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Irish Criminal Law Journal - 2013

Denis S. Kennedy  Has Packers' "Crime Control Model" Become the Dominant Force in Irish Criminal Justice?
(2013) 23(3) ICLJ 76
Criminal Law; Human Rights, Crime Prevention, Special Criminal Court, Due Process, Judicial Independence, Surveillance,
Sinead Kane and Mora O'Moore  The EU Directive for Victims of Crime: How it applies to victims of bullying?
(2013) 23(3) ICLJ 83
Criminal Law; Directive 2012/29/EC, Assitance and Protection to Victims of Crime, Restorative Justice, Cyber Bullying, Suicide, Harrassment
Susan Leahy  When is Not Good Enough: The Need for Reform of the Honest Belief Defence in Irish Law
(2013) 23(1) ICLJ 2
Criminal Law; R v Morgan, Section 2 of the Criminal Law (Rape) Act 1981, Consent, Reasonable Belief, Rape Myth Acceptance, Subjective Test
Laura Cahillane  Need for Sentencing Guidelines in Ireland?
(2013) 23(1) ICLJ 11
Criminal Justice; Compensation in lieu of a custodial sentence, Mitigating Factors, Precedent, UK Sentencing Council,
Anne Marie Brennan  Success, Failure or Somewhere in Between? An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Gacaca Courts in Achieving Transitional Justice in Rwanda
(2013) 23(1) ICLJ 16
Criminal Justice; Human Rights, Judicial Independence, Restorative Justice, Due Process, Sentencing, International Convention for Civil and Political Rights
Elaine Dewhurst  Is the Irregularity of an Immigrant a Defence for Employers Charged with Employment -Related Offences?
(2013) 23(2) ICLJ 38
Criminal Law; Doctrine of Illegality, Definition of Employee, National Minimum Wage Act 2000,
Shane Kilcommins, Claire Edwards, Gil Harold  Victims of Crime with Disabilities in Ireland: Invisible Citizens within an Adversarial Paradigm of Justice
(2013) 23(2) ICLJ 45
Criminal Law; EU Law Protections, Adversarial Process, Criminal Evidence Act 1992, Admission of Evidence, Witness Statements, Victims Charter, Sexual Offences,
Ian O'Donnell  Making Progress with Penal Reform
(2013) 23(3) ICLJ 66
Criminal Justice System; Sub-Committee on Penal Reform, Policy of Decarceration, Community Service, Early Release,
Ronan Barnes  Joint Enterprises, Section 15(A) of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1977 and the meaning of "Possession"
(2013) 23(3) ICLJ 70
Criminal Law; Drug Possession, Co-Accused, Actual or Constructive Possession,
Susan Leahy  Summing Up in Rape Trials: The Challenging of Guiding Effectively and Without Prejudice
(2013) 23(4) ICLJ 102
Criminal Law; Uncorroborated Evidence, Attitudes to Sexual Violence, SAVI Report, Mock Jury Research, the Bench Book
Margaret Fitzgerald O'Reilly  Post-Release Supervision of Sex Offenders
(2013) 23(4) ICLJ 108
Criminal Law; Sex Offenders Act 2001, Mandatory Supervision, Rehabilitation, Probation Service, Electronic Monitoring
Caroline Counihan  Rape Crisis Network Ireland Perspectives on Sexual Violence and the Criminal Justice System
(2013) 23(4) ICLJ 115
Criminal Law; EU Directive Establishing Minimum Standards on the Rights, Support and Protection of Victims of Crime, Rape and Justice in Ireland Report, Criminal Justice System, Professional Training, Bail, Legislative Amendments, Legal Representation, Cross Examinati
Lorraine Barron  Tackling the Issue of Cross-Border Sexual Offenders in the Republic of Ireland and the EU
(2013) 23(4) ICLJ 124
Criminal Law; European Union Law, Monitoring Sex Offenders, Schengen Information System, Europol, Sex Offenders Act 2001, Fundamental Rights, Data Protection
Sinead RIng  Analysing Fairness in Context in Historic Child Sexual Abuse Prohbition Applications
(2013) 23(4) ICLJ 132
Criminal Law; Fair Procedure, Prompt Trial, Juror Prejudice, "Fair Trial Test," Unavailable Witnesses, MU v DPP, Admissible Evidence,
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