice System; Prison; Sentencing; Alternative Punishments
David Smyth Adobe PDF FileCurrent Developments in Youth Conferencing, and in Restorative Justice in Northern Ireland
(2005) 5(2) JSIJ 41
Criminal Justice System; Sentencing; Restorative Justice
Ian O'Donnell Adobe PDF FilePutting Prison in its Place
(2005) 5(2) JSIJ 54
Criminal Justice System; Prison; Sentencing; Alternative Punishments
Dermot Walsh Adobe PDF FileThe Principle Deficit in Non-Custodial The Principle Deficit in Non-Custodial Sanctions
(2005) 5(2) JSIJ 69
Criminal Justice System; Prison; Sentencing; Alternative Punishments
Paul A. McDermott Adobe PDF FileThe Duty to Seek Out, Preserve and Disclose Evidence to the Defence
(2005) 5(2) JSIJ 80
Law of Evidence; European Convention on Human Rights; Fair trial; Police
Paul A. McDermott Adobe PDF FileThe Impact of the Human Rights Act 2003 on Criminal Law
(2005) 5(2) JSIJ 99
Criminal Law; European Convention on Human Rights; COnstitutional Law
Gerard Coffey Adobe PDF FileRaising the Pleas in Bar Against a Retrial for the Same Criminal Offence
(2005) 5(2) JSIJ 124
Criminl Law; Double Jeopardy; Retrial
Sally Anne Hinfey  Database Copyright and Sui Generis Rights: "Creating" a Problem for the Labourer
(2005) 5 UCDLR 1
Intellectual Property; Copyright; Economic security; Database; US
Ciarán Lawlor  Conscience of the Nation: Socio-economicRights and the Irish Constitution
(2005) 5 UCDLR 34
Constitutional; Bunreacht na hÉireann; Article 45; Private affluence
Shane Ryan O'Brien  Symptoms of Insecurity: Banks, Sureties and Third Party Undue Influence
(2005) 5 UDCLR 69
Financial; Debts; Wives; Undue Influence
Aoife Nic Lochlainn  Parallel Importing of Pharmaceuticals in the EU: A Case for the Exceptional Treatment of Pharmaceuticals as Regards Application of the Doctrine of Exhaustion of Intellectual Property Rights
(2005) 5 UCDLR 103
Intellectual Property; European pharmaceutical market; Parallel importing; Currency
Karl Browne, Steffen Mohnfeld  Time Up - National Time Limits and the Enforcement of Community Law Rights
(2005) 5 UCDLR 131
European Law; ECJ; Supremacy; Direct effect; Remedies
John Francis Curry  Fame and Privacy: Mutually Exclusive - A Comparative Analysis
(2005) 5 UCDLR 155
Privacy Law; Entertainment; United States; England; Ireland; ECHR
John Curran  Victimisation: A new remedy for employees
(2008) 5(1) IELJ 4
Employment Law; Post-employment; Employment equality; Equality officer
Dominic Wilkinson  Workplace investigations: Factors that contribute to a fair procedure being conducted
(2008) 5(1) IELJ 14
Employment Law; Investigation; Misconduct; Complaint
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(2008) 5(1) IELJ 19
Employment Law; Unfair dismissal; Part-time workers; Fixed term
Alicia Compton, Maryrose Dillon  Practice and Procedure
(2008) 5(1) IELJ 29
Employment Law; Parallel claims; Statutory tribunal; Courts; Equality tribunal
Tom Mallon  Recent Developments in Employment Injunctions
(2008) 5(2) IELJ 48
Employment Law; Dismissal; Injunction; Damages
Clíona Kimber, Eithne O'Doherty  Transfer of Undertakings - Perspectives from litigation
(2008) 5(2) IELJ 56
Employment Law; Obligations; Rights; Employees; Transferor; Perspectives
Rosemary Craig JP   Where the River Lagan Flows - Is there a Right?
(2008) 5(2) IELJ 63
Employment Law; ECHR; Labour Law; Rights; Employees; Northern Ireland
Alicia Compton, Maryrose Dillon  Practice and Procedure
(2008) 5(2) IELJ 76
Employment Law; Employment appeals tribunal; Claim; Evidence; RCT
Ciarán O'Mara  European Developments
(2008) 5(2) IELJ 80
Employment Law; Fixed-term work; Contracts; Labour Court; Impact
Maeve Regan  Agency Workers - Status and Rights
(2008) 5(3) IELJ 86
Employment Law; The Protection of Employees (Agency Workers) No. 2 Bill 2008; Trade unions; negociations
Emma Callanan   The Practical Implications of the Taxation of Severance Payments
(2008) 5(3) IELJ 89
Employment Law; Statutory duties; taxation; termination payments; revenue; exemptions
Barry Reynolds  When Equal Treatment is not Enough - A Review of Recent Decisions in the Management of International Workers
(2008) 5(3) IELJ 94
Employment Law; Schumacker; Rasaq; Czerski; Goode
Tony Kerr  Legislative Developments
(2008) 5(3) IELJ 103
Employment Law; European Communities (Cross-Border Mergers) Regulations 2008 (S.I. No. 157 of 2008); Civil Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2008
Alicia Compton, Maryrose Dillon  Practice and Procedure
(2008) 5(3) IELJ 104
Employment Law; Wrongdoing in the workplace; Proportionate response; re-instatements; re-engagements
Ercus Stewart, Tom Fahey, Clíona Kimber  Bullying and the Workplace
(2008) 5(4) IELJ 114
Employment law; Personal injury; Duty of care; Breach of contract; Dismissal
Claire Bruton  Retirement Age and the Unfair Dismissals Act
(2008) 5(4) IELJ 121
Employment law; Normal retirement age; Pension; Exclusion
Alicia Compton, Maryrose Dillon  Practice and Procedure
(2008) 5(4) IELJ 129
Employment law; Internal disciplinary process; Fair procedures; Justiciable claims; Discretionary remedies
Ciarán O'Mara  European Developments
(2008) 5(4) IELJ 133
Employment law; Temporary agency workers; Maternity leave; Discrimination by association
David Langwallner  The Restrictive Doctrine of Administrative Unreasonableness: Time for O’Keefe to Go?
(2009) 5 ILR 2
Administrative Law; Interpretation; Human Rights Protection; Anxious scrutiny
Laura Cahillane  Disciplining Judges: The Special Position of District Court Judges
(2009) 5 ILR 14
Constitutional Law; Misbehaviour; Discipline; Judiciary
Ross Aylward  Book Review: Carol Coulter, Family Law in Practice: A Study of Cases in the Circuit Court
(2009) 5 ILR 23
Family Law
Louise Kelly  Book Review: Constance Cassidy & Michael McGrath, The Licensed Trade: A User’s Handbook
(2009) 5 ILR 23
Ciara Fitzgerald  Book Review: Dermot PJ Walsh, Human Rights and Policing in Ireland: Law, Policy and Practice
(2009) 5 ILR 24
Human Rights
Joan Donnelly  Book Review: Elaine Fahey, Practice and Procedure in Preliminary References to Europe: 30 Years of Article 234 EC Caselaw from the Irish Courts
(2009) 5 ILR 25
European Law
Rodney Brazier  New Labour, New Constitution?
(1998) 49 NILQ 1
Constitutional Law; Labour
MM Corbett  Extending the Reach of Justice: The Role of the Aquilian Action in South African Law
(1998) 49 NILQ 23
International Law; Jurisdiction; Aquilian Action
RE Bell  Confiscation Orders under the Proceeds of Crime Legislation
(1998) 49 NILQ 38
Criminal Law; Proceeds of Crime; Criminal Assets; Confiscation Orders
Clare Mc Glynn  An Exercise in Futility: The Practical Effects of the Social Policy Opt-Out
(1998) 49 NILQ 60
Social Policy
David Capper  Book Review: Against the Death Penalty: The Relentless Dissents of Justices Brennan and Marshall by Mello
(1998) 49 NILQ 73
Mello; Death Penalty; Capital Punishment
Gavin Dingwall  The Home Office, the Prison Service and the Recalculation of Release Dates for Multiple Offenders
(1998) 49 NILQ 74
Criminal Law; Prison Service; Release Dates
Ruth Lavery  Book Review: The Abuse of Women within Childcare Work by O Hagan and Dillenburger
(1998) 49 NILQ 75
O Hagan; Dillenburger; Women Childcare; Abuse
Alison Duinn  Book Review: Teaching Lawyers Skills by Webb and Maughan
(1998) 49 NILQ 79
Webb; Maughan; Legal Profession; Legal Resources
Brian Childs  Book Review: Civil Liability for Industrial Accidents by White
(1998) 49 NILQ 82
White; Civil Liability; Industrial Accident
Michael Davies  Selective Non-Treatment of the Newborn: In Whose Best Interests? In Whose Judgment?
(1998) 49 NILQ 82
Medical Law; Medical Treatment; Newborn
Joseph Savirimuthu & Anne Scott  Corporate Nullification: A Health Warning for Company Directors!
(1998) 49 NILQ 94
Company Law; Nullification
Jennifer Temkin  Book Review: Colinvauxs Law of Insurance by Merkin
(1998) 49 NILQ 100
Merkin; Insurance Law
John Birds  Book Review: Sexual Offences: Law, Policy and Punishment by Thomas O Malley
(1998) 49 NILQ 101
O Malley; Sexual Offences; Criminal Law
Brian Childs  Book Review: Medical and Dental Negligence by Dickson
(1998) 49 NILQ 102
Dickson; Medical Negligence; Dental Negligence
Peter Jaffey  A New Version of the Reliance Theory
(1998) 49 NILQ 107
Contract Law; Freedom of Contract; Reliance Theory; Classical Theory
Richard Mullender  Parliamentary Sovereignty, the Constitution, and the Judiciary
(1998) 49 NILQ 138
Constitutional Law; Sovereignty; Judiciary
Ian Ward  Literature and the Legal Imagination
(1998) 49 NILQ 167
Literature; Interpretation
Claire Archbold  The Children Order (1995): S v S and the Commencement Conundrum
(1998) 49 NILQ 180
Family Law; Children Order (1995)
Aine Maxwell  Book Review: LPC Business Law by Slorach and Ellis
(1998) 49 NILQ 183
Slorach; Ellis; Business Law
Stephen Greer  Book Review: Human Rights in Eastern Europe by Pogany
(1998) 49 NILQ 186
Pogany; Human Rights; Europe
Stephen Greer  Book Review: Protecting Human Rights in Africa by Welch
(1997) 48 NILQ 186
Welch; International Law; Human Rights
Gordon Anthony  Book Review: Blackstone's Public Law Statutes 1996/7 by Wallington and Lee
(1998) 49 NILQ 188
Wallington; Lee; Public Law; Legislation
Urfan Khaliq  Transsexuals in the European Court of Human Rights: X, Y and Z v UK
(1998) 49 NILQ 191
European Law; Human Rights; Transsexuals
Nicholas Hopkins  Regulating Exclusive Purchase Agreements in Mortgages
(1998) 49 NILQ 202
Property Law; Mortgages; Exclusive Purchase Agreements
David Capper  The Duties of a Plaintiff with an Anton Piller Order
(1998) 49 NILQ 210
Anton Piller Order; Mareva Injunctions
JE Parkinson  Book Review: Company Law: Theory, Structure and Operation by Cheffins
(1998) 49 NILQ 214
Cheffins; Company Law
David Capper  Book Review: The Mareva Injunction and Related Orders by Hoyle
(1998) 49 NILQ 216
Hoyle; Mareva Injunction
Brian Childs  Book Review: Textbook on Consumer Law by Oughton and Lowry
(1998) 49 NILQ 217
Oughton; Lowry; Consumer Law
AR Hart  Fighting Fitzgerald: Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know-An Eighteenth Century Murder Trial
(1998) 49 NILQ 221
Legal History; Murder
S Wheeler & G Wilson  Corporate Law Firms and the Spirit of Community
(1998) 49 NILQ 239
Corporate Law; Limited Liability Partnership; Legal Profession
Alan Dowling  Under Which King Bezonian? Succession to the Hertford Irish Estates in 1870
(1998) 49 NILQ 267
Legal History; Succession
AIL Campbell  Equal Treatment in Transition
(1998) 49 NILQ 292
Equality Law; Equal Treatment Directive; Discrimination
Ray Murphy  Book Review: Achieving Civil Justice: Appropriate Dispute Resolution for the 1990s by Smith
(1998) 49 NILQ 315
Smith; Dispute Resolution
Kieran Mc Evoy  Book Review: International Feminist Perspectives in Criminology: Engendering a Discipline by Rafter and Heidensohn
(1998) 49 NILQ 317
Rafter; Heidensohn; Criminal Law; Feminism
J Lowry & R Edmunds  Squatting in Suburbia: A Tale of Discontinuance
(1998) 49 NILQ 318
Property Law; Adverse Possession; Discontinuance
Caroline Sawyer  Book Review: Blackstone's Statutes on Family Law 1996/7 by Oldham
(1998) 49 NILQ 318
Oldham; Family Law; Legislation
Francesco Seatzu  Jurisdiction Agreements under Article 17(1)(c) of the Brussels Convention
(1998) 49 NILQ 327
Brussels Convention; Jurisdiction
John Dickie  When and Where are Electronic Contracts Concluded?
(1998) 49 NILQ 332
Contract Law; Online Contracts
Carol Rasnic  Book Review: Death in the Dark: Midnight Executions in America by Bessler
(1998) 49 NILQ 335
Bessler; Death Penalty; Capital Punishment
Norma Dawson  Trade Mark Law and the Creation and Preservation of Well-Known Brands
(1998) 49 NILQ 343
Intellectual Property Law; Trade Marks
Matthew Chapman  Common Law Contract and Consent
(1998) 49 NILQ 363
Common Law; Contract Law; Consent
B Doherty & S O Keefe  Justice Denied: Delay in Criminal Cases
(1998) 49 NILQ 385
Criminal Law; Delay
Linda Clark  Maternity Rights in the United Kingdom: Not So Special or Equal
(1998) 49 NILQ 406
International Law; Maternity Rights
Catherine Quinn  Book Review: Criminal Chaos: Seven Crises in Irish Criminal Justice by O Mahony
(1998) 49 NILQ 416
O Mahony; Criminal Law; Justice
Ursula O Hare  The Future of Positive Action in the European Union: The Marschall Case
(1998) 49 NILQ 426
European Law; Equal Treatment Directive; Discrimination; Gender
Craig Dunford  A Question of Policy: An Examination of Esso Petroleum v Milton
(1998) 49 NILQ 436
Public Policy; Payments; Direct Debits; Cheques
David Capper  Administration Difficulties
(1998) 49 NILQ 442
Company Law; Insolvency
Eric Barendt  Book Review: Law and the Media by Mc Gonagle
(1998) 49 NILQ 449
Mc Gonagle; Media
KL Morrow  Book Review: Judicial Review by Mc Leod
(1998) 49 NILQ 451
Mc Leod; Judicial Review
Eoin Carolan  Constitutionalising Discourse: Democracy, Freedom of Expression and the Future of Press Regulation
(2014) 49(1) JUR 1
Constitutional Law; Leveson Inquiry, European Convention on Human Rights, Democratic Government, Article 40.6.1 of the Constitution, Elections, Limitation of Rights,
Neville Cox  The Future of the Reynolds Defence in Irish Defamation Law following the Defamation Act 2009
(2014) 49(1) JUR 28
Tort Law; Public Interest Journalism, Reynolds v Times Newspapers, Section 26 of the Defamation Act 2009, Article 10 of the Europan Convention on Human Rights, Privilege, Hunter v Duckworth, Malice,
Marie Luce Paris  Paving the Way: Adjustments of Systems and Mutual Influences between the Euopean Court of Human Rights and European Union Law before Accession
(2014) 49(1) JUR 59
European Union Law; Judicial Review, Accession, Bosphorus Doctrine, Transposition of EU Law, Equivalent Protection, Comm European Asylum System, EU Legal Order, Living Instrument, Consensus,
Andrea Mulligan  Constitutional Parenthood in the Age of Assisted Reproduction
(2014) 49(1) JUR 90
Medical Law; In Vitro Fertilisation, Genetics, Commission on Assisted Human Reproduction, Surrogacy, Article 41 of the Constitution, Sperm Donors, Best Interests of the Child, Guardianship, Fathers' Rights, International Human Rights Law, Identity of GeneticParents
Nóra Ní Lionsigh  Judicial Dissent in Ireland: Theory, Practice and the Constraints of the Single Opinion Rule
(2014) 49(1) JUR 123
Administration of Justice; Thirty-third Amendment of the Constitution (Court of Appeal) Act 2013, Legal Theory, Fallibility, Comparative Jurisdictions, Article 26 of the Constitution, Norris v Attorney General,
Miriam Keane  From Gloucester to Judicature: Tracing the Roots of the Indemnity Rule on Costs
(2014) 49(1) JUR 149
Litigation; Civil Procedure, Ord.99 of the Rules of the Superior Courts, Legal Costs, Legal History, Statute of Gloucester, Judicial Discretion, Certiorari, Writ of Mandamus, The Supreme Court of Judicature (Ireland) Act 1877, Immunity from Costs
Patricia Brazil  Short Articles and Comments
(2014) 49(1) JUR 181
Child Law; Brussels II Revised, Child Care, Custody, Transfer of Proceedings, Best Interests of the Child,
Una Woods  The Demise of the Seal and the Validity of Certain Deeds
(2014) 49(1) JUR 190
Property Law; s.64(1)(a) of the Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2009, Attetestation, First National Securities Ltd v Jones, Estoppel, Power of Attorney,
Cath Collins  Book Review: Bisset, Truth Commissions and Criminal Courts
(2014) 49(1) JUR 204
International Criminal Law;
Mare-Luce Paris  Book Review: Boyron, The Constitution of France: A Contextual Analysis
(2014) 49(1) JUR 206
Constitutional Law;
Esther McGuinness  Book Review: Dickson, Law in Northern Ireland
(2014) 49(1) JUR 209
Legal System;
Stephan Dowling  Book Review: Dowling, The Commercial Court
(2014) 49(1) JUR 211
John McEldowney  Book Review: Larkin, Dawson, Lawyers, The Law and History
(2014) 49(1) JUR 213
Legal Practice;
Irene Lynch Fannon  Book Review: Moore, Corporate Governance in the Shadow of the State
(2014) 49(1) JUR 216
Regulatory Law;
Genevieve Lennon  Book Review: Murphy, EU Counter-Terrorism Law
(2014) 49(1) JUR 219
EU Law;
Richard McMahon  Book Review: Osborough, An Island's Law—A Bibliographical Guide to Ireland's Legal Past
(2014) 49(1) JUR 220
Legal History;
Steve Hedley  Book Review: Smits, The Mind and Method of the Legal Academic
(2014) 49(1) JUR 222
Legal Education;
Sandra Day O Connor  Religious Freedom: America's Quest for Principles
(1997) 48 NILQ 1
International Law; Religion
Mary Donnelly  The Injury of Parenthood: The Tort of Wrongful Conception
(1997) 48 NILQ 10
Law of Tort; Medical Law; Wrongful Conception
Rebecca Parry  Insolvency: An Evaluation of the New Law
(1997) 48 NILQ 24
Company Law; Insolvency
WA Leitch  Reflections of a Part-Timer of the Thirties
(1997) 48 NILQ 42
Legal History
J Cumberbatch  Melting Down to Common Sense: A Comment on Re Selectmove Ltd
(1997) 48 NILQ 48
Contract Law; Consideration; Rule in Pinnels Case
Heather Conway  The Status and Effect of Limitations in Planning Permission
(1997) 48 NILQ 58
Planning Law; Planning Permission
Ciaran Moore  Criminal Injuries Compensation for Gross Negligence Manslaughter?
(1997) 48 NILQ 66
Criminal Law; Gross Negligence; Manslaughter; Injury Compensation
Grainne Mc Keever  Book Review: Medical Negligence by Jones
(1997) 48 NILQ 77
Jones; Medical Negligence
David Capper  Book Review: Mareva Injunctions and Anton Piller Relief by Gee
(1997) 48 NILQ 80
Gee; Mareva Injunctions; Anton Piller
Kieran Mc Evoy  Book Review: Cultural Criminology by Ferrell and Sanders
(1997) 48 NILQ 84
Ferrell; Sanders; Criminology; Culture
Rosemary J Carson  Book Review: A Practical Approach to Land Law by Mackenzie and Phillips
(1997) 48 NILQ 86
Mackenzie; Phillips; Land Law
Brice Dickson  Book Review: Death at Midnight: The Confession of an Executioner by Cabana
(1997) 48 NILQ 88
Cabana; Death; Execution
Imelda Mc Auley  Rethinking the Scope of Discrimination: Political Opinion and Fair Employment Law in Northern Ireland
(1997) 48 NILQ 93
Employment Law; Northern Ireland; Discrimination; Politics
Paul Spink  Contravening EC Law: The Liability of the Member State
(1997) 48 NILQ 111
European Law; State Liability
RE Bell  Restraint Orders under the Proceeds of Crime Legislation
(1997) 48 NILQ 128
Criminal Law; Proceeds of Crime (Northern Ireland) Order 1996; Restraint Orders; Criminal Assets
Gavin Dingwall  The Court of Appeal and Guideline Judgments
(1997) 48 NILQ 143
Court of Appeal; Guideline Judgments
Julianne O Leary  Lament for the Intoxication Defence
(1997) 48 NILQ 152
Criminal Law; Defence; Intoxication
David Capper  Garnishee Orders: The Untouchability of Joint Accounts
(1997) 48 NILQ 162
Banking Law; Garnishee Orders; Joint Accounts
Ivan Topping  Public Perceptions and Private Lives-Lessons in Policing
(1997) 48 NILQ 168
Eoin Quill  Book Review: Contract Cases and Materials by Clark and Clark
(1997) 48 NILQ 179
Clark; Contract Law
David Capper  Book Review: Casebook on Restitution by Mc Meel
(1997) 48 NILQ 182
Mc Meel; Restitution
Constantin Stefanou  Book Review: Reviewing Maastricht Issues for the 1996 IGC by Dashwood
(1997) 48 NILQ 184
Dashwood; Maastricht
Gordon Anthony  Book Review: Blackstone's LLB Cases and Materials on Constitutional and Administrative Law by Cumper
(1997) 48 NILQ 188
Cumper; Constitutional Law
TJ Mullen  Book Review: Scots Public Law by Deans
(1997) 48 NILQ 190
Deans; International Law; Public Law
Linda Clarke  Book Review: Sexual Harassment by Houghton-James
(1997) 48 NILQ 191
Houghton-James; Sexual Harassment
Niall Osborough  Book Review: The Restoration Land Settlement in County Dublin by Arnold
(1997) 48 NILQ 193
Arnold; Legal History; Land Settlement
Robert Carswell  Professional Negligence-the sword of Damocles
(1997) 48 NILQ 197
Law of Tort; Professional Negligence
John Lowry  Directorial Self-Dealing: Constructing a Regime of Accountability
(1997) 48 NILQ 211
Company Law; Directors Accountability
Alan Reed  Article 5(1) of the Brussels Convention, Restitutionary Claims and the Need for a New Approach
(1997) 48 NILQ 243
Brussels Convention; Restitutionary Claims
Alan Dowling  Your Deed but Not Mine: Unilateral Execution of Multipartite Deeds
(1997) 48 NILQ 264
Property Law; Land Transactions; Multipartite Deeds
Catherine Mitchell  Privity of Contract: Another Missed Opportunity
(1997) 48 NILQ 286
Contract Law; Privity
Dennis Boyd  Corporate Rescue and Employees Rights
(1997) 48 NILQ 297
Corporate Law; Corporate Rescue; Employees Rights
Gordon Anthony  Fact, Fiction and Function: Some Questions About Public Interest Intervention and Public Law in the United Kingdom
(1997) 48 NILQ 307
International Law; Public Law; Public Interest
John D Jackson  Truth and Compromise in Criminal Justice: A Critique of Trial Practice and Lawyers Ethics
(1997) 48 NILQ 321
Criminal Justice; Legal Profession; Ethics
N Taylor & C Walker  The British-Irish Inter-Parliamentary Body
(1997) 48 NILQ 338
Northern Ireland; Politics
L Dunford & V Pickford  Nervous Shock: Another Opportunity Missed to Clarify the Law?
(1997) 48 NILQ 364
Law of Tort; Nervous Shock
JF Nijboer  The Dynamics and Paradoxes of an Institution: the Public Prosecution Service in the Netherlands
(1997) 48 NILQ 378
International Law; Public Prosecution
Paula Giliker  Hunter v Canary Wharf: A Return to the Roots of Private Nuisance
(1997) 48 NILQ 389
Law of Tort; Private Nuisance
David Capper  The Debtor, the Wife, the Farm and the Opportunist
(1997) 48 NILQ 400
Property Law; Debtors; Agricultural Land
Brian Childs  A Small Mystery? Book Review: An Explanatory Guide to the English Law of Torts by Peter Kaye
(1997) 48 NILQ 408
Kaye; Law of Tort
Dermot Walsh  Book Review: Criminal Justice in Crisis by Mc Conville and Bridges
(1997) 48 NILQ 415
Mc Conville; Bridges; Criminal Law; Justice
Jenny Mc Ewan  Book Review: Blackstone's LLB Cases and Materials: Criminal Law by Heaton
(1997) 48 NILQ 419
Heaton; Criminal Law
Jenny Mc Ewan  Book Review: Blackstone's LLB Learning Texts: Criminal Law by Heaton
(1997) 48 NILQ 419
Heaton; Criminal Law
Dermot P.J. Walsh  Liability for Garda Negligence in the Prevention and Investigation of Crime
(2013) 48 (1) JUR 1
Tort Law; Immunity from Suit, Public Policy, Defensive Practice, Duty of Care, ECHR, Liability Principle
Hilary Biehler  Curial Deference in the Context of Judicial Review of Administrative Action Post Meadows
(2013) 48 (1) JUR 28
Administrative Law; Meadows v Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform, Specialist Bodies, Separation of Powers, Democratic Legitimacy, Legislature, Proportionality, O'Keefe v An Bord Pleanala
Gráinne de Burca  The Domestic Impact of the EU Charter on Fundamental Rights
(2013) 48 (1) JUR 49
EU Law; European Convention on Human Rights, Lisbon Treaty, Fundamental Rights, Implementation, European Court of Justice, European Convention on Human Rights Act 2003, Preliminary References
Máiréad Enright  Preferring the Stranger? Towards an Irish Approach to Muslim Divorce Practice
(2013) 48 (1) JUR 65
Family Law; Sharia Law, Marital Breakdown, Financial Support, Religious Courts, Article 44 of the Constitution, Judicial Review, Polygamy, Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act 2010, Marriage Contracts,
Elaine Dewhurst  Exclusionary or Inclusionary Constitutional Protection: Protecting the Rights of Citizens, Non-Citizens and Irregular Immigrants under Articles 40-44 of the Irish Constitution
(2013) 48 (1) JUR 98
Constitutional Law; Constitutional Rights, Citizenship, Locus Standi, Judicial Interpretation, Illegal Immigration, Employment Rights, UN Conventions, Collective Actions
Liz Heffernan  Hearsay in Criminal Trials: The Strasbourg Perspective
(2013) 48 (1) JUR 132
Criminal Law; Article 6 European Convention on Human Rights, Al-Khawaga and Tahery v United Kingdom, Witness Statements, Criminal Procedure, Corrobative Evidence, Sole or Decisive rule, Cross Examination, Criminal Justice Act 2003, Fair Procedures, Admissibility of Evi
Eoin Carolan  The Implication of Media Fragmentation and Contempary Democratic Discourse for "Journalistic Privilege" and the Protection of Sources
(2013) 48 (1) JUR 138
Media Law; Mahon v Keena, Public Interest, Journalistic Freedom, Article 10 European Convention on Human Rights, Article 40.6.1 of the Constitution, Conec v Morrice, Blogging, Confidentiality,
Clíodhna Murphy  Reconciling Soverignty Claims with Individual Rights? Access to Citizenship After Mallack and Sulaimon
(2013) 48 (1) JUR 193
Human Rights Law; Naturalisation, Ministerial Discretion, Acquisition of Irish Citizenship, Fair Procedure, Right to Reasons, European Union Citizenship
David Predergast  The Connection Between Mental Disorder and the Act of Killing in the Defence of Diminished Responsibilitiy
(2013) 48 (1) JUR 202
Criminal Law; Section 6 of the Criminal Law (Insanity) Act 2006, DPP v Tomkins, Manslaughter, Causation
Jennifer Schweppe  Pardon Me: The Contemporary Application of the Prerogative of Mercy
(2013) 48 (1) JUR 211
Criminal Law; Punishment, Presidential Pardon, Criminal Procedure Act 1993, Criminal Case Review Commission, Separation of Powers, Miscarraige of Justice
Jennifer Schweppe  Pardon Me: The Contemporary Application of the Prerogative of Mercy
(2013) 48 (1) JUR 211
Criminal Law; Punishment, Presidential Pardon, Criminal Procedure Act 1993, Criminal Case Review Commission, Separation of Powers, Miscarraige of Justice
Garret Simons  Aspects of a New Judicial Review Procedure
(2013) 48 (1) JUR 227
Administrative Law; Order 84 of the Rules of the Superior Courts, Time Limits, Grounds for Applications, Legal Certainty, Injunctions, Adequacy of Damages
Aoife O'Donoghue  Book Review; Baines, Barak-Erez, Kahana, Feminist Constitutionalism: Global Perspectives
(2013) 48(1) JUR 235
Constitutional Law;
Anthony Kerr  Book Review; Bolger, Bruton, Kimber, Employment Equality Law
(2013) 48(1) JUR 237
Employment Law;
Noel McGrath  Book Review; Donnelly, The Law of Credit and Security
(2013) 48(1) JUR 240
Banking Law;
Ivana Bacik  Book Review; Dunne, Judicial Review of Criminal Proceedings
(2013) 48(1) JUR 242
Judicial Review;
Gerard Hogan  Book Review; Hogan, The Origins of the Irish Constitution
(2013) 48(1) JUR 244
Constitutional Law;
William Binchy  Book Review; Maher, The Law of Defamation
(2013) 48(1) JUR 246
Tort Law;
Yvonne Marie Daly  Book Review; McIntyre, McMullen, Ó Toghda, Criminal Law
(2013) 48(1) JUR 248
Criminal Law;
Philip Johnson  Book Review; Nagle, Intellectual Property Law
(2013) 48(1) JUR 251
IP Law;
Una Convery  Book Review; O'Sullivan & O'Donnell, Coercive Confinement and Post-Independence Ireland: Patients, Prisoners and Penitents
(2013) 48(1) JUR 252
Legal History;
John E Stannard  Book Review; Burrows & Spain; The Role of Emotions in Criminal Law Defences: Duress, Necessity and Lesser Evils
(2013) 48(1) JUR 254
Criminal Law;
Gerald L Neuman  Human Rights and Constitutions in a Complex World
(2013) 48(2) JUR 1
Human Rights Law; UN Human Rights Commission, European Convention on Human Rights, National Constitutions, International Treaties, Margin of Appreciation,
Brenda Hannigan  Wedded to Salomon: Evasion, Concealment and Confusion on the Part on Piercing the Veil of the One-Man Company
(2013) 48(2) JUR 11
Company Law; Legally Incorporated Companies, Jurisdiction of the Court, Director Accountability, Remedies, Prest v Petrodel Resources Ltd
Hilary Biehler  Legitimate Expectation: An Odessy
(2013) 48(2) JUR 40
Judicial Review; Abuse of Power, Estoppel, Equity, Knowledge, Detrimental Reliance, Damages, Public Authorities, Proportionality
Oonagh B Breen  Different Paths, Same Destination: Emerging Issues for Nothern Ireland Charities Operating in the Republic of Ireland
(2013) 48(2) JUR 70
Regulatory Law; Charities Act 2009, Charities Regulatory Authority, Dual Registration, Taxation, Consultation Process, Financial Accounts, Religious Charities
Alice Walsh  Oireachtas Scrutiny of EU legislation: Still a Work in Progress After 40 Years
(2013) 48(2) JUR 138
European Union Law; European Communities Act 1972, Working Group IV of the Convention on the Future of Europe, Joint Committee on European Scrutiny, Nice Reforms, Treaty of Lisbon Amendments, Role of National Parliaments, Subsidiarity, Ministerial Role
David Keane  Abolitionist in Heart but not in Action: Slavery, Servitudes and the Status of Article 4 ECHR in Irish Law
(2013) 48(2) JUR 166
Human Rights; Prohibition of Slavery, Criminal Law (Human Trafficking) Act 2008, Magdalene Laundries, Siliadin v France, International Law, Section 71 of the Coroners and Justice Act, R. v James John Connors and Josie Connors, Article 7 of the ECHR, McAleese Report, E
Seán McGuinness, Kevin Bell  Illegality in Contract and Restitution: Developments in Ireland and Australia
(2013) 48(2) JUR 199
Contract Law; Quinn v Irish Bank Resolution Corporation, Beneficial Ownership, Security, Central Bank, Companies Act 1963, Unjust Enrichment, Comparative Law,
Roderic O'Gorman  Thomas Pringle v Government of Ireland, Ireland and the Attorney General
(2013) 48(2) JUR 221
European Union Law; European Stability Mechanism, Constitutional Law, Article 267 TFEU, Adoption of European Treaties, Charter of Fundamental Rights, Financial Assistance, Soverignty, Strict Conditionality,
David Prendergast  Douglas v DPP and the Constitutional Requriement for Certainty in the Criminal Law
(2013) 48(2) JUR 235
Criminal Law; Section 18 of the Criminal Law Amendment Act 1935, King v Attorney General, Offensive Conduct, Mens Rea, Principles and Policies Test,
Thomas Mohr  Book Review: Ballinger, The House of Lords 1911-2011 - A Century of Non Reform
(2013) 48(2) JUR 244
Noel McGrath  Book Review: Breslin, Banking Law
(2013) 48(2) JUR 244
Banking Law;
Niamh Howlin  Book Review; Campbell, Organised Crime and the Law: A Comparative Analysis
(2013) 48(2) JUR 248
Criminal Law;
Laura Callihane  Book Review: Eoin Carolan (ed.), The Constitution of Ireland: Perspectives and Prospects
(2013) 48(2) JUR 249
Constitutional Law;
Rory O'Connell  Book Review: Daly, Religion, Law and the Irish State
(2013) 48(2) JUR 252
Constitutional Law;
Mary Donnelly  Book Review: Dodd and Carroll, NAMA: The Law Relating to the National Asset Management Agency
(2013) 48(2) JUR 254
Financial Law;
Eithne McCarthy  Book Review: Hickey, Merger Control
(2013) 48(2) JUR 255
Mergers and Acquisitions;
Joe McGrath  Book Review: Higgins, Corruption Law
(2013) 48(2) JUR 257
Financial Law;
Marie Healy  Book Review: Keenan, Child Sexual Abuse and the Catholic Church: Gender. Power and the Organisational Culture
(2013) 48(2) JUR 259
Child Protection Law;
Rosaleen McElvaney  Challenges in Conducting Child Sexual Abuse Assessments
(2013) 19(1) MLJI 83
Family Law; Disclosure of Abuse, Child Friendly Justice, Psychological Treatment, International Best Practice, Interview Practices, Reporting Statistics,
Ailbhe O'Neill  Reporting Allegations: Reynolds Privilege Revisited in the UK Supreme Court
(2012) 47 (1) JUR 185
Tort Law; Defamation, Media, Freedom of Press, Flood v Times Newspapers Ltd, Allegations subsequently found to be false, Meaning of the report, Public interest, Verifying allegations prior to publication,
Oran Doyle  Judicial Scrutiny of Legislative Classification
(2012) 47 (1) JUR 175
Constitutional Law; Discrimination, Equality, Jurisprudence on article 40.1, Age discrimination, Sex discrimination, D v Residential Institutions Redress Review Committee, D v Ireland, Scope of right to equality
Alan Greene  The Historical Evaluation of Article 28.3.3 of the Irish Constitution
(2012) 47 (1) JUR 117
Constitutional Law; Emergency powers, Invasion of the state, Wording of the article, Drafting of the constitution, State of emergency, Amending the article, Usage of the article,
Olivia Smith  How Far From a 'Right to Care'? Reconciling Care Work and Labour Market Work in Ireland
(2012) 47 (1) JUR 143
Family Law; Private care, State's role in care, Public dimension of care work, Gender neutrality, Care work within the labour market, Flexibility of the market,
Eoin Daly  Freedom of Association through the Prism of Gender Quotas in Politics
(2012) 47 (1) JUR 76
Constitutional Law; Electoral process, Balancing personal rights, Political Parties, Foundation for freedom of association, Nomination of candidates for elections, Freedom of association in public and private sphere,
James O'Reilly  Errors of Fact and Errors of Law as Grounds for Judicial Review
(2012) 47 (1) JUR 1
Administrative Law; Error within jurisdiction, R. (Martin) v Mahony, Ryanair Limited v Flynn, Jurisdiction to review errors of fact, Distinguishing collateral and jurisdictional fact, Manifest error in EU law, Error of material fact,
David M. Doyle  Reasonable Belief and Unlawful Carnal Knowledge: A Historical Perspective
(2012) 47 (1) JUR 49
Criminal Law; Criminal Law Amendment Act 1935, Sexual offences, Public morality, Protection of women, Strict Liability, Statutory rape, Sexual exploitation of young girls,
Mary Rogan  Dealing with Overcrowding in Prisons: Contrasting Judicial Approaches from the USA and Ireland
(2012) 47 (1) JUR 195
Criminology; Prisoners Rights, Governor of California v Plata, Kinsella v Governor of Mountjoy Prison, Administration of prisons, Effects of overcrowding, Remedies for breach of prisoners' rights,
Brian Tobin  Law, Politics and the Child-Centric Approach to Marriage in Ireland
(2012) 47 (1) JUR 210
Family Law; Zappone and Gilligan v Revenue Commissioners, Concept of marriage in the Irish Constitution, Tran-sexual marriage, Same-sex marriage and parenting, Constitutional interpretation,
Fidelma White  The Meaning of "Merchantable Quality": James Elliot Construction Ltd v Irish Asphalt Ltd
(2012) 47 (1) JUR 225
Contract Law; Sales of Goods, Defining merchantable quality
Bláthna Ruane  Reflections on Procedural Rights in Constitutional Referenda
(2012) 47(2) JUR 1
Constitutional Law; Separation of Powers, Referendum Commission, Provision of Information, Article 46 and 47 of the Constitution, An Taoiseach v McKenna (No. 2), Expenditure of Public Funds, Judicial/Political Divide, Democracy, Fair Procedures, Fiscal Stability Treaty Refer
John Coakley  An Ambigious Office? The Position of the Head of State in the Irish Constitution
(2012) 47(2) JUR 43
Constitutional Law; Head of State, King of Britain, Éamon De Valera, Powers of the President, Governor General, Irish Diplomats
Aileen Kavanagh  The Irish Constitution at 75 Years: Natural Law, Christian Values and the Idea of Justice
(2012) 47 (2) JUR 71
Constitutional Law; Catholic Church, Preamble of the Constitution, Unenumerated Rights, Judicial Interpretation, McGee v Attonrney General, Jurisprudence, Norris v AG, Abortion Information Case 1995, Democracy, Supremacy of the Constitution
John O' Dowd  Judges In Whose Cause? The Irish Bench After the Judges' Pay Referendum
(2012) 47(2) JUR 102
Constitutional Law; Administration of Justice, Indepdendence, Branches of Government, Article 35.5 of the Constitution, Remuneration, Taxation, Economic Recession, Interpretation of the amendment, Judges Memorandum, Canadian approach
Gavin Barrett  The Evolving Door To Europe: Reflections on an Eventful Forty Years for Article 29.4 of the Irish Constitution
(2012) 47(2) JUR 132
Constitutional Law; European Union, Third Amendment of the Constitution Act 1972, Crotty v An Taoiseach, EU Treaty Amendments, Immunity for EU laws, acts and measures, "necessitated by" obligations of membership, principles and policies test delegated legislation, State dis
Eoin Carolan  Recovering the Republic? Democratic Representation and the Theory of Mixed Government
(2012) 47(2) JUR 173
Constitutional Law; Constitutional Reform, Institutional Organisation, Universalism, Political Stability, Class division, Egalitarianism, Election
Fergus Ryan  Out of the Shadow of the Constitution: Civil Partnership, Cohabitation and the Constitutional Family
(2012) 47(2) JUR 201
Constitutional Law; Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act 2010, Article 41 of the Constitution, Non-Marital Families, Social Change, Rights of non-marital parents, McD v L, ECHR, De facto family, Judicial Deference to legislature, Same Sex C
Colm O' Cinnede  "The People are the Masters" The Paradox of Constitutionalism and the Uncertain Status of Popular Soverignty within the Irish Constitutional Order
(2012) 47(2) JUR 249
Constitutional Law; Irish Legal Order, Direct democracy and citizen participation, Liberal Constitutionalism, Deliberative Democracy, Referenda
Donal K Coffey  The Need for a New Constitution: Irish Constitutional Change 1932-1935
(2012) 47(2) JUR 275
Constitutional Law; 1922 Constitution, Indepdendance, Eamon De Valera, Oath of Allegiance, Governor General, Drafting the 1937 Constitution, State (Ryan) v Lennon,
Gerry Whyte  Constitutional Litigation and Disability Rights
(2012) 47(2) JUR 303
Constitutional Law; Education, Commutitive and Distributive Justice, Involuntary Detention, Civic Duties, Equality
Garett Barden  We the People...
(2012) 47(2) JUR 323
Constitutional Law; Jurisprudence, Popular soverignty, creation of laws, Constitutional Preambles, Governance,
W.N. Osborough  The Law School's Early Professoriate
(2011) 46 (1) JUR 1
Legal Profession ; National University of Ireland, Professor appointments, History of UCD Law School
Koen Lenaerts  National Remedies for Private Parties in the Light of the EU Principles of Equivalence and Effectivness
(2011) 46 (1) JUR 13
EU Law; Procedural autonomy, Direct effect, Non-discrimination, Judicial protection, Historical approach of ECJ to remedies, Transportes Urbanos, Respect for national standing doctrines, Evidence, Interim Measures, Environmental protection remedies, Quashing prel
Robert M. Bloom  When Rights Become Empty Promises: Promoting an Exclusionary Rule that Vindicates Personal Rights
(2011) 46 (1) JUR 38
Law of Evidence; Illegally obtained evidence, Admissibility of evidence in court, History of the exclusionary rule in the US, Breach of constitutional rights, Judicial integrity, Legislating for exclusionary rule, People (AG) v. O'Brien, Deterrence,
Laurence W. Gormley  Free Movement of Goods within the EU: Some Issues and Irish Perspective
(2011) 46 (1) JUR 74
EU Law; Looking behind justification for a measure, Justifications for a non-compliance, Use of goods and its consequences, Conduct of private individuals,
Gerard Hogan  The Judicial Thought and Prose of Mr Justice Seamus Henchy
(2011) 46 (1) JUR 96
Legal Profession ; Imaginery of Henchy J's judgments, Legal importance of Henchy J's judgments, Delays in the legal system, Constitutional interpretations, Purposive Interpretation, Contextual Interpretation, Importance of common law, Ultra vires acts, Norris v AG,
E. Thomas Sullivan  Due Process Exceptionalism
(2011) 46 (1) JUR 117
Constitutional Law; Defining Rule of Law, History of Rule of Law, Rule of Law in English jurisprudence, Rule of Law in American jurisprudence, Bill of Rights, Procedural due process, Substantive due process,
Desmond M. Clarke  Judicial Reasoning: Logic, Authority, and the Rule of Law in Irish Courts
(2011) 46 (1) JUR 152
Jurisprudence; Logical reasoning, Authority of courts, Reasoning behind judgments, Analogies in legal reasoning, Criteria for judicial inferences,
Eoin Carolan  The Relationship between Judicial Remedies and the Separation of Powers: Collaborative Constitutionalism and the Suspended Declaration of Invalidity
(2011) 46 (1) JUR 180
Constitutional Law; Kinsella v Governor of Mountjoy Prison, Suspended declaratory order, Enforcement
Denis Kelleher  Social Networking, Privacy and the Future of News
(2011) 46 (1) 191
Human Rights; Online privacy, Storing online data, Data protection, Enforcement, Courts' control of trial news online
Andrea Mulligan  Frozen Embryo Disposition in Ireland after Roche v Roche
(2011) 46 (1) JUR 202
Medical Law; Contract for the frozen embryos, Mutual contemporaneous consent, Estoppel of consent,
David Prendergas  Strict Liability and the Presumption of Mens Rea after CC v Ireland
(2011) 46 (1) JUR 211
Criminal Law; Unconstitutionality of strict liability, Reasons for presuming mens rea, Rebutting the presumption of mens rea,
Roderic O'Gorman  Ruiz-Zambrano, McCarthy and the Purely Internal Rule
(2011) 46 (1) JUR 221
EU Law; Immigration, EU Citizenship, Freedom of movement, Deeming a matter to be a purely internal matter, Right of residence,
Andrew Ashworth  Should Strict Liability be Removed from All Imprisonable Offences?
(2010) 45(1) JUR 1
Criminal Law, Strict Liability, Convictions, Serious Crimes, Imprisonment
Paul Gallagher  The Irish Constitution- Its Unique Nature and Relevance of International Jurisprudence
(2010) 45(1) JUR 22
Constitutional Law, Remedies, State Structure, Directive Principles of Social Policy, Judicial Review, Judicial Interpretation, Foreign Constitutional Case Law, Retrospectivity
Niamh Howlin  Fenians, Foreigners and Jury Trials in Ireland, 1865-1870
(2010) 45(1) JUR 51
Jury de Medietate Linguae, Mixed Juries, Captian John McCafferty
Deirdre Healy  Legislating for the Duty on Directors to Avoid Conflict of Interests and Secret Profits: The Devil in the Detail
(2010) 45(1) JUR 82
Company Law, Companies Consolidation and Reform Bill, No Conflict, No Profit, Exploitation, Remedies, Enforcement,
Bruce L. Ottley, Theresa Kleinhaus  Confronting the Past: The Elusive Search for Post-Conflict Justice
(2010) 45(1) JUR 107
Human Rights Law, International Criminal Tribunals, Domestic Prosecution, Truth Commissions, Reparations, Institutional Reform, Amnesty
Catherine O'Sullivan  The Importance of Correct Statutory Interpretation Technique. The case of Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform v Dolny
(2010) 45(1) JUR 146
Criminal Law, Assault, Non Fatal Offences Against the Person Act 1997, Section 2, Section 3
Alan Devlin  Law and Economics
(2010) 45(1) JUR 165
Property Law, Tort Law, Contract Law, Criminal Law, Jurisprudence,
Vincent Power  In-House Lawyers and the European Court: The Akzo v Commission Judgment
(2010) 45(1) JUR 198
EU Law, Competition Law, Legal Privilege, AM&S v Commission, Akzo v Commission,
Maria Cahill  McD v L and the Incorporation of the European Convention of Human Rights
(2010) 45(1) JUR 221
European Convention of Human Rights, McD v L, ECHR Integration,
Brian Fowley  The BUPA Ireland Case and Constitutional Litigation
(2010) 45(1) JUR 230
Constitutional Law, Burden of Proof, Presumption of Constitutionality, Deference, Proportionality, BUPA Ireland v The Health Insurance Authority
Ailbhe O'Neill  Rescuing the Law of Tort? The Decision of Supreme Court in O'Neill v Dunnes Stores
(2010) 45(1) JUR 240
Tort Law, Negligence, Liability for Injury Caused to a Rescuer
Lord Kerr  The Conversation Between Strasbourg and National Courts- Dialogue or Dictation?
(2009) 44(1) JUR 1
European Convention of Human Rights, Supremacy, A v UK, R v Horncastle,
Siofra O'Leary  The Past, Present and Future of the Purely Internal Rule in EU Law
(2009) 44(1) JUR 13
EU Law, Freedom of Movement of Persons, Saunder, European Citizenship, Reform
Brian F. Havel  Rethinking the General Agreement on Trade in Services as a Pathway to Global Aviation Liberalisation
(2009) 44(1) JUR 47
International Economic Law, Global Air Transport, Express Delivery Services,
Donal K. Coffey  British, Commonwealth, and Irish Responses to the Abdication of King Edward VIII
(2009) 44(1) JUR 95
Constitutional Law, Act of Settlement 1701, Statute of Westminster 1931, Civil List Act 1936, His Majesty's Declaration of Abdication Act 1936, Executive Authority (External Relations) Act 1936, The Bodenstein Memorandum
Alan Devlin  Questioning the Sole-Trader Rule in Barrister Profession
(2009) 44(1) JUR 123
Legal Profession, Competition Authority Report 2006
Dermot P.J. Walsh, Michael Mulqueen  Framing the Crime Discourse in Ireland: Borrowing the Appearance while Avoiding the Substance of the UN Guidelines
(2009) 44(1) JUR 152
Criminal Law, Crime Prevention and Community Safety Report, UN Guidelines for Prevention of Crime, Coercive Intervention, Social Regeneration
Suzanne Egan  The Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture: Paying the Price for Prevention
(2009) 44(1) JUR 182
International Human Rights Law, Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture, and Other Forms of Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment or PunishmentSubcommittee on Prevention of Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment
Marc McDonald  The Montreal Convention and the Preemption of Air Passenger Harm Claims
(2009) 44(1) JUR 203
Preemption Law, Article 29, Sidhu v British Airways, Tseng v El Al, Total Preemption
Deirdre Healy  Probation Matters
(2009) 44(1) JUR 239
Criminal Law, Community Service Orders, Suspended Sentence, Post-Release Supervision, Probation Service,
Paul Brand  Sir John Davies: Law Reporter or Self-Publicist?
(2008) 43 Irish Jurist 1
Historical Jurisprudence; Law Reports
Thomas Mohr  The Colonial Laws Validity Act and the Irish Free State
(2008) 43 Irish Jurist 21
Constitutional Law; Dominion status; Irish Free State Constitution; Statute of Westminster
Paul McCutcheon  Making Criminal Law: Encounters with Morality and Economics
(2008) 43 Irish Jurist 45
Criminal; Philosophy; Law and Economics; Punishment
Alan D.P. Brady & James Mehigan  Universal Jurisdiction for International Crimes in Irish Law
(2008) 43 Irish Jurist 59
International Law; War crimes; Genocide; Prosecution; Consent
Mary Rogan  The Prison Rules 1947: Political Imprisonment, Politics and Legislative Change in Ireland
(2008) 43 Irish Jurist 89
Criminal Justice; Historical analysis; Penal change; Emergency; Prison system
Vicky Conway  A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing? Evaluating the impact of the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission
(2008) 43 Irish Jurist 109
Criminal Justice; Independence; Accountability; Police complaints
Brian Jack  Book Review: Áine Ryall, Effective Judicial Protection and the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive in Ireland
(2008) 43 Irish Jurist 131
Environmental Law
Fiona de Londras  Book Review: Victor V. Ramraj (ed), Emergencies and the Limits of Legality
(2008) 43 Irish Jurist 132
Emergency Law
Donal Coffey  Book Review: Eoin Carolan & Oran Doyle (eds), The Irish Constitution: Governance and Values
(2008) 43 Irish Jurist 135
Constitutional Law
John McMenamin  Book Review: David Foxton, Revolutionary Lawyers: Sinn Féin and Crown Courts in Ireland and Britain
(2008) 43 Irish Jurist 137
Historical Jurisprudence
Gerard Sadlier  Book Review: Niamh Connery & David Hodnett, Regulatory Law in Ireland
(2008) 43 Irish Jurist 140
Regulatory Law
W.N. Osborough  Book Review: R.B. Outhwaite, The Rise and Fall of the English Ecclesiastical Courts
(2008) 43 Irish Jurist 142
Historical Jurisprudence
N.A. Morehan  Book Review: Hilary Delaney & Eoin Carolan, The Right to Privacy - A Doctrinal and Comparative Analysis
(2008) 43 Irish Jurist 144
Privacy Law
Trevor Redmond  Book Review: Eileen Denza, Diplomatic Law
(2008) 43 Irish Jurist 146
Diplomatic Law
Trevor Redmond  Book Review: Chittharanjan F. Amerasinghe, Diplomatic Protection
(2008) 43 Irish Jurist 148
International Law
Catherine Donnelly  Book Review: David Dyzenhaus, Murray Hunt & Grant Huscroft (eds), A Simple Common Lawyer: Essays in Honour of Michael Taggart
(2008) 43 Irish Jurist 151
Administrative Law
Brendan Edgeworth  Rural Radicalim Restrained: The Irish Land Commission and the Courts (1933-39)
(2007) 42 Irish Jurist 1
Land Law; Land purchase; British rule; Title reform
Mark William Murphy  The Problem of Unconstitutionality and Retroactivity in Criminal Law: Ireland, the US and Canada compared
(2007) 42 Irish Jurist 63
Constitutional Law; Habeas corpus; Finality; US; Canada
Gerard Hogan  Holmes and Denning: Two 20th Century Legal Icons Compared
(2007) 42 Irish Jurist 119
Biography; Judges; Writing; Public acclaim
Donal Coffey  Book Review: Keogh & McCarthy, The Making of the Irish Constitution 1937: Bunreacht na hÉireann
(2007) 42 Irish Jurist 136
Constitutional History
Suzanne Egan  Book Review: Greer, The European Convention on Human Rights: Achievements, Problems and Prospects
(2007) 42 Irish Jurist 138
Human Rights
Ronan Keane  Book Review: Delany & McGrath, Civil Procedure in the Superior Courts
(2007) 42 Irish Jurist 140
Civil Procedure
Cliona Kelly  Book Review: Stannard, Delay in the Performance of Contractual Obligations
(2007) 42 Irish Jurist 143
Colin Scott  Book Review: Weatherill, Better Regulation
(2007) 42 Irish Jurist 145
Paul Ward  Book Review: Aylward, Pre-Nuptial Agreements
(2007) 42 Irish Jurist 147
Thomas Mohr  The Rights of Women under the Contitution of the Irish Free State
(2006) 41 Irish Jurist 20
Constitutional History; Feminism; Drafting; Constitutional; Women
Paul Daly  Judicial Review of Errors of Law in Ireland
(2006) 41 Irish Jurist 60
Administrative Law; Anisminic; Ultra vires; Juridictional framework
Shane Kilcommins & Barry Vaughan  Reconfiguring State-accused Relation in Ireland
(2006) 41 Irish Jurist 90
Criminal Justice; Penal welfare; Extraordinary justice; Criminal law boundries
Eddie Keane  Rearing an Unexpected Child: A Compensatory Matter?
(2006) 41 Irish Jurist 125
Tort; Restitutio in integrum; Economic loss; Damages
James McDermott & Niall F. Buckley  Managing Expectations
(2007) 42 Irish Jurist 29
Administrative law; Legitimate expectations; Ultra vires; Remedies; English developments
John Baker  Books of Entries
(2006) 14 Irish Jurist 1
Historical Jurisprudence; Legal bibliography
Baroness Hale of Richmond  Law maker or law reformer: what is a law lady for?
(2005) 40 Irish Jurist 1
Judiciary; Judicial law reform; public policy; role of judges; female viewpoint
S.M Cretney  The literature of family law
(2005) 40 Irish Jurist 17
Family Law; Legislative changes; divorce; legal technicalities; social history; human relationships
Rossa Greaves  Collecting societies and EC law
(2005) 40 Irish Jurist 42
European; Collecting societies; intellectual property rights; EC law; competition
Holly Cullen  Is the European Social Charter a charter for children?
(2005) 40 Irish Jurist 60
Children; Children rights; ESC; legal and economic protection; state obligation
Thomas Mohr  The foundations of Irish Extra - Territorial Legislation
(2005) 40 Irish Jurist 86
Constitutional Law; Sovereign states; dominion legislation and powers
Liz Heffernen and Edward J. Imuinhelred  "The accused's constitutional right to introduce critical, demonstrably reliable exculpatory evidence"
(2005) 40 Irish Jurist 111
Constitutional Law; Constitutional provisions; criminal evidence; Art. 38.1; 'due course of law'; ECHR
Hilary Delany  Prior Restraint Orders and Freedom of Expression
(2005) 40 Irish Jurist 138
Freedom of Expression; Limitation; defamation; injunctions; plea of justification
Ian Walsh  Precedent in former Irish Supreme Court
(2005) 40 Irish Jurist 160
Courts; Stare decisis; judicial precedent; judicial comity; Irish court practises
Rossa Fanning  Hard case; bad law? The Supreme Court decision in A. v The Governor of Arbour Hill Prison
(2005) 40 Irish Jurist 188
Constitutional Law; Locus standi; detention; Art.40.4.2; vindicate rights
Mary Donnelly  Treatment for a mental disorder: The Mental Health Act 2001, consent and the role of rights
(2005) 40 Irish Jurist 220
Mental Health Law; Constitution; ECHR; individual rights; mental disorder
Dermot Walsh  Irish parliamentary scrutiny of EU measures on the free movement of persons: going through the motions
(2005) 40 Irish Jurist 261
European Law; "Democratic deficit; Shengen agreement, time restraints"
Gerard Hogan  "DeValera, the Constitution and the historians"
(2005) 40 Irish Jurist 291
Constitutional Law; Catholic influence; provisions of Constitution; symbolism
Colum Kenny  Nolumus Mutari: Time for change at King's Inns?
(2005) 40 Irish Jurist 321
Bar Council; Translation and interpretation; future; historical jurisprudence
Emer Hunt  Section 48 of the Finance Act 2005: The interaction between corporation tax and accounting standards
(2005) 40 Irish Jurist 347
Taxation; Company profits; separation of powers; primacy; constitutionality
Frank Callanan  Army Deafness Claims in the Wake of the Hanley Judgment
(1998) 4 (1) BR 7
Medical Law; Law of Tort; Army Deafness
Teresa Blake  Child Protection and Welfare while in Care: the Role of the Courts
(1998) 4 (1) BR 12
Family Law; Children; Care Order; Duty of Care
Una Ni Raifrartaigh Adobe PDF FileThe Criminal Justice System and Drug Related Offending: Some Thoughts on Procedural Reforms
(1998) 4 (1) BR 15
Criminal Law; Drug Offences
Paul Anthony Mc Dermott  Res Judicata in Family Law
(1998) 4 (1) BR 37
Family Law; Res Judicata
Benedict O Floinn  Banquos Ghost at the Commercial Banquet? - Some Old and New Alternatives to the Live Witness
(1998) 4 (1) BR 41
Information Technology; Evidence; Witnesses
Jonathan Buttimore  Recent Decisions on the Brussels Convention on Jurisdiction and the Enforcement of Judgments
(1998) 4 (1) BR 46
European Law; Jurisdiction; Enforcement
Denis Kelleher  The Electronic Commerce Communique
(1998) 4 (1) BR 51
Information Technology; Electronic Commerce
Colm O hOisin  International Conference on Arbitration and Maritime Law
(1998) 4 (1) BR 52
Maritime Law; Arbitration
Michael Mc Dowell  Book Review: Contemporary Issues in Irish Law and Politics, Issue 1, edited by Clarke & Mc Mahon (eds)
(1998) 4 (1) BR 53
Politics; Legal System
Thomas B Courtney  The Golden Rule in Ex Parte Applications for Mareva Injunctions
(1998) 4 (2) BR 63
Court Proceedings; Interpretation; Mareva Injunctions; Disclosure
Sara Phelan  Recent Developments in Family Law
(1998) 4 (2) BR 69
Family Law; Nullity; Child Abduction; Separation; Family Home; Non-marital Couples; Domestic Violence
Teresa Pilkington  Section 117 of The Succession Act, 1965
(1998) 4 (2) BR 89
Law of Succession; Succession Act 1965; Section 117
Fintan J O Connor  Company Law enforcement in Ireland - Fact or Fiction?
(1998) 4 (2) BR 92
Company Law; Enforcement
Cormac O Dulachain  Acht Teanga
(1998) 4 (2) BR 96
Irish Language
Jonathan Newman  Suing for Foreign Copyright Infringement in Ireland
(1998) 4 (2) BR 97
International Law; Copyright Infringement; Enforcement
Micheal O Scanaill  Review of the 1997 Annual Report of the Health and Safety Authority
(1998) 4 (2) BR 103
Health and Safety
Niall O Hanlon  Book Review: Banking Law in the Republic of Ireland by John Breslin
(1998) 4 (2) BR 104
Breslin; Banking Law
Anon  Book Review: Wasting by Degrees by Conor Bowman
(1998) 4 (2) BR 104
Bowman; Waste
Jarlath Spellman  Book Review: Principles of Medical Law, edited by Ian Dennehy and Andrew Grubb
(1998) 4 (2) BR 104
Medical Law
Pat Rabbite  A Tribunal of Enquiry or an Investigation by Dail Committee?
(1998) 4 (3) BR 114
Administrative Law; Tribunals; Dail
Gerard Hogan  The Supreme Court and the Equality Clause
(1998) 4 (3) BR 116
Constitutional Law; Equality; Courts
Patrick Dillon Malone  Reflections on In Re Pinochet Ugarte
(1998) 4 (3) BR 121
European Law; Sovereign Immunity; Pinochet
Michael P O Higgins  Hearsay Evidence in Bail Applications
(1998) 4 (3) BR 129
Law of Evidence; Bail; Hearsay
Sara Phelan  Recent Developments in Family Law (Part 2)
(1998) 4 (3) BR 145
Family Law; Nullity; Child Abduction; Family Home; Non marital Couples
Sheena Hickey  Lodgements and Extension Time
(1998) 4 (3) BR 155
Court Proceedings; Lodgement; Extension
Jonathan Newman  Suing for Foreign Copyright Infringement in Ireland
(1998) 4 (3) BR 159
Copyright Law; International Law; Copyright Infringement; Enforcement
Karen Murray  First come first served: Assigning Domain Names
(1998) 4 (3) BR 163
Information Technology Law; Internet; Domain Names
Conor Power  Book Review: A Casebook of Equity & Trusts in Ireland (2nd ed) by JCW Wylie
(1998) 4 (3) BR 166
Wylie; Equity; Trust
Donal O Donnell  Constitutional Background to and Aspects of The Good Friday Agreement - A Republic of Ireland Perspective
(1999) 4 (4) BR 174
Constitutional Law; Articles 2 and 3; Good Friday Agreement
Rory Brady  The Disclosure and Exchange of Experts Reports in Personal Injuries Litigation
(1999) 4 (4) BR 181
Law of Tort; Personal Injuries; Expert Evidence
Robert Barr  Expert Evidence - A Few Personal Observations and the Implications of Recent Statutory Development
(1999) 4 (4) BR 185
Law of Evidence; Expert Evidence
Gerard Hogan  The Belfast Agreement and the Future Incorporation of the European Convention of Human rights in the Republic of Ireland
(1999) 4 (4) BR 205
Human Rights; Belfast Agreement
Brice Dickson  The Northern Ireland Act: Issues of Equality and Human Rights
(1999) 4 (4) BR 212
Human Rights; Equality; Northern Ireland Act 1998
Eileen Barrington  An Outline of the Right of Establishment under the Europe Agreements
(1999) 4 (4) BR 214
European Law; Right of Establishment; Free Movement of Workers; Direct Effect
Cian Ferriter  The Irish Statute Book Database
(1999) 4 (4) BR 217
Legal Resources; Information Technology; Statutes
John Breslin  Book Review: The Capital Markets - Irish and International Laws and Regulations by Agnes Foy
(1999) 4 (4) BR 221
Foy; Marketplace
Conleth Bradley  Book Review: Administrative Law in Ireland by Gerard Hogan & David Gwynn Morgan
(1999) 4 (4) BR 221
Hogan; Morgan; Administrative Law
Declan Mc Grath  Review of Moriarty Tribunal and Flood Tribunal To Date
(1999) 4 (5) BR 230
Administrative Law; Tribunals; Moriarty; Flood
Paddy Dillon Malone  Voluntariness, the Whole Truth and Self Incrimination after In Re National Irish Bank
(1999) 4 (5) BR 237
Law of Evidence; Self Incrimination; Right to Silence
Kevin Feeney  Restraining the Publication of Allegedly Defamatory Material
(1999) 4 (5) BR 261
Law of Tort; Defamation; Publication
Bernard Dunleavy  The Power of Shareholders to Remove Directors under s182 of the Companies Act, 1963
(1999) 4 (5) BR 265
Company Law; Companies Act 1963; Directors; Shareholders
Carol Corbett  Recognition of Foreign Divorces in Ireland in Light of Mc G v DW and AR
(1999) 4 (5) BR 270
Family Law; Foreign Divorce; International Law
Niamh Hyland  Recent decisions of the Court of Justice on Sex Equality
(1999) 4 (5) BR 273
European Law; Equality; Gender
Gavin Ralston  Book Review: Landlord and Tenant Law (2nd ed) by JCW Wylie
(1999) 4 (5) BR 278
Wylie; Landlord; Tenant
James Nugent  Review of the Scheme of Compensation for Personal Injuries Criminally Inflicted
(1999) 4 (6) BR 286
Criminal Law; Personal Injuries; Compensation
Ivana Bacik  Review of the Report of the National Crime Forum 1998
(1999) 4 (6) BR 288
Criminal Law; National Crime Forum
John Breslin  The Impact of European Law on the Enforceability of Bank Security Documents
(1999) 4 (6) BR 291
European Law; Security Documents; Enforcement
Oisin Quinn  Existing Duties on Employers to consult with Trade Unions
(1999) 4 (6) BR 305
Labour Law; Employers; Trade Union
Karen Murray  Electronic Anonymity
(1999) 4 (6) BR 311
Information Technology Law; Privacy; Anonymity
George Brady  Book Review: Property Law (2nd ed)by Paul Coughlan
(1999) 4 (6) BR 314
Coughlan; Property Law
Niall O Neill  Y2K - recent comments and concerns
(1999) 4 (7) BR 322
Information Technology; Millennium Bug
Denis Kelleher  Limiting Year 2000 Liabilities
(1999) 4 (7) BR 325
Information Technology; Millennium Bug
Karen Murray  Protective Legal Steps to Combat the Year 2000 Problem
(1999) 4 (7) BR 327
Information Technology; Millennium Bug
Cian Ferriter  The Millennium Bug: Causes of Action and Legal Remedies
(1999) 4 (7) BR 343
Information Technology; Millennium Bug
Rory Mulcahy  Can Computers Catch Colds? Some Information About Computer Viruses
(1999) 4 (7) BR 349
Information Technology; Computer Viruses
Faye Breen  Judicial Review Proceedings and the Principle of Effective Protection of Community Rights
(1999) 4 (7) BR 351
European Law; Administrative Law; Judicial Review; Community Rights
Hugh O Neill  Book Review: Mareva Injunctions and Related Interlocutory Orders by Thomas B Courtney
(1999) 4 (7) BR 353
Courtney; Mareva Injunctions; Interlocutory Orders
Jarlath Spellman  Book Review: Psychiatry and the Law by Patricia Casey & Ciaran Craven
(1999) 4 (7) BR 353
Casey; Craven; Mental Health Law
Teresa Blake  Investigating Child Abuse
(1999) 4 (8) BR 362
Criminal Law; Child Abuse; Health Bords; Duty of Care
Pauline Walley  Copyright and Related Rights Bill 1999: Defences to Copyright Infringement
(1999) 4 (8) BR 366
Copyright Law; Copyright and Related Rights Bill 1999; Copyright Infringement
Raghnal O Riordan  The Children Act 1997
(1999) 4 (8) BR 371
Family Law; Children Act 1997
Anthony M Collins  Contracting Authorities Under The Public Procurement Rules
(1999) 4 (8) BR 385
European Law; Administrative Law; Public Procurement
Cian Ferriter  First Law Current Awareness Service
(1999) 4 (8) BR 395
Legal Resources; FirstLaw
Tom Mallon  Book Review: Dismissal Law in Ireland by Mary Redmond
(1999) 4 (8) BR 396
Redmond; Employment Law; Dismissal
Tom Mallon  Book Review: Transfer of Undertakings, Employment Aspects of Business Transfers in Ireland and European Law by Gary Byrne
(1999) 4 (8) BR 396
Byrne; Transfer of Undertakings; Employment Law; European Law
Paul Gallagher Adobe PDF FileTribunals and the Erosion of the Right to Privacy
(1999) 4 (9) BR 406
Administrative Law; Tribunals of Enquiry (Evidence) Act 1921; Privacy
Paul Anthony Mc Dermott  The Proceeds of Crime Act 1996: A Review of the past 12 Months
(1999) 4 (9) BR 413
Criminal Law; Proceeds of Crime Act 1996; Criminal Assets
David O Neill  The Implied Undertaking on Discovery
(1999) 4 (9) BR 431
Court Proceedings; International Law; Discovery
Adele Murphy  Legal Portals, Gateways and Search Engines on the Internet
(1999) 4 (9) BR 441
Legal Resources; Information Technology; Internet
Rory Brady  Inquiries: The Rights of Individuals, Privacy and Confidentiality, Reform of The Law of Tribunals
(1999) 4 (9) BR 443
Administrative Law; Tribunals; Privacy
Sara Moorhead  Inquiries: The Rights of Individuals, Privacy and Confidentiality, Representing The Public Interest
(1999) 4 (9) BR 445
Administrative Law; Tribunals; Rights; Privacy; Public Interest
Barbara Maguire  The Bill of Sale: The Forgotten Relation
(1997) 4 CLP 3
Contract Law; Bill of Sale
Oliver Mills  International Contractual Disputes: The Conundrum of Options
(1997) 4 CLP 9
Contract Law; Private International Law; Contractual Dispute
Gavin Barrett  The Beef on the EU Convention on Insolvency Proceedings
(1997) 4 CLP 12
European Law; Company Law; Insolvency
Tomas B Courtney  Book Review: Corporate Insolvency and Rescue by Lynch; Marshall and O Ferrall
(1997) 4 CLP 24
Lynch; Marshall; O Ferrall; Corporate Insolvency; Company Law
Hugh Gaffney  Being Brought to Book Under Section 204 of the Companies Act 1990
(1997) 4 CLP 27
Company Law; Companies Act 1990
Carrie Jane Canniffe  Restraining a Creditors Winding Up Petition-The Position Since Truck and Machinery Sales v Marubeni Komatsu Ltd
(1997) 4 CLP 30
Company Law; Winding Up; Creditors
Oliver Mills  International Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards
(1997) 4 CLP 35
International Law; Arbitration
Brian Hutchinson  Criminal Liability of Directors, Managers and Other Similar Officers under the Competition (Amendment) Act 1996
(1997) 4 CLP 47
Competition (Amendment) Act 1996; Corporate Criminal Liability; Directors
Paul Lavery  Commercial Secrets and the Employer/Employee Relationship
(1997) 4 CLP 54
Company Law; Commercial Secret; Employer; Employee
TP Kennedy  A Rose by Any Other Name-Quasi Contract and the Judgments Convention
(1997) 4 CLP 60
Contract Law; Judgment Convention
Mary Donnelly  Credit Cards: The Law Relating to Your Flexible Friend
(1997) 4 CLP 75
Financial Law; Credit
Jonathan Newman  Patentability of Computer-Related Inventions in Europe
(1997) 4 CLP 81
European Information Technology Law; Patents
D Goldberg & M Abrahamson  Discretionary Mandates and the Duty of Care
(1997) 4 CLP 88
Mandate; Duty of Care
M Mc Dowell  Book Review: Practice and Procedure in the Superior Courts by Benedict O Floinn
(1997) 4 CLP 100
O Floinn; Practice and Procedure; Superior Courts
Gavin Barrett  The Intended Legal Framework for the Introduction of the Single European Currency
(1997) 4 CLP 103
Single Currency; Euro
Jonathan Newman  Is there Liability for Playing Music to Telephone Callers "On Hold"?
(1997) 4 CLP 109
Agnes Foy  Accountability-Trustee, Corporate and Personal Liability
(1997) 4 CLP 115
Company Law; Accountability; Personal Liability
Gregory Burton  Recent Australian Developments in Commercial Law
(1997) 4 CLP 120
Commercial Law; International Law
Mary Donnelly  Electronic Banking and the Consumer: What Price Convenience
(1997) 4 CLP 132
Banking Law; Information Technology; Electronic Banking
Thomas B Courtney  Substantial Property Transactions between Directors and Companies-Section 29 of the Companies Act 1990
(1997) 4 CLP 142
Company Law; Directors
Benedict O Floinn  Pleadings
(1997) 4 CLP 149
Court Proceedings; Pleadings
John Breslin  The Central Bank Act 1997: The New Definition of Banking Business
(1997) 4 CLP 160
Banking Law; Central Bank Act 1997
Paul Lavery  Confidentiality Obligations
(1997) 4 CLP 164
Barbara Maguire  Agricultural Chattels Mortgages
(1997) 4 CLP 170
Property Law; Agricultural Chattels; Mortgages
M Ashe & P Reid  Equity and the Pursuit of Hot Money-Warning to Banks
(1997) 4 CLP 188
Law of Equity; Banking Law
Blanaid Clarke  Teaching a New Dog Old Tricks-The Irish Takeover Panel Rules
(1997) 4 CLP 195
Company Law; Takeovers
Benedict O Floinn  Implied Undertakings-Valuable Safeguard or Unnecessary Obstacle?
(1997) 4 CLP 200
Commercial Information; Confidentiality
Mary Donnelly  Cheque fraud: Modern Treatment and Future Trends
(1997) 4 CLP 216
Banking Law; Fraud
Helen Sheehy  Is There a Liability For Playing Music to Telephone Callers On Hold?-an Alternative View
(1997) 4 CLP 222
Copyright Law; Music
Stephen Glanville  Partnership Liability-All Aboard the LLP Train?
(1997) 4 CLP 226
Company Law; Partnership; Liability
William Johnston  Corporate Guarantors-Capacity and Authority
(1997) 4 CLP 240
Company Law; Guarantors
Ciaran O Mara  Freedom of Establishment for Professionals
(1997) 4 CLP 251
European Law; Freedom of Establishment; Professional Bodies
Ravi Chandran  Once a Mortgage, Not Necessarily Always a Mortgage
(1997) 4 CLP 258
Property Law; Mortgages
Brian Bohan  Buying a Business-Legal and Taxation Aspects: Part I
(1997) 4 CLP 268
Company Law; Taxation Law
Denis Cagney  Can Industry Regulators Impose Levies?
(1997) 4 CLP 275
Company Law; Industrial Regulation; Levies
Carrie Jane Canniffe  More Than Mere Formalities: Re Aston Colour Print Ltd and The Companies Acts
(1997) 4 CLP 280
Company Law; Companies Acts 1963-99
Siobhan Stack  Anti-Social Behaviour of Local Authority Tenants: When will the Authority be Liable?
(1999) 4 CPLJ 2
Housing Law; Local Authority Housing; Anti-Social Behaviour; Tenancy
Fergus Courtney  Splitting the Freehold: A Novel Approach to the Property Shortage
(1999) 4 CPLJ 7
Property Law; Freehold
Oonagh Breen  Proprietary Estoppel - Frustrated Expectations and the Doctrine of Unconscionability
(1999) 4 CPLJ 9
Law of Equity; Estoppel; Unconscionability
Teresa Pilkington  Book Review: Probate Law and Practice by Albert Keating
(1999) 4 CPLJ 17
Keating; Probate
Siobhan Stack  Book Review: Landlord and Tenant Law by JCW Wylie
(1999) 4 CPLJ 19
Wylie; Landlord; Tenancy
John Mee  Judgment Mortgages, Co-ownership and Registered Land
(1999) 4 CPLJ 28
Property Law; Judgment Mortgages; Co-ownership; Registered Land
Aine Ryall  Residential Tenancies: Enforcement and Control
(1999) 4 CPLJ 33
Tenancy Law; Residential Tenancies; Enforcement
Peter Bland  Nuisance is a Question of Impression: Molumby v Kearns Considered
(1999) 4 CPLJ 39
Law of Tort; Nuisance
Edward Doyle  Tax Relief's for Multi-Story Car-Parks and Business Tax Incentives
(1999) 4 CPLJ 46
Revenue Law; Taxation
Brian Spierin  A Checklist of Instructions for a Will
(1999) 4 CPLJ 47
Law of Succession; Will; Drafting
Fergus Courtney  Tolerated Trespass Examined: Burrows v London Borough of Brent
(1999) 4 CPLJ 55
Law of Tort; Trespass
TJ Mc Intyre  The Housing (Traveller Accommodation) Act 1998
(1999) 4 CPLJ 57
Housing Law; Housing (Traveller Accommodation) Act 1998
Simon Mc Donald  Appropriation as a Means of Satisfying the Legal Right Share
(1999) 4 CPLJ 62
Law of Succession; Appropriation; Legal Right Share
Revenue Commissioners  Procedure for Obtaining Capital Gains Tax Certificates (CG50As)
(1999) 4 CPLJ 67
Revenue Law; Capital Gains Tax
James C Wall  Jones v Luke Gardner Ltd; Griffin v Bleithin; Irish Nationwide Building Society v Malone
(1999) 4 CPLJ 69
Property Law; Tenancy; Estate Management; Adverse Possession; Mortgage; Agent; Negligence
Siobhan Stack  Provision for Social and Affordable Housing: will Part V of the Planning and Development Bill 1999 Survive the Constitutional Attack?
(1999) 4 CPLJ 77
Planning Law; Housing Law; Planning and Development Bill 1999
Sean Quinn  A Temporary and Infrequent Phenomenon: The Law Reform Commission Report on Gazumping
(1999) 4 CPLJ 84
Contract Law; Gazumping; Law Reform Commission
John Morely  Compulsory Purchase Valuation Issue
(1999) 4 CPLJ 87
Administration Law; Valuation; Compulsory Purchase Order
James C Wall  Carroll v Carroll; Fox v O Carroll
(1999) 4 CPLJ 90
Contract Law; Undue Influence; Standard of Care
Tom Flynn  Book Review: Irish Environmental Legislation by Barbara Maguire, Michael O Reilly & Michael S Roche
(1999) 4 CPLJ 94
Maguire; O Reilly; Roche; Environmental Law
John Meade  Book Review: Property Law - Cases and Commentary by MJ Mossman & WF Flanagan
(1999) 4 CPLJ 95
Mossman; Flanagan; Property Law
Garrett Simons  Travellers: Planning Issues
(1997) 4 IPELJ 8
Planning Law; Travellers Accommodation
James Macken  Outline Permissions: Are they Worth The Paper They Are Written On?
(1997) 4 IPELJ 13
Planning Law; ; Planning Permission; Outline Permission
Tom Flynn  Genetically Modified Organisms and The Environment: The Legal Issues
(1997) 4 IPELJ 17
Environmental Law; Genetically Modified Organisms
Tom Flynn  The Litter Pollution Act 1997
(1997) 4 IPELJ 47
Environmental Law; Litter Pollution Act 1997; Litter Pollution
Garrett Simons  Unauthorised Travellers Halting Sites
(1997) 4 IPELJ 53
Planning Law; Housing Law; Travellers Accommodation; Halting Sites
Anne Marie O Connor  Pharmacies and Neighborhood Planning
(1997) 4 IPELJ 57
Planning Law; Pharmacies
Owen Mc Intyre  Case Note: Liability for Asbestos-Related Illness
(1997) 4 IPELJ 83
Environmental Law; Health and Safety Law; Asbestos
Berna Grist  Wildlife Legislation-The Rocky Road to Special Areas of Conservation Surveyed
(1997) 4 IPELJ 87
Environmental Law; Conservation
Garrett Simons  Locus Standi to Challenge Planning Decisions
(1997) 4 IPELJ 96
Planning Law; Planning Appeals; Locus Standi
Patrick Sweetman  Recent Developments in Conveyancing Practice-The Natural Habitats Regulations
(1997) 4 IPELJ 106
Conveyancing; Natural Habitat
Owen Mc Intyre  UK Case Notes-Television Interference and Non-Proprietary Rights in Nuisance
(1997) 4 IPELJ 119
Planning Law; Tort Law; Nuisance
Tom Flynn  Pop Concerts and Planning
(1997) 4 IPELJ 127
Planning Law; Concerts
Owen Mc Intyre  Identifying Environmental Directives Capable of Producing Direct effect
(1997) 4 IPELJ 139
European Environmental Law; Direct Effect
Ainsley Heffernan  The Waste Management (Packaging) Regulations1997
(1997) 4 IPELJ 146
Environmental Law; Waste Management
Patrick Sweetman  Recent Developments in Conveyancing practice-The Natural Habitats Regulations
(1997) 4 IPELJ 152
Conveyancing; Natural Habitat
John H Scheid  1998 American Statutory Responses to the Medical Malpractice Crisis
(1998) 4 MLJI 3
Medical Law; International Law; Malpractice
P Trager  The Insanity Defence Revisited
(1998) 4 MLJI 15
Mental Health Law; Insanity
Jarlath Spellman  Section 260 of the Mental Treatment Act 1945 Reviewed
(1998) 4 MLJI 20
Mental Health Law; Mental Treatment Act 1945; Access to Courts; Instituting Proceedings
John Healy  Duties of Disclosure and the Elective Patient: A Case for Informed Consent
(1998) 4 MLJI 25
Medical Law; Consent; Disclosure
John F Connolly  Suicidology Conference Report
(1998) 4 MLJI 30
Medical Law; Mental Health; Suicide
Leonard Condren  Book Review: Last Rights; Death, Dying and the Law in Ireland by Patrick Hanafin
(1998) 4 MLJI 45
Hanafin; Death; Dying
Tony Mc Gleenan  Civil Liability for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
(1998) 4 MLJI 52
Law of Tort; Civil Liability; Nervous Shock
G Mc Carthy & M Wrigley  Ward of Court-A Review of Utilisation in a Psychiatry of Old Age Service
(1998) 4 MLJI 58
Medical Law; Ward of Court; Psychiatry
Nuala Mc Loughlin  Wardship: A Legal and Medical Perspective
(1998) 4 MLJI 61
Medical Law; Constitutional Law; Wardship
David A Frenkel  The Israeli Law on Transplantation, Autopsy, Dissection, and Inquest of Death
(1998) 4 MLJI 67
Medical Law; International Law
John Healy  Duties of Disclosure and the Inquisitive Patient: A Case for Informed Consent
(1998) 4 MLJI 69
Medical Law; Consent; Disclosure
Siobhan Rooney  The Medico-Legal Impact of Consent to Treatment of Under-aged Drug Users
(1998) 4 MLJI 74
Medical Law; Consent; Juvenile; Drug Abuse
Mary T O Mahony  The EU Directive on Data Protection: A Public Health Perspective
(1998) 4 MLJI 76
European Law; Medical Law; Public Health; Data Protection
John P Tiernan  Book Review: Medical and Dental Negligence by Robert H Dickson
(1998) 4 MLJI 95
Dickson; Medical Negligence; Dental Negligence
Fergal Bowers  Book Review: The Irish Court Guide-The Pocket Guide to Irish Courts by Bart D Daly
(1998) 4 MLJI 95
Daly; Courts
Colette M Halpin  Book Review: The Child Care Act 1991 annotated by Paul Ward
(1998) 4 MLJI 96
Family Law; Child Care Act 1991
Cliona Kelly  Frustrating The Rights Out Of You: The Doctrine Of Frustration And Employment Contracts
(2004) 4 UCDLR 1
Contract Law; Employment Law; Employers; Labour Law; Legislative Proposals; Unfair Dismissal; Redundancy
Deirdre Moynihan  Anxiously Awaiting Heightened Scrutiny: Recent Developments In Wednesbury Unreasonableness
(2004) 4 UCDLR 37
Administrative Law; Judicial Review; Interpretation; Reasonableness; Discretion; Judicial Discretion; European Convention on Human Rights
Thomas Mohr  Online Education And Copyright Law: A Law Reform Proposal
(2004) 4 UCDLR 57
Copyright Law; Education; Intellectual Property; Legal History; Internet; European Law; Legislative Proposals
James Crinion  All That Glitters: Re Wait, Section 16 And The Peril For The Pre-Paying Buyer: Is It Time For A Fresh Approach?
(2004) 4 UCDLR 76
Commercial Law; Sale of Goods; Ownership; Possession; Equity
Emer O'Connor  Challenges Ahead: The Impact of The Draft Constitutional Treaty On The Court Of Justice
(2004) 4 UCDLR 94
European; European Court of Justice; European Law; Constitutional Law; Judiciary; Treaty
Robert C. Fitzpatrick  Time For Answers: The Lingering Uncertainty For Mothers Under The Age Of Sixteen
(2004) 4 UCDLR 117
Constitutional Law; Family; Family Law; Children; Consent; Competence; Capacity; Parents; Parental Rights; Pregnancy; Rights; Medical Treatment; Medical Law
Eileen King  Paternalism And The Law: Taking A Closer Look
(2004) 4 UCDLR 134
Jurisprudence; Rights; Constitution; Smoking; Rule of Law; Drunken Driving
Mary Townsend  Chief Justice Keane: The Modern Man And The Constitution
(2004) 4 UCDLR 152
Constitutional Law; Constitutional Rights; Judicial Activism; Judiciary; Interpretation; Courts; Supreme Court;
Lisa Kinsella Adobe PDF FileWhistle While You Work
(2005) COLR I
Public Interest Disclosure; Whistleblowers; Protection for Whistleblowers; White Collar Crime; Legislative Proposals; Transparency; Accountability
Alan Woods Adobe PDF FileWe Know What You Did Last Summer!
(2005) COLR III
Data Retention; Privacy Rights; Law Enforcement; Citizens’ Rights; Powers of Investigation ; National Security; Crime Prevention; Unenumerated Rights
Gemma Neylon Adobe PDF FileThe Application of Data Protection Law to the Employment Sector
(2005) COLR IV
Data Protection; Employment Law; Privacy; Data Retention; Security
Geraldine Cleere Adobe PDF FileThe Urgency for Legal Regulation of the Practices of Cloning and Stem Cell Research
(2005) COLR V
Medical Law; Ethics; Constitution; Natural Law; Right to Life
Richard P. McNamara Adobe PDF File“Let’s Talk”: The Need for Effective Communication Between Doctor and Patient
(2005) COLR VI
Medical Profession; Medical Negligence; Ethics; Informed Consent; Risk Disclosure
Kieran Walsh Adobe PDF FilePrivacy’s New Paradigm: The Rise and Reform of the In Camera Rule
(2005) COLR VII
Family Law; In Camera Rule; Public Justice; Privacy; McKenzie Friend
Karen Bohane Adobe PDF FileThe Official Languages Act 2003
(2005) COLR VIII
Irish Language; Constitutional Law; Administration
Carol Fitzgerald and Leonard Durac Adobe PDF FileThrowing the Baby Out With the Bathwater?: A Critical Appraisal of the Companies (Auditing & Accounting) Act 2003
(2005) COLR IX
Company Law; Financial Law; Accounting; Audit Process
Liam Thornton Adobe PDF FileDiscretion and Law in the British and Irish Social Welfare Systems
(2005) COLR X
Welfare Law; Social Welfare; Discretion
Therese Lyne Adobe PDF FileFinding A Place for Juveniles in the Irish Criminal Justice System: Easy Question, Impossible Answer!
(2005) COLR XI
Children; Young Offenders; Juvenile Justice; Criminal Justice System; Sentencing
Roberta Guiry Adobe PDF FileA Voice For Victims: The Development of the Role of the Victim in the Irish Criminal Justice System
(2005) COLR XII
Victims; Criminal Justice System; Victim Impact Statements; Sentencing
Dorothy Appelbe Adobe PDF FileThe Theory of Justification and Excuse and its Implications for the Battered Woman
(2005) COLR II
Feminism; Defences; Criminal Law
Justice Philip O'Sullivan Adobe PDF FileA Hot Tub for Expert Witnesses
(2004) 4(1) JSIJ 1
Negligence; Expert Witnesses; Balace of Probability; Causation
William Binchy Adobe PDF FileRecent Developments in the Law of Torts
(2004) 4(1) JSIJ 8
Law of Torts; Negligence; Duty of Care; Supreme Court; "Compensation Culture"
Caroline Fennell & Andrea Ryan Adobe PDF FileA Cork Study on `Domestic' Violence and the Criminal Process: Tentative Conclusions from the Policing Perspective
(2004) 4(1) JSIJ 79
Criminal Law; Domestic Violence Act 1996; Constitutional Law; Inadequacy
Derek Dunne Adobe PDF FileThe Position of the 'Quasi-Partnership' Type Private Company in Irish Law
(2004) 4(1) JSIJ 108
Company Law; Re Murphs Restaurant; Companies Act 1963, s. 205
Rosemary Horgan Adobe PDF FileDomestic Violence and Civil Harassment: Some Issues Which Arise When the Case Comes to Court
(2004) 4(1) JSIJ 144
Family Law; Domestic Violence Act 1996; European Convention on Human Rights; Interim Barring Orders
Lord Justice Brooke Adobe PDF FileThe Use of Technology in the Courts
(2004) 4(1) JSIJ 169
Court Service; Technology; Judiciary
Paul Anthony McDermott Adobe PDF FileContempt of Court and the Need for Legislation
(2004) 4(1) JSIJ 185
Contempt of Court; Legislative Reform; Law Reform Commission
Owen McIntyre Adobe PDF FileLiability for Asbestos-Related Illness: Redefining the Rules on `Toxic Torts'
(2004) 4(1) JSIJ 196
Law of Torts; Negligence; Forseeability; Asbestos; Fletcher v. Commissioner of Public Works
Ronan Keane Adobe PDF FileJudges as Lawmakers: The Irish Experience
(2004) 4(2) JSIJ 1
Judiciary; Judicial Activism; Legal History
Una Ni Raifeartaigh Adobe PDF FileThe European Convention on Human Rights and the Irish Criminal Justice System
(2004) 4(2) JSIJ 20
European Convention on Human Rights; Criminal Law; Democracy; Fundamental Freedoms
Donal O'Donnell Adobe PDF FileA Comparison of Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights and the Due Process Requirements of the Constitution of Ireland
(2004) 4(2) JSIJ 37
European Convention on Human Rights; Right to a Fair Trial; Criminal Justice System
Ursula Kilkelly Adobe PDF FileChildren's Rights: A European Perspective
(2004) 4(2) JSIJ 68
European Convention on Human Rights; Family Law; Children's Rights; Human Rights Act 1998 (UK)
Christos Rozakis Adobe PDF FileThe Right to a Fair Trial in Civil Cases
(2004) 4(2) JSIJ 96
European Convention on Human Rights; Right to a Fair Trial; Civil Procedure
Paul Mahoney Adobe PDF FileRight to Fair Trial in Criminal Matters
(2004) 4(2) JSIJ 107
European Convention on Human Rights; Right to a Fair Trial; Criminal Justice System
Jonathan Tomkin Adobe PDF FileImplementing Community Legislation Into National Law: The Demands of a New Legal Order
(2004) 4(2) JSIJ 130
European Law; Secondary Legislation; Constitutional Law; Dualist System; Direct Effect
James Hamilton Adobe PDF FileThe Summary Trial of Indictable Offences
(2004) 4(2) JSIJ 154
Constitutional Law; Criminal Justice System; Indictable Offences
Carol Daugherty Rasnic Adobe PDF FileAlternative Dispute Resolution Rather than Litigation? A Look at Current Irish and American Laws
(2004) 4(2) JSIJ 182
Courts System; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Arbitration; Mediation
Garrett Simons Adobe PDF FilePlanning Injunction: Section 150
(2004) 4(2) JSIJ 199
Planning and Development Act 2000; Unauthorised Development; Injunction; Locus Standi
Ray Ryan, Des Ryan   Vicarious liability of employers - Emerging themes and trends and their potential implications for Irish law
(2007) 4(1) IELJ 3
Tort; Vicarious liability; Bullying; Stress; Developments
Kiwana Ennis  An examination of the law on restraint of trade and discretionary bonus schemes in the light of Finnegan v J & E Davy
(2007) 4(1) IELJ 9
Employment Law ; Restraint of trade; Employment covenants; Bonus schemes
John Curran  Transfer of undertakings and changing sub-contractors - Does the Directive apply?
(2007) 4(1) IELJ 15
EU Law; Undertakings; Purposive approach; Transfers
Maura Connolly  Industrial Relations (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2004 - Implications for industrial relations law and practice of the Supreme Court decision in Ryanair v Labour Court and IMPACT
(2007) 4(2) IELJ 37
Employment Law; Industrial relations; Labour Court; Trade unions; Ryan Air
Mary Redmond  The new Civil Service Disciplinary Code
(2007) 4(2) IELJ 42
Employment Law; Civil Servants; Dismissal; Discipline
Clíona J. M. Kimber, Sorcha Lynch  Age discrimination and pensions
(2007) 4(2) IELJ 47
Employment Law; Pensions; Equality; Age
Geoffrey Shannon  Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 - Offences and Penalties
(2007) 4(3) IELJ 68
Employment Law; Safety; Offences; Penalties
Frances Meenan  Exceptional collective redundancies
(2007) 4(3) IELJ 74
Employment Law; Redundancy law; Legislation; Amendments
Michael Doherty  Union sundown? The future of collective representation rights in Irish law
(2007) 4(4) IELJ 96
Employment Law; Industrial relations; Trade unions; Interpretation
Cliona Kimber  Fixed-term workers - Where are we now?
(2007) 4(4) IELJ 103
Employment Law ; Fixed-term workers; Eu law; Direct effect
Marguerite Bolger, Des Ryan  The mutual duty of fidelity in the contract of employment: Significant recent developments
(2007) 4(4) IELJ 112
Employment Law; Employment litigation; Mutual duty; UK developments;
Claire Bruton, Charles O' Mahony  Employment law and reform: What is coming down the tracks?
(2007) 4(4) IELJ 121
Employment Law; Reform agencies, Irish developments;
Geoffrey Robertson  Justice John Cooke: Impressions on White Paper
(2004) 4(1) HLJ 1
Legal History; Chief Justice of Munster; Treason
Máiréad Enright  Abraham, Isaac and the North Western Health Board
(2004) 4(1) HLJ 25
Medical Law; Consent; Objective benefit; Clinical bias; Religious interests
Ewa Komorek  European attempts to regulate media concentrations. Persisting conflict of interests
(2004) 4(1) HLJ 53
European Law; Pluralism; Diversity; Council; Parliament; Internal market
Plunkett McGreevy  How the West was Won
(2004) 4(1) HLJ 83
Constitutional; Presidential election; US; Media; Dissent; Supreme court
Steven De Schrijver, Johan Van Acker   Medicine, Biology and Private Life: the Regulation of Personal Data in the Field of Health and Genetics
(2004) 4(1) HLJ 121
Medical Law; Human rights; UNESCO; EU; Data protection
Elliot Milton  Putting the Price-fixers in Prison: the Case for the Criminalisation of EC Competition Law
(2004) 4(1) HLJ 159
European Law; Criminal offences; Cartel; Enforcement
Trevor Redmond  Recent Developments Regarding the Right to Consular Protection - Avena and other Mexican Nationals
(2004) 4(1) HLJ 177
International Law; Vienna convention; US supreme court; Consulate
Vincent Power  Reflection on Irish Competition Law 1991-2005
(2004) 4(1) HLJ 195
Competition Law; Civil enforcement; Criminal; Administrative; Institutional
Fidelma White  Selling On-line: Business Compliance and Consumer Protection
(2004) 4(1) HLJ 223
Commercial; Distance selling directive; Seller; Communication; Exemptions
Julie Murray  Terrorism and its Effect on the Evolution of European Union Criminal Law
(2004) 4(1) HLJ 251
European Law; Justice; Home affairs; Trevi group; Schengen; Amsterdam treaty
Illan Rua Wall  The Defence of Conscience A Limited Right to Resist?
(2004) 4(1) HLJ 275
Criminal Law; Civil disobedience; Positive Act; Negative act
Anne-Marie Mooney Cotter  The Right to Counsel in the United States - Forty years after the case of Gideon v. Wainwright
(2004) 4(1) HLJ 293
Criminal; US; Federal and State legislation; Counsel
Tanya Ni Mhuirthile  Declaring Irish Law Incompatible with the Law of the ECHR - Where to Now?
(2008) 4(1) ILR 2
Human Rights; Gender recognition; Foy case; Incompatibility
Leonard Leader  Irish Emergency Law: The Pressing Need for Reform
(2008) 4(1) ILR 10
Emergency Law; Emergency powers; Fundamental rights; Normalisation; Troubles
David Langwallner  The Incoherence of Historicism and Originalism in Irish Constitutional Interpretation
(2008) 4(1) ILR 17
Constitutional; Historical approach; Original intent; Constitutional adjudication
Kate Kelly  Book Review: Principles of Irish Property Law, Fiona de Londras
(2008) 4(1) ILR 26
Property Law
Ciara Fitzgerald  Book Review: Principles of Irish Contract Law, Máiréad Enright
(2008) 4(1) ILR 27
Contract Law
Majella Twomey  The Multi-Unit Developments Bill 2009: Adequate Protection for Property Owners
(2010) 4(1) IBLQ 9
Property Law;
Anna Maria Brennan  The Copyrightability of Computer Software in Ireland: The Problem of Non-Literal Copying
(2012) 4(1) IBLQ 12
IP Law;
Rithika Moore-Vadera  E-Discovery in International Arbitration
(2010) 4(1) IBLQ 16
Civil Procedure;
Neville Cox  Employment Permits in Irish Law
(2010) 4(1) IBLQ 22
Employment Law;
Gemma O'Farrell  The Position of Internet Service Providers after EMI v UPC
(2011) 4(2) IBLQ 2
IP Law;
Ronan Lupton  Communications (Retention of Data) Act 2011 (No 3 of 2011)
(2011) 4(2) IBLQ 8
Information Technology law;
Anna Marie Brenann  The Harmonisation of the Patant System: An Effective Mechanism for Improving Patent Protection
(2011) 4(2) IBLQ 18
IP Law;
Majella Twomey  The Mediation and Conciliation Bill 2010 - Proposed Changes to Alternative Dispute Resolution
(2011) 4(2) IBLQ 22
Dispute Resolution;
Ailbhe O'Neill  Pillar A of the Companies Bill 2011 - The Role of the Company Secretary
(2012) 4(3) IBLQ 3
Company Law;
Sam Collins  Derivative Actions and the Rules of the Superior Courts
(2012) 4(3) IBLQ 8
Civil Procedure;
Glen Gibbons  The Impact of Incoterms 2010
(2012) 4(3) IBLQ 15
Contract Law;
Sean O'Reilly  E-Commerce and Contract Making
(2012) 4(3) IBLQ 19
Contract Law;
Mark Heslin  Speedy Justice - Summary Judgment v Plenary Trial
(2012) 4(4) IBLQ 12
Civil Procedure;
Imelda Higgins  Developments in Corruption Law and Commercial Entities
(2013) 4(4) IBLQ 14
Criminal Law;
Paul Lambert  Data Protection, Data Loss and Remedies
(2012) 4(4) IBLQ 22
Data Protection Law;
Lorraine Lally  Dispute Resolution: The Office of the Ombudsman Structure as a Road Map for Proposed Legislation on Mediation
(2012) 4(4) IBLQ 27
Dispute Resolution;
Reinhard Zimmerman  Liability for non-conformity: the new system of remedies in German sales law and its historical context
(2004) 39 Irish Jurist 1
Contract Law; Caveat Emptor; Compatative Law
Roy W. Davis  Access to documents: a constitutional right or a general principle of law
(2004) 39 Irish Jurist 51
European Law; Freedom of Information
John Mee  A critique of the Law Reform Commission's Consultation Paper on the rights and duties of cohabitees
(2004) 39 Irish Jurist 74
Property Law; Family Law; Cohabitees; Maintenance
Ailbhe O'Neill  The right to silence and the company
(2004) 39 Irish Jurist 111
Company Law; Constitutional Law; Right to Silence; Due Process
David Gwynn Morgan  "Judicial-o-centric" separation of powers on the wane?
(2004) 39 Irish Jurist 142
Constitutional Law; Seperation of Powers; Judiciary
Niall Buckley  Merging principles of public law: towards proportionality in an Irish context
(2004) 39 Irish Jurist 161
Administrative Law; Judicial Review; Proportionality; Unreasonableness
John McEldowney  Challenges in legal bibliography: the role of biography in legal history
(2004) 39 Irish Jurist 215
Legal History; Legal Profession
Neil P. Maddox  "A melancholy record": the story of the nineteenth-century Irish Party Procession Acts
(2004) 39 Irish Jurist 243
Legal History; Catholic Emancipation; Politics; Northern Ireland
W.N. Osborough  Murder or manslaughter: a 1739 decision of the Irish King's Bench
(2004) 39 Irish Jurist 275
Legal History; Law Reports; Criminal Law; Homicide
Rossa Fanning  Reflections on the legislative process following Leontjava v Director of Public Prosecutions & Others
(2004) 39 Irish Jurist 286
Consititutional Law; Seperation of Powers; Legislative Process
Conor O'Mahony  Educational malpractice claims in Ireland: a spectre on the horizon?
(2004) 39 Irish Jurist 301
Law of Torts; Constitutional Law; Negligence; Breach of Statutory Duty
John P.M. White  Discovery of documents after Taylor v Clonmel Healthcare Ltd
(2004) 39 Irish Jurist 316
Civil Litigation; Discovery; Constitutional Law; European Convention on Human Rights
Siobhán Mulally  Defining the limits of citizenship: family life, immigration and "non-nationals" in Irish law
(2004) 39 Irish Jurist 334
Constitutional Law; Citizenship; Immigration; Jus Soli
Basil Markesinis  Scholarship, Reputation of Scholarship and Legacy - Provocative Reflections from a Comparatist's Point of View
(2003) 38 Irish Jurist 1
Comparative Law; Legal Doctrine; Common Law; Civil Law
Lord Woolf  Should the Media and the Judiciay be on Speaking Terms?
(2003) 38 Irish Jurist 25
Media; Judiciary; Democracy; Separation of Powers;
Charles Lysaght  Publicity of Court Proceedings
(2003) 38 Irish Jurist 34
Judiciary; Publicity; Democracy; Rule of Law; In camera rule
Noel J. Travers  The Reception of Commuinty Legislation into Irish Law and Related Issues Revisited
(2003) 38 Irish Jurist 58
European Law; European Communities Act 1972; Constitutional Law
Leila Anglade  The Use of Transnational Rules of Law in International Arbitration
(2003) 38 Irish Jurist 92
Arbitration; Private International Law; Business
Heather Conway  The Death of the Legal Metropolis? Law Reform and the Family Home in Northern Ireland
(2003) 38 Irish Jurist 124
Family Law; Property Law; Comparative Law; Precedent
Raoul Muhm  The Role of the Public Prosecutor in Germany
(2003) 38 Irish Jurist 150
Kohl Scandal; Judiciary; Political Interference
John O'Dowd  Knowing How Way Leads on to Way: Some Reflections on the Abbylara Decision
(2003) 38 Irish Jurist 162
Seperation of Powers; Parliamentary Privilege; Investigative Powers; Maguire v. Ardagh
Alan Dowling  The Doctrine of the Lost Modern Grant
(2003) 38 Irish Jurist 224
Property Law; Easements; Lost Modern Grant; Prescription; European Convention on Human Rights
Jack Anderson  The Evolution of the Ultra Vires Rule in Irish Company Law
(2003) 38 Irish Jurist 262
Company Law; Ultra Vires; Irish Company Law Review Group
Una Woods  Commonhold: An Option for Ireland
(2003) 38 Irish Jurist 284
Property Law; Landlord and Tenant Law; Leasehold
A. Wijffels  Ompteda Revisited: The Metamorphoses of Scholarship on International Law
(2003) 38 Irish Jurist 313
International Law; International Relations; Legal History
Stephen C. Neff  James Stephen's War in Disguise: The Story of a Book
(2003) 38 Irish Jurist 330
International Law; Neutrality; Legal History
John P.M. White  The Liability in Costs of the Insurer as Dominus Letis at Irish Law
(2003) 38 Irish Jurist 352
Insurance; Curran v. Finn; Duress
Liz Heffernan  The Vagaries of Accomplice Evidence
(2003) 38 Irish Jurist 369
Criminal Law; Evidence; People v. Paul Ward; D.P.P. v. Paul Ward
Sean Patrick Donlan  "A Thing Without Cohesion of Parts"? The Professional and Pedagogical Contribution of Mixed Jurisdictions
(2003) 38 Irish Jurist 383
Legal Systems; Mixed Jurisdictions; Comparative Law
Lord Steyn  Perspectives of corrective and distributive justice in tort law
(2002) 37 Irish Jurist 1
Law of Tort; Justice
Sandra Day O'Connor  Copyright law from an American perspective
(2002) 37 Irish Jurist 16
Copyright Law; International Law
Martin B Margulies  Standards of review and state action under the Irish Constitution
(2002) 37 Irish Jurist 23
Constitutional Law; State; Review
Ian O'Donnell  Unlawful killing past and present
(2002) 37 Irish Jurist 56
Criminal Law; Unlawful Killing
Eoin Quill  Successive causes and the measurement of damages
(2002) 37 Irish Jurist 91
Law of Tort; Causation; Damages
Mark De Blacam  Children, constitutional rights and the separation of powers
(2002) 37 Irish Jurist 113
Constitutional Law; Children
Lucy-Ann Buckley  Perpetuities reform in Ireland?
(2002) 37 Irish Jurist 143
Property Law; Perpetuities
Shane Kilcommins  The duty to disclose previous criminal information in Irish insurance law
(2002) 37 Irish Jurist 167
Insurance Law; Disclosure
Thomas Mohr  Law without loyalty-the abolition of the Irish appeal to the Privy Council
(2002) 37 Iris Jurist 187
Legal History; Sovereignity
W N Osborough  Constitutionally constructing a sense of oneness: facets of law in Ireland after the Union
(2002) 37 Irish Jurist 227
Legal Systems
Desmond Greer  Crime, justice and legal literature in nineteenth-century Ireland
(2002) 37 Irish Jurist 241
Criminal Law; Justice; Legal History
Bernadette McSherry  Confidential communications between clients and mental health care professionals
(2002) 37 Irish Jurist 269
Mental Health Law; Confidentiality
Una Woods  Joint deposit accounts and the conditional gift theory
(2002) 37 Irish Jurist 281
Law of Equity; Gift
John Mee  Undue influence and bank guarantees
(2002) 37 Irish Jurist 292
Law of Equity; Undue Influence; Guarantor
Austen Morgan  The Northern Ireland (Location of Victims' Remains) Act 1999: amnesty, immunity or what?
(2002) 37 Irish Jurist 306
Northern Ireland; Belfast Agreement; Victims
David O'Keeffe  Book Review: Liber Memorialis Professor James C. Brady edited by Breen, Casey and Kerr.
(2002) 37 Irish Jurist 322
Kevin Gray  Book Review: Land Law in Ireland by Lyall
(2002) 37 Irish Jurist 324
Lyall; Land Law
John Healy  Book Review: Errors, Medicine and the Law by Merry and McCall Smith
(2002) 37 Irish Jurist 326
Merry; McCall Smity; Medical Law; Medical Negligence
Brian Farrell  Book Review: Bodies of Evidence, Medicine and the Politics of the English Inquest, 1830-1926 by Burney
(2002) 37 Irish Jurist 329
Burney; Medical Law; Inquest
Brian Hutchinson  Book Review: Law & the Internet-A Framework for Electronic Commerce edited by Edwards and Waelde
(2002) 37 Irish Jurist 333
Information Technology Law; Internet; Electronic Commerce
Charles Lysaght  Book Review: A Judgment Too Far? Judicial activism and the Constitution
(2002) 37 Irish Jurist 336
Morgan; Constitutional Law; Separation of Powers
Ian O'Donnell  Book Review: White-Collar Crime and Criminal Careers edited by Weisburd, Waring and Chayet
(2002) 37 Irish Jurist 339
Criminal Law; White Collar Crime
Liam O'Malley  Book Review: Partnership Law by Twomey
(2002) 37 Irish Jurist 342
Twomey; Partnership Law
David Gwynn Morgan  Book Review: Social Inclusion and the Legal System by Whyte
(2002) 37 Irish Jurist 344
whyte; Legal Systems; Social Policy
Tim Murphy  Book Review: Lloyd's Introduction to Jurisprudence by Freeman
(2002) 37 Irish Jurist 348
Freeman; Jurisprudence
Tim Murphy  Book Review: The Oxford Handbook of Jurisprudence and Philosophy of Law edited by Coleman and Shapiro
(2002) 37 Irish Jurist 348
Jurisprudence; Philosophy
Anthony Kerr  Book Review: An Analysis of the Economic Torts by Carty
(2002) 37 Irish Jurist 352
Carty; Law of Tort
Ronan Keane  Brave new world-a new era in human rights law?
(2001) 36 Irish Jurist 1
Human Rights Law
Luzius Wildhaber  The right to offend, shock or disturb?-aspects of freedom of expression under the European Convention on Human Rights
(2001) 36 Irish Jurist 17
Human Rights Law; European Convention on Human Rights; Freedom of Expression
Conor Gearty  The Casement treason trial in its legal context
(2001) 36 Irish Jurist 32
Criminal Law; Offences Against the State; Treason
Noel Travers  An overview of emerging trends in European trade-mark integration
(2001) 36 Irish Jurist 43
European Law; Trade Marks
John Mc Mullen  Transfer of undertakings-perspectives from Britain and Ireland
(2001) 36 Irish Jurist 83
International Law; Transfer of Undertakings
Declan Mc Grath  Legal professional privilege
(2001) 36 Irish Jurist 126
Professional Privilege
Ian O Donnell  Prison Matters
(2001) 36 Irish Jurist 153
Criminal Justice System; Prisons
Gerard Hogan  Directive principles, socio-economic rights and the Constitution
(2001) 36 Irish Jurist 174
Constitutional Law; Directive Principles; Rights
Morris L Cohen  Irish influences on early American law books: authors, printers and subjects
(2001) 36 Irish Jurist 199
Legal Systems; Legal Publications
Paul O Higgins  An essai on puzzles in Irish legal bibliography
(2001) 36 Irish Jurist 214
Legal Bibliography
Sean Patrick Donlan  Beneficence acting by a rule: Edmund Burke on law, history, manners
(2001) 36 Irish Jurist 227
Jurisprudence; Legal History
Brice Dickson  Irelands Human Rights Commission
(2001) 36 Irish Jurist 265
Human Rights Commission
Stanley Yeo  Rethinking the incapacities of insanity
(2001) 36 Irish Jurist 275
Criminal Law; Insanity
Martin Phillipson  The United States withdrawal from the Kyoto protocol
(2001) 36 Irish Jurist 288
International Environmental Law; Kyoto Protocol
Una Woods  Adverse possession of unregistered leasehold land
(2001) 36 Irish Jurist 304
Property Law; Adverse Possession; Leasehold; Unregistered Land
Colin Scott  Regulation and governance reforms for Ireland and the European Union
(2001) 36 Irish Jurist 318
European Law; European Incorporation; Governance
Mary Catharine Dwyer  John M Kelly Memorial Essay: Carroll v Carroll and the Advising Solicitor; the Role of Independent Advice
(2001) 36 Irish Jurist 324
Contract Law; Independent Advice; Undue Influence
David Mc Clean  Book Review: Freedom of Religion under the European Convention on Human Rights by Evans
(2001) 36 Irish Jurist 352
Evans; European Convention on Human Rights; Religion
Joseph Jaconelli  Book Review: Promoting Human Rights through Bills of Rights: Comparative Perspectives edited by Alston
(2001) 36 Irish Jurist 353
Human Rights; Bill of Rights
Jeremy Horder  Book Review: Criminal Liability by Mc Auley and Mc Cutcheon
(2001) 36 Irish Jurist 355
Mc Auley; Mc Cutcheon; Criminal Liability
Esin Orucu  Book Review: Roman Law, Contemporary Law, European Law: The Civilian Tradition Today by Zimmermann
(2001) 36 Irish Jurist 357
Zimmerman; Jurisprudence
Neville Cox  Book Review: The Common European Law of Torts by Van Bar
(2001) 36 Irish Jurist 359
Van Bar; Law of Tort
Tim Murphy  Book Review: Globalisation and Legal Theory by Twining
(2001) 36 Irish Jurist 362
Twining; Globalisation; Legal Theory
Oonagh Breen  Book Review: The Modern Law of Estoppel by Cooke
(2001) 36 Irish Jurist 364
Cooke; Estoppel
A V Gill  Book Review: Enforcement of Judgments in Europe by Kennett
(2001) 36 Irish Jurist 367
Kennett; Enforcement
W N Osborough  Book Review: Human Rights and Legal History: Essays in Honor of Brian Simpson edited by O Donovan and Rubin
(2001) 36 Irish Jurist 370
Human Rights; Legal History
Bernard Ryan  Book Review: EC Employment Law (2nd ed) by Barnard
(2001) 36 Irish Jurist 375
Barnard; Employment Law; European Law
Raymond Byrne  Book Review: Prison Law by Mc Dermott
(2001) 36 Irish Jurist 377
Mc Dermott; Prison Law
Stephen Siegel  Book Review: Law without Values: The Life, work and Legacy of Justice Holmes by Alschuler
(2001) 36 Irish Jurist 380
Alschuler; Biography
Michael Rubenstein  Book Review: Sex Discrimination Law by Bolger and Kimber
(2001) 36 Irish Jurist 382
Bolger; Kimber; Discrimination
Antonio-Carlos Pereira Menaut  Book Review: The Spanish Legal Tradition by Viellers
(2001) 36 Irish Jurist 384
Viellers; Spanish Law; International Legal Systems
D Neil Mc Cormick  Stands Scotland still where she did? New unions for old in these islands
(2000) 35 Irish Jurist 1
Jurisprudence; International Law; Legal History
Louise Arbour  Exposing truth while keeping secrets: publicity and privilege
(2000) 35 Irish Jurist 17
Constitutional Law; Privilege
WN Osborough  Law and the spread of literacy-millennial reflections on Boddingtons plight
(2000) 35 Irish Jurist 36
Literacy; Legal Doctrine
Ken Motoyama  The Constitution of Japan-a critical review of its developments since the 1980s
(2000) 35 Irish Jurist 62
Constitutional Law; International Law
Alan Dowling  Protection of interests in remainder under settlements of land
(2000) 35 Irish Jurist 84
Property Law; Remainder
Kevin Costello  Costs principles and environmental judicial review
(2000) 35 Irish Jurist 121
Administrative Law; Environmental Law; Judicial Review
Rosemary Byrne  Expediency in refugee determination procedures
(2000) 35 Irish Jurist 149
Refugee Law; Immigration; Time
Noel Travers  Access to documents in Community law: on the road to a European participatory democracy
(2000) 35 Irish Jurist 164
European Law; Freedom of Information; Democracy
Gerard Hogan  The Supreme Court and the Reference of the Offences Against the State (Amendment) Bill 1940
(2000) 35 Irish Jurist 238
Constitutional Law; Offences Against the State (Amendment) Bill 1940; Constitutional Law
Paul Anthony Mc Dermott  The separation of powers and the doctrine of non-justiciability
(2000) 35 Irish Jurist 280
Constitutional Law; Separation of Powers; Justiciability
Bairbre O Neill  The referendum process in Ireland
(2000) 35 Irish Jurist 305
Constitutional Law; Referendum
David Ibbetson  Legal printing and legal doctrine
(2000) 35 Irish Jurist 345
Legal Printing; Legal Doctrine; Jurisprudence
WN Osborough  The history of Irish legal publishing: a challenge unmet
(2000) 35 Irish Jurist 355
Legal Publishing; Legal Doctrine
Richard Humphreys  Our bilingual Constitution
(2000) 35 Irish Jurist 375
Irish Language; Constitutional Law;
Richard O Maolalaigh  Book Review: Bunreacht Na hEireann, A Study of the Irish Text by O Cearuil
(2000) 35 Irish Jurist 388
O Cearuil; Constitution; Irish Language
WN Osborough  Book Review: Medieval Papal Representatives in Scotland: Legates, Nuncios and Judges-Delegates by Ferguson
(2000) 35 Irish Jurist 391
Ferguson; Jurisprudence
Colum & Kenny  Book Review: The Minute Book of the Faculty of Advocatee edited by Stewart
(2000) 35 Irish Jurist 392
Stewart; Advocate
WN Osborough  Book Review: A Legal History of Scotland-Vol. V: the Eighteenth Century by Walker
(2000) 35 Irish Jurist 394
Walker; International Law; Legal History
Alistair Mowbray  Book Review: Judicial Review in Ireland by Bradley
(2000) 35 Irish Jurist 396
Bradley; Judicial Review; Administration Law
Laurence Lustgarten  Book Review: The Irish Police-A Legal and Constitutional Perspective by Walsh
(2000) 35 Irish Jurist 399
Walsh; Police; Constitutional Law
Chris Barton  Book Review: Child and Family Law by Sutherland
(2000) 35 Irish Jurist 402
Sutherland; Family Law; Children
Pamela Ferguson  Book Review: Criminal Law by Charleton, Mc Dermott and Bolger
(2000) 35 Irish Jurist 404
Charleton; Mc Dermott; Bolger; Criminal Law
Richard Whish  Book Review: Competition Law: Alignment and Reform by Maher
(2000) 35 Irish Jurist 406
Maher; Competition Law
Peter Sparkes  Book Review: Equity and the Law of Trusts in Ireland (2nd ed) by Delaney
(2000) 35 Irish Jurist 408
Delany; Law of Equity; Trust
Lucey Ann Buckley  Book Review: Working Within the Law: A Practical Guide for Employers and Employees (2nd ed) by Meenan
(2000) 35 Irish Jurist 412
Meenan; Employment Law
Kevin Costello  Book Review: The Most Fundamental Legal Right: Habeas Corpus in the Commonwealth by Clark and Mc Coy
(2000) 35 Irish Jurist 414
Clark; Mc Coy; Habeas Corpus
WN Osborough  Book Review: Education and the Constitution by Farry
(2000) 35 Irish Jurist 416
Farry; Education; Constitutional Law
Martin Hession  Book Review: Irish Environmental Legislation by Maguire, O Reilly and Roche
(2000) 35 Irish Jurist 418
Maguire; O Reilly; Roche; Environmental Law
Anon  Book Review: Japanese Law by Oda
(2000) 35 Irish Jurist 419
Oda; International Law
Christopher Brooks  Book Review: Studies in Irish Legal History by Osborough
(2000) 35 Irish Jurist 490
Osborough; Legal History
Lord Irvine  Reporting the courts: the medias rights and responsibilities
(1999) 34 Irish Jurist 1
Telecommunications Law; Media; Broadcasting
Richard A Posner  Relations between law and literature
(1999) 34 Irish Jurist 18
Legal Writings; Interpretation
Noel Travers  Some reflections on recent developments in European Community law concerning State aid
(1999) 34 Irish Jurist 31
European Law; State Aid
Finbarr Mc Auley  Relational liability in criminal law
(1999) 34 Irish Jurist 100
Criminal Law; Voluntas
Liz Heffernan  A discretionary jurisdiction for the European Court of Justice?
(1999) 34 Irish Jurist 148
European Law; European Court of Justice; Jurisdiction
Declan Mc Grath  The accomplice corroboration warning
(1999) 34 Irish Jurist 170
Law of Evidence; Accomplice; Testimony; Corroboration
John E Stannard  Murder, intention and the inference of intention
(1999) 34 Irish Jurist 202
Criminal Law; Murder; Intent
Shane Kilcommins  Impressment and its genealogical claims in respect of community service orders in England and Wales
(1999) 34 Irish Jurist 223
International Law; Community Service Orders
David Gwynn Morgan  Mary Robinsons Presidency: relations with the Government
(1999) 34 Irish Jurist 256
Constitutional Law; President
Fernando Atria  A Roman puzzle
(1999) 34 Irish Jurist 276
Jurisprudence; Legal History
Tony Gaynor  The legal challenge to the Irish Government in the 1790s
(1999) 34 Irish Jurist 300
Assizes; Legal History
Jean Howell  Book Review: The Property Rights of Cohabitees by John Mee
(1999) 34 Irish Jurist 338
Mee; Property Law; Cohabitees
Gavin Barrett  Book Review: Transfer of Undertakings-Employment Aspects of Business Transfers in Irish and European Employment Law by Byrne
(1999) 34 Irish Jurist 340
Byrne; Employment Law
Christopher Allen  Book Review: English Criminal Justice in the Nineteenth Century by Bentley
(1999) 34 Irish Jurist 344
Bentley; Criminal Law
Sara Dillon  Book Review: The Habitats Directive in Ireland by Scannell, Cannon, Clarke and Doyle
(1999) 34 Irish Jurist 346
Scannell; Cannon; Clarke; Doyle; Habitats
Judith Brett  Book Review: Lionel Murphy, A Political Biography by Hocking
(1999) 34 Irish Jurist 350
Hocking; Politics
James H Bergeron  Book Review: Military Law in Ireland by Humphreys and Craven
(1999) 34 Irish Jurist 352
Humphreys; Craven; Military Law
Robert Upex  Book Review: Dismissal Law in Ireland by Redmond
(1999) 34 Irish Jurist 354
Redmond; Employment Law; Dismissal
Niall O Ciosain  Book Review: Irish Law and Lawyers in Modern Folk Tradition by Hickey
(1999) 34 Irish Jurist 358
Hickey; Lawyers
Andrew Lyall  Book Review: Irish Land Law (3rd ed) by Wylie
(1999) 34 Irish Jurist 360
Wylie; Land Law
Oonagh Breen  Book Review: Probate Law and Practice by Keating
(1999) 34 Irish Jurist 363
Keating; Law of Succession; Probate
Paul Brand  Book Review: Lawyers, Litigation and English Society Since 1450 by Brooks
(1999) 34 Irish Jurist 366
Brooks; Legal History
Vicky Conway, Jennifer Schweppe  What is a Miscarriage of Justice? The Irish Solution to an International Problem
(2012) 19(1) DULJ 1
Criminal Law; Appeal Process, Wrongful Conviction, Criminal Procedure Act 1993, Remedies, Accountability, Innocence Projects, DNA, People (DPP) v Shortt
Laura Cahillhane  Anti-Party Politics in the Irish Free State Constitution
(2012) 19 (1) DULJ 34
Constitutional Law; Governance, Corruption, Proportional Representation, Executive, Ministers, Functional Representation, Councils, Seanad
Alexandre Duterque  Do We Really Want a Ius Commune for EU Consumer Protection
(2012) 19 (1) DULJ 72
EU Law; Harmonisation, Mutual Recognition, Common Market, European Commission, Consumers, Enforcement, Draft Common Frames of Reference
Michael Doherty  Battered and Fried? Regulation of Working Conditions and Wage Setting after the John Grace Decision
(2012) 19 (1) DULJ 97
Employment Law; Joint Labour Committee, Industrial Relations (Amendment) Act 2012, Collective Agreement, Labour Court, John Grace Fried Chicken & Ors v Catering Joint Labour Committees & Ors, Employment Regulation Orders, Posting of Workers Directive, Trade Unions
Neville Cox  Dismissal of an Action on the Grounds of Delay or Want of Prosecution: Recent Developments
(2012) 19 (1) DULJ 121
Procedure; Article 6 ECHR, Primor Plc v Stoakes, Kennedy, Crowley, Balance of Justice, Inordinate and Inexcusable Delay, Prejudice, Public Interest
Niamh Howlin  Multiculturalism, Representation and Integration: Citizenship Requirements for Jury Service
(2012) 19 (1) DULJ 148
Procedure; Immigration, Juror Qualifications, Juries Act 1976, Citizenship, Language, De Búrca and Anderson v Attorney General
Hilary Biehler  Security for Costs: A Reappraisal of Established Principles?
(2012) 19 (1) DULJ 173
Procedure; Access to the Courts, section 390 of the Companies Act 1963, Appeal, Order 29 Rules of the Superior Court, Farrell v Bank of Ireland, Amount of Security, Residence
Conor O'Mahony  Principled Expediency: How the Irish Courts Can Compromise on Same-Sex Marriage
(2012) 19 (1) DULJ 199
Constitutional Law; Zappone and Gilligan v Revenue Commissioners, Article 41 of the Constitution, Living Constitution, Section 2 of the Civil Registration Act 2002, Children, Political Support, Democratic Legitimacy, Referendum
Mary Donnelly  The Financial Services Ombudsman: Asking the Existential Question
(2012) 19 (1) DULJ 229
Administrative Law; Access to Justice, Consumer Dispute Resolution, Lyons v Financial Services Ombudsman, Jurisdiction, Central Bank Act 1942, Fair Procedures,
Andrea Mulligan  From Murray v Ireland to Roche v Roche: Re-Evaluating the Constitutional Right to Procreate In the Context of Assisted Reproduction
(2012) 19 (1) DULJ 261
Constitutional Law; Procreative Liberty, IVF, Article 41 of the Constitution, Marital Privacy, Interference with Constitutional Rights, Dickson v UK, Article 8 ECHR, Proportionality, US Constitution, Legislation
Mel Cousins  Access to Quasi-Judicial Decisions - Jama v Minister for Social Welfare
(2012) 19 (1) DULJ 292
Administrative Law; Social Welfare Appeals Tribunal, Article 6 ECHR, Atanasov v Refugee Appeal Tribunal, Access to Information, Child Benefit, Refugee
Suzanne Egan  The Necessary Elements of Torture: A Consideration of the Views of the Human Rights Committee in Giri v Nepal
(2012) 19 (1) DULJ 300
Human Rights Law; Article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment, Relevant Purpose, United Nations Convention Against Torture, Severity of Treatment
Noel McGrath  The Floating Charge in Ireland After Re JD Brian Ltd
(2012) 19 (1) DULJ 306
Banking Law; Secured Creditor, Priority, Section 285 of the Companies Act 1963, Liquidation, Crystallisation Charges
Ailbhe O'Neill  Defamation by Hyperlink and the Publication Rule
(2012) 19 (1) DULJ 317
Tort Law; Websites, Defamatory Material, References, Publication, Internet Service Providers
Sophie Palmer  Book Review: Rogan, Penal Policy In Ireland: Politics, Penal-Welfarism and Political Imprisonment
(2012) 19 (1) DULJ 328
Criminal Justice;
Donal Coffey  Book Review: Hogan, The Origins of the Irish Constitution 1928-1941
(2012) 19 (1) DULJ 330
Constitutional Law;
Oran Doyle  Book Review: Lerner, Making Constitutions in Deeply Divided Societies
(2012) 19 (1) DULJ 341
Constitutional Law;
Brian Barry  Book Review: Arthur Cox Employment Law Yearbook 2011
(2012) 19 (1) DULJ 344
Employment Law;
Ferenc Szilágyi  Book Review: Varga, Legal Systems, Legal Mentalities in the Perspective of European Unification - Hungarian Overview in a European Union Context
(2012) 19 (1) DULJ 346
Legal Systems;
Niamh Connolly  Book Review: Lodder, Enrichment in the Law of Unjust Enrichment and Restitution
(2012) 19 (1) DULJ 332
Michael J Beloff  Towards a Supreme Court? The British experience
(1998) 33 Irish Jurist 1
International Law; Courts
Anthony Lewis  Law and the press: a deadly embrace
(1998) 33 Irish Jurist 34
Media Law
Noel Travers  Some reflections on the protection of patented pharmaceutical products in European Community law
(1998) 33 Irish Jurist 47
European Law; Patents; Pharmaceuticals
Kevin Costello  When is a decision subject to judicial review? A restatement of the rules
(1998) 33 Irish Jurist 91
Administration Law; Judicial Review
Finbarr Mc Auley  Necessity and duress in criminal law: the confluence of two great tributaries
(1998) 33 Irish Jurist 120
Criminal Law; Necessity; Duress
John Mee  Lost in the big house: where stands Irish law on equitable estoppel?
(1998) 33 Irish Jurist 187
Law of Equity; Estoppel
Leila Anglade  Chronicle of a death foretold: the decline of the lex fori arbitrii in the enforcement of international awards
(1998) 33 Irish Jurist 220
Lex Fori Arbitrii; International Arbitral Awards; Enforcement
A Butler & R O Connell  A critical analysis of Irelands Constitutional Review Group Report
(1998) 33 Irish Jurist 237
Constitutional Review Group
Paul Anthony Mc Dermott  The death of mutuality in issue estoppel
(1998) 33 Irish Jurist 266
Law of Equity; Mutuality; Estoppel
Walter Block  A libertarian theory of blackmail
(1998) 33 Irish Jurist 280
Political Philosophy; Libertarianism; Blackmail
Gerard Hogan  A fresh look at Tilsons case
(1998) 33 Irish Jurist 311
Constitutional Law; Inter Denominational Relations; Religious Education
Siobhan Mullally  Searching for foundations in Irish Constitutional Law
(1998) 33 Irish Jurist 333
Constitutional Law
Neil Mc Leod  Assault and attempted murder in Brehon law
(1998) 33 Irish Jurist 351
Brehon Law; Assault; Murder
WN Osborough  The failure to enact an Irish Bill of Rights: a gap in Irish Constitutional history
(1998) 33 Irish Jurist 392
Constitutional Law; Bill of Rights
Noel Gaughran  Book Review: Torts in the Nineties edited by Mullally
(1998) 33 Irish Jurist 417
Law of Tort
Sara Dillon  Book Review: Constitutionalism in Contemporary Ireland, An American Perspective by Beytagh
(1998) 33 Irish Jurist 420
Beytagh; Constitutional Law
Oonagh Breen  Book Review: The Law of Easements and Profits a Prendre by Bland
(1998) 33 Irish Jurist 424
Bland; Easements; Profits; Property Law
Hector L Mac Queen  Review: The Earliest English Law Reports Volume I Common Bench Reports to 1284; Volume II Common Bench Reports 1285-1289 and Undated Reports 1279-1289 edited by Brand
(1998) 33 Irish Jurist 426
Legal History; Case Law
Suzanne Egan  Book Review: Human Rights and the European Convention: the Effects of the Convention on the United Kingdom and Ireland edited by Dickson
(1998) 33 Irish Jurist 428
European Convention on Human Rights
Suzanne Egan  Book Review: European Human Rights Law: Text and Materials by Janis, Kay and Bradley
(1998) 33 Irish Jurist 432
Human Rights Law
Orla Muldoon  Book Review: Irish Stamp Duty Law by Donegan and Freil
(1998) 33 Irish Jurist 435
Donegan; Freil; Stamp Duty; Revenue Law
John T O Dowd  Book Review: The Separation of Powers in the Irish Constitution by Morgan
(1998) 33 Irish Jurist 437
Morgan; Constitutional Law; Separation of Powers
Brice Dickson  Book Review: Southern Cross: Civil Law and Common Law in South Africa edited by Zimmerman and Visser
(1998) 33 Irish Jurist 439
Civil Law; Common Law; International Law
WN Osborough  Book Review: The law of the other: the mixed jury and changing conceptions of citizenship, law and knowledge by Constable
(1998) 33 Irish Jurist 443
Constable; Jury; Citizenship
Nial Fennelly  A "Fatal Rubric": Mulhall v Haren and "Subject to Contract"
(2011) 18(1) DULJ 1
Contract Law; Ronan Keane, Memorandum, Statute of Frauds, Kelly v Park Hall School,
Nial Osborough  Chapters from the History of Dramatic Author's Performing Right
(2011) 18(1) DULJ 10
Intellectual Property Law ; Copyright, Performances, Plays, Theatre, Legal Developments
Adrian Hardiman  The Trial of Ulysses, 1933
(2011) 18(1) DULJ 42
Procedure; United States v One Book Called Ulysses, Censorship, Literature, Assessing Quality, Obscenity Law,
Peter Birks  Harassment and hubris: the right to an equality of respect
(1997) 32 Irish Jurist 1
Equality Law; Harassment
Lord Hoffmann  A sense of proportion
(1997) 32 Irish Jurist 49
Constitutional Law; Proportionality
Gerard Brennan  The third branch and the fourth estate
(1997) 32 Irish Jurist 62
Law of Equity; Estate
Hjalte Rasmussen  Denmarks Maastricht-ratification case: The constitutional dimension and questions about constitutionality
(1997) 32 Irish Jurist 77
Constitutional Law; Maastricht Treaty; International Law
J Wilson Parker  Must constitutional rights be specified? reflections on the proposal to amend article 40.3.1
(1997) 32 Irish Jurist 102
Rights; Constitution
J Paul Mc Cutcheon  Knowledge and the actus reus of possession offences
(1997) 32 Irish Jurist 119
Criminal Law; Actus Reus; Voluntary Conduct; Criminal Liability; Possession
Kevin Costello  The expulsion of prerogative doctrine from Irish law: quantifying and remedying the loss of the royal prerogative
(1997) 32 Irish Jurist 145
Constitutional Law; Prerogative
Aileen Kavanagh  The quest for legitimacy in constitutional interpretation
(1997) 32 Irish Jurist 195
Constitutional Law; Interpretation
Hilary Delany  The future of the doctrine of legitimate expectations in Irish administrative law
(1997) 32 Irish Jurist 217
Administration Law; Legitimate Expectation
Finbarr Mc Auley  The intoxication defence in criminal law
(1997) 32 Irish Jurist 243
Criminal Law; Intoxication; Defences
Mary Donnelly  Non-consensual sterilisation of mentally disabled people: the law in Ireland
(1997) 32 Irish Jurist 297
Medical Law; Consent; Disability
Marc De Blacam  Justice and Natural law
(1997) 32 Irish Jurist 323
Jurisprudence; Natural Law
Annick Masselot  Health and safety for pregnant workers in Britain: American and European influences
(1997) 32 Irish Jurist 343
Labour Law; Health and Safety; Pregnancy; International Law;
Gerard Hogan  The Constitution, Property Rights and Proportionality
(1997) 32 Irish Jurist 373
Constitutional Law; Proportionality
Edith Z Friedler  The trial of Jesus as a conflict of laws
(1997) 32 Irish Jurist 398
Legal History; Jurisprudence
WN Osborough  The Irish custom of tracts
(1997) 32 Irish Jurist 439
Legal History; Custom; Kencogus Law; Tracts; Cattle Lifting
Charles Lysaght  Book Review: The International Law of Fisheries by Burke
(1997) 32 Irish Jurist 459
Burke; Fishery Law; Marine Law
Charles Lysaght  Book Review: The Four Courts: 200 years; Essays to Commemorate the Bicentenary of the Four Courts edited by Costello
(1997) 32 Irish Jurist 464
Legal History
Norman Doe  Book Review: The Canon Letter and Spirit: A Practical Guide to the Code of Canon Law by the Canon Law Society of Great Britain;
(1997) 32 Irish Jurist 461
Canon Law
James Casey  Book Review: The Changing Constitution edited by Jowell and Oliver
(1997) 32 Irish Jurist 466
Constitutional Law
Dermot PJ Walsh  Book Review: Supergrasses: A study in Anti-Terrorist Law Enforcement in Northern Ireland by Greer
(1997) 32 Irish Jurist 467
Greer; Terrorist Law; Northern Ireland
Herbert Wallace  Book Review: Succession Law in Ireland by Brady
(1997) 32 Irish Jurist 469
Brady; Law of Succession
Siobhan Stack  Book Review: Irish Law of Specific Performance by Farrell
(1997) 32 Irish Jurist 474
Farrell; Specific Performance
Dominic Mc Goldrick  Book Review: Self-Determination of Peoples-A Legal Reappraisal by Cassese
(1997) 32 Irish Jurist 476
Cassese; Self-Determination; Public International Law
Marie Mc Gonagle  Book Review: Media Law in Australia by Armstrong, Lindsay and Watterson
(1997) 32 Irish Jurist 479
Armstrong; Lisdsay; Watterson; Media Law; International Law
John Breslin  Book Review: Laundering and Tracing edited by Birks
(1997) 32 Irish Jurist 482
Money Laundering; Criminal Law
Mary Catherine Lucey  Book Review: The Court of the European Communities by Brown and Kennedy
(1997) 32 Irish Jurist 486
Brown; Kennedy; European Law; Courts
Geoffrey Mc Cormack  Book Review: Law and Family in Late Antiquity: The Emperor Constantines Marriage Legislation by Grubb
(1997) 32 Irish Jurist 489
Grubb; Legal History; Marriage
Sara Dillon  Book Review: Family Law and Religion by Hamilton
(1997) 32 Irish Jurist 491
Hamilton; Family Law; Religion
Brice Dickson  Book Review: Conflict of Laws by Collier
(1997) 32 Irish Jurist 500
Collier; Conflict of Laws
Dermot Cahill  Book Review: Directives in European Community Law-A Study of Directives and their Enforcement in National Courts by Prechal
(1997) 32 Irish Jurist 501
Prechal; European Law; Enforcement
WN Osborough  Book Review: Emergency Law in Ireland by Campbell
(1997) 32 Irish Jurist 504
Campbell; Emergency Law; Constitutional Law
Rachael Walsh  "The Principles of Social Justice" The Compulsory Acquisition of Private Property for Redevelopment in the United States and Ireland
(2010) 17(1) DULJ 1
Constitutional Property Rights, Kelo v City of New London, Compulsory Purchase Order, Security of Possession, Value Possession
David Kenny  A Dormant Doctrine of Overbreadth: Abstract Review and IUS Tertii in Irish Proportionality Analysis
(2010) 17(1) DULJ 24
Hypothetical Overbreadth, Ius Tertii Rule, Cox v Ireland, Cahill v Sutton, Heaney v Ireland, Means-Ends Rationality, Minimum Impairment Test,
Eoin Carolan  The Problems of Corporate Privacy
(2010) 17(1) DULJ 51
Digital Rights Ireland Ltd v Minister for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources, Corporate Right to Privacy
Rachael Hanly  Hospital-Acquired Infection: The Challenges for Law of Negligence
(2010) 17(1) DULJ 64
Direct Liability, Organisational Negligence,Doctrine of Res Ipsa Loquitur, Causation,
Immelda Higgins  Parliamentary Privilege and Free Speech in the Oireachtas
(2010) 17(1) DULJ 94
Article 15.13, Utterances, Non Amenability, Bertie Ahern v Member of the Tribunal of Inquiry into Certain Planning Matters and Payments, Waiver,
Mark Coen  Apprehended Bias: The case of the Jurors
(2010) 17(1) DULJ 121
People (DPP) v Norris, Impartiality, Criminal Law
Alan D.P.Brady  Proportionality, Deference and Fundamental Rights in Irish Administrative Law: The Aftermath of Meadows
(2010) 17(1) DULJ 136
Meadows v Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform, Deference, Reasonableness, Substantive, Procedural
Shannon Michael Haynes  Expenditure on Criminal Justice in Ireland
(2010) 17(1) DULJ 172
Crime Rate, Increased Spending
Mark de Blacam  Assessing Procedural Error in Public Law
(2010) 17(1) DULJ 186
Nature of Procedural Error, Procedural Requirements, Absence of Statutory Procedure, Express Procedure, Material Costs
Sophie More O'Ferrall  Mandatory Life for Murder and Sentencing Process
(2010) 17(1) DULJ 213
Whelan and Lynch v Minister for Justice, Ireland and Attorney General, Section 2 Criminal Justice Act 1990, Separation of Powers, Proportionality, European Convention of Human Rights Article 5(1), 5(4), 6(1)
Siobhan Mullally and Tanya Ní Mhuirthile  Reforming Laws on Female Genital Mutilation in Ireland: Responding to Gaps in Protection
(2010) 17(1) DULJ 243
International Human Rights Law, Irish Law, Asylum Law, Consent, Reform
Claire Murray  Reinforcing Paternalism within Irish Mental Law- Contrasting the Decision of EH v St. Vincents Hospital and Others and SM v The Mental Health Commission and Others
(2010) 17(1) DULJ 273
Mental Health Act 2001, Rights-based Model
Terry Carney  Mental Health Tribunals as Governance: A Lesson from an Australian Study?
(2010) 17(1) DULJ 291
Best Interest, Treatment, Tribunal Hearings
Thomas Finega  An Unmarried Father's Rights to Guardianship of His Child and the Child's Rights to the Support of His/Her Father: A Hohfeldian View of the Irish Constitution
(2010) 17(1) DULJ 320
Constitution, Hohfeld's theory of rights, Article 40, 41, 42
Chris Nick  The Case of Ireland's Accession to the UN Convention on Contracts for International Sale of Goods
(2010) 17(1) DULJ 346
Ratification, Legal Certain, Requirements on Business Community, National Law
Gerry Whyte  A Tale of Two Case- Divergent Approaches of the Irish Supreme Court to Distribute Justice
(2010) 17(1) DULJ 365
Case Note, Magee v Farrell, Carmody v Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform, Civil Legal Aid, Criminal Legal Aid,
Paul Daly  Standards of Review in Irish Administrative Law after Meadows v Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform
(2010) 17(1) DULJ 379
Case Note, Judicial Review, Unreasonableness, Anxious Scrutiny, Proportionality, Fundamental Rights,
David O'Dwyer  DNA Profiling and the Criminal Process: Demystifying the Silver Bullet - Part I
(2014) 32(1) ILT 6
Criminal Law; Criminal Justice (Forensic Evidence and DNA Database) Bill 2013, DNA Database, Fundamental Rights, Genetics, Crime Scene Profiles,
David O'Dwyer  DNA Profiling and the Criminal Process: Demystifying the Silver Bullet - Part II
(2014) 32(1) ILT 22
Criminal Law; Black Boxing, Reliability of Results, Chain of Custody, Laboratory Procedures, Contamination, Miscarraiges of Justice, Bias, Public Perception, Data Protection
Mark Rodgers  Judicial Review of Appeals Committees
(2014) 32(1) ILT 38
Administrative Law; Section 29(1) of the Education Act 1998, School Admissions and Expulsion, Judicial Interpretation, Education System, Jurisdiction, Grounds of Judicial Review, Fair Procedures,
Brendan Glynn  Personal Guarantees and Problems that Arise
(2014) 32(1) ILT 46
Commercial Law; Validity, Informed Consent, Knowledge, Undue Influence,
Michael Kinsley  Protected Disclosures Bill 2013
(2014) 32(1) ILT 55
Employment Law; Whistleblowers, Relevant Information, Reasonable Belief, Public Employment, Unfair Dismissals Acts, Tort of Causing Detriment, Sensitive Information,
Albert Keating  Substantive and Adjudicative Jurisprudence
(2014) 32(1) ILT 61
Jurisprudence; Positivism, Primary and Secondary Rules, Sociology, History of Legal Systems,
Peter Dunne  Divorce in the Gender Recognition Bill 2013
(2014) 32(1) ILT 70
Family Law; Transexuals, Foy v Registrar General, Article 8 European Convention on Human Rights, H v Finland, Validity of Marriage,
Rebecca West  Piercing the Veil of State Sovereignty - The Role of the Universal Periodic Review in the Enforcement of Human Rights
(2014) 32(1) ILT 73
International Law; Human Rights, Responsiblity of States, UN Commission on Human Rights, Objectivity, International Cooperation,
Neil Van Dokkum  The Birth and Life of Eirgrid: In Vitro, Ultra Vires, and Mala Fides? - Part I The Transposition of EU Law into the Irish Legal System
(2014) 32(1) ILT 81
Constitutional Law ; Electricity Transmission, Article 15.2.1 of the Constitution, Ministerial Regulations, Separation of Powers, Democracy, Henry VIII Clauses, Cityview Test, Necessitated by Membership, Transposition,
Albert Keating  Legal Validity and the Sources Thesis
(2014) 32(1) ILT 86
Jurisprudence; Positivism, The Authority of Law, Social Sources, Legal Validity, Rule of Recognition, Principle of Integrity,
Neil Van Dokkum  The Birth and Life of Eirgrid: In Vitro, Ultra Vires, and Mala Fides? - Part II The Birth of Eirgird and its Subsequent Journey
(2014) 32(1) ILT 84
Constitutional Law; Special-status subordinate legislation, Electrification, Privitisation, Legal Obligations under EU law, Transmission System Operation, Legislative Intent, Statutory Interpretation, Electricity Regulation Act 1999, Dáil Debates, Competition, Ministerial Po
Neil Van Dokkum  The Birth and Life of Eirgrid: In Vitro, Ultra Vires, and Mala Fides? - Part II The Birth of Eirgird and its Subsequent Journey
(2014) 32(1) ILT 94
Constitutional Law; Special-status subordinate legislation, Electrification, Privitisation, Legal Obligations under EU law, Transmission System Operation, Legislative Intent, Statutory Interpretation, Electricity Regulation Act 1999, Dáil Debates, Competition, Ministerial Po
Garret Sammon  Winding up the "Just and Equitable Ground" - An Untrammelled Discretion
(2014) 32(1) ILT 100
Company Law; Section 213(f) of the Companies Act 1963, Judicial Discretion, Re Fuerta Limited, Liquidation, Register of Companies,
Neil Van Dokkum  The Birth (and Life) of Eirgrid: In Vitro, Ultra Vires and Mala Fides? - Part III The Powers of Eirgrid
(2014) 32(1) ILT 110
Administrative Law; Statutory Powers, Transmission Systems Operator, Electric Line, Electricity Consumption, National Renewable Energy Action Plan, Renewable Energy, Wind Farms,
David Brooke  Radical Preaches and National Security: Present Day Echoes of Hobbes' Liviathan
(2014) 32(1) ILT 115
Administrative Law; Terrorism Law, Hate Speech, Internet Activism, Abu Qatata, Article 3 and 6 European Court of Human Rights, Diplomatic Assurances, Chahal Rule,
Sana Farooq Kahn  Governance of the Financial Services Market: An Irish Perspective
(2014) 32(1) ILT 126
Corporate Governance; Financial Crisis, UK Combined Code on Corporate Governance,Stewardship Code, Financial Reporting Council, Financial Investment, Central Bank of Ireland, Directors, High Impact Institutions, Risk Committee,
Conor A Casey  Damache v Director of Public Prosecutions
(2014) 32(1) ILT 133
Criminal Law; Search Warrants, Garda Functions, s.29(1) of the Offences Against the State Act, Proportionality, Constitutionality, Retrospective Effect,
Garret Sammon  Unpacking the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement
(2014) 32(1) ILT 141
International Law; International Agreements, European Economic Area, Partnership and Cooperation Agreement, Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area, Barriers to Trade
Sana Kahn  The Regulatory Restructuring of EU's Financial Services Market
(2014) 32(1) ILT 146
Financial Law; Financial Crisis, Corporate Governance, European System of Financial Supervision, Financial Supervisory Bodies, European Central Bank, Crisis Resolution Systems, Securities, over-the-counter (OTC) derivative market
Sana F. Khan  Corporate Governance in the Hedge Fund Industry
(2014) 32(1) ILT 158
Banking Law; Funds Industry, Madoff Scandal, US Securities and Exchange Commission, Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, Private Managers, Undertaking in Collective Investment Transferable Securities, Alternative Investment Fund Management Direc
Albert Keating  The Primacy of Principles
(2014) 32(1) ILT 165
Jurisprudence; Equitable Policy, s.78 of the Succession Act 1965, Constructive Trust, Proprietary Estoppel, Illegality Defence,
James Kane  The IBRC Liquidation - A Right to Bid on Own Loans and Decisions Affecting Residential Mortgages
(2014) 32(1) ILT 174
Banking Law; Anglo Irish Bank and Irish Nationwide Building Society, Promissory Note, National Asset Management Agency, Dagenham Yank Limited v Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Limited, Judicial Review, Code of Conduct on Mortgage Arrears, Confidentiality, Special Li
Louise Ford  Aftercare for Young People Leaving Care and Detention
(2014) 32(1) ILT 180
Child Law; s.45 of the Child Care Act 1991, Statutory Right to Aftercare, Social Workers, Education, Probation,
Albert Keating  Finns' Natural Law Theory
(2014) 32(1) ILT 191
Jurisprudence; Rule of Law, Practical Reasonableness, Common Good, Validity of a Rule,
Paul Fogarty, Caroline Bergin-Cross  Commercial Agents Directive and Liability - Part I
(2014) 32(1) ILT 195
Commercial Law; Council Directive 86/653/EC (“the directive”) on the Coordination of the Laws of Members States related to self-employed commercial agents, Undisclosed Principal, Agency Agreement, Remedies, Post-Termination
T.F. O' Higgins  The Irish Legal System
(1996) 31 Irish Jurist 1
Constitutional Law; Common Law; Jurisprudence
L. Neville Brown  State Liability to individuals in damages: an emerging doctrine of European Union Law
(1996) 31 Irish Jurist 7
European Law; State Liability
Finbarr Murphy  Irish Participation in European Integration: the casual abandonment of sovereignty
(1996) 31 Irish Jurist 22
European Law; European Integration; Constitutional Law
Evelyn Ellis  The status of European Community law in the United Kingdom
(1996) 31 Irish Jurist 35
European Law; European Integration
Finbarr McAuley  The grammar of mistake in criminal law
(1996) 31 Irish Jurist 56
Criminal Law; Mistake
Takis Tridimas  The principle of proportionality in Community Law: from the rule of law to market integration
(1996) 31 Irish Jurist 83
European Law; European Integration; Principle of Proportionality
James Casey  Interpretation of constitutional guarantees: an antipodean history lesson?
(1996) 31 Irish Jurist 102
Constitutional Law; Guarantees
Leo Flynn  Taking remedies too seriously? National procedural autonomy in the European Court of Justice
(1996) 31 Irish Jurist 110
European Law; International Law; Sovereignty
James C. Brady  Aspiring students, retiring professors and the doctrine of legitimate expectation
(1996) 31 Irish Jurist 133
Law of Equity; Legitimate Expectation
David O'Keeffe & Margot Horspool  European citizenship and the free movement of persons
(1996) 31 Irish Jurist 145
European Law; Citizenship
Clive R. Symmons  The incorporation of customary international law into Irish law: recent developments and suggestions
(1996) 31 Irish Jurist 165
International Law; Customary International Law; Incorporation
Hans Ankum  Ambulatorius in the Roman legal sources
(1996) 31 Irish Jurist 190
Legal History; Roman Law
Ronan Keane  The voice of the Gael Chief Justice Kennedy and the emergence of the new Irish court system, 1921-36
(1996) 31 Irish Jurist 205
Legal History; Judiciary
W.N. Osborough  Letters to Ireland - professional enlightenment from the English bench
(1996) 31 Irish Jurist 226
Legal History; Common Law
Paul Brand  An Irishman in Westminster hall: William Skrene of Dundalk, King's Sergeant at law (c.1358-c.1420)
(1996) 31 Irish Jurist 255
Legal History; Judiciary
Daire Hogan  The preparation of the Solicitors' Acts 1954 and 1960
(1996) 31 Irish Jurist 266
Legal History; Legal Profession; Constitutional law
Neil McLeod  Property and honour price in the Brehon law glosses and commentaries
(1996) 31 Irish Jurist 280
Legal History; Brehon Law
Phyllis Comerford  Access to Justice and Costs in Environmental Judicial Review
(2009) 31 DULJ 66
Environmental Law; Aarhus Convention; Planning; Liability
Rachael Walsh  The Constitution, Property Rights and Proportionality: A Reappraisal
(2009) 31 DULJ 1
Constitutional Law; Legislative restrictions; Individual rights; Property rights adjudication
Yvonne Marie Daly  Is Silence Golden? The Legislative and Judicial Treatment of Pre-Trial Silence in Ireland
(2009) 31 DULJ 35
Criminal Justice; Fairness; Innocence; Inferences
Nathan Reilly  The Role of Traders in the Enforcement of the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive: A New Unfair Competition Law for Ireland?
(2009) 31 DULJ 100
Competition Law; Consumer protection; Fair competition
Tom Hickey  Domination and the Hijab in Irish Schools
(2009) 31 DULJ 127
Constitutional Law; Republican conception; Freedom; Religion
Eoin Daly  Restrictions on Religious Dress in French Republican Thought: Returning the Secularist Justification to a Rights-Based Rationale
(2009) 31 DULJ 154
Constitutional Law; Secularism; Religious symbols
Deirdre Ahern  The Responsible Director in an Economic Downturn: Lessons from the Restriction Regime
(2009) 31 DULJ 183
Company; Phoenix syndrome; Insolvent companies; Temporal limits
Oran Doyle  Legal Positivism, Natural Law and the Constitution
(2009) 31 DULJ 206
Jurisprudence; Unenumerated rights; Constitutional interpretation
Tom Daly  Strengthening Irish Democracy: A Proposal to Restore Free Speech to Article 40.6.1 (i) of the Constitution
(2009) 31 DULJ 228
Constitutional Law; Freedom of Expression; ECHR
Sibo Banda  Taking Indirect Horizonality Seriously in Ireland: A Time to Magnify the Nuance
(2009) 31 DULJ 263
Constitutional Law; Horizontal operation of constitutional rights
Mary Rogan  Visiting Committees and Accountability in the Irish Prison System: Some Proposals for Reform
(2009) 31 DULJ 298
Administrative; Irish Prison System; Ombudsman; ECHR
Seán O'Reilly  The Private Enforcement of European Community Law in the Irish Superior Courts
(2009) 31 DULJ 324
EU Law; Legal order; ECJ; Enforcement
Eilionóir Flynn  Ireland's compliance with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: Towards a Rights-based Approach for Legal Reform
(2009) 31 DULJ 357
Human Rights; UN; Welfare; Education
Catherine O'Sullivan  Protecting Young People from Themselves: Reform of the Age of Consent Law in Ireland
(2009) 31 DULJ 386
Criminal; Sexuality; Children; Teenagers
Neville Cox  Book review: Hilary Delany & Eoin Carolan, The Right to Privacy: A Doctrinal and Comparative Analysis
(2009) 31 DULJ 473
Donal Coffey  Book review:: Eamonn G Hall, The Superior Courts of Law: 'Offical' Law Reporting in Ireland 1866-2006
(2009) 31 DULJ 475
Legal History
Tim Murphy  Book review: Marc Hertogh, Living Law: Reconsidering Eugen Ehrlich
(2009) 31 DULJ 477
John Cotter  The German Federal Constitutional Court and Welfare Benefits for Asylum Seekers: Consequences for the Direct Provision and Dispersal Scheme in Ireland? - Part 1
(2013) 31 ILT 6
Welfare law; Level of Subsistence, Human Dignity, Provision for Asylum Seekers, Assessment of benefits,
Brendan Glynn  Development of Renewable Energy - Part I: Renewable Energy v Non-Renewable Energy
(2013) 31 ILT 10
Environmental Law; Energy Policy, Fossil Fuels, European Union, Sustainable Energy Act 2002, Ownership of Natural Resources, Article 10 of the Constitution, Kyoto Protocol, OPEC
John Cotter  The German Federal Constitutional Court and Welfare Benefits for Asylum Seekers: Consequences for the Direct Provision and Dispersal Scheme in Ireland? - Part II
(2013) 31 ILT 23
Welfare Law; Supplementary Welfare Allowance, Social Welfare and Consolidation Act 2005, Calculation of Benefits, Irish Constitution, ECHR
Brendan Glynn  Development of Renewable Energy Sources - Part II: Wind Energy
(2013) 31 ILT 26
Environmental Law; Wind Turbines, Nuisance, Offshore Electricity generation, Wind Turbines Bill 2012, Wind Energy Guidelines 2006, Stategic Environmental Assessment Directive
Karen Murray  Protecting Children and Vulnerable Persons: The National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Act 2012
(2013) 31 ILT 41
Criminal Law; Vetting, Data Protection, Sources of Information, Criteria for vetting determination, Soham Murders, Role of Garda Síochana
Brendan Glynn  Development of Renewable Sources of Energy - Part III: Oil, Gas and Fracking
(2013) 31 ILT 45
Environmental Law; Licencing, Corporate Tax Rate, State Control, Fracking Hazards
Brian Hallissey  Eircom, Injunctions and the European Union (Copyright and Related Rights) Regulations 2012
(2013) 31 ILT 53
Intellectual Property Law; Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000, Internet Service Providers, European Union Directives, Digital Economy Act, Rights of the subscriber, C-70/10 Scarlett SABAM
Sharon Waters  Deja-Vu All Over Again - The Proposed Protection Review Tribunal
(2013) 31 ILT 57
Immigration Law; Asylum System, Immigration, Residence and Proection Bill, Refugee Act 1996, Refugee Appeals Tribunal, Transperancy and Fair Procedures, Procedural Safeguards, UNHCR Guidelines
Albert Keating  Natural Rights and Legal Rights
(2013) 31 ILT 61
Jurisprudence; Constitution, Human Rights, Theological Origin of Natural Law, Legal Rights and Duties, s 177 of the Succession Act 1965
Niall Nolan  Resources Revisited - Asking and Answering the Right Questions in the Public Law Setting
(2013) 31 ILT 70
State Provision of Allowances, Separation of Powers, Re KM [2012] UKSC 23, ECHR Act 2013, Rawson v Minister for the Defence May 1, 2012, Clarke J,
Fiona Sheehan  Transforming the Employment Rights Dispute Resolution System - Part 1
(2013) 31 ILT 74
Employment Law; Workplace Relations Commission, Labour Court, Workplace Relations Bill 2012, Dismissal of Claims, Conciliation and Early Resolution Service,
Albert Keating  Principles and Rules
(2013) 31 ILT 78
Jurisprudence; Public Policy, s. 120 Succession Act 1965, Illegality of Contract, Morality
Fiona Sheehan  Transforming the Employment Rights Dispute Resolution System - Part II
(2013) 31 (1) ILT 86
Employment Law; Workplace Relations Commission, Adjudication, Publication, Adjudicator Qualifications, Appeals, Early Resolution,
Brian Hallisey  Schools, Bullying and the Law of Negligence
(2013) 31 (1) ILT 91
Tort Law; Cyber Bullying, Duty and Standard of Care, Off-campus regulation, Freedom of Expression, Causation
Gene Carolan  Their Day in Court: The Right of Children to be Heard in Judicial Matters Affecting Them - Part 1
(2013) 31 (1) ILT 103
Family Law; Voice of the Child, Article 42A of the Constitution, Marital Family, UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Child Care Act 1991
David Brooke  The Rule of Law and the British Empire - Part I
(2013) 31 (1) ILT 107
Legal History; Legality, Colonialism, Civilisation, Repression
Gene Carolan  Their Day in Court: The Right of Children to be Heard in Judicial Matters Affecting Them - Part II
(2013) 31 (1) ILT 117
Family Law; Constitutional Interpretation, Unenumerated Rights, Article 41 of the Constitution, Children's Rights
David Brooke  The Rule of Law and the British Empire - Part II
(2013) 31 (1) ILT 121
Legal History; Imperialism, Independence, Massacre, Second World War, Colonialism
Gene Carolan  Their Day in Court: The Right of Children to be Heard in Judicial Proceedings Affecting Them - Part III
(2013) 31 (1) ILT 135
Family Law; Judicial Interpretation, Implementation, Article 42.A
Albert Keating  Jurisprudence In Practice
(2013) 31 (1) ILT 138
Jurisprudence; Constructive Interpretation, Principle of Integrity, Gleeson v Feehan, O'Hagan v Gorgan, Succession Act 1965
Albert Keating  Some Court-House Ways
(2013) 31(1) ILT 146
Jurisprudence; Legal Realists, Rule and Fact Skeptics, Appellate Court Decisions,
Samantha K Arnold  A Childhood Lost: Exploring the Right to Play in Direct Provision
(2013) 31(1) ILT 149
Family Law; Child Development, Childhood Protection Legislation, Asylum, Ombudsman for Children, Convention on the Rights of the Child, 31st Amendment of the Constitution,
Desmond M Clarke  Assisted Suicide After Fleming
(2013) 31(1) ILT 160
Constitutional Law; Fleming v Ireland, section 2(2) of the Criminal Law (Suicide) Act 1993, Unenumerated Rights, Separation of Powers, Legislative Ban
Brendan Glynn  The Personal Insolvency Act 2012 - Part I
(2013) 31(1) ILT 163
Insolvency; Insolvency Service of Ireland, Debt Relief, Personal Insolvency Practitioner, Bankruptcy, Supervision Period,
Brendan Glunn  The Personal Insolvency Act - Part II
(2013) 31(1) ILT 174
Insolvency; Personal Insolvency Arrangement, Unsustainable Debt, Protective Certificate, Financial Statement,
Sana Farooq Khan and Barry Connolly  Justice Delayed, Justice Denied - The Case for a Court of Civil Appeal
(2013) 31(1) ILT 178
Constitutional Law; Right to a Fair Trial, Article 6 EHCR, Reform of Justice System, Reasonable Time, Commercial Court,
Albert Keating  The Doctrine of Lapse and Section 98 of the Succession Act
(2013) 31(1) ILT 182
Succession Act; Beneficiary of the Will, Joint Tenancy, Re Kennedy,
Brendan O'Connor  Anti-Doping Practice and Procedure in Ireland
(2013) 31(1) ILT 192
Sports Law; Doping Violations, World Anti Doping Agency, Olympic Games, Whereabouts Rule, Prohibited Substances,
Claire Michelle Smyth and Siobhan Kelly  Drug Consumption Rooms: A Step Towards the Right to Health for Addicts? Part I
(2013) 31(1) ILT 197
Health Law; Drug Treatment, Intravenous Drug Use, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Right to Health, HIV Prevention,
Claire Michelle Smyth, Siobhan Kelly  Drug Consumption Rooms: A Step Towards the Right to Health of Addicts? - Part II
(2013) 31(1) ILT 205
Health Law; Misuse of Drugs Act 1977, Drug Treatment Court, Screening Process, Canadian Approach,
Linda Young  Online File Sharing: Current Law and Developments in Ireland - Part I
(2013) 31(1) ILT 209
IP Law; Internet Service Providers, Copyright Infringement, Consitutional Property Rights, Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000, Data Protection, Rules of Discovery,
Gráinne Quinn  Particulars in Personal Injury Cases
(2013) 31(1) ILT 218
Personal Injury; Civil Liability and Court Act 2004, Armstrong v Moffatt, Medical Treatment, Special Damages,
Linda Young  Online FIle Sharing: Current Law and Developments in Ireland - Part II
(2013) 31(1) ILT 221
IP Law; Internet Service Provider, EMI Records and Others v Eircom, Data Protection Commissioner. Blocking Injunctions,
Albert Keating  Austin's Theory of Law
(2013) 31(1) ILT 225
Jurisprudence; Positive Law, Sovereign, Legislative Power, Command Theory, Sanctions, Criminal Law
Caroline Bergin-Cross  The Influx of Section 205 Applications and the Quasi-Partnership
(2013) 31(1) JUR 234
Company Law; Shareholders, Legitimate Expectations, Prejudicial Conduct, Director's Remuneration, Objective Commercial Criterion, Remedies
Mary Elisabeth Curtis  Ireland's Asylum System - A Case of the Emperor has No Clothes
(2013) 31(1) ILT 239
Asylum Law; Common European Asylum System, European Union Law, Refugee Status, Ireland's Opt Out provisions, Presidency of the European Council, Asylum Application Process, Reception Conditions,
Hugh Murphy  National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Act 2012: A Religious Perspective
(2013) 31(1) ILT 249
Criminal Law; Child Abuse, Relevant Organisations, Religious Activities, Garda Cental Vetting Unit, Criminal Record,
Albert Keating  Utility and the Constitution
(2013) 31(1) ILT 253
Jurisprudence; Natural Law, Jeremy Bentham, Article 43 of the Constitution, Social Policy,
Brain Hallissey  Trolling in the Deep - Social Network Sites, Discovery and Legal Remedies
(2013) 31(1) ILT 263
Evidence Law; Admissibility, Collection of Evidence, Private Information, Defamation, Injunctive Relief, Freedom of Expression, Twitter,
Samantha Arnold  European Core Standards for Guardians of Separated Children in Context: Ireland - Part I
(2013) 31(1) ILT 268
Immigration Law; Article 42.1 of the Constitution, Child Care Act 1991, Alternative Care, Convention on the Rights of the Child, Common European Asylum System, Best Interests of the Child,
Samantha Arnold  Europen Core Standards for Guardians of Separated Children in Context: Ireland - Part II
(2013) 31(1) ILT 278
Immigration Law; Child Care Act 1991, Family Reunification Directive, Convention on the Rights of the Child, Refugee Act 1996, Core Standards for Guardians of Separated Children in Europe,
Brendan Glynn  Workplace Bullying - The Legal Issues
(2013) 31(1) ILT 282
Employment Law; Industrial Relations Act 1991, Employer's Liability, Psychiatric Injury, Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 1989, Duty of Care, Defences
Robert Noonan  The Kelsenian Paradigm in Irish Legal Theory
(2013) 31(1) ILT 286
Jurisprudence; Basic Norm, Constitutional development, Re Regulation of Information (Services Outside the State for the Termination of Pregnancies) Act 1995, Autopoeitic Theory,
Samantha Arnold  European Core Standards for Guardians of Separated Children in Context: Ireland - Part III
(2013) 31(1) ILT 293
Family Law; Health Service Executive, Migrant Children, Core Standards for Guardians of Separated Children in Europe, Permanacy of Care, Family Reunification, Child Care Act 1991, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Stephan Wood  Body Scanners at Airports
(2013) 31(1) ILT 297
Security Law; Terrorism Prevention, Security Measures, Advance Imaging Technology, European Charter of Fundamental Rights, X-Ray Health Concerns, Costs, Statistical Research
Paul Anthony McDermott & Mark William Murphy  No Revolution: The Impact of the ECHR Act 2003 on Irish Criminal Law
(2008) 30(1) DULJ 1
Human Rights; Delay; Mandatory life sentences; Disclosure; Exclusion of evidence; Indecency
Desmond Ryan  Making Connections: New Approaches to Vicarious Liability in Comparative Perspective
(2008) 30(1) DULJ 41
Tort; Course of employment test; Canada; England & Wales; Australia; Ireland
Anthony McGrath  Is Anybody Listening, and Why do they Hear? The use of Victim Impact Statements in Ireland
(2008) 30(1) DULJ 71
Criminal Justice; Advocates for Victims of Homicide; Sentencing; Procedure
Hilary Delany  Recent Developments in Administrative Law in Canada: The Implications of Dunsmuir v. New Brunswick
(2008) 30(1) DULJ 100
Administrative Law; Judicial review; Unreasonableness; Deference; Fair procedures
Michael Doherty  It's Good to Talk . . . Isn't It? Leglislation for Information and Consultation in the Irish Workplace
(2008) 30(1) DULJ 120
Employment Law; Employment relations; Trade unions; EU policy debate
Gerard Coffey  The Constitutional Status of the Double Jeopardy Principle
(2008) 30) DULJ 138
Constitutional Law; Law reform; Due process; Equality; Retrial
Thomas Mohr  British Involvement in the Creation of the First Irish Constitution
(2008) 30(1) DULJ 166
Constitutional Law; Free State; Treaty negociations; Drafting committee; Britain
Paul Daly  Judicial Review of Factual Error in Ireland
(2008) 30(1) DULJ 187
Administrative Law; Errors; Fairness; Relevant factors; Collateral facts; Jurisdiction; High Court
Mary Rogan  Extending the Reach of the State into the Post-Sentence Period: Section 26 of the Criminal Justice Ac 2007 and ''Post-Release'' Orders
(2008) 30(1) DULJ 214
Criminal Justice; monitoring; Protection of persons order; Sex Offenders Act; Drug offenders register
Aoife O'Donoghue  The Inimitable Form of Irish Neutrality from the Birth of the State to World War II
(2008) 30(1) DULJ 259
Legal History; Laws of neutrality; Foreign policy; International relations; League of nations
Olivia Smith  Side-Stepping Equality? Disability Discrimination and ''Generally Accepted Qualifications''
(2008) 30(1) DULJ 279
Human Rights; Employment Equality Act; Indirect discrimination; Reasonable accommodation
Una Woods  The Position of the Owner under the Irish Law on Adverse Possession
(2008) 30(1) DULJ 298
Property Law; Pye; Law reform commission; Protection; Registration
Brendan Kirwan  Campus Oil Turns Twenty Five: Is there much to Celebrate?
(2008) 30(1) DULJ 325
Equity; Interlocutory injunctions; Threshold Criterion; Damages; Status quo
Alexander Conrad Culley  A Windfall for Counter-Terrorist Financing or Small Change? Post 9/11 Asset Freezing and Forfeiture under the Microscope
(2008) (1) DULJ 353
Forfeiture; Anti-banking secrecy laws; Protecting personal and financial freedoms
Patrick T Eicher  International Forum Shopping: The Mox Plant Case and the ECJ
(2008) 30(1) DULJ 367
International Law; Trans-boundary litigation; Global relations; European law; UNCLOS
Mary Donnelly  Legislating for Incapacity: Developing A Rights-based Framework
(2008) 30(1) DULJ 395
Human Rights; Capacity; Rights; UN; ECHR; Vulnerable members of society
Alan Keating  Book Review: Conor O'Mahony, Educational Rights in Irish Law
(2008) 30(1) DULJ 439
Eduation Rights
Joe McGrath  Book Review: Nessa Cahill, Company Law Compliance and Enforcement
(2008) 30(1) DULJ 442
Company Law
Tim Murphy  Book Review: Nicholas Bamforth & David AJ Richards, Patriarchal Religion, Sexuality, and Gender: A Critique of New Natural Law
(2008) 30(1) DULJ 445
Natural Law
Diarmuid Rossa Phelan  Book review: Peter Charleton, Lies in a Mirror: An Essay on Evil and Deceit
(2008) 30(1) DULJ 449
Brendan Glynn  Public Procurement of Legal Services
(2012) 30 ILT 9
Administrative Law; Local authority, Public contracts, Tendering, Directive 2004/18/EC, Guidelines
Caroline Lindsay-Poulsen  Surrogacy: The Quest for Legal Recognition Part I
(2012) 30 ILT 12
Family Law; Legality of surrogacy, Surrogacy agreement, Motherhood, Rights for the surrogate child
Sophie More O'Ferrall  European Arrest Warrant Proceedings and Bail
(2012) 30 ILT 22
Criminal Proceedings; European Arrest Warrant Act 2003, Due process, Prosecution cases, Conviction cases, Determining which type of case the warrant falls into,
Caroline Lindsay-Poulsen  Surrogacy: The Quest for Legal Recognition Part II
(2012) 30 ILT 26
Family Law; Legal paternity, Legal maternity, Assisted human reproduction,
Eva Lehnhardt  Privacy Law and the German Experience
(2012) 30 ILT 30
Constitutional Law; Right to privacy, German constitutional background, Absolute and relative public figures, Autonomy
Caroline Lindsay-Poulsen  Surrogacy: The Quest for Legal Recognition Part III
(2012) 30 ILT 38
Family Law; Inter-country adoption, Adoption Act 2010, Domestic adoption, Mother's consent, Placing a child for adoption, Commercial surrogacy, Best interest of the child, Adoption order,
Samantha K. Arnold  The Culture of Credibility in the United Kingdom and Ireland and the Sexual Minority Refugee
(2012) 30 ILT 55
Immigration Law; Establishing credibility of sexual minority claim, International protection, Geneva Convention, Stereotyping,
Brendan Glynn  The Effect of Previous Convictions on Sentencing Part II
(2012) 30 ILT 66
Procedure; Principles to consider while sentencing, Jurisprudence showing sentencing of previous convicts, Misuse of Drugs Act 1977, Flexible approach
Albert Keating  Ademption of Testamentary Gifts
(2012) 30 ILT 69
Succession Law; Voluntary ademption, Limited ademption, Involuntary ademption, Proprietary estoppel, Remedial constructive test,
Verona N Dhrisceoil  Irish Language Rights in the Era of Austerity
(2012) 30 ILT 72
Official Languages Act 2003, Legislative review, Reform, Merging Office of the Language Commissioner and the Ombudsman,
Elizabeth Gavin  Unconscionability and Proprietary Estoppel: Striking a Balance Between a Formulaic and Subjective Approaches
(2012) 30 ILT 88
Law of Equity; Assurance, Reliance, Detriment, Flexible approach, Doctrine of unconscionability,
Stephen Donoghue  The DNA Database Bill 2010 Time for Reassessment?
(2012) 30 ILT 83
Criminal Law; Criminal Justice (Forensic Evidence and DNA Database System) Bill 2010, S and Marper v UK, Treatment of DNA samples and profiles,
Neil Van Dokkum  Is it a Car? Is it a Man? No it's a Cyclist: Plain Language in Our Legislation
(2012) 30 ILT 99
Legal Theory; Rule of Law, Intelligible law, Defining a status in law
Siobhn Mullally  Combating Trafficking in Human Beings and Protecting its Victims: Limited Progress in Adopting a Human Rights-Based Approach
(2012) 30 ILT 102
Human Rights; Directive on Preventing and Combating Trafficking in Human Beings and Protecting its Victims 2011, Scope, Positive obligations of member states, Reform, Protection
Patrick O'Sullivan  Mental Health (Criminal Law) Review Boards: The Balance between Patient Care and Public Safety
(2012) 30 ILT 115
Criminal Law; Conditional discharge, Mental health assessments, Oversight of the Mental Health Review Boards, Powers and effectiveness of the boards,
Arran Dowling-Hussey  Ireland as a Venue for International Dispute Resolution
(2012) 30 ILT 120
Alternate Dispute Resolution; Attracting international ADR to Ireland, Dublin as a venue for international ADR, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators,
Claire-Michelle Smyth  The Constitution at 75- Time for a New Interpretation
(2012) 30 ILT 130
Constitutional Law; Social and Economic Rights, Judicial deterrence, Unenumerated rights, Indian approach, Constitutional interpretation,
Albert Keating  The Basic Norm and Concept of a Constitution
(2012) 30 ILT 137
Constitutional Law; Legal act, Legislative power, Legal Theory
David Brooke  Philosophical Anarchism: A Rejectionist View of Law- Part I
(2012) 30 ILT 146
Legal Theory; Anarchy, Relationship between a citizen and law, Society and law, History of the anarchist movement,
Brendan Glynn  In the Name of the Victim: How the Criminal Justice System Adequately Protects the Interests of Victims
(2012) 30 ILT 152
Criminal Proceedings; Criminal victim rights on participation, Inquisitorial criminal justice system, Victim rights protection, Balancing victim's and defendant's rights, Legal representation for victims, Victim impact statements
Ella O'Sullivan  Brustle v Greenpeace: An Inventive Interpretation of Human Embryo in the CJEU
(2012) 30 ILT 161
Intellectual Property; Patents, Stem cells, Morality exclusion, Biotech Directive, Article 6(2)(c), Commercial usage of human embryos,
David Brooke  Philosophical Anarchism: A Rejectionist View of Law- Part II
(2012) 30 ILT 167
Legal Theory; Anarchy, Relationship between a citizen and law, Society and law, History of the anarchist movement, Government, Autonomy
Samantha Arnold, Jacqueline Kelly  Irish Child Care Law and the Role of Health Service Executive in Safeguarding Separated Children Seeking Asylum
(2012) 30 ILT 178
Immigration Law; Legal framework for separated children, Taking separated children into state care, Guardianship, Problems with loco parentis
Albert Keating  The Demise of Brehon Law
(2012) 30 ILT 184
Jurisprudence; Normans, English law, Differences between Brehon and English law
Brendan O'Connor  Are the IRFU Rules on Limiting the Number of Foreign Players Legal? An Examination of National and EU Law Measures
(2012) 30 ILT 194
Employment Law; Restraint of trade, Free movement of workers, Discrimination
Ian K. Bailey  The Rise and Fall of Penal Welfarism Part I
(2012) 30 ILT 197
Criminal Law; Penal Sanctions, History of punishment, Theory behind punishment,
Grainne Farrelly  European Arrest Warrants: The Option to do Time at Home
(2012) 30 ILT 207
Criminal Law; Refusing a European Arrest Warrant, Executing sentence at home, Non-incorporation of refusal grounds in Irish legislation
Ian K. Bailey  The Rise and Fall of Penal Welfarism Part II
(2012) 30 ILT 213
Criminal Law; Due process safeguards, Punishment in Ireland, Punitive approach,
Brendan Glynn  Autism and Education, Interpreting the Constitutional Provisions on the Standard and Duration of a Primary Education for those on the Autism Spectrum
(2012) 30 ILT 222
Constitutional Law; Autism Spectrum Disorder, Article 42.3.2 and Article 42.4 of the Constitution, O' C v Minister for Education and Science [2007] IEHC 170, minimum standard of education, Equality
Hilary Biehler  Joining A Defendant in Proceedings - Time Bar Issues
(2012) 30 ILT 227
Civil Procedure; Order 15 Rule 13 of the Rules of the Superior Courts 1986, Statute of Limitations, Evidential Requirements, Extinguishing actions, O' Reilly v Granville [1971] IR 90,
Arran Dowling-Hussey  Book Review: Josepha Madigan, Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Ireland: A Handbook for Family Lawyers and Their Clients
(2012) 30 ILT 232
Dispute Resolution;
Neil Van Dokkum  Mediaton Privilege: What Are We Really Talking About - Part 1
(2012) 30 ILT 236
Dispute Resolution; Draft General Scheme of Mediation Bill 2012, Confidentiality, Contract for Mediation, Legal Professional Privilege, Without Prejudice Privilege
Claire-Michelle Smyth  Late Stage Abortion for Foetal Abnormality and Euthanasia: Two Sides of the Same Coin? - Part 1
(2012) 30 ILT 242
Medical Law; Abortion, AG v X [1992] 1 IR 1, European Convention on Human Rights,
Albert Keating  The Validity of A Constitution
(2012) 30 ILT 246
Constitutional Law; Irish Free State Constitution Act 1922, Article 50 of the 1922 Constitution, 1937 Constitution
Neil Van Dokkum  Mediation Privilege:: What Are We Really Talking About? - Part 2
(2012) 30 ILT 254
Dispute Resolution; Draft General Scheme of Mediation Bill 2012, LRC Report Alternative Dispute Resolution: Mediation and Conciliation, EU Mediation Directive
Claire-Michelle Smyth  Late Stage Abortion For Foetal Abnormality and Euthanasia: Two Sides of the Same Coin? - Part II
(2012) 30 ILT 259
Medical Law; Late Stage Abortion, Article 2 ECHR, Feticide, Right to Die, Euthanasia in the Netherlands
Aisling Twomey  Poisonous Fruit From A Poisonous Tree: Reforming the Exclusionary Rule Ireland - Part I
(2012) 30 ILT 270
Law of Evidence; Unconstitutionally and Illegally Obtained Evidence, Deliberate and Conscious Breach of Rights, Balancing Interests, the Morris Tribunal
Albert Keating  Positivist and Naturalist Legal Validity
(2012) 30 ILT 274
Jurisprudence; Legality Validity, Hierarchy of norms, rule of recognition, fundamental rights,
Sinead Morgan  An Examination of "Intent" as Applied by Section 26 of the Civil Liability Act 2004
(2012) 30 ILT 277
Tort Law; Fraudulent Claims, Judicial discretion to allow claims, Deterrent, Mala Fides of Plaintiff
Aisling Galvin  Poisonous Fruit From a Poisonous Tree: Reforming the Exclusionary Rule for Ireland - Part II
(2012) 30 ILT 288
Law of Evidence; Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984, Relevancy of Evidence, Fourth Amendment of the Constitution, Criminal Justice Act 2006, Need for a Referendum
Samantha Arnold  The Challenge of Defining Persecution in the Context of European Refugee Law
(2012) 30 ILT 293
Refugee Law; Common European Asylum System, Council Directive 2004/83/EC, Human Rights, Geneva Convention
Owen Garvey  The Jurisdiction of the Labour Court and Illegal Migrant Workers: A Case Note on Hussein v The Labour Court
(2012) 30 ILT 296
Employment Law; Work Permit, Section 2 of the Employment Permits Act 2003, Illegality of Contract,
Alan Greene  Natural Law and the Basic Norm of the Irish Constitution
(2012) 30 ILT 298
Constitutional Law; Natural Law in the Irish Constituiton, Hierachy of Norms, Re Article 26 and the Regulation of Information (Services Outside the State for the Termination of Pregnancies) Bill 1995 [1995] 2 ILRM 81
Gearóid Carey  Litigation Cost Sharing Agreements
(2012) 30 ILT 307
Civil Procedure; Co-Claimants, Costs, Court order on costs, agreement
Mark O' Flynn  Islamic Finance: Are We Ready?
(2012) 30 ILT 310
Banking Law; Islam, Shaia Law, Finance Act 2010, Interest, Article 44.2.5 of the Constitution
Aisling Twomey  Reason, Thus Giving Way To Emotion. The Civilising and Decivilising Curves of Punishment
(2012) 30 ILT 315
Criminal Justice; Death Penalty, Prison Conditions, the Holocaust, Terroism
Pauline Walley  Some Practical Aspects of Copyright Law
(1997) 3 (1) BR 7
Copyright Law
James Nugent  The Annual Report of the Health and Safety Authority, Reviewed
(1997) 3 (1) BR 16
Health and Safety
Vivion Kelly  Hearing Loss in the Army
(1997) 3 (1) BR 29
Law of Tort; Health and Safety; Army Deafness
Nuala E Jackson  High Court Divorce Procedures
(1997) 3 (1) BR 34
Family Law; Divorce
David Mc Grath  Renewal of a Summons under Order 8 of the Rules of the Superior Courts
(1997) 3 (1) BR 36
Court Proceedings; Rules of the Superior Courts; Summons
Niamh Hyland  State Liability for Non-implementation of Directives-Further and Better Particulars
(1997) 3 (1) BR 40
European Law; State Liability; Implementation of Directives
Jacinta Heslin  Book Review: Annual Review of Irish Law 1993 and 1994
(1997) 3 (1) BR 42
Irish Law Review
Sarah Farrell  Law and Practice relating to the Interim Refugee Appeals Authority
(1997) 3 (2) BR 50
Refugee Law; Refugee Appeals Authority
Paddy Dillon-Malone  Part-time Workers, Equality and Seniority-Europe Pulls Rank
(1997) 3 (2) BR 54
European Law; Employment Law; Equality
Teresa Pilkington  Recent Developments in Probate and Succession Law
(1997) 3 (2) BR 58
Law of Succession; Probate
Denis Kelleher  Domain Names on the Internet
(1997) 3 (2) BR 61
Information Technology; Internet; Domain Name
Conor Duignan  Lancefort and Locus Standi
(1997) 3 (2) BR 65
Planning Law; Locus Standi
Michael O Connor  The Local Government (Planning and Development) (Amendment) Bill 1997
(1997) 3 (2) BR 67
Planning Law; Local Government (Planning and Development) (Amendment) Bill 1997
David O Neill  Disclosure in Personal Injuries Actions
(1997) 3 (2) BR 77
Law of Tort; Personal Injuries; Disclosure
Jonathan Newman  Procedural Errors in International Litigation: The United Meat Packers Case
(1997) 3 (2) BR 87
International Law; International Litigation; Procedural Errors
Roderick H Murphy  International Commercial Arbitration and the International Arbitration Bill 1997
(1997) 3 (2) BR 92
International Law; International Arbitration Bill 1997
Paul Gardiner  Book Review: Drunken Driving and the Law by Mark De Blacam
(1997) 3 (2) BR 96
De Blacam; Drunken Driving
Jack Fitzgerald  Book Review: An Eye on the Whiplash and other stories by Henry Murphy
(1997) 3 (2) BR 96
Murphy; Personal Injuries; Law of Tort
Paud Evans  Milk Quotas and the Law-The Milk Quota Regime in Ireland
(1997) 3 (3) BR 106
Agricultural Law; Milk Quotas
Tom Mallon & Marguerite Bolger Adobe PDF FileInjuncting the Contract of Employment
(1997) 3 (3) BR 113
Contract Law; Contract of Employment; Injunctions
John Breslin  Company Receiverships: Recent Developments
(1997) 3 (3) BR 118
Company Law; Receiverships
Rory Brady Adobe PDF FileReflections on Tribunals of Inquiry
(1997) 3 (3) BR 121
Administrative Law; Tribunals
Ken Bredin  Nervous Shock and the Secondary Victim
(1997) 3 (3) BR 133
Law of Tort; Nervous Shock; Secondary Victims
Ivana Bacik  Recent Developments in Criminal Law
(1997) 3 (3) BR 138
Criminal Law; Non Fatal Offences Against the Person Act 1997; Bail
Jack Hickey  Social Welfare and Taxation Implications of Personal Injuries Awards
(1997) 3 (3) BR 141
Revenue Law; Taxation; Personal Injuries; Social Welfare Benefits
Cian Ferriter  Fee recovery at the touch of a button
(1997) 3 (3) BR 147
Information Technology Law; Fees
Sheena Hickey  Channell Veterinary Ltd v Pfizer (Irl) Ltd t/a Pfizer Animal Health and Pfizer Animal Health SA
(1997) 3 (3) BR 150
European Law; Competition Act 1991
S Wolfe  Book Review: Abortion and the Law by Kingston, Whelan & Bacik
(1997) 3 (3) BR 153
Kingston; Whelan; Bacik; Abortion
M Mc Dowell  Book Review: Intellectual Property Law in Ireland by Clark & Smyth
(1997) 3 (3) BR 154
Clark; Smyth; Intellectual Property
Colm O hOisin  Carriage of Passengers and their Luggage by Sea: The Athens Convention 1974-How it will affect passenger claims in Ireland
(1998) 3 (4) BR 162
Maritime Law; Sea Travel; Athens Convention
Eamon Marray  The Company Examinership-Looking for a Life Line After In Re Springline (In Liquidation
(1998) 3 (4) BR 166
Company Law; Liquidation; Examinership
Nuala Egan  Deportation of Refugees: Anisimova and the Safe First Country Principle
(1998) 3 (4) BR 172
Refugee Law; Deportation
Patrick O Reilly  International Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters
(1998) 3 (4) BR 188
Criminal Law; International Law; Enforcement
Colm Mac Eochaidh  The EU Establishment Directive
(1998) 3 (4) BR 193
European Law; Establishment Directive
Cian Ferriter  Legal Materials and the Internet
(1998) 3 (4) BR 196
Legal Resources Information Technology; Internet
Paul Mc Garry  The legal Implications of the Single Currency
(1998) 3 (4) BR 198
Financial Law; Single Currency
Eileen Barrington  Fair Procedures and the Granting of Category Licences by the Competition Authority
(1998) 3 (4) BR 200
Competition Law; Category Licences
Richard Mc Donnell  Book Review: Quantum of Damages for Personal Injuries by Robert Pierse
(1998) 3 (4) BR 204
Personal Injuries; Damages
Rory De Bruir  Book Review: Military Law in Ireland by Ciaran Craven & Gerard Humphries
(1998) 3 (4) BR 205
Craven; Humphries; Military Law
P Charleton & M Bolger  The Competition (Amendment) Act 1996: Extending the Criminal Law
(1998) 3 (5) BR 214
Competition Law; Criminal Law; Competition (Amendment) Act 1996;
James Nugent  The Statute of Limitations in Sexual Abuse Cases
(1998) 3 (5) BR 222
Criminal Law; Statute of Limitations; Sexual Offence
Mary Ellen Ring  The Right to Silence: Rock v Ireland and Others
(1998) 3 (5) BR 225
Right to Silence
Cian Ferriter  Legal Materials on the Internet: Part 2
(1998) 3 (5) BR 229
Legal Resources; Information Technology; Internet
Pat Purcell  Industrial Relations, the Right to Picket and Restrictions of Right to Injunction
(1998) 3 (5) BR 239
Labour Law; Industrial Dispute; Picket; Injunction
Julie Liston  The Amsterdam Treaty-A glance at the main substantive provisions
(1998) 3 (5) BR 243
European Law; Amsterdam Treaty
Garret Simons  Arbitration Clauses and the Void or Terminated Contract
(1998) 3 (5) BR 247
Contract Law; Arbitration Clauses
Carol O Farrell  The Ministers Alter Ego-The Carltona Principle
(1998) 3 (5) BR 251
Administrative Law; Accountability
Carmel Stewart  Book Review: The Child Care Act 1991 by Ward & Shatter
(1998) 3 (5) BR 257
Ward; Shatter; Child Care Act 1991; Children
Paul Mc Cann  Book Review: Family Law by Alan Shatter
(1998) 3 (5) BR 257
Shatter; Family Law
Stephen Mc Cann  The Sporting Body-Liability for Sexual Assault
(1998) 3 (6) BR 266
Criminal Law; Sexual Offence; Sport
Niamh Hyland  The Application of European Community Law to Sport
(1998) 3 (6) BR 269
European Law; Sport
Seamus Wolfe  Judicial Review: No Sportsman need Apply?
(1998) 3 (6) BR 272
Judicial Review; Sport
Mary Rose Gearty  Report on the National Crime Forum
(1998) 3 (6) BR 275
Criminal Law; National Crime Forum
Martin Mansergh  The Rights of Man in Ireland & the Role of Lawyers in 1798
(1998) 3 (6) BR 277
Legal Profession; Legal History
Sara Moorhead  The Uninsured Driver
(1998) 3 (6) BR 293
Insurance Law; Road Traffic Act 1961; Uninsured Drivers
Brian Kennedy  The Scope of Article 30
(1998) 3 (6) BR 301
European Law; Treaty; Article 30
Greg Kennedy  Will the Mac become the next Betamax?
(1998) 3 (6) BR 306
Legal Resources; Information Technology
Eamon Marray  Book Review: Consumer Credit Law by Timothy C Bird
(1998) 3 (6) BR 308
Bird; Consumer Credit Law
Deborah Wheeler  Book Review: Irish Land Law by JCW Wylie
(1998) 3 (6) BR 309
Wylie; Land Law
James Macken  Book Review: Building and the Law by David Keane
(1998) 3 (6) BR 309
Keane; Building Law
Micheal P O Higgins  Bail-A Privilege or a Right
(1998) 3 (7) BR 318
Court Proceedings; Bail
Mary Ellen Ring  The Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act 1993
(1998) 3 (7) BR 322
Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act 1993; Criminal Law; Legislation
Conor Dignam  The Employment Equality Act 1977: Guilty of Invidious Discrimination?
(1998) 3 (7) BR 324
Labour Law; Employment Equality Act 1977; Equality; Discrimination
David Conlan Smyth  Access to EC Information & the Principle of Transparency
(1998) 3 (7) BR 328
European Law; Freedom of Information; Transparency
Peter Charleton  Drugs: the Judicial Response
(1998) 3 (7) BR 347
Judiciary; Drug Offences
Adel Murphy  Training for Electronic Services
(1998) 3 (7) BR 357
Legal Resources; Information Technology
Paul Burns  Book Review: The Bulkies-Police and Crime in Belfast 1800-1865 by Brian Griffin
(1998) 3 (7) BR 361
Griffin; Police; Criminal Law; Northern Ireland
Patrick Hunt  Book Review: Tax Acts Consolidation Frank Brennan & Seamus Howley
(1998) 3 (7) BR 362
Brennan; Howley; Taxation Law
P Charleton & PA Mc Dermott  Drugs: The Judicial Response
(1998) 3 (8) BR 370
Judiciary; Drug Offences
Patrick Hunt  Revenue Penalties and the Criminal Law
(1998) 3 (8) BR 375
Revenue Law; Criminal Law
Julie Liston  The Organisation of Working Time Act 1997
(1998) 3 (8) BR 378
Labour Law; Organisation of Working Time Act 1997; Employment Law
Marian Mc Donnell  Advising Proofs in Respect of Pension Adjustment Orders
(1998) 3 (8) BR 382
Financial Law; Pensions
James Gilhooly  Some Cost Issues in International Arbitration in Ireland
(1998) 3 (8) BR 38#
International Law; International Arbitration; Costs
Colm O hOisin  Shipping Limitation of Liability: a new Regime
(1998) 3 (8) BR 402
Maritime Law; Liability; Shipping
Denis Kelleher  The Regulation of the Internet
(1998) 3 (8) BR 408
Information Technology Law; Internet Regulation
Benedict O Floinn Adobe PDF FileSection 10 of the Companies Act 1990 and the Investigation of Companies
(1998) 3 (8) BR 411
Company Law; Companies Act 1990; Section 10
Gregory Bracken  Book Review: Powers of Attorney Act 1996; annotated by Brian Gallagher
(1998) 3 (8) BR 414
Gallagher; Powers of Attorney Act 1996
David Byrne  Irelands Place in International Commercial Arbitration
(1998) 3 (9) BR 422
Commercial Law; International Law; Arbitration
Louise Davis  A Brief Outline of the Juvenile Justice System in Ireland
(1998) 3 (9) BR 427
Criminal Law; Juvenile; Youth Offender
D Donnelly & T O Sullivan  A Question of Balance-Private Rights of Confidentiality against the Public Interest
(1998) 3 (9) BR 431
Commercial Law; Breach of Confidence; Public Interest
Niall O Hanlon  Time is Money-the Impact of the Term Directive on Copyright Law
(1998) 3 (9) BR 451
Copyright Law; Copyright Term Directive
Garret Simons Adobe PDF FileCriminal Liability for Environmental Pollution
(1998) 3 (9) BR 458
Environmental Law; Pollution
Eugene Regan  Strict Liability of Traders under European Community Laws
(1998) 3 (9) BR 461
European Law; Trading
Cian Ferriter  Another Year, Another Acronym
(1998) 3 (9) BR 466
Legal Resources; Information Technology
John Mc Bratney  Book Review: Banking & Security Law in Ireland by William Johnston
(1998) 3 (9) BR 468
Johnston; Banking Law; Security Law
Gerard Hogan  Book Review: Irelands Evolving Constitution 1937-1997 Collected Essays, edited by Tim Murphy & Patrick Twomey
(1998) 3 (9) BR 469
Constitutional Law
John O Donnell  Book Review: Irish Company Law for Business by Henry Ellis
(1998) 3 (9) BR 469
Ellis; Company Law
Thomas B Courtney  Mareva Injunctions: Proving an Intention to Frustrate Judgment
(1996) 3 CLP 3
Law of Equity; Mareva Injunction
John Breslin  Survivorship Rights and Joint Deposit Accounts: Lynch v AIB Bank plc
(1996) 3 CLP 12
Company Law; Survivorship Rights
Gary Byrne  Book Review: Jornal of the Irish Society for Labour Law Vol 10 (no 1) 1994-1995 edited by Tony Kerr
(1996) 3 CLP 28
Labour Law
Mark Sanfey  Consenting Adults: The Implications of Bank of Ireland v Smyth
(1996) 3 CLP 31
Blanaid Clarke  The Greenbury Committee Report-The Determination and Disclosure of Directors Emoluments
(1996) 3 CLP 36
Company Law; Directors; Emolument
James Bridgeman  Registerability of Trade Marks and Service Marks in Ireland: The Trade Marks Bill 1995
(1996) 3 CLP 40
Intellectual Property Law; Trade Marks Bill 1995
Oliver Mills  Intellectual Property and Biotechnology-Life after the Death of the Draft Directive
(1996) 3 CLP 46
Intellectual Property Law; Biotechnology
David Tomkin  Book Review: The Fiduciary, the Insider and the Conflict: A Compendium of Essays by B Rider and M Ashe
(1996) 3 CLP 52
Rider; Ashe; Fiduciary Relations
Brian Hutchinson  Charge-backs, Set-off and Flawed Assets: Taking Security over Self-held Cash Deposits
(1996) 3 CLP 55
Security; Deposit
Paula Reid  Money Laundering-Industry Guidelines for the Financial Sector
(1996) 3 CLP 67
Criminal Law; Financial Law; Money Laundering
Agnes Foy  The Netting of Financial Contracts Act 1995-A Delectable Piece of Legislative Dynamite
(1996) 3 CLP 72
Financial Law; Financial Contracts Act 1995
William Johnston  Impact Day for the Consumer Credit Act
(1996) 3 CLP 87
Contract Law; Consumer Credit Act 1995
Leo Flynn  Free Movement of Capital: A Freedom Reaching Maturity?
(1996) 3 CLP 94
European Law; Financial Law; Free Movement of Capital
Attracta O Regan Cazabon  Irish Insurance Law: An Overview
(1996) 3 CLP 98
Insurance Law
Richard Grogan  Book Review: Capital Acquisition Tax by Brian Bohan
(1996) 3 CLP 108
Bohan; Capital Acquisition Tax; Revenue Law
John Furlong  Labelling and Packaging: an Introduction to Sources of Statutory Law
(1996) 3 CLP 111
Statutory Law; Packaging
Raymond J Friel  Extra-territorial Application of Competition Law
(1996) 3 CLP 118
Competition Law; International Law; Enforcement
Patrick O Callaghan  The Hague Convention on the Service Abroad of Judicial and Extrajudicial Documents in Civil and Commercial Matters
(1996) 3 CLP 123
International Law; Hague Convention
Gary Byrne  Business Sales and Transfers, The Contracting Out of Services, and Employee Rights
(1996) 3 CLP 139
Contract Law; Labour Law; Provision of Services; Employee Rights
John Furlong  Labelling and Packaging: Sources of Statutory Law-Foodstuffs and Other Goods
(1996) 3 CLP 153
Statutory Law; Packaging
Jonathan Buttimore  Security for Costs against Foreign Plaintiffs
(1996) 3 CLP 158
International Law; Security for Costs
Patrick O Callaghan  Safeguarding Solicitors Fees
(1996) 3 CLP 167
Legal Profession; Fees
Michael J Twomey  The Legal Requirement for the Establishment of a Partnership Under Irish Law
(1996) 3 CLP 178
Company Law; Partnership
Barbara Maguire  Interested in Money Lending
(1996) 3 CLP 181
Financial Law; Money Lending
John B Elliot  Housing Loans Under the Consumer Credit Act 1995
(1996) 3 CLP 195
Property Law; Mortgages; Consumer Credit Act 1995
Peter Johnson  Forensic Accounting-A Legal Support
(1996) 3 CLP 206
Financial Law; Forensic Accounting
Michael J Twomey  The Limited Partnership Act 1907
(1996) 3 CLP 211
Company Law; Limited Partnership Act 1907
Kevin Mc Hugh  CREST in Ireland: The Uncertified Securities Regulations 1996
(1996) 3 CLP 219
Security Law; Securities Regulations 1996
Mark Donnelly  The Erosion of the Bankers Duty of Secrecy
(1996) 3 CLP 226
Banking Law; Professional Confidentiality
Alan Doherty  Ship Arrest in Ireland
(1996) 3 CLP 232
Maritime Law; Ship Arrest
Thomas B Courtney  Book Review: Irish Company Law Reports 1963-1993 edited by Daly
(1996) 3 CLP 240
Company Law; Case Law
John Breslin  Guarantees Under Attack
(1996) 3 CLP 243
Contract Law; Guarantee
Blanaid Clarke  The Irish Takeover Panel Bill 1996
(1996) 3 CLP 253
Company Law; Takeover Panel Bill 1996;
D Goldberg & M Abrahamson  Will the Investment Intermediaries Act 1995 Prevent the Bubbles Bursting?
(1996) 3 CLP 256
Financial Law; Investment Intermediaries Act 1995
Attracta O Regan Cazabon  Property Insurance
(1996) 3 CLP 260
Insurance Law; Property Insurance
D Goldberg & M Abrahamson  Will the Investment Intermediaries Act 1995 Prevent the Bubbles Bursting (Part II)
(1996) 3 CLP 271
Financial Law; Investment Intermediaries Act 1995
Ciaran A O Meara  The Use of Article 118a of the EC Treaty to Achieve Wider Social Goals : United Kingdom v Council
(1996) 3 CLP 276
European Law; European Treaty; Enforcement
David Cullen  Extension of the Copyright Regime in Ireland: Who will Benefit?
(1996) 3 CLP 283
Copyright Law
Aine Ryall  Recent Developments in Residential Tenancy Law-Part II
(1998) 3 CPLJ 4
Tenancy Law; Residential Tenancies
Simon Mc Donald  The Practitioner; a Conveyance and the Duty of Care
(1998) 3 CPLJ 9
Conveyancing; Duty of Care
Constance Cassidy  Purchasing a Licensed Premises
(1998) 3 CPLJ 13
Sale of Land; Licensed Premises
Kenneth Deale & Owen Binchy  Property Law Forum
(1998) 3 CPLJ 24
Property Law; Fees; Licensing; Register
Sarah Marie Phelan  Doran v Delaney-A New Duty of Care on Conveyancers?
(1998) 3 CPLJ 26
Conveyancing; Duty of Care
Nicola Mc Grath  The Finance Act 1998
(1998) 3 CPLJ 31
Financial Law; Finance Act 1998
John Costello  The Enduring Problem of Power of Attorney
(1998) 3 CPLJ 35
Conveyancing; Power of Attorney
Brian Hayes  Property Law Forum-The Home Purchasers (Anti-Gazumping) Bill 1998
(1998) 3 CPLJ 48
Property Law; Home Purchasers (Anti-Gazumping) Bill 1998; Sale of Land
James Dwyer  Conveyancing Remedies
(1998) 3 CPLJ 50
Conveyancing Remedies
Nicola Mc Grath  Finance (No2) Act 1998
(1998) 3 CPLJ 56
Financial Law; Finance (No2) Act 1998
Fergus Courtney  Leases v Licences-An Update
(1998) 3 CPLJ 59
Property Law; Lease; Licence
Jarlath Spellman  Book Review: Powers of Attorney Act 1996 annotated by Brian Gallagher
(1998) 3 CPLJ 68
Gallagher; Power of Attorney; Powers of Attorney Act 1996
Liam Hipwell  The Home Purchasers (Anti gazumping) Bill 1995-A Response
(1998) 3 CPLJ 73
Property Law; Home Purchasers (Anti Gazumping) Bill 1995
Gabriel Brennan  Vesting Certificates as Good Roots of Title: Fact or Fiction?
(1998) 3 CPLJ 75
Property Law; Title
Peter Bland  Easements of Elevator and of Parking-From Ballymun to the IFSC
(1998) 3 CPLJ 80
Property Law; Easement; Elevator; Parking
Frank Harcourt  VAT Recovery on Post-Letting Expenses
(1998) 3 CPLJ 83
Revenue Law; VAT; Letting; Expenses
Michael O Donnell  Book Review: Building and the Law by David Keane
(1998) 3 CPLJ 91
Keane; Building
Raymond Wacks  Towards a New Legal and Conceptual Framework for the Protection of Internet Privacy
(1999) 3 (1) IIPR 1
Information Technology Law; Internet; Privacy
Pauline Walley  Privacy Law in Ireland: A Jurisprudential Cinderella
(1999) 3 (1) IIPR 6
Constitutional Law; Privacy
Peter Bolger  The Common Law and the Tort of Appropriation of Personality: Part I
(1999) 3 (1) IIPR 16
Intellectual Property Law; Appropriation of Personality
Maire Ni Suilleabhain  International Exhaustion of Copyright: Lurking in the Wings?
(1999) 3 (1) IIPR 31
Copyright Law; Exhaustion of Rights
Louise Carey  An Overview of the Draft Copyright and Related Rights Bill 1998 as it applies to software owners
(1999) 3 (1) IIPR 38
Copyright Law; Copyright and Related Rights Bill 1998
Peter Bolger  The Common Law and the Tort of Appropriation of Personality: Part 2
(1999) 3 (2) IIPR 2
Intellectual Property Law; Appropriation of Personality
Paul Lambert  Survey Evidence in Passing Off and Trade Mark Litigations
(1999) 3 (2) IIPR 10
Law of Tort; Passing Off; Trade Marks
Anthony P Quinn  Conference Report: Public Lending Right (PLR); The Right to Culture and a Culture of Rights
(1999) 3 (2) IIPR 16
Public Lending Right
Robert Clarke  Recovery Under an Account of Profits and Passing Off - Who Gets What When the Chips are Down?
(1999) 3 (2) IIPR 19
Law of Tort; Passing Off; Recovery
Maureen Daly  Recent Developments in Case Law
(1999) 3 (2) IIPR 23
Intellectual Property Law; Trade Mark Act 1996; Trade Mark Harmonisation Directive
Pauline Walley  Recent Developments in Irish Media Law
(1999) 3 (2) IIPR 25
Media Law
David Vaver  Moral Rights: The Irish Spin
(1999) 3 (3) IIPR 3
Copyright Law; Authors; Performers
Seamus Clarke  Remuneration for Digital Content: The Rights of Authors in an Online World
(1999) 3 (3) IIPR 10
Information Technology Law; Internet; Authors Rights
Peter B Shortt  Implementation in Ireland of the EC Directive on the Legal Protection of Designs
(1999) 3 (3) IIPR 16
European Law; Intellectual Property Law; Design
Peter Bolger  Making Contracts Over the Internet
(1999) 3 (3) IIPR 20
Contract Law; Online Contracts
Bill O Reilly  The International Protection of Industrial Designs Under the Berne Convention and the Hague Agreement (Part 1)
(1999) 3 (3) IIPR 26
Intellectual Property Law; Berne Convention; Hague Agreement; Industrial Designs
Karen Murray  Facts of Finding in US v Microsoft 1999
(1999) 3 (3) IIPR 31
Competition Law; Dominance
Kathleen Skelly  Case Summary: Montex Holdings v Controller of Patents
(1999) 3 (3) IIPR 34
Intellectual Property Law; Trade Marks
Hugh O Flaherty  The Expert Witness and the Courts
(1997) 3 MLJI 3
Law of Evidence; Expert Witness
Fergal Bowers  Hepatitis C - After the Tribunal Report
(1997) 3 MLJI 8
Medical Law; Infectious Diseases; Tribunal
Deirdre Madden  In Vitro Fertilisation: The Moral and Legal Status of the Human Pre-Embryo
(1997) 3 MLJI 12
Medical Law; Assisted Human Reproduction; Ethics
Kieran Doran  Medical Confidentiality: The Role of the Doctrine of Confidentiality in the Doctor-Patient Relationship
(1997) 3 MLJI 21
Medical Law; Confidentiality
Jarlath Spellman  Judicial Review of an Award of The Hepatitis C Compensation Tribunal
(1997) 3 MLJI 27
Administration Law; Medical Law; Tribunal; Compensation
Bruce Carolan  US Supreme Court Rules: No Constitutional Right to Physician Assisted Suicide
(1997) 3 MLJI 43
Medical Law; International Law; Suicide; Euthanasia
Kieran Doran  The Legal Position Governing Access to Medical Records
(1997) 3 MLJI 50
Freedom of Information; Medical Records
David Smith  The Person Behind the Choices: Anthropological Assumptions in Bioethics Debate
(1997) 3 MLJI 57
Medical Law; Bioethics
Trish Walsh  The Childs Right to Independent Representation: Developments Arising from the Child Care Act 1991
(1997) 3 MLJI 66
Family Law; Child Care Act 1991; Children; Representation
Catherine O Neill  Nurses Ethical Decisions in the Medical World
(1997) 3 MLJI 73
Medical Law; Ethics; Nursing
Jarlath Spellman  Book Review: Handbook for Coroners in the Republic of Ireland by Patrick O Connor
(1997) 3 MLJI 80
O Connor; Coroners
DA Cusack, I Bacik & W Binchy  Abortion-Conflicting Rights, Duties and Arguments
(1997) 3 MLJI 82
Medical Law; Abortion
MA Bolster, J Harbison & F Garavan  A Review of Homicides involving Homosexuals in Ireland (1975-1996)
(1997) 3 MLJI 86
Criminal Law; Homicide; Homosexuality
Asim Sheikh  Time to Clone Around- Human Cloning: A Brave New World for Law, Medicine and Ethics
(1997) 3 MLJI 89
Medical Law; Cloning; Ethics
Mary Keys  Issues for the New Mental Health Act
(1997) 3 MLJI 97
Mental Health Law; Mental Health Act 2001; Principal of Reciprocity
Deirdre Madden  Abortion and the Law-Review and Commentary
(1997) 3 MLJI 103
Medical Law; Abortion
K Doran & DA Cusack  Access to Medical Records: The Effect of the Freedom of Information Act 1997
(1997) 3 MLJI 106
Freedom of Information Act 1997; Medical Records
Lord Justice Auld Adobe PDF FileCriminal Justice Reform in England and Wales
(2003) 3(1) JSIJ 1
Criminal Justice System; Reform
Lord Justice McCollum Adobe PDF FileAllocating Crime for Trial in Northern Ireland
(2003) 3(1) JSIJ 10
Criminal Justice System; Court Proceedings
Sir Gerald Gordon Adobe PDF FileAllocating Crime for Trial in Scotland
(2003) 3(1) JSIJ 16
Criminal Justice System; Court Proceedings
Mr. Justice Christopher Pitchers Adobe PDF FileAllocating Crime for Trial in England and Wales
(2003) 3(1) JSIJ 27
Criminal Justice System; Court Proceedings
Michael Zander Adobe PDF FilePreparing the Criminal Case for Trial
(2003) 3(1) JSIJ 34
Criminal Justice System; Court Proceedings; Law of Evidence
Penny Darbyshire Adobe PDF FileWhat Can We Learn from Published Jury Research
(2003) 3(1) JSIJ 67
Ian O Donnell Adobe PDF FileSex Crime in Ireland: Extent and Trends
(2003) 3(1) JSIJ 85
Sexual Offences; Criminal Law; Crime Trends
Lillian McGovern Adobe PDF FileTrial Venue and Process: the Victim and the Accused
(2003) 3(1) JSIJ 103
Sexual Offences; Criminal Law; Court Proceedings
Muireann O Briain Adobe PDF FileTrial Venue and Process: the Victim and the Accused
(2003) 3(1) JSIJ 113
Sexual Offences; Criminal Law; Court Proceedings
Kate Mulkerrins Adobe PDF FileTrial Venue and Process: the Victim and the Accused
(2003) 3(1) JSIJ 120
Sexual Offences; Criminal Law; Court Proceedings
Tom O'Malley Adobe PDF FileSentencing and Other Sanctions for Crime in Ireland
(2003) 3(1) JSIJ
Criminal; Criminal Law; Sentencing
Jennifer Schweppe  Beyond Abortion – The Right To Life Of The Unborn Child Under Irish Law
(2003) 3 UCDLR 1
Family; Family Law; Constitutional Rights; Constitutional Law; Children; Criminal Law; Law of Tort; Medicine; Medical Law; Medical Treatment; European Convention on Human Rights; Statute; Foetus
Niall Canny  A Mercenary World – A Legal Analysis Of The International Problem Of Mercenarism
(2003) 3 UCDLR 33
International Law; International Criminal Law; State; Convention; Military Law
John Curry  The Mistake Of Lord Phillips M.R. – Common Mistake In Equity Under Attack
(2003) 3 UCDLR 57
Law of Equity; Contract Law; Statute; Judicial Interpretation; Legislative Proposals; Common Law
Garret O’Brolchain  Unimplemented Directives – Re-Examining The Need For Horizontal Direct Effect
(2003) 3 UCDLR 92
European Law; European Court of Justice; Direct Effect; Treaty; Judiciary
Deirdre Moynihan  Patents And Aids Drugs: The Solutions Are There – It’s Just A Matter Of Implementing Them?
(2003) 3 UCDLR 121
Patents; Intellectual Property; Intellectual Property Law; Copyright Law; Human Rights; Medicine; Medical Treatment; Pharmaceuticals; International Law; Convention; Treaty
Ciara Murphy  Defamation, Media And The Public Interest: A Constitutional Analysis Of The Case For Reform
(2003) 3 UCDLR 137
Media; Defamation; Law of Tort; Constitutional Law; Constitutionality; European Convention on Human Rights; Freedom of Expression
Deirdre Barnacle  Reform Of The Defence Of Insanity – The Criminal Law (Insanity) Bill 2002
(2003) 3 UCDLR 153
Criminal Law; Defences; Insanity; Legislative Proposals; Murder; Mental Health Law
Alan Woods Adobe PDF FileAdding Another Glass Block to the Barrier of Transparency: The Media and the Freedom of Information Acts
(2004) COLR I
Freedom of Information; Media; Transparency
Thomas Wren Adobe PDF FileThe United States of Europe: What Have We To Gain?
(2004) COLR II
European Law; Convention; European Citizenship; Irish Constitutional Law; European Constitution
Patrick McCarthy Adobe PDF FileMaking The Most of International Law on the Right to Identity: An Analysis of Article 8 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
(2004) COLR III
Rights of Children; Family; Parents
Ciara Kennefick Adobe PDF File''L'Etat C'est Moi'', Maintenant C’est Quoi? The Powers of the Parliament of the Fifth Republic: Theory and Practice
(2004) COLR IV
French Constitutional Law; Parliamentary Powers in France; French Politics
Illan Wall Adobe PDF FileThe Aspirational Nature of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: An Examination of an Unsound Case
(2004) COLR V
Rights; Justiciability; Constitutional Law; Socio-economic Rights; Judicial Discretion; Seperation of Powers
Colmán P. Ó Donnchadha Adobe PDF FileWitness Intimidation – Criminal Justice in Crisis?
(2004) COLR VI
Witnesses; Witness Intimidation; Criminal Justice System; Law of Evidence; Legislative Proposals
Mairead Enright Adobe PDF File''Mature'' Minors & The Medical Law
(2004) COLR VII
Medical Law; Minors; Consent; Capacity to Consent; Competence; Parents
Rory McIntyre-O'Brien Adobe PDF FileSlipping Through the Net: Hacking Offences in Ireland
(2004) COLR VIII
Computerised Records; Information Technology
Ciara Kennedy Adobe PDF FileDomestic Violence: How We Answer Their Cries For Help
(2004) COLR IX
Domestic Violence; Family Law
Yvonne Marie Daly Adobe PDF FileThe Changing Irish Approach to Questions of Criminal Justice: Media Portrayal, Moral Panic and Myopic Politics
(2004) COLR X
Criminal Justice System; Media; Publicity
Lesley A. Walter Adobe PDF FileLaw as Literature: Illuminating the Debate Over Constitutional Consistency
(2004) COLR XI
Jurisprudence; Constitutional Law; Constitutional Rights
Diarmuid Griffin Adobe PDF FileThe Juvenile Conundrum – Ireland 's Responses to Youth Offending
(2004) COLR XII
Juvenile Offenders; Age of Criminal Responsibility
David McCarthy Adobe PDF FileConstitutional Constraints on the Judiciary and the President
(2004) COLR XIII
Constitutional Law; President; Judicial Appointment; Judiciary
Mícheál O'Dowd Adobe PDF FileData Protection and Direct Marketing
(2004) COLR XIV
Database; Direct Marketing; Data Protection
Kevin Duffy  Lawyers in the workplace - When are the services of a lawyer appropriate?
(2006) 3 (1) IELJ 4
Workplace; Disciplinary matters; statutory rights; procedural issues; employment rights
Wesley Farrell  Opening the door to injunctions? - Refusing legal representation at disciplinary hearings
(2006) 3 (1) IELJ 7
Employment Law; Contractual rights; fair procedures; agreement; legal representation;
Tom Hayes  Lawyers in the workplace
(2006) 3 (1) IELJ 14
Europe; Trade union density; employee representative; disciplinary and dismissal procedures
Kara Turner  Case Focus: Disciplinary procedures and appointments governed by statute
(2006) 3 (1) IELJ 16
Employment Law; Fair procedures; discretion of committee; disciplinary jurisdiction
"Alicia Compton, Rory O' Boyle"  Posting Employees of Irish companies to other EU member states - Jurisdictional and other issues
(2006) 3 (1) IELJ 19
Jurisdiction; Employment terms; contractual obligations; employment agreement; working hours
Kieran Doran  "Drug and alcohol testing under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005"
(2006) 3 (2) IELJ 36
Health and Safety Law; Screening employees; intoxicants; appropriate testing; employers duty
Frances Meenan  Protection of Employees (Fixed-Term Work) Act 2003 - Recent case law
(2006) 3 (2) IELJ 39
European; Direct effect; training and employment opportunities; contracts; victimisation
"Alicia Compton, Rory O' Boyle"  Practise and Procedure
(2006) 3 (2) IELJ 50
Employment; Unfair dismissals; objective justification; employment appeals tribunal;
Ciarán O' Mara  European Developments
(2006) 3 (2) IELJ 63
European Law; Working time rules; holiday payment; equal pay claim; burden of proof allocation
Terence McCrann  Investigations in the workplace
(2006) 3 (3) IELJ 68
Workplace; Bullying and harassment investigations; legal representation; suspensions; onus on employer
Adrian F. Twomey  "Castles in the air: Collective agreements, compulsory redundancies and Kuar v MG Rover"
(2006) 3 (3) IELJ 77
Employment Law; Bargaining agreement; terms and conditions of employment; enforceability; compulsory redundancy
Cliona Kimber  Restrictive covenants in employment law
(2006) 3 (3) IELJ 85
Covenants; Duty of fidelity and loyalty; competition; remedies for breach; injunctions;
"Alicia Compton, Rory O' Boyle"  Practise and Procedure
(2006) 3 (3) IELJ 93
Employment Law; Employment permits; transfer obligations; tax benefits; time-limits; unfair dismissals
Ciarán O' Mara  European Developments
(2006) 3 (3) IELJ 102
European Law; Employment equality law; disability; directives; fixed-term work
Marguerite Bolger  "Claiming for occupational stress, bullying and harassment"
(2006) 3 (4) IELJ 108
Workplace; Equality and unfair dismissal; liability principles; foreseeability; breach of contract
Aoife Farrelly  Taxation of employment awards - A basic understanding
(2006) 3 (4) IELJ 113
Taxation; Compensation payment; remuneration; infringement of rights; statutory provisions
Christina Ryan  Leaving it to the Experts - In the Matter of the Industrial Relations (Amendment) Act 2001: Ashford Castle Limited v Services Industrial Professional Technical Union
(2006) 3 (4) IELJ 118
Employment Law; Trade union; voluntary dispute regulation; collective bargaining; enforcement
"Alicia Compton, Edel O' Kelly"  Practise and Procedure
(2006) 3 (4) IELJ 124
Employment Law; Discrimination; recruitment and selection; interviews; screening; redundancy
Ciarán O' Mara  European Developments
(2006) 3 (4) IELJ 133
European; Pay increases; Green Paper on EU Labour Law; contracts; definition of 'worker'

Joe Jeffers  Legal Iconography: How Popular Cinema Represents the Law
(2007) 3(1) ILR 2
Current Legal Affairs; Courtroom drama; Detective movies; Post-modernism
John Healy  Causation in Tort Law: The Loss of Chance Doctine
(2007) 3(1) ILR 8
Tort; Breach of duty; Causation; Public Policy
Ciara Fitzgerald  The Beginning of the End for Adverse Possession
(2007) 3(1) ILR 15
Property; Squatters; ECHR; Reform
Andreas F Lowenfeld Rubin  Sanctions and International Law: Connect or Disconnect?
(2003) 3(1) HLJ 1
International Law; Cold war; US exports, Iraq, Territory
Gernot Biehler  Legal Limits to International Sanctions?
(2003) 3(1) HLJ 15
International Law; Humanitarian standards; International relations; Objectivity
Allan C. Hutchinson  Making Progress?: Change and the Common Law
(2003) 3(1) HLJ 25
Common Law; Evolution; Revolution; Progress
Jennifer Corrin  Reconciling Customary Law and Human Rights in Melanesia
(2003) 3(1) HLJ 53
Human Rights; Constitution; Customary law; Recognition
Colm O'Cinneide  Taking Horizontal Effect Seriously: Private Law, Constitutional Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights
(2003) 3(1) HLJ 77
European Law; Vertical effect; Meskell doctrine; State action
Claire McHugh  Socio-Economic Rights in Ireland: Lessons to be Learned from South Africa and India
(2003) 3(1) HLJ 109
Constitutional; Judicial recognition; Permissibility; Social need; Vindication
Edel O' Herlihy  The Cybercrime Convention: A Pioneering Text of International Legal Scope?
(2003) 3(1) HLJ 145
Internet Law; Council of Europe; Substantive provisions; Cyber law
Ruth O'Malley  Charitable Status and Fiscal Privileges: Two Separate Issues?
(2003) 3(1) HLJ 177
Equity; Charity; Tax deductability; Relief; Donations; Government
Anne-Marie Mooney Cotter  The Case of Brown v Board of Education on its 50th Anniversary
(2003) 3(1) HLJ 213
Human Rights; Racial equality; Education; Social activism
Caitríona McCarthy  Europe's Iron Fist in a Judicial Velvet Glove? The Power of Article 234 and the Question of Reform
(2003) 3(1) HLJ 223
European Law; References; Precedent; Vertical control; Influence of court
Laura Donnellan  The Extra-territorial Reach of Antitrust Laws: A Comparative Analysis
(2003) 3(1) HLJ 239
Public International Law; Jurisdictional limit; Territoriality; United States; Canada; UK; EU
Helena Hickey  Privacy and Data Protection Law from an Irish Perspective: Are our Secrets Really Safe?
(2003) 3(1) HLJ 263
Privacy Law; Constitution; Technology; Data storage; Consent
Gearóid Carey  Worldwide Mareva Injunctions, Protections and Recent English Guidance
(2007) 3(1) JCPP 2
Equity; Dadourian Guidelines; Overseas; Third parties
Brendan Kirwan  Remedies for Breach of an Injunction
(2007) 3(1) JCPP 11
Equity; Remedies; Procedures; Post order
James Gilhooly  The Role of the Courts in References to Arbitration under the Arbitration Acts 1954 -1998
(2007) 3(2) JCPP 2
Arbitration; Civil proceedings; Arbitrator; Delivery of the award
Keith Spencer  Corporate Privilege - Shrinking the Zone of Silence
(2007) 3(2) JCPP 12
Litigation; Legal professional privilege; Advice; US courts
Martin Canny  Summary Judgment - Some Recent Trends
(2007) 3(2) JCPP 18
Litigation; Final judgment; Counterclaim; Plenary summons
Paul Candon  Book Review: The Business of Writing, Terry Prone & Kieran Lyons
(2007) 3(1) ILR 21
Frank Murphy,  Book Review: Housing Law and Policy, Pádraic Kenna
(2007) 3(1) ILR 22
Property Law
Seamus Woolfe  Recent Developments in the Taxation of Legal Costs
(2008) 3(1) IBLQ 1
Court Procedure ;
Gráinne Duggan  The Taxation of Termination Payments on Redundancy and Dismissal
(2008) 3(1) IBLQ 5
Employment Law;
Ailbhe O'Neill  Capital Reduction Under Examinership: A Case Note on In Re McEnaney Construction Ltd
(2008) 3(1) IBLQ 8
Shaun Boylan  Enforcement of Bets and Wagers
(2008) 3(1) IBLQ 10
Contract Law;
Madeline Delany  A New Era in Employment Law Compliance
(2008) 3(1) IBLQ 14
Employment Law;
Rebecca Smith  Unregistered Community Design: Infringement of Design
(2008) 3(1) IBLQ 18
IP Law;
Rebecca Smith  Trade Marks: Passing Off - Damages
(2008) 3(1) IBLQ 20
IP Law;
Rebecca Smith  Passing Off, Injunction
(2008) 3(1) IBLQ 21
IP Law;
Rebecca Smith  Trade Marks: Passing Off
(2008) 3(1) IBLQ 22
IP Law;
Aillil O'Reilly  Application of the Public Procurement Rules to Development Agreements
(2008) 3(2) IBLQ 1
Contract Law;
Joseph Dalby  Challenging Times: Remedies in Public Procurement
(2008) 3(2) IBLQ 10
Public Procurement;
Stephan O'Sullivan  Invoking European Law Before Employment Adjudicating Bodies
(2008) 3(2) IBLQ 16
Employment Law;
Stephan O'Sullivan  Construction Industry Registered Employment Agreement
(2008) 3(2) IBLQ 19
Construction Law;
Ian Long  Has Consumer Credit Finally Come of Age?
(2008) 3(2) IBLQ 22
Consumer Law;
Kieran Tranter  Costs Orders in the Superior Courts
(2008) 3(2) IBLQ 26
Civil Procedure;
Rebecca Smyth  Copyright: Passing Off - Injunction
(2008) 3(3) IBLQ 2
IP Law;
Rebecca Smyth  Copyright: Commercial Court - Interlocutory Appeals
(2008) 3 (3) IBLQ 4
IP Law;
Jospeh Dalby  Setting Off Summary Judgement
(2008) 3(3) IBLQ 7
Civil Procedure;
Max Barrett  Financial Services Advertising: Law and Regulation
(2008) 3(3) IBLQ 12
Consumer Law;
David Langwaller  Copyright Protection for Works of Sculpture and Artisitic Craftmanship: Recent Developments in Australia and the United Kingdom
(2008) 3(3) IBLQ 13
IP Law;
Mahmud Samad  Jurisdiction agreements in Europe: How effective are they?
(2008) 3(3) IBLQ 17
EU Law;
Majella Twomey  Intention to Create Legal Relations and the Rights of Members of Lotto Syndicates in Light of Horan v O'Reilly
(2008) 3(3) IBLQ 24
Contract Law;
Max Barrett  Financial Services Advertising and the Consumer Credit Act
(2008) 2(4) IBLQ 1
Consumer Law;
Michael McGrath  Restrictions of Directors: Tralee Beef and Lamb
(2008) 2(4) IBLQ 8
Company Law;
Laura Farrell  Mahon v Kenna and the Protection of Journalists Sources
(2008) 2(4) IBLQ 11
Media Law;
Mark Murray  "An Insiders Game": Insider Trading and the Implications of the Decision in Fyffes v DCC
(2008) 2(4) IBLQ 13
Company Law;
Noel McGrath  The End of the Ultra Vires Problem? Corporate Capacity Before and After the Proposed Companies Bill
(2008) 2(4) IBLQ 16
Company Law;
David Langwaller  The Scope of Patent Infringement in Irish Law After Ranbaxy
(2008) 2(4) IBLQ 20
IP Law;
Joann Liddy  Courts Act Interest and European Late Payment in Commercial Transactions Interest Explained
(2009) 3(4) IBLQ 1
Commercial Law;
John Breslin  Domestic and International Liquidations
(2009) 3(4) IBLQ 5
Joseph Dalby  Performance Bonds - Issues on Drafting, Execution and Performance
(2009) 3(4) IBLQ 14
Banking Law;
Majella Twomey  Directors Beware: The Implications of Recent and Future Changes in Irish Company Law
(2009) 3(4) IBLQ 18
Company Law;
Catherine O'Sullivan, Jennifer Schweppe, Eimear Spain Adobe PDF FileArticle 40.3.3 and the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill 2013: The Impetus for, and Process of, Legislative Change
(2013) 3(3) IJLS 1
Medical Law; Abortion, A,B,& C v Ireland, European Convention on Human Rights, Expert Group Report, Savita Halappanavar, Public Hearings of the Joint Committee on Health and Children, Risk of Suicide,
Ivana Bacik Adobe PDF FileLegislating for Article 40.3.3
(2013) 3(3) IJLS 18
Constitutional Law; Section 58 and 59 of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861, Bourne Defence, the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution, SPUC case law, European Union law, the X-Case, Care of the HSE, Ethical Code of the Medical Council, Fatal Feotal Abnormalities,
Paul Brady Adobe PDF FileA Critical Analysis of the Heads of Bill and the Legal Necessity of Legislating for X
(2013) 3(3) IJLS 36
Medical Law; Head 4 of the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill 2013, Intentional Termination of Pregnancy, Sucidal Intent, Late Term Abortion, Psychiatric Assessment, European Convention on Human Rights, Arguments raised in the X-case
Fiona de Londras, Laura Graham Adobe PDF FileImpossible Floodgates and Unworkable Analogies in the Irish Abortion Debate
(2013) 3(3) IJLS 54
Constitutional Law; Attorney General v X, "Abortion on Demand," Time Limits on Abortion, Foetal Development, Risk to Life of Mother, Medical Practice, Prosecutorial Discretion,
Karen Brennan Adobe PDF FilePunishing Infanticide in the Irish Free State
(2013) 3(1) IJLS 1
Criminal Law; Concealment of Birth, Capital Murder, Societal Values, Catholic Church, Non-Custodial Sentancing, Religious Institutions, Rehabilitation, Magdalen Laundries
Gerard Coffey Adobe PDF FilePost-Acquittal Retrials for Serious Offences in the Irish Criminal Justice Process: Lessons from England and Wales
(2013) 3(1) IJLS 36
Criminal Procedure; Double Jeopardy Rule, Due Process Rights, Miscarriages of Justice, Rules of Evidence, Cold Case Review, McPherson Report, Compelling Evidence, Criminal Procedure Act 2010,
Niamh Howlin Adobe PDF FileNineteenth-Century Criminal Justice: Uniquely Irish or Simply "not English"
(2013) 3(1) IJLS 67
Criminal Justice; Legal History, Colonialism, the Famine, Perception of Irish Criminal Justice System, Magistrates, Social Structure, Legal Profession, Criminality,
Sara Ramshaw Adobe PDF FileImprovising (Il)Legality: Justice and the Irish Diaspora, NYC 1930-1932
(2013) 3(1) IJLS 90
Legal History; Corruption, Seabury Inquiry, Critical Studies in Improvisation, Political Offices, Irish Immigrants, Post-Colonialism Jurisprudence, Irish Catholism,
Gráinne Callanan Adobe PDF FileBook Review: Donnelly, The Law of Credit and Security
(2013) 3(1) IJLS 122
Financial Law;
Laura Cahillane Adobe PDF FileBook Review: Hogan, The Origins of the Irish Constitution 1928-1941
(2013) 3(1) IJLS 126
Constitutional Law;
Yvonne Marie Daly Adobe PDF FileBook Review: Farrell & Hanrahan, The European Arrest Warrant in Ireland
(2013) 3(1) IJLS 135
Criminal Law;
Fiona Donson Adobe PDF FileBook Review: Irish Criminal Justice: Process and Procedure
(2013) 3(1) IJLS 144
Criminal Law;
Bénédicte Sage-Fuller, Marie-Luce Paris Adobe PDF FileEditorial to the Special Issue of Proceedings from the 4th Annual Conference of the Irish Society for Comparative Law
(2013) 3(2) IJLS 1
Comparative Law; International Academy of Comparative Law, Outlines of Contributions to Journal
Dominic de Cogan Adobe PDF FileThe Wartime Origins of the Irish Corporation Tax
(2013) 3(2) IJLS 15
Tax Law; Corporations Profits Tax, Companies, Income Tax Act 1842, Legal History, Excess Profits Duty, Subsidiary Companies, Bilateral Agreements,
James Gallen Adobe PDF FileSecurity Sector Reform, Models of Policing and Methods of Comparison
(2013) 3(2) IJLS 33
Governance; Democratic Oversight, Transitional Justice, Policing, National Security, Soft Law, Community Policing, United Nations,
Maria Helen Murphy Adobe PDF FileThe Relationship between the European Court of Human Rights and National Legislative Bodies: Considering the Merits and the Risks of the Approach of the Court in Surveillance Cases
(2013) 3(2) IJLS 65
Governance; Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, Interception of Postal Packets and Telecommunications Messages (Regulation) Act 1993, Margin of Appreciation, Telephone Tapping, Necessity, Safeguards, DNA Database
Catherine Piché Adobe PDF FileLangues, Cultures et Droits Comparé
(2013) 3(2) IJLS 92
Comparative Law;
Agnese Pizzolla Adobe PDF FileComparative Law and Financial Regulation: Methodological Remarks
(2013) 3(2) IJLS 118
Financial Regulatory Law; Government Intervention, Comparative Law, International Trade, Categorisation of Legal Systems, Globalisation
Grégor Puppinck Adobe PDF FileAbortion and the European Convention on Human Rights
(2013) 3(2) IJLS 142
Fundamental Rights; Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights, A,B &C v Ireland, Legitimate Interests, Right to an Abortion, Margin of Appreciation, Assisted Suicide
Shane N. Glackin & Simon Mills Adobe PDF FileTermination of Pregnancy, Article 40.3.3, and the Law of Intended Consequences
(2013) 3(3) IJLS 76
Constitutional Law; Risk to the Life of the Mother, Morality, Ectopic Pregnancy, Doctrine of Double Effect
Jennifer Schweppe, Eimear Spain Adobe PDF FileWhen is a Foetus not an Unborn? Fatal Foetal Abnormalities and Article 40.3.3
(2013) 3(3) IJLS 92
Medical Law; Definition of Unborn, Overseas Abortion, European Court of Human Rights, Protection of Life in Pregnancy Bill 2013, Roche v Roche, Living Document,
P F Smith  Apartment Ownership: From Background Law to Efficient Managment?
(2007) 29 DULJ 1
Property; Apartment ownership; Multi-unit development; Scheme management
Gerard Coffey  Evaluating the Common Law Principle Against Retrials
(2007) 29 DULJ 26
Criminal; Double jeopardy; International law; Forensic Science; Reform
Brónagh Maher  Developments in Bad Character Evidence: Undermining The Accused's Shield
(2007) 29 DULJ 57
Evidence; Bad character evidence; Prejudice; Reform
Noel Cox  The Office of the Chief Herald of Ireland and Continuity of Legal Authority
(2007) 29 DULJ 84
Administrative; Grants of Arms; Authority; Law of Arms
Eoin Carolan  Democratic Control or "High-Sounding Hocus-Pocus"? - A Public Choice Analysis of The Non-Delegation Doctrine
(2007) 29 DULJ 111
Constitutional; Non-delegation; US law; Public choice;
Brian Foley  Presuming the Legislature Acts Constitutionally: Legislative Process and Constitutional Decision-making
(2007) 29 DULJ 141
Constitutional; Constitutionality; Judicial Review; Legislative decision-making
Niamh Howlin, Robert C Fitzpatrick  The Feasibility of Mandatory Trade Union Recognition in Ireland
(2007) 29(1) DULJ 178
Labour law; Trade unions; Constitutional law; US law; UK law
Gernot Biehler  International Law and Legal Procedures Before the International Court of Justice in Arbitration and Diplomatic Methods: An Analysis of the Limits of International Law
(2007) 29(1) DULJ 209
International Law; Procedural law; State power; International procedures
Garrett Barden, Tim Murphy  Law's Function in De Cive and Leviathan: A Re-Appraisal of the Jurisprudence of Thomas Hobbes
(2007) 29(1) DULJ 231
Jurisprudence; Thomas Hobbes; Civil society; Laws of nature
Samuel J Levine  Lost in Translation: The Strange Journey of an Anti-Semitic Fabrication, From a Late Nineteenth Century Russian Newspaper to An Irish Legal Journal To A Leading Twentieth Century American Criminal Law Textbook
(2007) 29(1) DULJ 260
Legal Research; Anti-Semitism; Authentication; Reproduction
Claire Murray  Safeguarding the Right to Liberty of Incapable Compliant Pantients With A Mental Disorder in Ireland
(2007) 29(1) DULJ 279
Medical; Mental Disorder; Protection of Liberty; Rights; ECHR
Olufemi O Amao  Reconstructing the Role of the Corporation: Multinational Corporationa As Public Actors in Nigeria
(2007) 29(1) DULJ 312
International Law; Corporation; Nigeria; Eu law
Zeldine Niamh O'Brien  To Boldly Go? Private Contracts for the Carriage of Persons in Space, Exclusion Clauses and Inter-Party Waivers of Tortious Liability
(2007) 29(1) DULJ 341
Space Law; Space policy; Liability; Private space carriage
Ronan Keane  Book review: Binchy and Finnegan, Human Rights, Constitutionalism and the Judiciary: Tanzanian and Irish Perspectives
(2007) 29(1) DULJ 456
Peter Charleton  Book review:Kevin Costello, The Law of Habeas Corpus in Ireland: History, Scope of Review and Practice under Article 40.4.2 of the Irish Constitution
(2007) 29(1) DULJ 458
Carol Daugherty Rasnic  Book review: N M Dawson, Reflections on Law and History
(2007) 29(1) DULJ 462
Legal history
Alan B Rabkin  Book review: David Donegan, Raymond J Friel and Amanda-Jayne Comyn, Irish Stamp Duty Law
(2007) 29(1) DULJ 466
Stamp Duty
Roderick Buckley  Book review: Kevin Finucane and Brian Buggy with Úna Tighe, Irish Pensions Law and Practice
(2007) 29(1) DULJ 470
Pensions Law
Michael Peart  Book review: Michael Forde, Extradition Law in Ireland
(2007) 29(1) DULJ 472
Extradition Law
Emily Egan  Book review: John Healy, Irish Laws of Evidence
(2007) 29(1) DULJ 475
Emily Egan  Book review: Liz Heffernan, Evidence: Cases and Materials
(2007) 29(1) DULJ 479
Aoife Nolan  Book review: Padriac Kenna, Housing Law and Policy in Ireland
(2007) 29(1) DULJ 483
Housing Law
Oonagh Breen  Book review: Kerry O'Halloran, Charity Law and Social Inclusion: An International Study
(2007) 29(1) DULJ 487
Charity Law
Sarah Cazabon  Damages
(2011) 29 ILT 9
Tort; Personal injury litigation; Civil liability Act; PIAB
Elaine O'Callaghan  Collaborative Law as an Alternative Dispute Resolution Process: Unearthing Its Potential to Resolve Disputed Child Contact Cases
(2011) 29 ILT 18
Family Law, Disputed Child Contact, Parental Agreements, Child Participation, Contact Arrangements, Collaborative Law
Emile Burke-Murphy  Delay in Irish Courts as Viewed from Strasbourg: McFarlane v Ireland
(2011) 29 ILT 30
European Court of Human Rights, McFarlane v Ireland, Article 13, Article 6(1)
Roslyn Fuller  German Constitutional Court to Indirectly Rule on Irish Bailout
(2011) 29 ILT 34
European Law, German Constitutional Law, Article 125 TFEU, Article 38.1, Article 14, Article 2
Brendan Glynn  One's Home is One's Castle
(2011) 29 ILT 36
Criminal Law, Criminal Law (Defence and Dwelling) Bill, DPP v Nally, DPP v Barnes
Gearoid Carey  Damage to Property and the Measures of Damages
(2011) 29 ILT 46
Tort Law, Damages, Negligence, Curly v Hibernian Wind Power Limited,
Fiona de Londras  A "New Politics" Without the Seanad: Concerns from a Human Rights Perspective
(2011) 29 ILT 48
Human Rights Law, New Politics, Democracy
David P. Boyle  Increased Rights for Same-Sex Couples and Cohabitants
(2011) 29 ILT 55
Family Law, Civil Partners and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act 2010, Same-sex Marriage, Registered Foreign Same-sex Marriage,
Albert Keating  Undue Influence in Probate Law
(2011) 29 ILT 61
Coercion, Undue Influence, Succession Law, Righteousness of Transaction
Eileen Glynn  Is Current Domestic Violence Legislation Appropriate in Contemporary Ireland?
(2011) 29 ILT 64
Criminal Law, Domestic Violence Act 1996, Barring Order, Protection Order, Safety Order, Cohabitants
Elaine Dewhurst  The Immigration, Residence and Protection Bill 2010 and Defining the Irregular Immigrant in Irish Law
(2011) 29 ILT 69
Immigration Law, Irregular Resident, Irregular Entrants
Gearoid Carey  Liquidation Sums and Summary Claims- Recent Guidance
(2011) 29 ILT 78
Practice and Procedure, Summary Judgments, ADM Londis plc v Gibson & Gibson
Desmond M. Clarkel  Ireland: A Republican Democracy, a Theocracy, or a Judicial Oligarchy?
(2011) 29 ILT 81
Constitutional Law, Legislative Sources, The People, God, The Courts
Roslyn Fuller  The Price of Equality: Equality in Practise
(2011) 29 ILT 92
Association Belge des Consommateurs Test-Achats ASBL and Others, Insurance,
Karen Murray  Developments in Data Protection Law
(2011) 29 ILT 95
Information Technology Law, Charter of Fundamental Rights, Criminal Law, Internal Market, European Data Protection Commissioner
Alan Rodger  Savigny in the Strand
(1993-95) xxviii-xxx IR JUR 1
Legal History; Judiciary
Imelda Maher  The implementation of EC competition law in Ireland: the transition to a new statutory regime
(1993-95) xxviii-xxx IR JUR 21
Competition Law; European Law; European Integration
Leo Flynn  The basis and extent of employer liability for sexual harassment in Irish law
(1993-95) xxviii-xxx IR JUR 36
Sexual Harassment; Employer Liability; Women
J. Paul McCutcheon  Omissions and criminal liability
(1993-95) xxviii-xxx IR JUR 56
Criminal Law; Omissions; Actus Reus
David Pollard  European Community law and the French Conseil d'Etat
(1993-95) xxviii-xxx IR JUR 79
European Law; French Conseil D'Etat; Constitutional law
Desmond M. Clarke  Freedom of thought in the UN Declaration and Covenants
(1993-95) xxviii-xxx IR JUR 121
Human Rights Law; Mens Rea; Freedom of Thought
Kevin Costello  Documentary error as a ground of judicial review in Irish law
(1993-95) xxviii-xxx IR JUR 148
Administrative Law; Judicial Review; Documentation; Records
Clive R. Symmons  Irish policy and practice on recognition
(1993-95) xxviii-xxx IR JUR 175
International Law; Recognition of States; Recognition of Governments
John E. Stannard  Stretching out the actus reus
(1993-95) xxviii-xxx IR JUR 200
Criminal Law; Actus Reus; Continuing Act
Richard Humphreys  Interpreting natural rights
(1993-95) xxviii-xxx IR JUR 221
Constitutional Law; Unenumerated Rights; Jurisprudence; Natural Law;
Edmond Grace  The judge as advocate: an elaboration of the concept of discretion in the light of Aquinas' theory of adjudication
(1993-95) xxviii-xxx IR JUR 231
Jurisprudence; Natural Law; Thomas Aquinas; Judiciary
Ciaran Parker  The social and ethnic distribution of crime in County Waterford, 1295-1325
(1993-95) xxviii-xxx IR JUR 264
Legal History; Criminal Law
Finbarr McCarthy  Participatory government and communal property: two radical concepts in the Virginia charter of 1606
(1993-95) xxviii-xxx IR JUR 270
Legal History; Government; Private Property
Hiram Morgan  Lawes of lrelande: an hitherto unidentified tract by Sir John Davies
(1993-95) xxviii-xxx IR JUR 307
Legal History; Constitutional Law
Andrew Lyall  The Irish House of Lords as a judicial body, 1783-1800
(1993-95) xxviii-xxx IR JUR 314
Legal History; Judiciary
Mel Cousins  Social welfare adjudication in Ireland, 1847-1995: A diachronic analysis
(1993-95) xxviii-xxx IR JUR 361
Welfare Law; Adjudication; Rights; Courts
Gerry Whyte  The Role of the Supreme Court in our Democracy: A Response to Mr Justice Hardiman
(2006) 28 DULJ 1
Constitutional Law; Separation of Powers; Judicial Activism
Mary Donnelly and Fidelma White  Regulation and Consumer Protection: A Study of the Online Market
2006) 28 DULJ 27
Consumer; European Law
Andrew Beck  The Ministry of Truth: Orwell and Law
(2006) 28 DULJ 53
Constitutional Law; Jurisprudence; Judicial Review; Separation of Powers
Brian Foley  Diceyan Ghosts: Deference, Rights, Policy and Spatial Distinctions
(2006) 28 DULJ 77
Constitutional Law; Judicial Review; Separation of Powers; Judicial Activism
Aoife Nolan  Litigating Housing Rights: Experiences and Issues
(2006) 28 DULJ 144
Housing Law; Litigation
Alan Keating  The "Polluter Pays" Principle in Domestic Law
(2006) 28 DULJ 172
Environmental Law; European Law; Pollution
Liz Heffernan  The Recording of Fingerprints: Legal Aspects
(2006) 28 DULJ 200
Constitutional Law; Common Law; Police
Barry Sullivan  Constitutional Interpretation and Republican Government
(2006) 28 DULJ 221
Constitutional Law; Republicanism; Judicial Activism; Interpretation
Niall O' Hanlon  The Corporate Form and Reckless Trading: A Modern Pandora and Epimetheus
(2006) 28 DULJ 254
Corporate Law; Trading; Liability; Directors
Deirdre Ahern  Kenny v Ireland ROC Ltd: Commercial Agents - Not Negotiable?
(2006) 28 DULJ 296
Commercial Law; European Law
Gernot Biehler  Between the Irish, the Strasbourg and the Luxembourg Courts: Jurisdictional Issues in Human Rights Enforcement
(2006) 28 DULJ 317
European Court of Human Rights; European Court of Justice; Supreme Court; High Court; Jurisdiction
Eoin Carolan  Stars of Citizen TV: Video Surveillance and the Right to Privacy in Public Places
(2006) 28 DULJ 326
Privacy; Constitutional Law
Yvonne Daly  Does the Buck Stop Here? An Examination of the Right to pre-trial Legal Advice in Light of O' Brien v DPP
(2006) 28 DULJ 345
Constitutional Law; Legal Representation
Hilary Delany  Employment Injunctions: the Role of Mutual Trust and Confidence
(2006) 28 DULJ 363
Equity; Injunctions
Oran Doyle  The European Communities (Natural Habitats)(Amendment) Regulations 2005
(2006) 28 DULJ 379
Environmental Law; Habitats
Tim Murphy  Book Review: de Blácam, Drunken Driving and the Law (3rd ed.)
(2006) 28 DULJ 437
Drunken Driving
Ingo Von Munch  Book Review: Biehler, International Law in Practice: an Irish Perspective
(2006) 28 DULJ 435
International Law
Tim Murphy  Book Review: Bacik, Kicking and Screaming: Dragging Ireland into the 21st Century
(2006) 28 DULJ 433
Constitutional Law; Politics
Elaine Fahey  McCauley Chemists: the Supreme Court Invokes Article 234 EC to Resolve the "Necessitated" Question
(2006) 28 DULJ 401
European Law; Constitutional Law
Gerard Hogan  Value of Declarations of Incompatibility and the Rule of Avoidance
(2006) 28 DULJ 408
European Convention on Human Rights; High Court
Conor O' Mahony  The Right to Education and "Constitutionally Appropriate" Provision
(2006) 28 DULJ 422
Education; Constitutional Law
Jonathon Newman  Book Review: Delany and McGrath, Civil Procedure in the Superior Courts (2nd ed.)
(2006) 28 DULJ 439
Civil Procedure
Ailbhe O' Neill  Book Review: Forde, Commercial Law (3rd ed.)
(2006) 28 DULJ 442
Commercial Law
TJ McIntyre  Book Review: Keating, Equitable Succession Rights
(2006) 28 DULJ 446
Law of Equity
Tom O' Malley  Review: McGrath, Evidence
(2006) 28 DULJ 448
Law of Evidence
Eoin O' Dell  Review: Mitchell, The Law of Contribution and Reimbursement
(2006) 28 DULJ 451
Common Law; Law of Equity; Restitution
DR Phelan  Book Review: Wacks, Understanding Jurisprudence
(2006) 28 DULJ 458
Hilary Delany  Dismissal for Want of Prosecution - Has the Test Changed?
(2010) 28 ILT 11
Practice & Procedure; Rainsford/Primor principles; Fairness; Justice
Gearoid Carey  Penalty Clauses
(2010) 28 ILT 15
Contract; Breach of contract; Damages; Damage clause
Brendan Glynn  Is the Internal Appeals Procedure of National Schools out of Date?
(2010) 28 ILT 19
Education; Maynooth statutes; Dismissal
David Brooke  Police Interrogation for Justice not Punishment - Part I
(2010) 28 ILT 22
Criminal; Confession; Evidence
Sinead Morgan  The Obligation to Provide Work: How Far does it Extend?
(2010) 28 ILT 26
Employment; Working hours; Employers obligations
Brendan Glynn  The Use of Involuntary Liquidation Mechanism as a Means of Debt Collection
(2010) 28 ILT 30
Commercial; Company; Debts; Petition; Wind up
Rosemary Craig  The Omagh Bomb Civil Trial Considered
(2010) 28 ILT 33
Tort; Evidence; Compensatory damages
Hilary Delany & Emily Egan Mcgrath  The Discovery Rules - Judicial Proactivity and S.I. 2009/93
(2010) 28 ILT 42
Practice & Procedure; Expedition; Economy; Technological advances
David Brooke  Police Interrogation for Justice not Punishment - Part II
(2010) 28 ILT 48
Criminal; Custodial detention; Right to interrogate; Justification
Gabriel Brennan  Rights, Registration and Reform: The Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2009
(2010) 28 ILT 59
Real Property; Easements; Profit à prendre; Simplification
Elaine Finneran  The Doctrine of Common Design: Beyond the Plain Vanilla Version 1
(2010) 28 ILT 63
Criminal; Liability; Criminal enterprise; Prosecution
Hugh O'Donoghue  Abolition of the House of Lords and Other Reforms: A British Republic?
(2010) 28 ILT 75
Constitutional Law; Rule of law; Lord Chancellor; Jurisdiction
Julia Fox  Assisted Admissions and Section 13 of the Mental Health Act 2001
(2010) 28 ILT 79
Mental Health; Involuntary detention; ECHR; Superior courts
Aisling McMahon  Journalists' Privilege in Light of Mahon v. Keena
(2010) 28 ILT 90
Practice & Procedure; Doctrine of evidentiary privilege; Disclosure of information; Court proceedings
David Brooke  ''The Authority of Law'' Revisited
(2010) 28 ILT 94
Jurisprudence; Raz; Normativity of law; Binding
Liz Campbell  Development of a DNA Database in Ireland - Assessing the Proposed Legislation
(2010) 28 ILT 107
Criminal; Collection and Retention of DNA; Criminal Justice Bill; Human Rights
Mahmud Samad  An Overview of Anti-Suit Injunctions in English Law
(2010) 28 ILT 112
Practice & Procedure; Equitable jurisdiction; Discretion; Foreign jurisdiction
Matthew Austin  Negligent Misstatement - Where now following Patchett v. Swimming Pool & Allied Trades Association?
(2010) 28 ILT 122:
Tort; Liability; Disclaimer; Internet
Albert Keating  Rebutting the Presumption of Revocation by Destruction of Lost Wills
(2010) 28 ILT 128
Succession; Evidence; Intention; Probate
Brendan Glynn  Rights of Way
(2010) 28 ILT 131
Real Property; Easement; Excessive user; Express grant
Eimear M. Higgins  The Defamation Act 2009 - A Practical Guide to the Substantive and Proceedural Reform in the New Act
(2010) 28 ILT 137
Tort; Defamatory; Truth; Privilege
Rubina Halim  Islamic Law Forbids Forced Marriages
(2010) 28 ILT 144
Family; Shari'ah; Arranged Marriage; Contract; Rape
Brendan Glynn  Mortgage Arrears - The Legal Considerations
(2010) 28 ILT 147
Real Property; Lending institutions; Repossession
Jenny Wakely  Social and Economic Rights - A retreat by the South African Constitution Court?
(2010) 28 ILT 153
Constitutional Law; Justiciability; Socio-economic rights; Directive Principles of Social Policy
David Brooke  The Eclipse of the Common Law
(2010) 28 ILT 157
Jurisprudence; Statute law; Judicial activism; Codification
Geraldine Wycherley  Custodial Legal Advice in Ireland - Lessons learned from England and Wales
(2010) 28 ILT 170
Criminal; Liberty; Solicitor; Garda interview
Emma Keane  Judicial 'Discovery' of Unenumerated Rights
(2010) 28 ILT 177
Constitutional Law; Human Rights; Article 40.3; American Constitution
Karen Murray  Defamation online After the Defamation Act 2009
(2010) 28 ILT 187
Defamation; Reform; Liability
Geraldine Wycherley  Custodial Legal Advice in Ireland - Lessons learned from England and Wales
(2010) 28 ILT 190
Criminal; Legal Aid Scheme; Royal Commission on Criminal Procedure; Reform
Brian Tobin  Mandatory Interlocutory Injunctions - Recent Irish Developments
(2010) 28 ILT 202
Practice & Procedure; Interlocutory relief; Contract for services; Employer employee relationship
Gearóid Carey  Reasonableness and Mediation: A New Direction?
(2010) 28 ILT 207
Alternative Dispute Resolution; Unreasonable behaviour; Costs
Brendan Glynn  Search Warrants and Problems that follow as a result of Defective Warrants
(2010) 28 ILT 211
Criminal; Inviolability of the dwelling; Validity
Hilary Delany  The Test for the Grant of Mandatory Interlocutory Injunctions
(2010) 28 ILT 217
Practice & Procedure; Prejudice; Consistency; Conflicting authority; England
Siobhan Drislane  The Compass of Privacy: Reasonable Expectation of Privacy and State Investigations - Part I
(2010) 28 ILT 221
Privacy; Law Reform Commission; Balancing rights
Siobhan Drislane  The Compass of Privacy: Reasonable Expectation of Privacy and State Investigations - Part II
(2010) 28 ILT 229
Privacy; United States; Canada; Australia; Standard of privacy
Mahmud Samad  Article 5(1) of the Brussles Regulation on Jurisdiction and the Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters - Part I
(2010) 28 ILT 233
International Law; Special Jurisdiction; Matters relating to contract; ECJ
Mahmud Samad  Article 5(1) of the Brussles Regulation on Jurisdiction and the Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters - Part II
(2010) 28 ILT 247
International Law; Obligation; Place of performance
Albert Keating  The Effect of the Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2009 on Wills Precedents Referring to the Settled Land Acts and the Conveyancing Acts
(2010) 28 ILT 252
Conveyancing; Succession; Settlements; Trusts
Brendan Glynn  Is Breach of the Peace an Offence?
(2010) 28 ILT 255
Criminal; Indictable offence; Sentencing; Penalties
Paul Lambert  Monkey Magic: Some Problems with the effects Research of Television Courtroom Broadcasting
(2010) 28 ILT 278
Practice & Procedure; Production; Effects; Research flaws
Yvonne Moynihan  The Defence of Fair and Reasonable Publication on a matter of Public Interest
(2010) 28 ILT 281
Tort; Defamation; Responsible journalism; Media freedom
Anna Marie Brennan  The Mental Health Act 2001 and the best interests principle: A revolutionary step in the improvement of mental health law in Ireland?
(2010) 28 ILT 290
Mental Health; Mental Health Act 2001; Best Interest Principle; 1945
David P. Boyle  ILT Digest of Legislation and Superior Court Decision
(2010) 28 ILT 301
Banking, Ulster Investment Bank Ltd v Rockrohan Estate Ltd, Communications Regulation (Postal Services) Bill 2010, Buckley v National University of Ireland, Employment, Betting, Gaming and Lotteries (Unclaimed Winnings) Bill 2010, Social Welfare (Miscella
Mahmud Samad  Forbearance as Consideration in Letters of Personal Guarantee
(2010) 28 ILT 309
Contracts of Personal Guarantee, Interpretation, Consideration
Irene Lynch Fannon  A Transatlantic Case: The Derivative Action as a Corporate Governance Tool
(2005) 27 DULJ 1
Corporate Governance; Jurisdiction; Locus Standi
Michael J. Perry  The Morality of Human Rights: A Nonreligious Ground?
(2005) 27 DULJ 28
Religion; Rights; Jurisprudence
John Mee  Reform of the Law on the Acquisition of Easements and Profits à Prendre by Prescription
(2005) 27 DULJ 86
Land Law; Easements; Law Reform Commission; Property Law
Máire Ní Shúilleabháin  Formalities of Contracting: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Requirements that Contracts be Evidenced in Writing
(2005) 27 DULJ 113
Contract Law
Hilary Delany  Breach of Confidence or Breach of Privacy: The Way Forward
(2005) 27 DULJ 151
Law of Tort; Privacy; Confidentiality
Gerry Whyte  Protecting Religious Ethos in Employment Law: A Clash of Cultures
(2005) 27 DULJ
Religion; Employment Law; Equality Law
Ailbhe O' Neill  Corporate Freedom of Expression
(2005) 27 DULJ 184
Constitutional Law; Freedom of Expression; Corporate Law
Judy Goldman  Fortification of Domestic Service Providers at the Expense of Foreign Goods: Can the World Trade Organisation's Dispute Settlement Body Prevent Protectionism
(2005) 27 DULJ 221
International Law; International Dispute
Ruth Cannon  The Bigoted Landlord: A Re-examination of Schlegal v Corcoran and Gross
(2005) 27 DULJ 248
Constitutional Law; Equality Law
Des Ryan and Ray Ryan  A Cause Wrapped up in a Duty: Causation and Informed Consent to Medical Treatment
(2005) 27 DULJ 260
Causation; Medical Negligence
Peter Williams  Statutory Planning Approaches and Affordable and Social Housing Provision: A Comparison of Recent Irish and Australian Experience
(2005) 27 DULJ 284
Social and Affordable; Housing Law
Síle MacGuckian  Judge or Politician? The Political role of the Judiciary in Society
(2005) 27 DULJ 302
Judicial Activism; Politics; Political Activity
Gerard Hogan  Regulatory Bodies as Associations of Undertakings
(2005) 27 DULJ 329
Competition Law; Judicial Review
Eoin O' Dell  Interesting Times: Overpaid Taxes, Restitution and Compound Interest
(2005) 27 DULJ 343
Restitution; Consideration; Common Law
Conor O' Mahony  A New Slant on Education Rights and Mandatory Injunctions?
(2005) 27 DULJ 363
Rights; Injunction
Eoin O' Dell and Gerry Whyte  Is this a Country for old men and women? - In re Article 26 and the Health (Amendment)(No. 2) Bill 2004
(2005) 27 DULJ 368
Constitutional Law; Restitution
Fergus Ryan  Book Review: Shannon, Child Law
(2005) 27 DULJ 393
Family Law; Children
William Binchy  Book Review: Doyle, Constitutional Equality Law
(2005) 27 DULJ 397
Constitutional Law; Equality Law
David Langwallner  Book Review: Murphy ed., Western Jurisprudence
(2005) 27 DULJ 401
Eoin O' Dell  Book Review: Birks, Unjust Enrichment (2nd ed.); Dagan, The Law and Ethics of Restitution
(2005) 27 DULJ 424
Barry Sullivan  Book Review: Stone, Perilous Times: Free Speech in Wartime from the Sedition Act of 1798 to the War of Terrorism
(2005) 27 DULJ 431
Freedom of Expression
Carol Rasnic  Book Review: Kotsonouris, The Winding up of the Dáil Courts 1922-1925: An Obvious Duty
(2005) 27 DULJ 447
Legal History
Hilary Delany  The Relevance of the Availability of an Alternative Remedy in Judicial Review Proceedings
(2009) 27 ILT 10
Administrative Law; Alternative remedies; McGoldrick; Appeal
Rory O'Connor  Eamonn G Hall: The Superior Courts of Law: 'Official Law Reporting in Ireland 1866-2006'
(2009) 27 ILT 14
Book Review; Law reporting
Laura Cahillane  Judicial Discipline: Where do we Stand? A Consideration of the Curtin Case
(2009) 27 ILT 26
Constitutional; Judiciary; Discipline; Misbehaviour; Reform
David P. Boyle  Ethics and Professional Practice Issues in an In-House Context
(2009) 27 ILT 33
Legal Practice; Independence; Client; Colleague; Professional indemnity insurance
Sarah Conway  Recent Developments in Irish Commercial Mediation - Part I
(2009) 27 ILT 43
Dispute Resolution; ADR; Law reform commission; Litigation
Rosemary Craig  A Discussion on the Re-Introduction of Corporal Punishment in Northern Ireland
(2009) 27 ILT 49
Criminal; Borstal; Hydebank wood; Deterrent; Partition
David Gwynn Morgan  The Pension Levy and Judicial Independence
(2009) 27 ILT 63
Constitutional Law; O'Byrne; Constitution; Remuneration; Judges
Sarah Conway  Recent Developments in Irish Commercial Mediation - Part II
(2009) 27 ILT 58
Alternative Dispute Resolution; Commercial dispute; European directive; Code of conduct
David Gwynn Morgan  Enforcing Public Accountability: A Tour d'Horizon 1
(2009) 27 ILT 71
Administrative law; Sanctions; restraints; inquiry; watchdog
Mahmud Samad  Demise of the Forum Conveniens? Life after Owusu and the High Court's decision in Goshaw
(2009) 27 ILT 86
Private International Law; ECJ; Domestic law; uniformity
Tim O'Connor  Counting the Hidden Costs - The Personal Injuries Assessment Board (Amendment) 2007 and Infant Plaintiffs
(2009) 27 ILT 98
Tort; Personal Injury Litigation
Rosemary Craig  Accountants, Their Role and Others Related Company Matters under the UK Companies Act 2006
(2009) 27 ILT 101
Company; Auditors; Corporate Governance
Eoin Daly  The Congretional Indemnity Agreement: An Unconstitutional Endowment of Religion
(2009) 27 ILT 111
Constitutional Law; Child abuse; State indemnity
Christopher Campbell  Has Ireland done enough to Prevent Extraordinary Rendition?
(2009) 27 ILT 122
Human Rights; International Law; Torture
Mahmud Samad  Considerations of Justice and Comity in Worldwide Mareva Injunctions
(2009) 27 ILT 135
Practice & Procedure; Equity; Mareva relief
Joan Donnelly  The Concept of Natural and Constitutional Justice: McDonagh v Governor of Cloverhill Prison
(2009) 27 ILT 146
Constitutional Law; Administration of Justice; habeas corpus; Right to Fair Trial
Mahmud Samad  Decoding the Material Adverse Change and Pari Passu Clauses
(2009) 27 ILT 158
Commercial; Commercial contracts; Financial hardship
Nathy Dunleavy  Contribution Among Antitrust Defendants in English Law
(2009) 27 ILT 172
Competition Law; Private anti-trust actions; Liability
Max Barrett  The Irish State Guarantee Scheme and the Irish Deposit Protection Scheme
(2009) 27 ILT 187
Banking; Credit institutions; Financial support
Darragh Connell  Detaining Swine Flu Sufferers Post S. v. Health Service Executive
(2009) 27 ILT 204
Health; Right to liberty; Detention; Infectious disease
Albert Keating  The Defeasance of Testamentary Gifts by Ademption
(2009) 27 ILT 209
Succession; Testator; Gift
Patrick McGovern  General Principles of Judicial Review and Public Procurement: Sheridan Millenium Ltd v Department for Social Development and Laganside Corp
(2009) 27 ILT 219
Administrative; Discovery; Arguable case; Unreasonableness
Miriam Smyth  The Legislative and Policy Context of Special Education Rights in Ireland
(2009) 27 ILT 221
Education; Constitutional rights; Task Force on Autism; EU Legislation
Brendan Glynn  Redundancy Payments and their Application to People on Sick and Maternity Leave
(2009) 27 ILT 227
Employment; Redundant; Unfair dismissal
Tjarda Van Der Vijver  The Irish Beef Case: Competition Authority v Beef Industry Development Society and Others
(2009) 27 ILT 235
Competition Law; Anti-competitive agreement; Crisis cartel; ECJ
David Brooke  "Entirely a Matter for You": Summing-up in England and Wales - Part 1
(2009) 27 ILT 239
Criminal; Judgment; Verdict; Juries
Laura Cahillane  Ireland's Forgotten Constitutions
(2009) 27 ILT 243
Constitutional History; 1782 Constitution; 1916 proclamation; 1919 Dáil constitution
David Brooke  "Entirely a Matter for You": Summing-up in England and Wales - Part II
(2009) 27 ILT 254
Criminal; Judicial comment; Reform proposals
John Mee  Marriage, Civil Partnership and the Prohibited Degrees of Relationship
(2009) 27 ILT 259
Family; Civil Partnership Bill 2009; Adoption; Affinity; Consanguinity
Donal K. Coffey  The Judicial Pension Levy: A Reply to Professor Gwynn Morgan
(2009) 27 ILT 271
Constitutional Law; Independence of the Judiciary; Discrimination; Pensions
Max Barrett  Consumer Credit Law: The Consumer Credit Act, the Consumer Protection Code and the Consumer Credit Directive Considered
(2009) 27 ILT 275
Commercial; Credit institutions; Advertising; Creditworthiness
Francis J. Conte  Reinforcing Democracy, Sovereignty and Union Efficacy: Supremacy and Subsidiarity in the European Union
(2004) 26 DULJ 1
European Law; Constitutional Law; Federalism
Frank Martin  Key Roles of the Ombudsman for Children in Ireland: Promotion of Rights and Investigation of Greivances
(2004) 26 DULJ 56
Children; Ombudsman
Edward J. Imwinkelried  "Junk Science" in the Courtroom: Will the Changes in the American Law of Expert Testimony Influence the Irish Courts?
(2004) 26 DULJ 83
Law of Evidence; Expert Evidence; Constitutional Law
Declan McGrath  The Exclusionary Role in Respect of Unconstitutionally Obtained Evidence
(2004) 26 DULJ 108
Law of Evidence; Admissibility; Constitutional Rights
P. F. Smith  Curbing the Use of Trustee Exemption Clauses
(2004) 26 DULJ 129
Law of Equity; Trusts; Professional Negligence; Reasonableness
Neville Cox  Legal Regulation of the Broadcasting of Sporting Events in Europe
(2004) 26 DULJ 146
Sport; Broadcasting; Competition Law
Adrian Zuckerman and Annemarie Sedore  Do US Property Concepts Prevent VARA from Implementing the Berne Convention
(2004) 26 DULJ 172
Copyright Law; Berne Convention; Moral Rights; Property Law
Yvonne Scannell  Environmental Impact Assessment in Irish Law
(2004) 26 DULJ 200
Environmental Law; Environmental Impact Assessment; Planning Law
Kenneth Mullan  What is the case for Pepper v Hart?
(2004) 26 DULJ 235
Statutory Interpretation; Legislative Interpretation; Dail
Neil Steen  Constructive Trusts and Pre-Incorporation Contracts: A Reappraisal
(2004) 26 DULJ 260
Law of Equity; Trusts; Contract Law
Síle McGuckian  Confessions and the Constitution
(2004) 26 DULJ 272
Confession; Constitutional Law; European Court of Human Rights
Trevor Redmond  UN Security Council Resolution 1422/1487 – The Criminal Liability Vaccine
(2004) 26 DULJ 282
International Law; International Criminal Court; International Criminal Law
Rebecca Wallace and Olga Martin-Ortega  The UN Norms: A First Step to Universal Regulation of Transnational Corporations' Responsibilities for Human Rights
(2004) 26 DULJ 304
International Law; Corporate Governance
Nelius Carey  Lawrence v Texas: Homosexuals Approach Liberty
(2004) 26 DULJ 320
Constitutional Law; Equality Law
Cathryn Costello  Book Review: Hogan & Whyte eds., J M Kelly: The Irish Constitution (4th ed)
(2004) 26 DULJ 363
Constitutional Law
David Langwallner  Book Review: Byrne & Binchy, Annual Review of Irish Law 2002
(2004) 26 DULJ 368
Irish Law Review
Oran Doyle  Book Review: Simons, Planning and Development Law
(2004) 26 DULJ 371
Planning Law
Neville Cox  Book Review: Glendon, A World Made New - Eleanor Roosevelt and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
(2004) 26 DULJ 374
International Law
Herwig Hofmann  Book Review: Hervey & Kenner eds., Economic and Social Rights under the Charter of Fundamental Rights - A Legal Perspective
(2004) 26 DULJ 377
European Law
Judy Goldman  Book Review: Légasse, The Trial of Jesus
(2004) 26 DULJ 380
Legal History
Liam Thornton  Subsidiary Protection For Asylum Seekers Within Ireland
(2008) 26 ILT 6
Immigration; Immigration law; Subsidiary protection; Judicial perspectives
Eoin Carolan  Amending the Presumption of Advancement - The Decision in Pecore v Pecore
(2008) 26 ILT 26
Trusts; Advancement; Resulting trusts; Presumed intention
Susan Leahy  Hard Cases and Bad Law - An Overview of the Criminal law (Sexual Offences) Act 2006
(2008) 26 ILT 38
Criminal; Sexual offences; Defences; Penalties; Reform
Ailbhe O'Neill  The Consumer Protection Act 2007 - "Enforcing the New Rules"
(2008) 26 ILT 46
Consumer Law; Civil Mechanisms; Criminal Prosecutions; Consumer Legislation
Emma Keane  Socio-Economic Rights and National Law
(2008) 26 ILT 62
Public Interest; Socio-Economic Rights; Directive principles; Judicial Activism
Laura Cahillane  Some Comparative Aspects of Common and Civil Law
(2008) 26 ILT 74