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Irish Journal of Family Law - 2009

Gerard Ryan  Interaction of Company Law and Family Law
(2009) 12(1) IJFL 3
Family Law; Company law; Seperate legal personality; Divorce; Shares
Ross Aylward   Dissolved Marriages and the Recession: The Variation of Orders for Ancillary Relief
(2009) 12(1) IJFL 9
Family Law; Legislative power to vary; Executory orders; Final orders
Aoife Daly  Considered or Merely Heard? The Views of Young Children in Hague Convention Cases in Ireland
(2009) 12(1) IJFL 16
Family Law; Competence of child; Due weight; Wishes of child
Helen Buckley  Reforming the child protection system: why we need to be careful what we wish for
(2009) 12(2) IJFL 27
Family; Mandatory reporting; child abuse; accountability
Dominic McGrattan  No need for a father: The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008
(2009) 12(2) IJFL 33
Family; Parental status; welfare of child; Commission on Assisted Human Reproduction
Ann FitzGerald  Crouching tiger, hidden dragon: how to unlock the assets in family law ancillary relief cases
(2009) 12(2) IJFL 40
Family; Financial information; hidden assets; forensic accountant
Joanna Sweeney & Celia Keenaghan  Impacts of Professional Choices: Promoting Resilience in Children in Court-related Child Assessments through the Practices of Empowerment and Enlightenment
(2009) 12(3) IJFL 51
Family; Child's right to be heard; Dominant discourses; Resilience
Nicola Carr  Guiding the GALs: A Case of Hesitant Policy-making in the Republic of Ireland
(2009) 12(3) IJFL 60
Family; Child Care Act 1991; Guardian ad litem; National Children's strategy
Catherine Mc Loone  Children's Rights within the Constitution and the Proposed Constitutional Referendum
(2009) 12(3) IJFL 72
Family; European Convention on Human Rights; Adoption; Welfare; Reform
John Mee  A Critique of the Cohabitation Provisions of the Civil Partnership Bill 2009
(2009) 12(4) IJFL 83
Family; Cohabitants; Financial dependency; Redress
Bríd Nic Suibhne  Intercountry Adoption: Intersecting Forces of Globalisation and International Law
(2009) 12(4) IJFL 93
Family; Right to adopt; Demand; Abuse
Ciara Matthews  Call for Radical Reform of Family Law Court System :
(2009) 12(4) IJFL 99
Family; Circuit Court Case Progression Rules; Litigation; Reform
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