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Conveyancing & Property Law Journal - 2007

Ruth Cannon  Forfeiture for Breach of Covenant by a Tenant - the Need for Reform
(2007) 12(1) CPLJ 13
Property; Covenants; Landlord and Tenant; Reform
Albert Keating  The Effect of Pre-Testamentary Agreements to Make Mutual Wills and Secret Trusts on the Legal Right
(2007) 12(1) CPLJ 18
Property; Succession; Legal Right Share; Secret Trusts; Mutual Wills
Una Woods  Property Disputes Between Co-owning Cohabitees - A Conveyancer's Perspective
(2007) 12(1) CPLJ 28
Property; Cohabitees; Co-ownership; Trusts
Andrew Lyall  Leases, Time Certain and the 2006 Bill: A Comment
(2007) 12(2) CPLJ 34
Property; Leases; Law Reform
Aine Clancy  Law Reform Commission Land Law Update
(2007) 12(1) CPLJ 5
Property; Rights and Duties of Cohabitants; Multi-Unit Developments; Law Reform; Land Law; econveyancing
Joanne Lynch; Charles O'Mahony  Land Law Reform in Ireland: Past, Present and Future
(2007) 12(2) CPLJ 34
Property; Law Reform; Land Law; econveyancing; Landlord and Tenant; Multi-unit Developments
Jack Anderson  Off the Beaten Track: Adopting a Countryside Access Act for Ireland - The Right to Ramble, Roam and Rest
(2007) 12(2) CPLJ 37
Property; Occupiers Liability Act; Reasonableness; Reform; Statutory right of access
Una Woods  Unilateral Severance of Joint Tenancies: The Case for Abolition
(2007) 12(2) CPLJ 47
Property; Severance; Consent; Conveyance; Reform
John Mee  Words of Limitation Revisited
(2007) 12(2) CPLJ 55
Property; Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Bill 2006; Conveyancing; Fee simple
Edward Dwyer  Proposed Revision of Current Scheme of VAT on Property Transactions
(2007) 12(2) CPLJ 58
Property; VAT; Revenue Review; Capital goods scheme; reform
Hilary Coveney   A Review of Family Law Issues in Conveyancing Transactions
(2007) 12(2) CPLJ 61
Property; Family law; Court proceedings; Property adjustment order; unmarried couples
Edward Dwyer  Finance Act 2007: Tax Changes Relevant to Legal Practitioners
(2007) 12(3) CPLJ 72
Property; Capital Gains Tax; VAT; Capital Acquisitions Tax; Stamp Duties
Albert Keating  The Moral Duty and 'New Model' Constructive Trusts
(2007) 12(3) CPLJ 79
Property; Equity; s117; Moral duty; Proof; New constructive trust
Joe Hogan  Housing Initiatives: The Shared Ownership Lease and Affordable Housing
(2007) 12(3) CPLJ 83
Property; Housing policy; Shared Ownership; Affordable housing
Martin Canny  Forfeiture by Peaceable Re-entry: Barely Legal Bullying or an Essential Remedy for Landlords?
(2007) 12(4) CPLJ 94
Landlord & Tenant; Forfeiture; Possession; Lease; European Convention on Human Rights
John Mee & Alan Murphy   Reform of the Law of Covenants
(2007) 12(4) CPLJ 100
Property; Covenants; Enforceability; Ownership; Priority; Reform
Niall F Buckley   Pye (Oxford) Ltd v United Kingdom: Human Rights Violations in the Eye of the Beholder
(2007) 12(4) CPLJ 109
Property; Adverse possession; Violation of property rights; European Convention on Human Rights
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