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Irish Journal of Family Law - 2012

Nykol O' Shea  Can Ireland's Constitution Remain Premise on the "Inalienable" Protection of the Marital Family Unit Without Continuing to Fail its International Obligations on the Rights of the Child?
(2012) 15 (4) IFLJ 87
Family Law; Article 42A the 31st Amendment of the Constitution, Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article 41 and 42 of the Constitution, Constitutional Presumption of Welfare of the Child in the Family, McD v L [2010] 2 IR 199, Article 8 ECHR and De Facto Family
Carol Rogerson  Child and Spousal Support in Canada: The Guidelines Approach Part 2
(2012) 15 (1) IJFL 18
Family Law; Family Law; Child Support Guidelines, Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines, Challenge of spousal support, Legislative framework
Conor O'Mahony,Caroline Shore, Kenneth Burns, Aisling Parkes  Child Care Proceedings in the District Court: What Do We Really Know?
(2012) 15 (2) IJFL 49
Family Law; Child care system, Child Care Act 1991, Administration of justice, Child participation,
Rebecca M.M. Wallace, Fraser A.W. Janeczko  E (Children) (FC): the UK Supreme Court Sets the Record Straight
(2012) 15 (1) IJFL 11
Family Law; International child abduction, Neulinger and Shuruk v Switzerland, Defence against returning a child, Hague Convention, Article 13(b) Best interest of the child, ECHR, Protective Measures,
Lucy-Ann Buckley  European Family Law: The Beginning of the End for “Proper” Provision?
(2012) 15 (2) IJFL 31
Family Law; Marital breakdown, Brussels IIbis and the Maintenance Regulation, Enforcement, Rome III, Marital status, Law harmonisation, Rome IV, Division of property at marital breakdown,
Catherine McLoone  Family Law Applications in the District Court: A Practitioner's Guide
(2012) 15 (3) IFLJ 78
Family Law; Oral testimony, Cross Examination, Order 59 Rule 4 of the Circuit Court Rules, Case Progression, Guardianship of Infants Act 1964, Custody and Access, Maintenance
Simone McCaughren, Aisling Parkes  Ireland and the Global Landscape of Adoption: The Adoption Act 2010—A Missed Opportunity?
(2012) 15 (1) IJFL 3
Family Law; Irish intercountry adoption law, Hague Convention, UN Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989, Bilateral agreements, Reasonable Fees, Child's best interest changing with age, Same-sex adoptions
Claire Murray  Recognising the Modern Family: Extending Legislative Guardianship Rights in Ireland
(2012) 15 (2) IJFL 39
Family Law; Legal Guardian, Guardianship of Infants Act 1964, Constitutional family rights, Right of family, Step-parents, Current framework, Same-sex couples, Parents neglecting care of a child, Reform
Brian Tobin  Same-Sex Marriage in Ireland: The Rocky Road to Recognition
(2012) 15 (4) IJFL 102
Family Law; Zappone and Gilligan v Revenue Commissioners, s.2(2)(e) of the Civil Registration Act 2004, section 5(1) Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act 2010, Article 12 ECHR, Constitutional Convention
Rebecca M.M. Wallace, Karen Wylie  The Case of BH: The Best Interests of the Child: Primary But Not Paramount
(2012) 15 (3) IJFL 71
Family Law; BH [2012] UKSC 24, Human Rights Act 1998, Article 8 ECHR, Extradition Act 2003, Proportionality,
Maria Corbett  The Children's Referendum is a Game-Changer for Children's Rights in Ireland
(2012) 15 (4) IJFL 95
Family Law; 31st Amendment of the Constitution, McCrystal v Minister for Children of Youth Affairs and Ors, Referendum Petition, Article 42A, principle of proportionality, Adoption (Amendment) Act 2012, Need for Legislation
Anne Egan  The In Camera Rule: A Barrier to to Transparency or a Necessity in Irish Family Law?
(2012) 15 (3) IJFL 59
Family Law; Section 40(3) of the Civil Liability and Courts Act 2004, Privacy, Article 34.1 of the Constitution, Law Reform Commission Report on Family Courts, McKenzie Friend, Father's Rights, Family courts in the UK, New Zeland and Australia, Carol Coulter Family L
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