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Irish Journal of Family Law - 2007

Deirdre O'Riordan  Discovery in Family Law Cases - When, Why and How?
(2007) 10(4) IJFL 3
Family; Pre-trial process; Non-disclosure; Applications
Eimear Long  The Hague Abduction Convention And Irish Law: Rights Of Custody Or Rights Of Access
(2007) 10(1) IFLJ 12
Family; Irish Situation, Irish law Ouside of Ireland, International Obligations
Elena Moore  The Significance Of "Home-Maker" Contributions Upon Divorce
(2007) 10(1) IFLJ 15
Family; Non-Financial contributions, Art. 43.2.1., Home maker in the marriage
Eoin Carolan  The Constitutional Consequences of Reform: Best Interests after the Amendment
(2007) 10(3) IJFL 9
Family; Constitutional amendment; Children's rights
Genevieve Coonan  The Children's Court and the presence of Victim Support during in camera proceedings
(2007) 10(3) IJFL 17
Family; Child witnesses; Hearings in camera
Helen Buckley  Differential Responses to Child Protection Reports
(2007) 10(3) IJFL 3
Family; Child protection; Differential response; Welfare practice
Louise Crowley  Equal Versus Equitable Division Of Marital Assets - What Can Be Learned From The Experiences Of Other Jurisdictions - Part 1
(2007) 10(1) IFLJ 19
Family; Division of property, approach used in Scotland, Equal v Equitable division
Louise Crowley  Equal versus Equitable Division of Marital Assets - What can be learned from the experiences of other jurisdictions? Part 2
(2007) 10(2) IJFL 12
Family; Division of property; Californian law; Scottish law
Raymond Arthur  Book Review: Matthew Waites, The Age of Consent: Young People, Sexuality and Citizenship
(2007) 10(2) IJFL 26
Richard McNamara  The Law Reform Commission's Consultation Paper on Aspects of Intercountry Adoption Law
(2007) 10(4) IJFL 7
Family; Foreign adoption; Revocation; Citizenship
Ruth Kelly  Baby Ann's Constitutional Rights
(2007) 10(1) IFLJ 3
Family; N v HSE, Adoption, Natural Parents
Saptak Sanyal  Rethinking 'Justice as Fairness' in the Context of Juvenile Justice in India
(2007) 10(2) IJFL 3
Family; Juvenile justice; Standards; Constitutional provisions
Stephanie Holt  A matter of life and death: Intimate partner homicide in Ireland
(2007) 10(4) IJFL 12
Family; Gender; Risk factors; Common features
Ursula Kilkelly, Conor O'Mahony  The Proposed Children's Rights Amendment: Running to Stand Still?
(2007) 10(2) IJFL 19
Family ; Children's rights; Constitutional provisions; Proposed reform
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