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Irish Journal of Family Law - 2005

Anne-Marie O'Neill  Wardship In Ireland
(2005) 2 IFLJ 2
Family; Wardship, Management, decision making, procedures
Anne C. Egan  The Guaridanship Rights Of Unmarried Fathers In Ireland And New Zealand
(2005) 3 IFLJ 15
Family; Constitutional Influence, Position in New Zealand, custody and acces in Ireland, impact of European and International Conventions
Jennifer Schweppe  Revisiting Art. 40.3.3. Part 1: Third Party Feotal Assault
(2005) 4 IFLJ 19
Family; Feotal Assault, Constitutional crime, Propection on rights of the child.
Helen Buckley  Reviewing Childern First Guidelines
(2005) 3 IFLJ 2
Family; Health Service Reforms, Child Protection Guidelines, Inter Agency Collaboration
Deirdre O'Riordan  Relocation, Relocation, Relocation: Move-Away Applications
(2005) 4 IFLJ 3
Family; Intra Community Family Unit, Payne v Payne, English PositionRefual of Applications
Ciara Smyth  Refugee Status Determination Of Seperated Children: International Developments And The Irish Response. Part 2 - The Asylum Procedure
(2005) 2 IFLJ 21
Family; Refugee Act 1996, Refugee Law, Children
Ciara Smyth  Refugee Status Determination of Seperated Children: International Developments and the Irish Response. Part 1 - The Refugee Definition
[2005] 1 IJFL 15
Refugee Law; Separated Children
James Morris  Putting A Value On Human Capital' In Resolving Matrimonial Disputes
(2005) 2 IFLJ 9
Family; Spousal value, support, non-titled spouse, compensation and provision
Lorna Fox  Property Rights of Cohabitees: The Limits of Legislative Reform
[2005] 1 IJFL 2
Cohabitees; Law of Equity; Trusts
Kieran Walsh  Privacy's New Paradigm: The Rise and Reform of the In Camera Rule
[2005] 1 IJFL 10
In Camera Rule; Family Law
Ian Curry-Sumner  General Patterns In Registration Schemes For Unmarried Couples
(2005) 3 IFLJ 9
Family; Registration of relationship, dissolution, Possibilities for Ireland
Ramond Arthur  Ending Corporal Punishment Of Irish Children: Complying With Ireland's Internation Law Obligations
(2005) 4 IFLJ 8
Family; "R v Hopley, European Committee of Social Rights, Defense of ""reasonable chastisement"""
Ursual Kilkelly  A Children's Rights Audit Of Northern Ireland Law And Policy
(2005) 3 IFLJ 22
Family; Convention On The Rights Of The Child, Family Life, rights provision
Hilary Coveney  A Brave New World: Family Law Implications Of Assisted Reproductive Technologies
(2005) 4 IFLJ 12
Family; Assisted Reproduction, Parentage, Legal mother, Custody/Access Principles, Defination of Family
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