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Irish Journal of Family Law - 2008

Máiréad Enright  Interrogating the Natural Order: Hierarchies of Rights in Irish Child Law
(2008) 11(1) IJFL 3
Family; Constitutional; Biological bias
Brian Tobin  Relationship Recognition for Same-Sex Couples in Ireland: The Proposed Models Critiqued
(2008) 11(1) IJFL 10
Family; Civil partnership; Constitution; Legislative treatment
Mark William Murphy  Post-nuptial Agreements in Irish Law
(2008) 11(1) IJFL 16
Family; Post-nuptial; Pre-nuptial
Ross Aylward  Could the ''Mr G'' Case have been Avoided?
(2008) 11(2) IJFL 27
Family Law; Brussles II; Hague Convention; Wrongful removal; Children; Parental responsibility
Elaine Fahey  Third Country National Spouses and the Citizens Rights Directive in Irish Law
(2008) 11(2) IJFL 32
Family Law; Irish transposition measures; Residency rights; ECJ
Yvonne Moynihan  ''God has given you one face and you give yourself another'': The implications of transsexual recognition in matters of marriage: Dr Lydia Foy's laudable victory spawns reform in terms of same-sex unions
(2008) 11(2) IJFL 38
Family Law; Gender recognition; Right to marry; Definition of marriage
Fergus Ryan   The General Scheme of the Civil Partnership Bill 2008:Brave New Dawn or Missed Opportunity?
(2008) 11(3) IJFL 51
Family Law; Dissolution; separation; annulment; children; same sex couples
Aisling Parkes  Children Should Be Seen and Not Heard? A Reflection on the Proposed Constitutional Amendment
(2008) 11(3) IJFL 58
Family Law; UN Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989; right to be heard
Rosemary Horgan, Frank Martin   Domestic Violence and Abuse in 2008 - What Has Been Done to Tackle the Problem?
(2008) 11(3) IJFL 66
Family Law; Barring order; Safety; Protection; Recent developments
Brian Tobin  EB v France: Endorsing Un-''Convention''-al Families?
(2008) 11(4) IJFL 78
Family Law; Homosexuality; Fretté; Child-centric perspective; Adoption
Nicola Carr  Exceptions to the Rule? The Role of the High Court in Secure Care in Ireland
(2008) 11(4) IJFL 84
Family Law; Civil detention; Constitutional rights; Socio-economic; Childrens Act 2001
Eimear Long  The Hague Convention on the Protection of Children - What's New?
(2008) 11(4) IJFL 92
Family Law; Application; Jurisdiction; Recognition; Enforcement
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