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Conveyancing & Property Law Journal - 2004

Albert Keating  Time Limits for a Beneficiary or a Personal Representative to Commence Proceedings
(2004) 9(1) CPLJ 2
Law of Succession; Probate; Personal Representatives; Time Limits
Trevor Redmond  Law Reform Commission Land Law Update
(2004) 9(1) CPLJ 8
Business Tenancies; Landlord and Tenant Law;
Edel Quirke  Aboriginal Land Rights and Disposession: A Comparison of Australian and Canadian Experiences
(2004) 9(1) CPLJ 12
Property Law; Ownership; Colonisation
Albert Keating  A Solicitor's Duty of Care to Intended beneficiaries and Personal Representatives
(2004) 9(2) CPLJ 30
Professional Negligence; Succession; Hedley Byrne; Finlay v. Murtagh
Trevor Redmond  Law Reform Comission Land Law Update
(2004) 9(2) CPLJ 35
Electronic Conveyancing; Judgment Mortgages
Edward Dwyer  Finance Act 2004: Property-Related Provisions
(2004) 9(2) CPLJ 38
Revenue Law; Urban Renewal; Property Law
Albert Keating  The Interest of a Creditor and Beneficiary in an Estate under Administration
(2004) 9(3) CPLJ 50
Property Law; Succession; Intestacy; Executor's year
Stephen Dodd  Social and Affordable Housing under the Planning and Development Acts
(2004) 9(3) CPLJ 61
Property Law; Constitutional Law; Planning Law; Zoning
Trevor Redmond  Law Reform Comission Land Law Update
(2004) 9(3) CPLJ 68
Modernisation; De Donis Conditionalibus; Statute book
Albert Keating  The Use of the Falsa Demonstratio Rule in the Construction of Wills
(2004) 9(4) CPLJ 78
Property Law; Succession; Construction of Wills; Clear and Unambigious
Michael O Connor  Stamp Duties and Asset Purchase Agreements
(2004) 9(4) CPLJ 82
Revenue Law; Stamp Duty; Company Law
Edward Shinnick  Regulation, Regulatory Reform and Competition in the Irish Solicitor Profession
(2004) 9(4) CPLJ 89
Legal Profession; Competition; Law reform; OECD Report;
John Donnelly  O'Connor v Coady
(2004) 9(4) CPLJ 93
Planning Law; Subject to Contract; Specific performance
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