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Irish Journal of Family Law - 2010

Helen Buckley & Kathryn McGarry  Compliance with Guidelines: A Case Study of Child Protection in Schools
(2010) 13(1) IJFL 3
Family; Child abuse; Mandatory reporting; Policy
Aoife Daly  Limited Guidance: the Provision of Guardian ad Litem Services in Ireland
(2010) 13(1) IJFL 8
Family; Child protection; Lack of regulation
Rory Costello  Relocation
(2010) 13(1) IJFL 12
Family; Migration; Protection of children
Anne Egan & Richard McNamara  Grandparents and the Law in Ireland
(2010) 13(2) IJFL 27
Family; UNCRC; ECHR; Children's rights
Bríd Nic Suibhne  Intercountry Adoption: Intersecting Forces of Globalisation and International Law
(2010) 13(2) IJFL 39
Family; Hague Convention on the Protection of Children; Adoption Bill
Elaine O'Callaghan  The Role of Mediation in Resolving Disputed Contact Cases: An Empirical View
(2010) 13(2) IJFL 47
Family; Private child contact disputes; Mediation; Children's rights
Emily Logan  Report of the Ombudsman for Children on the Implementation of Children First: National Guidelines for the Protection and Welfare of Children
(2010) 13(3) IJFL 58
Child welfare; Chils protection; Administration; HSE
Nicola Carr  Child Care (Amendment) Bill 2009—An Attempt to Arbitrate on a System's Logic
(2010) 13(3) IJFL 63
Child welfare; Special care; Residential services; Guardian
Thomas Finegan  The Normative Relevance of Articles 7(1), 9(3) and 18 of the UNCRC for Irish Adoption Law
(2010) 13(3) IJFL 70:
Childrens' Rights; Parenthood; Adoption; Eligibility
Claire Hogan  JMcD v PL and BM Sperm Donor Fathers and De Facto Families
(2010) 13(4) IJFL 83
Welfare of the Child, Father's Rights, De Facto Family, Biological Ties,
Elaine O'Callaghan  Realising the Child's Right to be Heard in Private Child Contact Disputes: Progress in Practice?
(2010) 13(4) IJFL 94
UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Children Act 1997, Brussels II bis Regulation, Children's views in court process,
Connie Healy  The Collaborative Process: A “Mechanism” to Hear the Voice of the Child?
(2010) 13(4) IJFL 102
Proposed 28th Amendment, Children Act 1997, Guardianship of Infants Act 1964, General Comment No.12, The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, Divorce, Collaborative Process,
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