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Law Society Gazette - 2012

Peter McKenna Adobe PDF FileA Departure from Type
(2012) 106 (9) LSG 42
Legal Practice; Outsourcing, Document Production Services, Digital Dictation Technologies, Third Party Provider, Costs
Lisa O'Higgins Adobe PDF FileA New Era for Business and Human Rights?
(2012) 106 (1) LSG 14
Human Rights; Global standard for business, UN Human Rights Council, Access to remedies, State duty to protect, Corporate duty to respect human rights,
David Puttman Adobe PDF FileA Shrinking Light in a Dark World
(2012) 106 (5) LSG 20
Speech; Media, Judicial Independence, Cinema and Film, Education
Aoife Maeve Clarke Adobe PDF FileAdvancing Online Access to the Irish Statute Book
(2012) LSG 106(2) 14
Legal Practice; Searching for law, Legal dictionary, Law modification, Law restatements
Aoife Maeve Clarke Adobe PDF FileAdvancing Online Access to the Irish Statute Book
(2012) LSG 106(2) 14
Legal Practice; Searching for law, Legal dictionary, Law modification, Law restatements
David O' Neill Adobe PDF FileArrear Window
(2012) 106 (4) LSG 42
Property Law; Repossessions, Mortgages, Code of Conduct on Mortgage Arrears, Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process, Stepstone Mortgage Funding Ltd v Fitzell
Stuart Gilhooly Adobe PDF FileAt the End of Storm ...
(2012) 106 (5) LSG 12
Legal Practice; Personal Indemnity Insurance, Premiums, Risk Management,
Lorcan Roche Adobe PDF FileBasic Right to Have Rights
(2012) 106 (3) LSG 18
Human Rights ; Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Mental Health Act 2008, Human Rights Commissioner, Legal Capacity, Guardianship
Eva Nagle Adobe PDF FileBreaking Bread
(2012) 106 (1) LSG 32
Intellectual Property; Passing off, McCambridge v Brennan, Tort law, Establishing passing off, Likelihood of confusion,
Mary Frances Fahy Adobe PDF FileCarry On Abroad
(2012) 106 (8) LSG 40
Legal Practice; Recession, Emmigration, Visa and Work Permits,
Darach MacNamara Adobe PDF FileCase: Dismissed
(2012) 106 (3) LSG 28
Employment Law; Unfair Dismissal, Compensation, Jurisdictional Ceiling, Notice, Pension, Costs
Mark McDermott Adobe PDF FileChange of Direction
(2012) 106 (6) LSG 24
Interview; DPP, White Collar Crime, Delay, Cost of DPP Office, Reasons Project
Richard Greene, Dan Fox Adobe PDF FileChildren of the Revolution
(2012) 106 (6) LSG 36
Legal Practice; E-Discovery, Documentation, Electronically Stored Information, Dohme Telecom Ltd v Eircom Ltd, Rules of the Superior Courts (Discovery) 2009
Carol Ann Coolican Adobe PDF FileChildren's Amendment - Post Referendum Questions
(2012) 106 (10) LSG 16
Constitutional Law; Children's Rights, Best Interests, Adoption, In camera rule, resources
Michael McCormack Adobe PDF FileCoach and Four
(2012) 106 (2) LSG 24
Legal Practise; Witness contracts, Pre-trial consultation, O'R v DPP, Witness preparation,
Jospeh Thomas Adobe PDF FileCondition Critical
(2012) 106 (7) LSG 38
Conveyancing Law; Law Society General Conditions of Sale condition 36, Building Control Act 1980, Vendor Warranty, Planning Permission, Planning Amnesty
Donncha O' Connell Adobe PDF FileConstitutional Crusade
(2012) 106 (10) LSG 26
Constitutional Law; 1922 Constitution, Adoption of 1937 Constitution, Political Parties, Constitutional Convention, Referenda, Court of Civil Appeal, Composition and Agenda n
Sarah McDonald Adobe PDF FileCourt's Jurisprudence on Sexual Orientation Evolves
(2012) 106 (9) LSG 14
Human Rights Law; European Court of Human Rights, Article 3 ECHR, Solitary Confinement, X v Turkey, Prisoner's Rights
Mark MacDermott Adobe PDF FileDebating Change in Castlemartyr
(2012) 106 (4) LSG 12
Legal Practice; Law Society Conference, Legal Services Regulation Bill 2011, Independence, Complaints Structure
Bill Holohan Adobe PDF FileDebt Be Not Proud
(2012) 106 (7) LSG 26
Bankruptcy; Property Boom, Creditors, Budgeting, Part Payment
John Maher Adobe PDF FileDefame and Fortune
(2012) 106 (4) LSG 34
Tort Law; Defamation Act 2009, Libel, Alternative Remedies, Lowry v Smyth, Internet and Social Media, Internet Service Providers
Sarah McDonald Adobe PDF FileDenial of Basic Education Constitutes Persecution
(2012) LSG 106(2) 16
Human Rights; Refugee Act 1996, Section 2, D (a minor) v Refugee Appeals Tribunal, Equality, Primary education, Roma people,
Charles O' Mahony Adobe PDF FileDiversionary Tactics
(2012) 106 (5) LSG 16
Human Rights Law; Mental Health, Criminal Justice System, European Convention of Human Rights, MS v United Kingdom, Criminal Law (Insanity) Act 2006, UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Reasonable accommodation
Tadhg Doran Adobe PDF FileDuty of Care
(2012) 106 (4) LSG 38
Conveyancing Law; Edmund Kelleher and Joan Kelleher v Don O' Connor, Pre-Contract Enquiries, Negligence, Food Hygiene Regulations, Solicitor Duty of Care
Eamonn Freyne Adobe PDF FileE-Conveyancing Project Update: Safe as Houses
(2012) 106 (7) LSG 14
Conveyancing Law; Workshops, electronic signatures, costs, Property Registration Authority, Survey, Delay
Sarah McDonald Adobe PDF FileEU Court Shines Light on Disability Hate Crime
(2012 106 (7) LSG 18
Human Rights; Dordevic v Croatia, Harassment, European Court of Human Rights, Failure of Authorities, Article 3, Article 8, Article 13 ECHR
Orla Keenan Adobe PDF FileExclusive Club
(2012) 106 (8) LSG 32
Criminal Law; DPP v Damache, Exclusionary Rule, Warrants, People (AG) v O'Brien, Constitutional Rights
Mary Frances Fahy Adobe PDF FileExtinction of the Species
(2012) 106 (3) LSG 32
Legal Practice; Sole Practitioners, Professional Indemnity Insurance, Mergers, Strategic Alliances
Mark McDermott Adobe PDF FileFailure of Regulation is "A Source of Righteous Anger"
(2012) 106 (7) LSG 14
Speech; Accountability, Financial Crisis, Regulation, Ethics, Law Reform, Human Rights
Sinead Morgan Adobe PDF FileFalse Witness
(2012) 106 (4) LSG 26
Procedure; Civil Liability and Courts Act 2004, False and Exaggerated Claims, Personal Injury Litigation, Intention, Burden of Proof, Criminal Sanctions
Alice Whittaker, Heather Murphy Adobe PDF FileFlood, Sweat and Tears
(2012) 106 (1) LSG 18
Property Law; Flood damage, Implementing Floods Directive, Assessing flood risk when purchasing property, Commissioner for Public Works
Michael Waterstone, Aisling de Paor Adobe PDF FileForever in Blue Genes
(2012) 106 (1) LSG 20
Medical Law; Genetic discrimination, Privacy of genetic information, Insurance, Employment, Need for legislation
Hilary Forde Adobe PDF FileGet Off Your High Horse
(2012) 106 (10) LSG 18
Sports Law; Horse Racing, Doping, Enforcement, Burden of Proof, Regulatory Authorities,
Reámonn Smith Adobe PDF FileGet Out of My Cloud
(2012) 106 (6) LSG 32
IT Law; Cloud Computing, Confidentiality, Solicitor/Client Relationship, Storage of materials, Standard terms of engagement clause,
Gorden Smith Adobe PDF FileGet the Skills - and the Job You've Always Wanted
(2012) 106 (6) LSG 14
Legal Practice; Solicitor Training, Professional Development, Jobseekers Support
Ken Murphy Adobe PDF FileGreek Lawyers Feel "Under Seige" By Troika
(2012) 160 (3) LSG 16
Legal Practice; Recession, Fiscal Control, Strike Action, Legal System
John O'Donnell Adobe PDF FileHear Hear
(2012) 106 (1) LSG 28
Banking Law; NAMA, Borrower's right to be heard, Fair procedure, Dellway Investment Limited and others v NAMA, NAMA's power to acquire eligible loan assets,
James Colville Adobe PDF FileHere's the Science Bit - Becasue You're Worth It!
(2012) 106 (6) LSG 18
Medical Law; Misleading Advertisements, Personal Injury, Scientific Evidence, Clinical Experience
Yvonne McNamara Adobe PDF FileHoist the Jelly Roger
(2012) 106 (2) LSG 18
Information Technology Law; Internet service providers, Regulating internet, Copyrighht infringement,
James Kinch, Brian Connolly Adobe PDF FileHouse Rules
(2012) 106 (10) LSG 34
Legal Practice; In House Counsel, Legal Costs, Private Practice Firms, Experience
Paul Egan Adobe PDF FileI Know Nothing
(2012) 106 (5) LSG 30
Corporate Governance; Mahon Tribunal, Corruption, Criminal Justice (Corruption) Bill, Whistleblowing, Commercial Organisation
Conor Feeney Adobe PDF FileJingle Mail
(2012) 106 (9) LSG 34
Landlord and Tenant Law; Commercial Tenants, Surrender of Tenancy, Equivocal and Unequivical Rights, Acceptance of Surrender
David Puttman Adobe PDF FileJustice Must Serve the Citizen's Interests
(2012) 106 (4) LSG 20
Speech; House of Lords, Democracy, Role of Legal Profession, Judgment at Nuremburg, Consumer Society
Sarah Carew Adobe PDF FileKeeping Abreast
(2012) 106 (1) LSG 24
Tort Law; Product liability, Medical devices, Liability for Defective Product Act 1991, Identifying the producer and supplier, Liability of the physician, Medical negligence
Keith Rooney Adobe PDF FileLand of the Free, Home of the Deluded
(2012) 160 (3) LSG 12
Administration of Justice; Legal Documents, Ideologies, Judicial Oath
Larry Fenelon Adobe PDF FileLet the Games Begin
(2012) 106 (6) LSG 20
Sports Law; Olympics, Sponsors, Ambush marketeers, Global Brands
Donagh McGowan, Tommy Nielsen Adobe PDF FileMaking the Adjustment
(2012) 106 (5) LSG 42
Family Law; Pension Benefit Schemes, Retirement Benefits, Marital Assets, Pension Adjustment Orders, Judicial Separation or Divorce
Mark McDermott Adobe PDF FileMarathon Man
(2012) 106 (10) LSG 22
Interview; Law Society President, Peart J, Goals
Richard Lee Adobe PDF FileNeed Brooks No Delay
(2012) 106 (8) LSG 36
Legal Practice; Burke v Minister for Health, Delay, Dismissal of Action,
Colin Murphy Adobe PDF FileOrigin of Species
(2012) 106 (8) LSG 24
Constitutional Law; Constitutional Convention, Drafting the Constitution, Amendment, John Hearne, Catholic Church
Eoin Daly Adobe PDF FilePapa Don't Preach
(2012) 106 (9) LSG 38
Constitutional Law; Church/State Relationship, Catholic Church, Article 42 and 44 of the Constitution, Education, Religious Freedom,
Ailbhe Murphy Adobe PDF FilePick 'n' Mix
(2012) 106 (5) LSG 38
Employment Law; Employment Rights Dispute Resolution, Structural Reform, Complaint Procedure, Workplace Relations Commission
Mark McDermott Adobe PDF FilePoetry and the Defence of Human Dignity
(2012) 106 (9) LSG 10
Legal Practice; International Bar Association, Seamus Heaney, Human Rights
Declan O'Neill Adobe PDF FilePrice is Right
(2012) 106 (9) LSG 30
Legal Practice; Legal Services Regulation Bill, Bill of Costs, Client Information, Taxation, Penalties
Fiona Forde Adobe PDF FilePrior Commitments
(2012) 106 (4) LSG 30
Construction Law; Property Boom, Regulation, Defects, Mark for Damages, Tort Law, Economic Loss,
John King Adobe PDF FileProphet Motive
(2012) 106 (3) LSG 24
Financial Law; Islamic Finance, Finance Act 2010, Investments, Principle of Equity
Geoffrey Shannon Adobe PDF FileProposals Offer A New Beginning for Children
(2012) 106 (7) LSG 12
Family Law; Children's Rights Referendum, Adoption, Best Interests of the Child, Child Protection,
Malachy Steenson Adobe PDF FileProposed Amendment is Far From Child's Play
(2012) 106 (9) LSG 16
Constitutional Law; Constitutional Amendment, Children's Rights, State Care, In Camera Rule
Sarah McDonald Adobe PDF FileProtecting Privacy - Is it the Impossible Right?
(2012) IEHC 18
IT Law; Law Society Conference, Social Networks, Data Protection, Cybercrime, Media, Levesson Inquiry
Aisling Meehan Adobe PDF FileReap What You Sow
(2012) 106 (7) LSG 22
Agriculture; Food Harvest 2020, Farm Partnerships, Teagasc, Milk Production Partnerships, Business Status, Assets, Taxation
David O'Neill Adobe PDF FileReviewing the situation
(2012) 106 (2) LSG 28
Administrative Law; Judicial review, Certiorari application changes, Time lmit, Changes to the affidavit, Grounds or application
Sarah McDonald Adobe PDF FileRules Rewritten on the Issuing of Search Warrants
(2012) 106 (4) LSG 18
Human Rights Law; Damache v DPP, Garda Superintendent issuing search warrant, Constitutional Challenge, Independence, Terrorism
Ruaidhri Giblin Adobe PDF FileRussia Found Responsible For Transnistria Violations
(2012) 106 (10) LSG 12
Human Rights; ECHR, Moldova, Education, Ethnic Groups, Interrights
Kevin Blizzard Adobe PDF FileSafe to go Back to the Water?
(2012) 106 (2) LSG 28
Financial Law; Fixing the financial crisis in Ireland, NAMA, Corporate Governance, Regulating financial derivatives market, Central Bank Reform Act 2010,
Liam Herrick Adobe PDF FileSentencing Council Would Enhance Consistency
(2012) 106 (9) LSG 20
Criminal Procedure; Crime Policy, Public Understanding and Confidence, Consultation, Sentancing Factors
Hilary Lennox Adobe PDF FileShaky Foundations
(2012) 106 (9) LSG 22
Criminal Law; Shaky Baby Syndrome, Medical Evidence, Symptoms, Innocence Project, Louise Woodward
Anne Neary Adobe PDF FileSo long, pardner
(2012) 106 (2) LSG 20
Legal Practise; Law partnership break-up, Partnership Agreement, Dissolution, Professional indemnity insurance
Mark McDermot Adobe PDF FileSociety's Submission Raises Serious Concerns on LSBR
(2012) LSR 106(2) 12
Legal Practice; Legal Services Regulation Bill 2011, Independence of Legal Profession, Self-regulation, Profesional misconduct complaints mechanisms,
Dara Robinson Adobe PDF FileSoul Searching
(2012) 106 (5) LSG 26
Constitutional Law; Damache v DPP, Article 40.5 of the Constitution, section 29 of the Offences Against the State Act 1939, arrest warrant, independent decision maker, retrospective effect,
Colin Murphy Adobe PDF FileStop the Presses
(2012) 106 (9) LSG 26
Media Law; Phone Hacking, Leveson Inquiry, Journalism, Roy Greenslade, Public Interest, Regulation of the Press, Article 8 and 10 ECHR
Sarah McDonald Adobe PDF FileStriking the Balance
(2012) 106 (6) LSG 16
Human Rights; Northern Ireland, ECHR, Independent Judiciary, Unreasonableness, Proportionality, Privacy, Super-Injunctions
Shane McCarthy Adobe PDF FileTake a Restorative
(2012) LSG 106 (1) 36
Criminal Procedure; Sentencing, Prisoners, Irish Prison System, Restorative Justice System, Solictors' Obligations
William Prentice, Frank Treacy Adobe PDF FileTaking Charge
(2012) 106 (3) LSG 38
Conveyancing; Land Registration, Security, Land Conveyancing and Law Reform Act 2009, Mortgages, Security Documents
Declan O' Neill Adobe PDF FileTaxing Times
(2012) 106 (8) LSG 28
Taxation; Courts and Courts Officers Act 1995, Taxing Master, Valuation of Legal Services, Record of Professional Services,
Richard Lee Adobe PDF FileTen Top Tips for Success
(2012) 106 (8) LSG 22
Legal Practice; Internet, Attracting Client, Costs, Stress, Investment
Eva Massa Adobe PDF FileThe Arab Spring, One Year On - What Next?
(2012) 106 (4) LSG 16
International Law; Revolt, Transitional Justice, Accountabiltiy, International Criminal Court, Middle East and North Africa,
Stuart Gilhooly Adobe PDF FileThe Cat's Whiskers: New Reading and Writing Rooms
(2012) 106 (10) LSG 10
Legal Practice; Four Courts Building, Renovation
Mark McDermott Adobe PDF FileThe Director's Cut
(2012) 106 (5) LSG 22
Interview; Director of Public Prosecutions, Career, Solicitor Training
Denis Kelleher Adobe PDF FileThe Elephant in the Room
(2012) 106 (6) LSG 29
Media Law; Facebook, Social Networking, Information, Reputation, Injunctions, Enforcement of Court Orders, EU Data Protection, Right to be Forgotten
Keith O' Malley Adobe PDF FileThe Paradox of Being Indispensable
(2012) 106 (3) LSG 36
Legal Practice; Career Development, Promotion, Senior Management,
Kieran Moran Adobe PDF FileThere is Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself
(2012) 106 (3) LSG 22
Legal Practice; Legal Services Regulation Bill 2011, Independence, Legal Fees, Access to Information
Pamela Cassidy Adobe PDF FileTweetering on the Brink
(2012) 106 (3) LSG 20
Media Law; Administration of Justice, Democratic Process, Inaccurate Information, Presidential Election, Electoral Abuses
Aileen Keoghan Adobe PDF FileUsing Your Discretion
(2012) 106 (5) LSG 34
Tax Law; Discretionary Trust, Section 111 of the Finance Act 2012, Tax Levy, Administration of Estates, Wills, Revenue Commissioners v Executors and Trustees of Jeannie Hammet Irvine, Christe & Ors
Richard Grogan Adobe PDF FileWages of Sin
(2012) 106 (7) LSG 34
Employment Law; National Minimum Wage Act, Reference Period, Evidential Burden, Organisation of Working Time Act
John Deeney, Liz Pope Adobe PDF FileWhat Does it Profit a Man?
(2012) 106 (7) LSG 30
Property Law; Easements and Profits a Prendre, Prescription, Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2009, Property Registration Authority, Period of User
Dara Robinson Adobe PDF FileWhat's the Damage?
(2012) 106 (9) LSG 18
Criminal Law; Damages, Burden of Proof, Seizure of Assets, Civil Liability Act 1961
Robert Grimes, Karl Dowling Adobe PDF FileWilling to Settle?
(2012) 106 (10) LSG 30
Succession Law; Section 117 of the Succession Act 1965, Settling Actions, Personal Representatives, In the Matter of the Estate of MK (Deceased), Agreement of Beneficiaries
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