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Irish Law Times - 2011

Sarah Cazabon  Damages
(2011) 29 ILT 9
Tort; Personal injury litigation; Civil liability Act; PIAB
Elaine O'Callaghan  Collaborative Law as an Alternative Dispute Resolution Process: Unearthing Its Potential to Resolve Disputed Child Contact Cases
(2011) 29 ILT 18
Family Law, Disputed Child Contact, Parental Agreements, Child Participation, Contact Arrangements, Collaborative Law
Emile Burke-Murphy  Delay in Irish Courts as Viewed from Strasbourg: McFarlane v Ireland
(2011) 29 ILT 30
European Court of Human Rights, McFarlane v Ireland, Article 13, Article 6(1)
Roslyn Fuller  German Constitutional Court to Indirectly Rule on Irish Bailout
(2011) 29 ILT 34
European Law, German Constitutional Law, Article 125 TFEU, Article 38.1, Article 14, Article 2
Brendan Glynn  One's Home is One's Castle
(2011) 29 ILT 36
Criminal Law, Criminal Law (Defence and Dwelling) Bill, DPP v Nally, DPP v Barnes
Gearoid Carey  Damage to Property and the Measures of Damages
(2011) 29 ILT 46
Tort Law, Damages, Negligence, Curly v Hibernian Wind Power Limited,
Fiona de Londras  A "New Politics" Without the Seanad: Concerns from a Human Rights Perspective
(2011) 29 ILT 48
Human Rights Law, New Politics, Democracy
David P. Boyle  Increased Rights for Same-Sex Couples and Cohabitants
(2011) 29 ILT 55
Family Law, Civil Partners and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act 2010, Same-sex Marriage, Registered Foreign Same-sex Marriage,
Albert Keating  Undue Influence in Probate Law
(2011) 29 ILT 61
Coercion, Undue Influence, Succession Law, Righteousness of Transaction
Eileen Glynn  Is Current Domestic Violence Legislation Appropriate in Contemporary Ireland?
(2011) 29 ILT 64
Criminal Law, Domestic Violence Act 1996, Barring Order, Protection Order, Safety Order, Cohabitants
Elaine Dewhurst  The Immigration, Residence and Protection Bill 2010 and Defining the Irregular Immigrant in Irish Law
(2011) 29 ILT 69
Immigration Law, Irregular Resident, Irregular Entrants
Gearoid Carey  Liquidation Sums and Summary Claims- Recent Guidance
(2011) 29 ILT 78
Practice and Procedure, Summary Judgments, ADM Londis plc v Gibson & Gibson
Desmond M. Clarkel  Ireland: A Republican Democracy, a Theocracy, or a Judicial Oligarchy?
(2011) 29 ILT 81
Constitutional Law, Legislative Sources, The People, God, The Courts
Roslyn Fuller  The Price of Equality: Equality in Practise
(2011) 29 ILT 92
Association Belge des Consommateurs Test-Achats ASBL and Others, Insurance,
Karen Murray  Developments in Data Protection Law
(2011) 29 ILT 95
Information Technology Law, Charter of Fundamental Rights, Criminal Law, Internal Market, European Data Protection Commissioner
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