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Conveyancing & Property Law Journal - 1999

Siobhan Stack  Anti-Social Behaviour of Local Authority Tenants: When will the Authority be Liable?
(1999) 4 CPLJ 2
Housing Law; Local Authority Housing; Anti-Social Behaviour; Tenancy
Fergus Courtney  Splitting the Freehold: A Novel Approach to the Property Shortage
(1999) 4 CPLJ 7
Property Law; Freehold
Oonagh Breen  Proprietary Estoppel - Frustrated Expectations and the Doctrine of Unconscionability
(1999) 4 CPLJ 9
Law of Equity; Estoppel; Unconscionability
Teresa Pilkington  Book Review: Probate Law and Practice by Albert Keating
(1999) 4 CPLJ 17
Keating; Probate
Siobhan Stack  Book Review: Landlord and Tenant Law by JCW Wylie
(1999) 4 CPLJ 19
Wylie; Landlord; Tenancy
John Mee  Judgment Mortgages, Co-ownership and Registered Land
(1999) 4 CPLJ 28
Property Law; Judgment Mortgages; Co-ownership; Registered Land
Aine Ryall  Residential Tenancies: Enforcement and Control
(1999) 4 CPLJ 33
Tenancy Law; Residential Tenancies; Enforcement
Peter Bland  Nuisance is a Question of Impression: Molumby v Kearns Considered
(1999) 4 CPLJ 39
Law of Tort; Nuisance
Edward Doyle  Tax Relief's for Multi-Story Car-Parks and Business Tax Incentives
(1999) 4 CPLJ 46
Revenue Law; Taxation
Brian Spierin  A Checklist of Instructions for a Will
(1999) 4 CPLJ 47
Law of Succession; Will; Drafting
Fergus Courtney  Tolerated Trespass Examined: Burrows v London Borough of Brent
(1999) 4 CPLJ 55
Law of Tort; Trespass
TJ Mc Intyre  The Housing (Traveller Accommodation) Act 1998
(1999) 4 CPLJ 57
Housing Law; Housing (Traveller Accommodation) Act 1998
Simon Mc Donald  Appropriation as a Means of Satisfying the Legal Right Share
(1999) 4 CPLJ 62
Law of Succession; Appropriation; Legal Right Share
Revenue Commissioners  Procedure for Obtaining Capital Gains Tax Certificates (CG50As)
(1999) 4 CPLJ 67
Revenue Law; Capital Gains Tax
James C Wall  Jones v Luke Gardner Ltd; Griffin v Bleithin; Irish Nationwide Building Society v Malone
(1999) 4 CPLJ 69
Property Law; Tenancy; Estate Management; Adverse Possession; Mortgage; Agent; Negligence
Siobhan Stack  Provision for Social and Affordable Housing: will Part V of the Planning and Development Bill 1999 Survive the Constitutional Attack?
(1999) 4 CPLJ 77
Planning Law; Housing Law; Planning and Development Bill 1999
Sean Quinn  A Temporary and Infrequent Phenomenon: The Law Reform Commission Report on Gazumping
(1999) 4 CPLJ 84
Contract Law; Gazumping; Law Reform Commission
John Morely  Compulsory Purchase Valuation Issue
(1999) 4 CPLJ 87
Administration Law; Valuation; Compulsory Purchase Order
James C Wall  Carroll v Carroll; Fox v O Carroll
(1999) 4 CPLJ 90
Contract Law; Undue Influence; Standard of Care
Tom Flynn  Book Review: Irish Environmental Legislation by Barbara Maguire, Michael O Reilly & Michael S Roche
(1999) 4 CPLJ 94
Maguire; O Reilly; Roche; Environmental Law
John Meade  Book Review: Property Law - Cases and Commentary by MJ Mossman & WF Flanagan
(1999) 4 CPLJ 95
Mossman; Flanagan; Property Law
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